The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 10
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JH . ft - PAGE TEN Labor Relations Text Prepared Businessmen Gather Data in Kansas City For Use in Book S orry, MO. <UP) — A Bioup of Kansas City businessmen and labor leaders is .hard at work on a labor of love. They Rie put- ling together an ambitious. "Hnml - bbck of Industrial and Labor Relations Terminology." It could, become a work o[ considerable impartance in industrial relations, ils fpoiisors bslieve. They leel that inability of management ftnd labor to understand tlie meaning even of contract clauses to v,luch they had agreed has been n source of much difficulty. .Behind the work of tresc Kansas City "amateurs" is .the driving spirit, wliite-haired but still youngish Father John q. Frlertl, S. j. He >s the man who was the motivating forsc hi the establishment three years ago at Rockhurst College here of .the first four-year eollegi- nte courses In the United Slates, leading toward a degree in indus-j • rial relations. I ;.Thc "Handbook" is' planned as an eisht-section work. 'At present, work is under way in preliminary stages on several sections. The first, section, is undergoing another revamping .after Almost 1SU co-operating experts about the country had studied their copies of the semi-final draft. , Now the loca,l business anti'labor leaders are culling through the flood of•'suggestions and .criticisms from those experts, announcing that they are trying their best to make this handbook o£ termiiiulogv as honest and definiiive a .work as possible. "There'll be another voil cf the co-opartors and then the Jirst section will reach its "fini>.l Etftge." After publication, the work would be made available for those who wrote the labor" contracts. Father Fridel points out that a writer in a national magazine last summer, after an intensive survey, Icund thai, a major trouble-maker in industrial relations was what actually had been agreed to in contracts. A contract clause accepting the definition of this hand•bock, Fried! believes, could eliminate considerable conflict. The outlook now is that it will cc translated eventually in French and Spanish. Different Rainbows No two ..persons-can see the came rainbow, even though the ob- -xryers are standing side by side. Each sees a bow made iTp O f light .fcom a different set of raindrops COURIER NEWS Heiress and Prince Marry . kiddies can blow air into .. bill tlif: bans won't hold nnytlifng but jio In these firsl and exclusive plcdnrs from St. Mont/ RwK/ci-liiml is sho Hulton with her ne«- »ustam! R,,,.-;ian P r |,,,- !.,„, T- .« ik v on nauon,,, Set nt l,, ls r,,,,,.,,,, wiiU( , r , K , rt ^^A "'k o a ' ' Smokeless Coal Seen in Offing 'NELSONVILLE, jjl. <UP<_ The Hocking valley con) fields nmy hold 1'e answer to Die sootless clly of 'he future. The vallo v may produce smokeless coal. A processing plant | 0 remove_ the arnoke-makinfj clement.s from conl l s planned fo r Nelsou- vilie. Lewis C. Knrrlek, cliemlcnl pn- fiinccr, is engaged |ti explaining by demonstration th D difference between Ihe "de-sinokcd" coal and the usual vnripty. Knrrlck said common soft coal placed, under pressure to remove Sis and oil. He said from each ton Of coal Ihe process extracted :;o to 38 gallons of oil and 2,500 to 2,700 REAL ESTATt; rO!( SALE To iitosinatlvo tuycra wo luvo a select list of houses—homos—aiita. linst- nosscs—acreage ouil farms in nnil .iroun.l lilytlievlllc. Wo hell) flnanco sales. I'lione U3D4. J. J. rlclil. Boudtnl llOAl Estale c-.bic feet of gas./rhc licntlng value Of the coal remains the same, ac- airdliij; to Kurrick. Three Little Holes Solve Popcorn Bag Problem KEVSER. W. Va. (OP)—A popcorn slnnd in front rif the Liberty Thealcr in Kcyscr has always d.Mic n hirj business, ,but Mnnngcr Ker- nnt Parish struck a sntiK when ho ran out of popcorn boxes and s »b- .slitutod paper bags. lint boys will lie boys and soon ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served overseas, you should jtiin (hi- V.r.W, now! Meetings nvery \\'cduusday iilsitt, 7:30 nl (In. Wetciikamp Cotlon Oflloe. Ilrlin: :l veteran willi ynu. