The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on October 17, 1979 · 49
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · 49

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1979
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Wednesday. October 17. 1979. THE HERALD. Provo. Uah-Page 43 Astrograph: Read Future in Bernice Bede Osol Your birthday October 18, 1979 Many interesting changes are in store for you this coming year. Through these happenings you'll gain a more optimistic outlook. As your optimism grows, so will your success. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct 23) If a situation you are involved in with another has not been running too smoothiy iaieiy, it's time to assume a more active role so that you can get things back on ACROSS 42 Burmese currency 44 Southern constellation 45 Perfume 47 Perch 48 Put in writing 50 Royal residence 52 Ogled 53 Respect 54 Plastic wrap 55 Flocks 1 Tan 6 English poet 11 III 13 Box 14 Worthless 15 Clothing 16 Shoshonean Indian 17 Idol 19 Time zone (abbr.) 20 Boat type (pi.) 22 Glide on snow 23 Lincoln and Fortas 24 Religious denomination 26 Overseer of morals 28 Pointed tool 30 Actor Mineo 3 1 Spanish river 32 Mao tung 33 Grasp firmly 36 Vast period of time 39 Ballerina's strong points 40 Assist proof 10 Editor's mark (Pi) 1 2 TT""5 6 7 8 9 1 10 Ti 12 177" " "i7 W "" Ti 20 2T" ' 22 23" " 24 25 26 27 28 29 " 30 31 " 32 33 34 35" """ 36 37 1 38 39" " 40 41 42 43" 44 """ 45 46 "" 77 48 73" "" 50 IT 52 53 54 55 I I p Win at Bridge Expert Play Looks NORTH K Q J 8 V A63 AK A975 WEST 6 987 4 QJ10I43 63 EAST 72 K 10 97 6 K 10 SOUTH A10JH3 V Q J 5 2 Q J4 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: West West North East Pass 2 NT Pass Pass 4 Pass Pass 54 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Q By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag North-South arrived at an excellent small spade slam contract. North's four-club bid was a cue bid showing the club ace with a maximum hand and a good fit in spades. Judge to Rule on IRS Case Against Park City Resident SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) A Park City, Utah, man convicted of drug smuggling in Puerto Rico claims the Internal Revenue Service can't assume he used unreported income to buy the Columbian marijuana. Ronald Auth is trying to stop the IRS from seizing his home and bank account. The federal agency told U.S. District Court Judge Bruce Jenkins that the IRS assumed Auth used at least $227,325 in unreported inrnme to help buy the drugs. Jenkins said he would rule on Auth's suit "within 20 days." Auth was one of four men picked up in a boat off Puerto Rico last June. The Justice Department said the men used course. Find out more of what fees ahead for you in the year following your birthday by sending for your copy of Astro-Graph Letter. Mail SI for each to Astro-Graph. Box 489. Radio City Station. N Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth date. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov. 22) Much can be learned today by playing the observer's role on the sidelines. Stand back a little to gain e clearer perspective. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Try not to let your ambitions become more important today than winning and holding friends. Pals are more worthwhile than power. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You have the ability to come out on top in a sticky competitive situation today without making others angry. You're tough but fair. Answer to JlOjGlGirTT 1H E X IT j R ElFjOll inNjo'T K 71 henOn r Ai o N . IpIeJo n a g e IT T e I d vj e j imo" r TIT I S IN A j R I E I O I IF M E RIG E iETloN j R j E I V j E a" I DOWN 12 Athletic buildings 13 Sliest 1 8 Dog group (abbr) 21 Frightens 23 Snoozing 25 Identical sibling 27 Space agency (abbr.) 29 Placed 33 Part of the eye 34 Commander Destroyed Gap State without Set of tools Cross inscription Songstress Smith Superlative suffix Hand on hip Shorter (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) Four notrump was Blackwood, and then South confidently bid the slam. Many declarers would fail in six spades because both finesses are offside. The late Howard Schenken was declarer, however, and he showed why he was one of the world's greatest bridge players. Schenken won the opening diamond lead in dummy, then cashed the king of spades and the remaining diamond honor, discarding a low heart. Schenken continued with a low spade to the 10 in his hand and led the club queen for a finesse. It failed. East was on lead and caught in a three-suit end play. If he led back a club, Schenken would let it ride around to dummy's nine, come to his hand with the jack and get to discard a heart on the ace of clubs. If he led back a heart, that would take the heart finesse for Schenken. And if he led a diamond, Schenken would simply discard a heart and ruff in dummy. Simple play but typical of how a real expert operates. