The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 14
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'PAGE FOURTEEN Agents of FBI Nab Desperado [Suspect {ridicted 'For Memphis Murder, ; Robbery in 1946 CLEVELAND, Mar. 5.— (UP) — Federal Bureau of Investigation Events yesterday arrested Edward A. Terry, 12, .who 'is wanted for nrnied robbery in Memphis, Tcnn., Ju'a Cleveland rooming house. p. C. Richardson, FBI agent in charge, said Terry tried unsuccessfully to get a gnu in a nearby trunk when the agents entered his ropm., As ' the FBI men swarmed over him the fugitive asked f 0 i- a inatcli. the agents noticed gas in tlie room nnrt lomm thnl gas jets had been turned on. "A match could have blown up the room. 1 ' saij] one of the agents. The lugitive, also known as John Wyke Terry, was indicted In January, 1940 by the Shelby Comity Grand Jury for the robbery of the Canttaneo Liquor Store, Memphis, on Aug. 11, 1945. A passerby was shot and killed in (he theft as the bandit tied with SHI and a diamond ring valued at $1,000, Terry was held under $25.000. He will-be returned to Memphis. Harvard Students Eager For More Learning CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) — Sixty-one per cent, of the men Runaway Pullman Hits Mountain J 3 . L J_T!L I !Xi I 'L E < ARK '> COURIER NEWS The last ear of the Sunshine BpeclM Irrln became uncoupled ]„ the Allegheny -a. close 10 iho spot whPlx , 10 ,, nj , before ,!,„ „„, Arraw Ex|lrc . ss ju „ th * mounter, nca,- . ^ travel,,,, by itself for lli^-a.Hl-onc-m,,, ,nile s Jumj)Ptl , Jlrec s(Hs (>f tv.cks , ; ran „, Mde of a mount*,,, The nortc, L . Keys, nonston. ,, X1> , was killcd „„„ „ m fl » a ftcr THURSDAY, MAKOH G, 1917 Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALViN HARDY FURNIT 11. '{ Main B'S.1, Plume 2:50L' graduating from Harvurd CoHrgu this year inieml to uiruier their education, a .survey showed. With 8IB prospective graduates that tlie survey disclosed I lev business directly mily four per cent of the ai'iuliinU"; plan to BO Into leaching. -Twciity-flvi;. per cent, intend to cn- from Most of the others intend to don- tunic their education in graduate schools. By Irene Lonnen Ernhart' XXX VI "JQASSIE!" .'.; : She turned to look at him, , iin<S tlie shabby hotel lobby seemed to'wliirl about in a huge mist, and the he breath almost stopped in her —"ice chat." .h'rost. It couldn't he Parker! It "Mike?" couldn't! And yel it was. Parker, tail and brown and handsome, his brown eyes lit with something she wouldn't fathom, a look of happiness, underlaid somehow with questioning, and doubt and pain. "I've had a devil ot a time fiml- ing-you, Cassie!" She couldn't move. But he came So/her arid took her arm. Her heart began to pound .and her knees were" weak. They looked at each other for a long searching moment, with the hotel clerk eyeing them curiously. "He said he was your husband, Miss Fletcher, but I didn't know. That's why I didn't lot- him have pour key!" tlie clerk said. Cassie laughed shakily. "Well, be isn't really—that is, lie—" I'J'll lake the key now, if you please," Parker said. The clerk handed it to him. "I was jjoing to jet your luggage and put it in the :ar, so we could gel started the •nprnent yon came." "But Parker, I—" "Come on," he said gruffly. ."I'll lelp you get your things now." They stepped into the elevator, md almost automatically Cassie pushed the button for tliircl. She .-ouldn't seem to think'somehow, ™t she didn't care much. "What did you run away for?" Parker said, his voice still quecrly gruff. "Fine way to do' on Christmas Eve. Mama \\ as sniffling when I got there, and Sid and i j apa were so glum and forlorn it was pitiful.' I—I "We got your wire, and knew it would be awkward." "?;othing awkwird about it." I£ only he wouldn't look at he In that shy, questioning way. 'I don't know what coulcl more awkward!" I'd have come sooner if it liadu't been for the broadcast, Wednesday night. Mike tallied to me Wednesday. We hail qin'le a r rilE elevator slopped and they •pepped out into the dingy hall. Cassie's knees felt as though they might buckle under her any moment. Parker look the key out ot her band end unlocked the door and she wenl in ahead of him. "Yes, Mike," he said. Her heart was pounding in great heavy thuds. 'He said you weren't going to marry him after all." "No," she admitted. "Why not?" Her throat was full of cotton. "Because I found out I didn'l 1 didn't love liyii, after all." Parker opened tlie closet and got out her suitcase and flopped it on (he bed. Ho said, with his back to her. "He told me about the baby, too, Casstc." "About—the baby?" "Yes." "So you—came back to—sort of make an honest woman of me. Is that it? You felt you had to back?" The words trembled contempt. 