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farrls JlcCiilla, Commanrtcr there was a loud pep or a burster! ling during a western iiicture Just when a gun was fired on the screen. Nr-jit niiue nnolher loud |) O|) tvhen thp lii'i-o ki^si><i the heroine. •I'nrisli solved tin? problem, He For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogtleu Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin |Co. YAiinno, AKK. Plione 727 Take Back Your Gold, Pensioner Cries >, I.CSC1MONT, Col. (UP)—Colo- rinio iicnsloners hnve received their "jiic-hpfil" cliceks—Hi,, regular annum bonus paid out of surplus Bronchitis Crcqmiilslon relieves promptly I>n-< cause it noes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel rrerm laden phlegm, and aid nature to toothe stud, heal raw, lender inflamed bronchial mucous mem- Iji-nnes. 1 ell your druggist to sell you n botllo of Creomulsion with the iin- <Ici standing you mtist like the way it quickly ullays tho cough or you arc to have your money back ••tzr • u. Lfa -««r 0 V II 'X* 1 L*M t^ | ^^F | ^ for Coushs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis e < (ep his mnainljy slock of paper funds b»B» to a newspaper plant, where lint (here's one woman in ho i,a,i ilirra little holes punched mont w |,o didI he u c» noctorV U, th, ,/ottc.n of each bag. NOW the .She ^llM wiTS back -' Die county commissioners with a note which said: "I don't want the money and i THURSDAY, MARCH G, 1947 Gels Water From Plants I drinks water, ihc moisture it re- ft is .said that Die gemsbok, large quires being obtained from succii- lotith African antelope, never lent plants. Please don't send any move." Read Courier News V/ant Ads. • We Guarantee | RECAPPING • . ! with I I Hawkinson Treads i J Let Your Next Tires Be I GENERALS j Cost More — Worth More I MODINGER TIRE CO. « 110 E. Main ' I'lionc 2;>01 / BRING US YOUR POULTRY*!" We Pay IIi K I,cst 1'rlces for all Itens, Kooslers, Ducks and (Jesse Save That Middleman's Prollt. Our I'riccs Governed liy Market Value T Highway (il North Phone 3762 THRKE MONSTKKM NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM Tht-sp ilir(-i- jimnstr>r NIK lh:irt nil oIKrr hu '"ill's """)'• ""'" : ""' k ""'' r ' Vllll-J- lm-4 timyiit tin-ill -Iny ri JJPI W U^ir.-a.Lt M L , S si,;; v.',,, lOa^'cvtV •km,'", 1 ,': TlTi'.'":" J CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP ' Main and Division BIythcville, Ark, SIMPSON'S STATE LINE CAFE Under Management of Stanley Keller Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-quc Hot Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR W/TH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! f Brown Stores loc. C1ONTI.NUKS THIS \\KF.K. LOOK! COMPARE! SAVE! BEAT HIGH PRICES! Your, Dollar Does Double Ditty With These Slashed Prices! SENSATIONAL PRICE REDUCTIONS TO BFUNG YOU GREAT SAVINGS! Clear View Knife Hack. 2!)5 value Stri-1 Wheel Knife Shaip^ner. :2!!c value One If.iml Wl,lp E^ itt>a(cr, 1.50 value Ifuntt Type Can Opener, 15o v.iluc /cplicr Dust Mops. 12!) vfilcie ... Miss I'l-Kny K oz. Kopc Slop. (ifl c value'.' lilnc mill/on liquid Wax, fji. C9c vjilue . (I.usler Tone Auto Polish, -lac valiic Hn\vl Cnvors, set i>f 7. 1.0-1 value 1.:\rgK Apple I'lariucs. 1,1!) value T/irp.i 1 FniH Plaqurs, 1.4!! v:ili]D Pyrex .CSIfl Set. set of 3, Z.45 vnlne Fin-hiiiff Utility DIsli, 101-Z". 40c value Fii-ckinfj IM^-asurius- Cups, lOc valuo riTi-kin^r Di-c-p I.otif I'nii. 35c value GI;7Ss- S.n uj> FitcJjors. 