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) 10-17 2 5 8 2 South 3 4 NT 64 $1.3 million to purchase marijuana in Columbia. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Wallace Boyack said, if the drugs had been sold in the United States "the marijuana would have been worth far more." The U.S. Coast Guard confiscated the marijuana, and Ault was later convicted in Puerto Rico of possession of a controlled substance with intent to smuggle it into the United States. The FRS says it figures Ault bought up to one-fourth of the marijuana cargo, and claims he therefore understated his income because his recent federal tax returns show he did not have enough money to make the huge purchase. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You should be able to get an accurate grasp of situations today because of your ability to see both sides of the issues Act in accordance with your sound judgment PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Your rewards will be greater today from things you manage for others than from those you do only tor yourself. Consider your needs secondary. ARIES (March 21-Apnl 19) Balance your time wisely today, ...;h work and play proportionately equal. An imbalance could cause frustrations TAURUS (April 20- May 20) Much can be accomplished today if you let cooperation be paramount in your thoughts By helping others, you'll help yourself. Previous Puzzle I A G O NT 35 Blow 37 Cocktail seafood 38 Tacked 39 Follows 41 Freshwater fish 43 Arises from 45 Solar disc 46 Imprudent 49 Biblical character 51 Female saint (abbr.) Simple (For a copy of JACOBY MODERN, send i 1 to: "Win at Bridge, " care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019.) U Baldness DEAR DR. LAMB -My college-age son is very concerned about his hair which is getting thin on top of his head. His twin brother has a heavy-head of hair. I've heard that this is inherited. I was told by someone that mixing a tablespoon of cod liver oil with a third of a cup of milk and taking this one hour before breakfast is supposed to be of help. What do you think about this suggestion or what help can you recommend? DEAR READER - I don't think very much about that suggestion. In fact I'll try to forget it as soon as possible. Anyone who has unexplained baldness at an early age should see a dermatologist. There are many causes for loss of hair. It can be associated with a poor diet as occurs in people who are on fad, crash diets. It can occur after an operation, after an acute illness and from certain diseases of the scalp itself. The common cause of baldness, particularly in young men, is male pattern baldness. Each hair follicle has its own set of genes that are inherited. As a result, some follicles have an inherited characteristic to produce a particular form of testosterone or male hormone. These hair follicles don't really lose the hair but it becomes very fine and rudimentary, sort of like peach fuzz which doesn't do much to give you a full head of hair. The Health Letter I'm sending you will give you quite a bit of information on what you can expect with different forms of baldness and other information about hair care. I'm intrigued by your comment that his twin brother has a full head of hair. If they're identical twins, I wouldn't expect this to be the case if it in-volves hereditary baldness. DEAR DR. LAMB -When I was a young girl I had to walk several miles in deep snow without anything on my legs and both my knees became frozen. The doctors at that time painted my knees with iodine and wrapped them with wool. I'm now 63 years old and my knees hurt a great deal. Would it help me now if I would paint them again and wrap them in wool? If not, what could I do to help this pain? DEAR READER -I'm glad doctors don't use that treatment anymore as it could result in iodine burns. 