The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1947 Auto Safely Gels More Affent ion Utility Factor, Too, Emphasized in Planning by Manufacturers BUFFALO. K. Y. (UP)-Safclv and utilily rather than twitter and rakish lines will govern rtoslgn ol 111 tu re iintoino'oilfs, according to Preston Tiifkcr, designer of the new rear-ciijjliic Tucker "Torpedo." Tucker, who plinis to begin pro- Auction of his new cur shortly in ^lic sm.OCO.CCO former Chicago Bodge plant, told a group of Buffalo automotive engineers that .1 "wholly functional design" for nn autonuftile has yet to be presentee! to the pub'.ic. "Tiic car of today is a direct. (Jcvccndnnl of the carriage of JIOI-EC and busjuy days." lie said "The firsi. :iuto was merely a buggy with a motor added and n horse subtracted. Since ihen. auto design has just K roivn like Toiisy, with developments added here aiut there as they were tested ami found practical." With belter roads and increasing top jp.-ed, safety should become the most important factor in new design. Tucker said. "Safely is move than steel turret lops and four-wheel brakes," !ie continued. "Quick, positive acceleration .often is just as important ns brakes and steel bodies. In heavy highway traffic, a sudden burst of speed may prevent an accident," Safely Sacrificed The designer stressed that one mistake which has developed over the past, decade i.s "sacrifice m' vision for ,;yfiearance." The public has ben oversold on a high, hollow hood! that many drivers can scarcely see over, he said. "Adequate illumination is important to fun vision," Tucker added. "Fast driving on curved loads shows the need for Headlights that turn with the wheels EO there will be no blind spot? on sharp turns." Tucker described Ills new Torpedo as approximately 1.0,",0 pounds tighter than conventional aiilomo- bilcs of comparable size, "Alth a 150 h.p. opposed airplane-type rr.- Kine. Wheels will bo individually suspender!, and brakes will be hydraulic disk type, he said. •More than 800 'parts used' in conventional automobiles hare b?:-n eliminated from the Tucker car including flic differential, drive shaft housing, clutch anrt transmission. Tucker said pilot models of his new car were approaching completion and soon would be ready fcr load- tests. He hopes to turn out i,coo cars a day • when mass production is under way at his Chicago plant. Stork Almost Visits Old Folks' Home CHICAGO (UP)—The stork almost stopped at an old people's home here. Ncls Pierson and his wife raced into the Home lor tAgcd Jews. "(Jet. my wife to her room," Pierson ordered. - Old folks, seated in the lotbv, began to buzz A clerk explained CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We 15 uy and Sell GOOD USED CARS Hill Chanililin — Chnmblin Railroad & Ash Sts. I'honc 2195 Meet 'Goldie' m-.YTlIEVll.M.; (ARK.) COUIUEH NEWS Arnall Urges Federal Aid For Education ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. M ar tf, — <UI>) — I'Xmnpr Gov. mil., Aniull of Georgia today mlvorulfd ihi« use <>f fwlcrnl niil "If cdiiciillcn Is ;„ bi- iivnitnblc to nil ilic nc-o]>!<! <>[ iiic nation." ••Federal aid dot's not m<>un f«l- cral control." he explained io t|u> al?' 1 (he sailor asked. They lolcf him ih»t the linspnu! ns ;i block away. By that Urno I NIC li-xl had dlsapiH'ured. Sotncoiu. offorcri Ihe expoctiml mother a wheel chair. Her husband wheeled lie. to the huypitRl. Th e sloik walled Ai.soel:ilfon of seliool Administrators. "Thi' money euiild bi' iiilmln- IM.'ii'd HI slu to. loi-ul mid school (Its.rUil levels whh'li are closer to I lie problem mul know nil die nards bettor." j., Amall also .si is; nested wdcqlitnlc •ialail t-sfor teaehcrs. U'l'.iii'e and •icmu; form or rotliTiuciM pay to give llit'Hi 11 I't'elinu o; tjccitHiy. Ainiili poiuuMi nut [hut during IKS lour years as Koviriior of Ooor- Kin Ihe Male advanml from 47lh t:t fourlli pliu'o in the 'nmouiiL of coney expended per miiila for c<lu- Ar( riv Uuoll* Jl) Italy, (lurlll;; (lie