25c val.ucs I'htstk- I'ruit Juic?r. set of ,1 pieces, l)7c Ds'Tjiix? .InU-i'r Sol, with 6 tumblers, 2.C9 Cnrliing Set, set of 3, 11.35 value value value . now . now . now . no\v . iu>w . lion. now . now . ntnv . now now 11011. nmv . now . now now . now iicnv now 4!)c 4:)c 1.98 !.!» 9.85 MISCELLANEOUS VALUES Woven Rugs, 2'lx<!8, ;illradive plaid. 2.98 value Woven RIIKS, 2I.V-IS, .•}.<!<) value, now Rubber Stair Treads, ;i~>c value, now Solid Oak Dinette Set, (i pices, white. 31.95 v; Now Sturdy High Chairs, Plastic tray, 8.95 value, Kbony Smoker, 1.98 value, now Telephone Stand & Cliair. 10.fl"> value, now . . Canvas Water Has, 1.00 value, now Aluminum Sugar Scoop, 49c value, now Glass Fruit Juicer, i;5c value, now Murphy's Oil Soap, 2 lb., G5c value, now Fiber Shopping UaR, 9Sc value, now now ;il tie now l.-Ii) 1.98 . 29 c 29.95 •1.95 79c Ci.95 29 c 5c 29c 29e Our Spring Allotment of GLIDERS Is Here/ THE NEW CENTURY GLIDER This beautiful glider has a tubular drome front iml with torpedo type arms. Chrome trim, filled \Vtl li nt-h *-n*\ftl,, ; * _,. *' n tacn arm. 1 Ins modern All Steel p BEAUTIFUL NEW 'PACEMAKER' ggr|^ra:U» JS£ --' ;;;]; J- l"i'.,'T. f f"J' 1 """ f » b *- Tte ftc™,ker *.. is priced at only SIMMONS SUN TAN COT Casvus Lcuvn ""«<> cush SIMMONS SPRING STEEEL CHAIR ™L,™ d SL:"!».""'"-'«.i «ii.ii- n,.,,,, A ' ^np V5 Canvas RECLININGCHAIR Hubbar S, ENAMELS r Seal Wall 1'inisli value now q(. 1.80 rf:r;li< Ntvil i'inor Pi»ish :>.!18 vuluo IHaslie Seal Wall Finish G:!.) value .................. now 1.C5 riaslic Real Flonr Tinish (i3:i value ................... now dal. 4.U3 Kc value.' .......................... "ow 19c Electtrical Supplies 'l'\vo-I-ito Floui'w.ccnt Fixtures, 7.05 v;i1., 4. 1 J5 Klprtrif! linn, 1 ]!>., 5.10 viilun now I.MJ tkctrie Tor.stcr, ,^.EO value -- now 2.!;S Electric Tons tor. 7.45 value now (J.!'5 .Uni Brown Viieiium Cleaner. -1S.03 val.. .T^.Oj One , Sir;*ml Kleclric Wire, ftO*;j retliiclinn on all sizes. Flashlight, '!-ccH. I.'IH value now !>Sc Per 100 $9.95 Jim Itrn-ii-ii Elcclrie Brooder 49.50 value now Z9.93 10-Uolc Hens Xcst. aliiininnm 10.S!S vrtlnc now 7.83 All nu-lal VS'slcr Fount A value 39 C Closeout Specials Apple Teclcrs, 15c value now 5c Clothespin Reels, 53u value now 10c Suit £• Pepper Shaker Sets, !tSc value", now 20c 10 in. Butcher Steels, 51.03 value now "9u 21 Piece Cutlery Set, 11.95 value now n.!i5 Kifclicn Ulcnsil Brush. 40c value . .. now I5c Chamois Skins, 25c value now !5c FARM SUPPLIES Tarpaulin Itcpnir Ki(, 3.7D v:ilue ..... „„,,. ^..79 Barn Broom, 10", 2.20 v:ililc ........ miw l.os Ham Broom, 18", 2SO value ........ now 2.1U Precision Trailer Hilch, W5 value, now Lilfj K/y-Rirte Tractor Seals, 3li,SO values, now 2D.55 Bctirh Tjp; Cream Sep.iralor, -18.55 v:ilnc 4?.E5 Ccdrir Cticirns, 3-Gal. 4.SS value ..... now 1.S8 Milk Stools, all metal, 1.0!) value ____ n mv 1.3SJ Bath Accessories IS" Towel Bars 1.29 val. 'i'J \\hilc ]> 24" Tourl l!ars, 1.1!) val. We Chrome Tmnliler Holder, 1.10 value now 4!)e Chronu- Soap Di-ili. 1.30 value now BOc AUTO SUPPLIES I'aMc Tow Itnpo.s. 2.45 value nn« I.9» C:o((on Tilicr \Vei!-;e Krai dish. 1.20 val. 5:'c IJaby Seals. Tils over ear sent, ! C9 val. 1'Jc Truck Mirror. 1/19 value now J.10 Tap Soap Dish, clear plaslie, 2.10 val. .. .7!>c • Loctiing Gas Cars, 1.10 value now 7!)c C 1'apfr iroldrr, clear plaslic, 1.20 val. -13e I Traelor'ils, pair, a.ns value now 7.S5 1'aix-r Jliildrr I'olisheil Al.ini. tlSc val. 29cl sturdy Scissor .lacks, X CO value now 1 S.S •iTTTTrTTTni iii M i IMI ^••••••T^nfFIWaKfTinnirnaiiif,yt»iiiJMMnBi^Mi^ Asphalt Roofing <;5 lb. Drcadtiiuighl . 2.!>8 value, now .......... 2. nil 00 lb. Armor Coat ficd :5.10 value, now .......... 2.8!) Painl K<Igc Roofing, 10;') II). red & Krcen. ;l.7f) value, now ...... 3.1i) ,'! in. 1 Shingle, rrd, 205 lb. 7.-'JS value, now .......... G.-13 Ilex Shingle, 170 11). 5.J1S value, now l.OH

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