1 don't know what's causing the pain in your knees but I doubt that it's related to the exposure to cold you had as a young girl. No one can tell you what causes your pain without a competent examination. See your doctor and try to find out what's causing the pain. Once he knows he may be able to give you some medicine that will agree with you and help to control the pain or take other measures to correct whatever condition is causing it. It's more likely that the pain in your knees is associated with some arthritic changes. DEAR DR. LAMB -My husband has diabetes and his feet have really been bothering him lately. He has tried aspirin and Ben Gay rub but nothing seems to help. He has been up all night lately because his feet hurt and the toes are numb Stars GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Something you've been postponing because of tear if might be too dif cult can be accomplished with surprising ease today, provided you have courage to take the first steps CANCER (June 21-July 22) Things will work out to your liking today if your attitude is positive and optimistic. To be a winner, first see yourself as one. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your wit and charm are your greatest assets today. You'll find ways to use them to your fullest advantage It will work because you'll be sincere VIRGO (Aug. 23-Spt.22) Be alert today and tomorrow for possibilities to add to your resources or enhance your security. Interesting developments could occur. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN I Dr. Lawrence Lamb Hereditarv and sting. I read where people with this trouble could take a number of medicines but I don't remember what they were. Any help you can give on this would be appreciated. DEAR READER -Anytime a diabetic starts having trouble with his feet, he ought to see his doctor. It's too easy for diabetics to lose a foot. The likelihood is that your husband has diabetic neuropathy which means an involvement of the nerves to his feet. This usually affects the sensory nerves and the person may complain of numbness and pain as you describe. As the condition progresses, there may be other changes that indicate involvement of the nerves. Diabetes does affect the nervous system. That's how it causes impotence. It involves the nerves that control normal sexual arousal. There are a limited number of things that can be done to control nerve involvement from diabetes. Most authorities think that the best approach is to try to control the blood sugar level as well as possible. Beyond that, most of the medicines that can be used for this condition are really those that relieve pain. I am sending you The Health Letter number 3-11, Diabetes: Diagnosis, Prevention And Management, to give you more information on your husband's diabetic problem. Other readers who want this issue can send 75 cents in check or coin with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for it. Send your request to me, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. The other possibility is that your husband may be developing changes in his circulation to the legs. That is common in a person who has diabetes. These changes are associated with fatty-cholesterol blockage of the arteries. That's another reason why it's important for your husband to see his doctor. I'm pleased to see there is hope that there will be improved methods of managing diabetics in the not-too-distant future. The National Institutes of Health has let a contract for the production of small mechanical devices by 1981 to continuously provide insulin. These will change the whole picture of the control of the diabetic who needs to take insulin. The little device is about the size of a cigarette package and can be worn in the shirt pocket. It will deliver insulin as needed at different times of the day in a controlled manner. This will help to control the marked swings in blood sugar levels that are inevitable with the currently available forms of treatment. It's possible that this improved control may decrease the number of the complications that we now see with diabetes. In addition, there is a totally implantable insulin dispensing device that's being developed and may be ready soon than people think. Delivery Deadline 5:30 Daily 7 a.m. Sunday HOME & BUSINESS selwicii mmmv To List Your Service In This Handy Business Service Guide, Call 373-5050 A Trained Ad-Writer Will Heb You 18 C ACCOUNTANTS BOOKKEEPING, tax prep etc F ast, accurate, economical. Bus or personal Monetech of Utah 225-3046 (on ( 1 fJ CONDITIONING J SOS refrigeration repair does quality work w fair prices Fast response Call no 377-2615 