The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 11
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Princess Reports ng of Castle Rt:re Art Collection Valued al Millions By Kaiser's Kinsman KIK)N'!ii. : p.<;. CJermany. Mar U n;i>i— American soldiers ivho havo worked <jr played at tin.. Kronbo-" Ollic-civ Clulj are blamed for the • ns.s of u i-iiiv n n tolleclion valued KI "many times as much" as th" •"1,500.000 worth of loot i n i!ie ie of jewel robbery. 'He e<l Press le.unecl yesterday, meres Margareta, hcnd ol the House of IKWSC, .said tliat tfie "h^lj- fi't Tui-uow" collcc:lon tm-liKtect ii'indreds of pieces of Ilia finest mud, silver, enamel and porcelain work of centuries ,,f European C'i'ciflsincii. It was kept in Kronijc-rg Ciisl!e. "We don't knr>.. v what ha s hay- i ened to it, uiul we can't find out 1:1 cause we arc not. allowed lo en- i"r ihe castle,'• princess Margarela "lint we do know the rrvernl pieces, including one of Frederick the Great's jeweled snuff boxes. v.erc included in tlio sl - things which •.vftre stolen a year a^o and were r'Jiovpri'd from the United States." Til,, princess, owner of the castle, i'.'(erred to the looting of an cs- 'mated $1,500.000 wovth of family jewels from the castle basement, r.'.'o American ofiiccrs iiave uocu convicted and ;v third | s now on trial for thai theft. The Turnow collection was start- rfl in the last century. It was Turned over to the Kinpress Frede | •!]' mother of (he Princess Mnr Gil reta Miirt the former German kaiser -The family has added to the Tilt-now collection until it was known as one of the finest or its hind." the aging Princess cxpluin- "There were i_;oulcts, mugs, fig- L' ; i"es of all kinds, "plate-ware, jewel- pel, snuff boxes, and enamel, porcelain and gold and silver workk dating back through the Middle Ages \o ancient Greece and Egypt." She said the exhibition was kept in the "exhibit room" of the castle iiti the main jjoor. jt was lpft ihf . re wijen the 0. s. Army summarily requisitioned the estate in the Spring of 1945. "There is just no «-a.v nf knowing how Innch of the collection Is missing," Princess Margareln said, adding (\~s no one had any' idea or the value of the treasure. "You can't really put a price on those things, bc-cansc money could nol replace them." she said". Tho family's inventory of the co.lecthm listed 8GI art objects and 171 valuable paintings. formerly family servants, who i-.o-.v work for th,.y Army on the estate, said they hnv e watched luui- c'rotls of visitors tour the castle. •Army oVficia', at Frankfurt said Ihpy iiad not been informed of the !o?s of the collection. Dinosaur Longevity Man spcculate.s as to v.hat weaknesses in the make-up of dinosaiirs led to their disappearance after HO.COO.COO years of supremacy on earth, yet, man has reigned only a few thousands of years. South Africa leads the world in !!if- production of gold. He'tt Be in Hot Water Soon | \ Viscount Nountb;illeti ; ml firs. 'MiHinllKillcii : it :. list I ml ( •( l.ojKiim s-igw. Tlicy l.'iivo : ion i,,r India, i.-bcve-'i.u \.ill ['-. _ _l;°_veii»oi'-eeiier:U^: ml ;ind tilings < onsitlerahlv wurmer. Bearden to Give ian^mre.^^!.;.tiwt'te'«'S : More Attention to'to l p.,l!^;Tbm-'\£^l' Missco Measures i ''irSl.. I."." 0 "" One. A similar bill 'passed In illy I!H5 session of the General Assembly was vetoed by Governor Ijimoy. Included In Ihe legislation that Se:nitor uearden sal<| lie would »!tempi In pass is iiuolher bill by Kleemun whleh culls for ihe reimiv- al or power ami iclvptumc lines :rom iireus near nil polls. In iiltempllnu to pass (Ills HUMS-. lire through the senate. l!i\inU>n will face stroin; ulUily opposition headed l,y sen. |.;lll s FMBIUI of Ul- II•! Ifock, who has said he would. •' Pliose the passaue of the measure on the grounds thai it would be ton expensive for the utilities I" rc-rontc their line.s. IAUK -' rrriK<iln Islam) flic Island <T Penguins, near the ™i'.<' "I the Antarctic, is n huven i<«' millions «[ i>oii||iilii.s. on n rock '•'it more th, m fo.ur miles s(|iinre, tiii'iv ai ( > often nioK> than 5,000.000 "I I In' birds at one (urn 1 . '{'•ml (.'oniiev News'. Wiuil Ads Want new pep and Vim? ''- «„!., oily 'n, ' . . iy iin n» :i>»~. ."^ iron, l,,u. in w mvil for |V.M; n|,,i J." """'»,. I, VI i,.,.ii|., r jl. 41,1.™ iimvoritj-UBcl iiu K.IU 1,1 ,,ll ,1,-iij »u,i vj cvcrywlmw. ROCK. A rk Mar G - |11< ' U "' t! " """"' hi " l' ass .«' <-"'»' °''' : 'l j l'™l"'""i"n of »B Expressing disapiioin.inenl, because °;..,.;''' : 'l j l'™l"'""i"n of Sl.SOO to ^ ? T ion , ;f the Ar kB ,™ s Oen- S"^\ M S '^ f"c j:nl Assembly which ends March Pieeman, M,,,,i! a is ., „, "c ., r , ,? c «m nd tf 10 ',,^!; 1 ™"" 0 a lnVBCI mraS>11 "' •»"• !'»'* U « .rl £ [ Guarantee Heavy Srectls *3nrg *|7 ..W».ly No l.sA.rn.) B roa PROMPT S'IIPMUII" 1000 - £38.30 •' '"IS""™ O"*««""o Wo ,*,„„„„ FLOORS RE-FINISHED NI-:\Y I'LOOKS l.Alli / I''!N'(S1!!OI). 01,|) l<'|. MAi)n MKB NI-:W. A$!'11\|,T TIUO I'UKMSH- ., Kl> AND 1.A11). 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