'He said you needed me, Cnssic. Flo said you—wauled me. And that's all I nestled to know." He whirled to face her now, his face oddly white and almost stern. "Oh, he did? Mike's a great little fixer, isn't he?" Cassie cried. She clasped her bands together lightly. She wouldn't slarl crying. Not now. Oh dear, not now! "Well, I don'l need you. See? I don't need anybody, now or ever. You don't have to feel sorry for me." "Cassie, you stubborn little fool a baby has to have a father, am. as long as you're not going to marry Mike—and as Jong as love you so—you could do tiia much for me! You could come come back and lei me talto care of you," "No, Parker. It's kind of yon to want to do the right thing, and all that—" "The rifjhl thing nothing, Cassie! I said I love you! I've ahvnvs loved you, and there won't ever be anyone else." "Parker!" she whispered. The room tilled crazily. "You don't have to—love mo, if you don't want to. All I'm asking is for you to conic back to inc." She found hcrsclC suddenly in his arms, with her face against the i-oufili Uvccd of his shoulder. Her arms fell, the way his shoulders moved as he drew her light against him. And she felt tlie liard pounding of. his heart. "Whal a fool I've been, Cassie!" he said huskily. * * * LOVE you," Cassie whispered, "more than I ever thought I could love nnyonc. Only il took me an nw/ul long time (o find it out. U look a lot ot tears and remembering and thinking. But I know it now, and it's something I'll never forget as long as I live, no matter what happens." After a while Parker said, "We'd belter gel moving. This is a horrid room, Cassie—and they're waiting for us 'back at the form. -It's Christmas Eve. Remember?" They laughed together. "We'll have to get married all over again," Cassie said. "This isn't even respectable, Parker Hamilton, you and I in ;i hotel room like this-—and not even married." "I promised Mama I'd bring you home. And I've spent this whole _ going from one hotel to au- olhor, and believe me Ihis town is full of hotels. Papa drove downtown in Ihe truck to buy n botUe of wine, so we could celebrate, lie even promised Sid r. lillle nip] if 1 really brought you back with inc." "Parker—everything's going to he so wonderful!" "Wonderful doesn'l begin lo describe the way it's going lo be," lie replied. He picked up her suitcase. "Come along now, Cassie Fletcher," he said, "we've wasted too much time, already. We've a long road lo travel together, you and I!" THE END Qur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our "Tlie way the ico on the streets melts at noon is n sure sign—before you know it we'll all be reveling in the beauties of spring again!" Levds and Lisies S^rvoyibg DJcAG LINK KAKM DITCHES &. Overt-cm »- Ccyirtfy Sim*s Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Ron S<], Itoselawl, Ark. WHAT is THE _ GRAPEFRUIT LEA&UE t Save Money Toflay, Any Day STOP AND SWAP KLBKKT HUFFMAN'S NOEMAN MOHN 13 Ar o~rro Hl&H SCHOOL, \\ DUKE CENTER, PEIJN'A. Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 THE CONTINENT OF IS AS LAR&E^S THE UNITED .STATES AND EUROPE COMBINED. H, Webb Hwy (il jit S(;i(e Lin I'houe Hiyllicville 7M IV hFA SERVICE. l.'JC. T. M RFC. U S. PAT. CTF Yes, We'Have New Cars Arriving Every Week—— * Pontiacs 9 Fords ® Chevrolets ® Plymouths. and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We [>ay Top Dollar for Clean Lad' Model C'-iis BUD WILSON AUTO Phone 2037 Cor. F.-nnknn and Main SI Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST .NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY SPRING PLANTING Sprint' Oals, Lcspedexa, Alfalfa and Pasture Mi.vtiireK ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Se.'ecf your Fluid or Garden Soor/s Vom B'yf/ievi7/e'j largest Seed Stocl NEXT: The confuting life nf an oyster. 7800 W. Main irpenfiei Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBBS HE'S PROSAStV PRETTY HEADSTKCW, ") THO, EP.&V. IMAGINE WORKING r' UKE THW FOR. VEARS! SC HIS 1KAT N01WS3 8UT TO CRACK HE WESNT SLOW S'O WONDER cOPlE THINK. HE'S USUALLS THE CLEO, WHO IS KHINSLE, NHO SEEMS TO HOLD THOSE NEVER ..S 1 *. HE .\\IBT 'J.E FROtt EXPERIMENT ING WITH EVERYTHING TO FIND INGREPiENIS HIS PLASTICS For Complete Protection By J. R. Williams FIRST MEPA'-HT CO\\I>J6 OF YOUR FACE is IHfVJ MOWDWS Vl*S<,\! t'D U'riC-To TUttJK VOO'ME FOUMD A ^'.t^sLt-s> CHRP BUT S ONTrilS .G.' IS ;>\V FACE f^l HOMED ,L \MlZf\RDS CATCHING "i WG -T.IMETASl.tS —SLISHTLV CURIOUS/ S~, —p 'VES.-WHEN.AS MV SECOND. VOU EXAMINE WEAPONS DON'T LET THEM StiE YOU' GENTLEMEN.VOU V/IL 1 WE'RE \ PACE A.S I COUNT. READV. I AT TEN YOU MAY TURN AMD FIRE.' -' TYPE OF REMOVABLE MEASieS- WHAT I 5 HOME WITH OUT MICHAEL O'MAU.I-W anil HAT.I'll WHAT Y A8oorAcup\ OF COFFEE LATER, U66V? fFlltel CONSIDER THAT LAST I RfMARK OF MINE UNSAID, CHIU \II WAS A BIT CATTY, I'M AFRfllD. HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •"/ >" IIBWLANS, IF VOU AVUSJ RESENT OTHER V WOMEN WHEW VIC'S CONCERNED, WHY ARE SAP ENOUGH TO SHOW IT? ATtfND TO. SO IF YOU TWO Will EXCUSE ME — EES QUITE RIGHT. THEtNK t

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