The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MARCH G, 19-17 Patent Records Eke Ho Secrets U. S. Official Expresses Doubt Russians Gained Military Information WASHINGTON, Mar. (j._(0i>)_ CimrrimieiH officials saicl today it was "extremely doubtful" Unit KiiMia obtained a ny valuable mil- Jtury information from blueprints «>)d by the U. S. Patent Office for a ^JKv cents apiece. ^^'se officials, connected with the- patent office, minimised the fears of Chairman J. Parnell Tlio- nias. n., N. J., of the House Un- An-.eric'iin Activities committee. Thomas said Itussian-liont yroups Ind biHight thousands of copies of P'1'.ents dcalnif! with important in- vi-ntions. in this way. he said, Rus- :.-ia has even learned Ihe know-how of some things Involved In the manufacture of atom.c bombs. 'I'lie patent officials said that in the first place the patent office is required by inw 10 sell copies of patents lo anyone with the pur- ciht. L A. price—25 cents a copy. Hut it is possible, they said, to withhold patents on inventions which the aimed forces want kept sccrci, a:-d tills is standard practice both in wartime and peacetime. Vhcmn.s, however, \vas unconvinced, lie said his committee would demand from former Sec- rciaiy of Commerce Henry A. Wallace an explanation of why copies cf patents could be obtained so itiiulily. HO said Wallace would be subpenaed ii necessary. Advised of tins. Wallace said in KVw Yorl:: "Rep. Tliomas expresses . . . alarm abon'. the large.' number of pr.lents sold to liiissians by thc patent office in 1941. 1942, 1943 and 1944. _"Mr. Thomas and the committee iimei Know tm; sales were con- Jf'.ocl under laws passed by Con_ ~?s and lliat I n (he years mentioned, the secretary of commerce | WDS [lie Jesse H. Jones." Wallace \vas commerce .secretary | from March, 10-15, until September, !!MG. The patent office is under the Commerce Department. Under international agreements, thcie is an interchange of free copies of all patents issued by this I :;;ition, Canada. Great Britain, ami France. Russia has no such agreement with this nation, so has been buying her needs in the op-a market. \florida Still Claims I Fountain of Youth TALLAHASSEE, ria. CUP: — if I old asc is getting you down, take a • ' f -"--"" n: these tales about I Florida oldsters: 1 .imiani • Whitcsell of I Palalfca < elnbra'.cd' his lootli birth- I rtnv by takin,; his first airplane I ri'Je. Joseph p. Rabies. Tnmna Con| federate war veteran o f 99. atfrib- utfs his long life to controlling thc impulse lo chase the dollar. . A former Tallahassee police chief, Scorgo W. Bass, 87, is serving his 33rd year on the force, and stilt Toing slronpr. JMaimcl Alvarez, 8.'. Tampa cigar worker, i s K un working-, spurning stctal security and old a gc benc- I I its to he at the factory daily. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS School Teachers Strike . l»l! a lit. Sulks like n spanked b; hinii] she gels back." aby PAGE THIRTEEN Hot coffee is served to a striking scnool teacher school teachers stayed away from tl^ir jobs in ^ in thc history of (lie United Stales. NEA Telep'n y a school at may ]x sluUcnt as (hi; nvat approMmatoly '.-s! di.rupilon :;,'_>'Jn uuflnlo, N. Y., of public education Love-Starved Orangutan in Zoo Again Has 'Mother's' Affection ST. LOUIS (UP) — Rusty, the love-starved orangutan, is doily all right- now that he has a mama. But he's not going to like it. when he has to leave his tod and joard in Moody Lenlz's home and move back with thc other fellows In ihe monkey house. Two months ago Rusty was a sad little ape. His own mother didn't like him. Wouldn't iiave anything to do with him. Kept shoving him amay whenever he tried to eat. . That's when Mrs. Lentz took ever. Her husband, head of the I municipal zoo's mammal department, decided that an orangutan was too valuable to lose and brought Rusty home with him. •Mrs. Lentz began feeding him from a bottle with the same for- welched only live mu! u lialf puuiKis when lit- moved IJHO thc i.-in-/. hoiiw. NOIV lit- tiu.s (lit- .sralcs at seven pounds two ounces—Just MLiui ]j;ir lor baby apes, "lie (!