ACOUSIIC CEILINGS i ACOUSTIC Ceiimgs Freees-timates Sid Headman 225-15817 or 225 2916 ALUMINUM SIDING j SEAMLESS Aluminum Ram Gut'ers Free es'ima'es m Utah County 489 9e90 APPLIANCE REPAIR J LOW Cost washer dryer and dishwasher repair in your home Call 224-1997 6 BLUEPRINTS BUILDING a home9 Need house plans drawn, call Lynn ; 374-2551 after 4 pm. ; J BOATS NOW accepting service 8. repair appointments. Have your boat reconditioned by boat builders S. repair specialists. Bedouin Mfg. 484 E 100 N Payson 465-2921. () ( CABINETS ) COUNTER tops, custom cabinets, raised panel cabinet doors. Free est. 465-9896. St CARPET CARE CARPET Care Professionals Pre-holiday Special 2 rooms for S14.95 free Scotchguarding ($8 value!). Guaranteed to satisfy. 374-9483. HOMEOWNERS: You'll get mor-out with 'Morin' For cleaner carpets 374-5842. LINOLEUM installation. Call Dave 224-4358 anytime. RUG doctor saves you 5SS Rent our revolutionary vibra steam & power brush system & do it yourself. Super easy to operate at super savings to you. Call for our exc Oct special rate. You'll be glad you did! Days 768-8432 eves 768-8917. PRO Statewide carpetupholstery cleaning. Satisfacton guar. 373-2506 377-3881. RUG DOCTOR: S for s our quality & prices can't be matched. Revolutionary, patented vibra steam & power brush system make us No 1 nation wide. Check us out, you'll be glad you did. Oct special: free 15 ounce carpet deodorizer weach job. Days 768-8432 eves 768-8917. INSTALL your carpets & vinyls before the holidays. Call JMCI 375-6199. 2 ROOMS-J12.95. Deep steam & power brush. Steamliner. 224-4786. Guaranteed. ec CHAIN SAWS MC CULLOCH CHAIN Saw Service Center We sharpen all makes. Carpenter Seed Co, 1030 S State, Provo. 373-3740. BC 1 CONCRETE RENT Symon concrete forms-Reasonable. Do your own foundations, retaining walls, etc. Gary Ashton 373-0679 or 373-8788. LOW price. Flat work, drive way, sidewalk etc. Lot of exp, Call 377-2870 Ron. CONTRACTORS I LICENSED contractor for residential or commercial. Remodeling & repairs Free estimate. 756-9122. LIC. Contractor-new or remodels, finish bsmt, any type const. Free est. Tanner Const. Brad or Rob 375-1699. LIC Contractor specializing in custom remodeling or new addition. Any size iob, quality work wref. Free estimates 798-2317 after 5. i GARAGES designed & built, ! remodeling, repair of rental property, licensed contractor. Small jobs welcome Steven 377-8246 DECORATORS j DECORATIVE Painting 1 Licensed contractor Call 756-' 6570. (o24j DRY WALL J QUALITY work-reasonable prices. Lie & dependable No iob too small. 226-8754 ELECTRICAL S O S Repair does quality work w fair prices Fast response Call now 377 2615 WIRING for older homes 8. basements Licensed Reliable. 439-6750 or 489-5286 J 027 EXCAVATION BACKHOE work-any type Will travel to site. Dav 374-2983 ext 244eve 1 -667-336 S BACKHOE work, bmsts, septic systems, slag, fill dirt, top soil. Ray 224-2125 BACKHOE work, sewer & water lateral Trenching, footings 8, backfill Day 224- 1A47 pvpi 377-6667 8C nMMjMMUMin '""rrrrttiitiTissiHstjjjt ec EXCAVATION BRUCE S BACKHOE HAVE all sze of trenches will install 20 years e perience 680 case w dump truck Sewers septics all ! utilities Call798-6529 EXCAVATING 226-3987 MF55-C Front End Loader ( Basement, backtili, gracing j lot leveling road cutting Fill I dirt & exc quality topsoil Fast depenaable service By i the 0D or hour ; QUALITY TOP SOIL : Road Case fill, hauling ex : cavation. st preparation bidg ; demolition 7B5-2829 J FENCING CHAIN link, ornamental iron Licensed contractor Materials or we install 224 5391 Acme Fence Co 1440 W Center Orem EQUITABLE Fencing Inc Largest wood fencing corp in Utah Quality custom wood fencing at special fail prices Can for free estimate 226-6949 ec HAULING TOP soil, slag, fill dirt delivered or debris hauled away. Also taking orders for lump coal. 225-6207. 225-5344. HAUL trash. Big or small jot Tree limbs, rocks, 8. dirt. Free estimate 377-0B74 037 HANDYMAN J EXPERT Cleaner: yard work, weed, mow, pruning, all kinds of work. Free estimate. Call 377-0874. HOME IMPROVEMENTS ALL types remodeling & small additions, basements finished all or part. Quality work, reasonable price. Call 798-3727 for free estimate. BASEMENTS, remodel, new const. Guar, quality 8. price. 226-1711 for estimate. CABINETS, formica, vanities, finishing, other custom woodwork or remodeling at discount prices. I would appreciate your business. Fair, friendly, depenabie service. Call 375-5132. ENJOY that bsmt now. Remodeling & home repair. Elec drywall finishing & textures. Call 489-8343 after 2 pm, 1 person does it all. CERAMIC TILE TUB enclosures, showers, sills 8. entryways. Reasonable. 