(jcsr!'t nils* his own molh- Plnws can be detected in metal by means of transmitting waves similar to sound through a new X-ray process. Now Latex Slop in today and learn liOkV roaUy easy it is to buy what you wanl, when you waal it ... even if you haven't tho ready cash. GQQD/VEAR TOES, TUBES, BATTERIES CAR AND HOME NEEDS . . . EO1.D ON TEHMS TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE SERVICE STORE '110 W. .Main St. |j DO YOU NEED I ! A LOAN? I [ To insure mid finance a new or i J it.secl cnr, truck or tractor, In Ar- I j k.insas or Missouri, see us. Low ' j rates. You'll like our service. 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Bring your car to .HOTS BODY SHOP fo? all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. • HEAD4JK'INGS lor all cars made like iho faclory mi iUc.s (htMn, samu matcnal and woi-kmanslii,,. Cnaranlcctl lo fit and look like: original uphohstery. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 Over Guard's Jewelry store Phone 510 HERE'S MORE BENDIX We have a new shipment of these new Washers coming in, and we can make immediate delivery on a limited amount. Bendix is the world's finest automatic washer — if interested in obtaining one of these fine washers, phone 3450. YOUR G.E. STORE /N BLYTHMILLS 111 now Jtusty Isn't fi-clliiK l^ulllns his fiflli Icolh, L.. txpiamecl, and he'd ml her cl «" 11 ni'cber nipple or loethhiK i '"" «'iit his chojipL-d splmu-h. ls! .v spends most of 'Ids II i-rib I.?nii! put up In (h<; bi i. where the temperature >«•»• and more sluble than tlin It In roo win Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry r><> loimer be nnnoyed m feel ill ai tccTh lA's'rr^-,', OOSC ' wnbbly M ™ ice n. 1-ASrEETH, mi Improved al- K»iinc (non-iH-l(l) powder, sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer K , they feel moro comfortable Soolh- ln 8 and cooling to minis mado sore by excessive acid moulh. Avoid em- bartassmeut caused by loose plntes. Get PASTISSn'H today at any druB lnni;i'r ID enjoy (lie comforts of his cuiTcni luinu-. As soon as he learns in wulk, l.enlz suld, back lo Hie «p:' lunisi! lie (joes. Mcllvatn, cx-M>kller Irom Veterans Rally to Aid Blind Bataan Victim UUNKIKK. N. Y. (Ul')~A victim of tii,. iiiitaan death march mid survivor or Ilinr niul a half years In n Japanese prison camp. j. K. W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotcf Bldg. Phono 3545 FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D & P L NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogdon and Royal Soy Beans BI EARL MAGERS P1 """>" 5 DolP,A,kcn, os I'Vcdonln, N. j., | ms nol been , or . f'tleir by his rclluu- veterans. Veterans' organisations In this nrea have set up a lund f$> Jawy 4' ; new home and car--for Mellvafn> '•-"' wno lost his sight from malnutrition caused by th e starvation diet during his Imprisonment. : KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ I'oir Source of i'KTHOlMSUM PUODUCT8 OfflM RR »l C'berrj Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist ' Wishes lo atiitotincc the opening of Ilia office Lynch Building Blyrhcvilte, Ark. Phono 2540 GET READY FOR SPRING \ With New and Better Values at HUBBARD'S Fine Quality UPHOLSTERED COUCH Well I'onslnu'U'ii, in hijjh (|iui|il.y Tap- u.slry UpllolKlt-ry. lloomy Blanket Box 1 uixlornnilti. ' fine tiunlity. jr. ns- aorlcd colors, are now offered lo you ul this spociul low price. ---BOX SPRINGS and Mattresses by BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE There is no better <|ualil,y than that which Beauty Rest ol'l'ers. Each coil tied and covered separately, an exclusive feature of Beauty Rest. C.ome in and see this fine mattress collection. Box Springs and Mattress i by Admiral J A Slumhr Product \ \ ' Crown ] Innerspring j Mattress J . Nice Slumber J Mattress, covered i ! in ACA Ticking Box Springs to match Crown Inncrspring Mattress of a New Low Price $2995 50 Ib. Cotton Mattress Our First Shipment in a long time $1795 URNITU

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