373-2346. CONSTRUCTION Information Center. Call us for any type construction. Remodeling or new from foundation to finish. 489-9296. 043) JANITORIAL J CALL 'Moonlighters of Provo' for the finest in commercial housekeeping services, maintenance chemicals, & cleaning equipment. Phone 374-8275. LANDSCAPING SPRINKLING sys, exp. Low -ates, quality equipment. Free est. Lon 225-8801. BEAUTIFUL topquality sod. t.lOsq ft. Benjamin, Utah. Call 798-2537. GET your yard ready for fall. Rotovatlng, leveling, rock raking, sod. 225-2958. BACKHOE work. Rotovating. Listons. Call 225-5155. LEVELING, top soil, spreading, sprinkler sys, sodding, lawn preparation. All work guaranteed. 224-5655. SOD lawn preparation, leveling & top soil, exp, low rates. Free est. Lon 225-8801. SOD farm close-out, 8 sq ft st the farm. 798-6286. ec LAWN CARE J YARD Work. We mow, weed, edge, trim & haul. Free estimate 225-8096 MASONARYJ MASON RyTe PAIRS 22 yrs exp. Licensed. Small bsIJ7H7 TRACY Masonry-stone & brick, frplcs & veneers. Free estimates 756-7370. CERAmTc tile. Shower, kit., tub, entry way, etc. Install or remodelMike 373-5593 STATE licensed ceramic tile contractor. No job too large or small. Free est. Repairs a specialty. Also foundation plastering 377-5628 PLOWING FARMER JON TILLING NO iob is too small Work guaranteed Call 225062 GARDEN TilTing, tractor, rotovator, plowing. All work guaraneed 224-565 5. G ARn tilling, tractor rotovating & leveling, guaranteed. Ron 756-3614. 3 PAINTING PAINTING-have own tools-very reasonable & experienced CaH 224-4438 ACOUSTIC Ceiling 8, wall texture painting Best prices, free estimates Marv 374 2190 aft 6pm. PROFESSIONAL painting & papering References avail. Cal225-7763 PAINTING, any sue iob, Interior S, exterior, very reasonable 785 5790. EXPERT in Painting, papering. Specialize In small lobs, inside or oof. 489-9556 ( PAINTING INTERIOR 4 exterior pamting N0 10b too big or small new S. old work Over 25 yrs experience 489-9758 058 I PLUMBING J SOS Repair does quality work w ta r prices Fast respo"se Can now 377-2615 WE 3c smai: plumbing repairs P'ease give us a call1 374 8114 8 5PM Mon-Fn c ROOFING ROOFING all types new & repair Low rates free est JC Roofing 374-2419 UPHOLSTERING RE-UPHOLSTERY, work done at lowest prices j anywhere Can Gerald 225- j 5893 The Daily Herald CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Rates and Information To Place Your Ad Dial. . . 373-5050 Cash Rates 3 line Minimum 3 Days, 3 lines $5.25 6 Days, 3 lines . . . .$7.00 25 Days, 3 lines .. $18.00 Above rates subject to $1.00 service charge for credit COPY DEADLINE Weekdays . . . 12:00 Noon day preceeding publication Sunday . . . 12:00 Noon Friday Monday . . . 10 A.M. Saturday ADJUSTMENTS CREDIT If your advertisement appears incorrectly, notify us immediately. We will not be responsible for more than two incorrect insertions. Such responsibility is limited to a correct insertion of advertisement. The Daily Herald reserves the right to classify, edit, or reject any classified adver tisement. TOOUR READERS This newspaper strives to protect its readers against fraud, deception cr injustices. Readers are cautioned to make no payment of money until they have thoroughly Investigated ads which require investment in stock, samples, equipment or vending machines. Merchants, dealers, venders, etc., are required to identify themselves In each ad they publish. This paper invites calls from individuals who find uniden-titied dealers or questionable advertising of any sort. TgANSKXtTATlONj FLY to NY for $150 round trip. Must leave here on Oct 25 & return before Thanksgiving 373-3822 Ask for Deb WANTED: Season Basketball tickets, seats. Call 768-8388. BYU good QUALITY CARE NOW SERVING PROVO AREA . Get well faster at home with the help of our professionals at Quality Care. We provide all types of nursing service for help in the home Call in SLC for additionalinfo Quality Care 1-486-48M WE cut and wrap deer cleanest 10b around, flash frozen Al Webb & Sons. The Meat Co 53 N 1000 E Payson. UT 465-4111 TRI-CHEM open house Thurs, Oct 18, all day 20 percent oft all items on hand 190 E 3700 N, Provo NEEDED immed host fam for 15 year old LDS Japenese male student Expenses paid Carrie at 225-5388 Don't let rising cost get you down Use Classified to buy and sell ... and you'll be money ahead Just dial 373-5050 and ask for Classified An Ad-Visor will help you word your ad 6C 3 LOST & FOUND FOUND: Black, male, part Dachsund dog Black collar. 375-3397 before 8 AM or after 9 PVV FOUND-whlte male poodle pup w red collar-bell Vic 500 N 400 E Provo 377-7659 LOST male Irish Setter answers to Grizzly Reward!-!! Call 374-1585. LOST valuable diamond ring on Center St in Provo or Royal Inn Parking lot. $200 reward. Call collect Mrs. Riley 803-359-3806; or 375-0952, 377-1471. LOST A FOUND j HUSKY Mix lost University Ave Provo Orem tags Piease cad 224-3436 eves FOUND Biack Lab pJp Ar' City Esemen'ary School 489 4752 or 489 7863 MOO REWARD for lost Drown & ' "re rneaiu-1- BMtany Sp 3i ei ans to j R los' vie D O I .n Sp Fork Canyon Any mfc call 377-7056 LOST pair of bmocuiars Sunday 7 Oct If found piease call 373-6981 LOST. Fluffy white maie Alaskan Spitz 4 mos old 3rd S 3rd W Sp Fork 79B-8562 r. HELP WANTED ! PART time service attendant jl8 years or older Sat g, Sun j Dennis 225-9709 EOE 1 ACCNT Bukpr to S12C0 mo' ;Good working background'' (Career spot' Provo Employment 375-0020 MAKE good money in your jhorne with i r t t i e time involved Write W Hoge. 780 E 300 S Payson. U 84651 PRINTER needed exp w of fet print rg press, layout 8. camera work Salary i-,'.-' a- e 226-301 1 ;FULL or Part time LPN needed 7-3 pm i 75 hr Sta" Call 489-9409 EOE lEXP mechanic needed ! Smith Auto Co 325 N Mam j Spanish Fork 798-3553 ! EXP brick layer wanttd CaH 798-7715 crane s seiecmg Brake Specialis' Trainees for outstanding career opportunity We want individuals who have exc. intelligence, are not afraid of hard work, have fine public relations skills, are totally honest & have exc. mechanical aptitude. Good income potential company benefits Do not apply if you lack above qualifications. Call 225-1680 for interview. BOOKKEEPER. Secretary To take full charge of books, 7 years exp. 225-0517. NURSES aids & janitor wanted, various shifts, good pay, benefits 374-1468 EOE. SEC. Bkkpr S560. Professional clientele. Friendly atmosphere This co. needs you. Sandy, Acme Personel, 1160 S State, 224-0710. FRESH START NEW ideas 8, personal attention to get you started on the right foot in Real Estate. Call the one that's 2nd to none ERA Orchard Hills Realty. 225-3000. TRUCK Stop Attendant, full time, minimum age 19, students OK, flexible shifts. Over minimum wage commission. Mike's Union 76, 1-15 Lindon-P.G. Exit. RECEPTIONIST to S140wk. Work 35 hrs. Apply by 10am. Sandy, Acme Personnel, 1160 S State Orem. 224-0710, GOOD clean hard worker, exc. pay, no exp. necessary, car necessary, call 8-5 for interview. 224-1445. HELP Wanted, permanent only, hard outdoor labor. S4hour start. 225-7880. MANAGER TRAINEE MANAGEMENT Position can be yours after 6 mos. specialized training. Earn from J35,000 to 550,000year in management. We will send you to school for 2 wks, expenses paid, train you in the field, selling & servicing established accounts. Guaranteed up to $2000mo. to start. Must be 21 or over, have car, bondable, ambitious & sports minded. Hospitilization & profit sharing, only quality people need apply. Call for appt., do it now, 785-5740 aft 9 am; 465-4143. RUBBERMAID Party Plan needs demonstrators. Part or full time. No collecting! No packing' No delivering! Top commission. Call Judy 224-2986. REAL Estate agents needed! Up to 100 per cent splits! Home Town R E. 375-7653. MATURE person for internal auditor wlocal company. Accounting background & efficiency on 10-key required. Good company benefits. Call 377-6363 for appt ELECTRONIC Technician: Maintain & repair high-speed audio tape duplication equip. Assoc. degree in electronics or equivalent; 1-2 years exp repairing professional audio equip Ability to work night shifts. Call Lorna, SLC 237- 2431. LICENSED beactician for Lehi. 768 3281 NEW Drive In opening. Need Day Cook & counter help. Ap-piy 106 N State Orem from 10-5 pm COAL WATER TESTING LAB MANAGER CENTRAL UTAH Super v 'ec him .1 ueg'fi1 t. PXpiT I'M, I 111 I' Kill .1 salil'y m SuniitM f L,ib I ik Ave t v if giiiui . 8 ti-i hr-a 'an;, -KUV It'.' hint Jl 1 : super v 1 s 1 ni ( tVUllt! bt'iut , rciur 0 and I'miHit lu pei .iiji'i Standard Pennsyivdn'j i." I u 11 West COMMISSION SALES Ful lor time position now open major appliance sales specialist. Experience preferred Commission against diaw Benefits program Inteiview by appointment 224-1311 JCPenney Co. University Mall, Orem Equal opportunity employer

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