lO'dl CCI1- miy. the front ecljirs of books were "•.ilnled In i-iifh manner that '.the eoni))U-te design showed only when a i •omjilele set was pro|)ei'Iy arranged on a bookshelf. Courier News Want. Ads. PAGE NINE , Soinoihing new in bathing suits is "Goldie," worn by J;mis Paige in her forthcoming lilm. Wallflower. "Goldie" is made of fiolti metallic (ace, so lilmy (hat when dropped on the door, it lands with about l/1000th of the. noise or a pin falling on a six- inch-thick rug. that young women aren't allowed. "Isn't this the Woodlawn Hospi- The New A Complete Itoat Line Sec. J S*\ R" f j" . %*r, L. Dealer BarfieJd Farm BlyHievillc, Ark; Fried Chicken - the way }f s prepared in this part of the world - is , ea || y something special, just as "Cup-Tested" ADMIRATION Coffee is truly "some.hing special." That unique ADMIRATION blend with its abundarick of Jelicious flayer, stimulating aromcj^ana 1 satisfying rich- ness has established <^d maintained the same high standees Duality for more than thir / ^V ^ ADMIRATION j s "Cup-Tesled" by lasfe the only way to assure the same constant high quality, package after package. It is the qualify that you buy ... and the per- serially "Cup-Tested" ADMIRATION way assures you that you will always get thdt same superb quality. gives you WORE LESS BONE...LESS KROGEH-CUT PORTERHOUSE STEAK The wiisle [incl lon|; stringy end nrc removed from llic steak before the meal is weighed mid priced. U. S. Government Gi dcl | Ib. KROGER-CUT RIB ROAST The Kl'oijcr-Cul removes the short lih end, the wnste, »iul trims the chine bone before the ronsl is weighed nnd priced. Ib. U.S. Government Giaij ci | jj,. c j KROGER-CUT SIELOIM The fully, stringy cm!, the wnstc nnd llnl loin hone me removed before the. slcnk is weighed nn<l priced I U.S. Government Grru ib. 63c 1 lerc'c proof Kroger-Cut Beef RI'VCS you more meat. The Kroger method of cut- ling beef removes excess IKMIC, waste and stringy ends from steaks and roasts bclorc the meat is weighed anrl .priced. You c;m sec how you get more meat per pound . .-. better value in top-grade heeC at Kroger. filt ADI: ",v Clinch Koast I-'KKSII DAILY Ground liec.f STUHAK O'l.lCAN' Salt Meat I'imi: SaifSftf/c «osi: risn Fillets roit s'i'Kxvs * Ib. Me Mate llccf 1917 I'llKSIl Dltl-SSKI) Ib. !tf)c Fryers KlVlilt Ib. 35(- Carp COD I-'ISIt //;. 45c Fillets II AM) <; Ib. 25c Whiting - CHEESE . 2!)c \Vii«lso)i-Anu'rle:in Diiisy Crcitin ,„ Me ib.isc KROGER EGGS Ib. ;{() (imded, U. K. CirA 'A J; rt Doz. ' :ind Kcalcd UntlOr U S c U. S. Crd'A' ICx. Lge Kroger's Fresh White CLOCK BREAD 2 Large Loaves CANNED FOODS SALE COUNTRY CUIl! Dozen Case Cuns 24 Cans <:OI1NTKY Popular Brands CIGARETTES Carton 70 PJcgs. (>cain 'SCHOOL DAYS Cat , Karly June 2.02 KXTKA STANDARD TOMATOES „ , COUNTRY CMJH PORK & BEANS No. ;]<)() Can I.ibbj-'s, 40-tre. Can Tomato Juice . . 30c ., „ , STOKKLY SUCKI) \an Camp's, No. 2 Can MR%VP>U >kP>HBI«k K.T Kidney Beans 15c GREEN BEANS , Avondalc, No V,'. Can COUNTHY CI,UI! IIIOAKTS Krauh isc GRAPEFRUIT Wagner, No. 2 Can KKOKKK IJMONDKD Apple Sauce 20c JUSCE " ( £; Cioldcn, No. ~i\'. C;lll KKOCKU Peaches 25c ORANGE JUICE '^ Can 6 Cans 37c 73c 1.45 17c 99c f;95 3. 15c 87c 1.72 3. 15c 89c 1J7 3.52 He 81c 1.59 3.15 23c 1.35 2.65 5.25 17c 99c 1.97 3.90 20c 1.17 2.30 . 19c 1.12 2.21 . Princess Pattern TEASPOONS 4 for SOc Mail SOc and tkilcd OIK! lioniHol-Daled Colloo bag. SPOTLIGHT T Ib. Ba 9 - 39c ^ 3 Ib. Bag $1.12 ^"" W;ishiiiKl»n Smoked Salmon 29c Purple hums 25c HtnkHy. No. 300 Can S((lkc|Vt „„„„,,,„ , |a , VCS| Nc) ^ Can Cranberry Sauce . . 29c Apricofrs 30c Avnixliilc, I0!i.o/. Oill llrin/l l7'-.-rm Can Tomato Puree 12c Baked Beasis ....... 23c r.nrscn'.s. tin. Z <':in Mo ,,. s> 3 ,_ n , ,. lr Ve 9- All 18c AppSe Juice 25c GRAPEFRUIT SWEET YAMS Kn)Re ; i ?;S Wush - Texas Seedless Juicy 10 1,1). iMt'iill Hi].; HATP^ DCHCI-L Sweot |£V UH I CO K (),. on,, !>kf ,. 13 TOMATOES 1>crfccl 'i:;,;; 1 ,;,,"" 1 U!llc 2.5 C 19 13 To|> crirp I CC ), C ,. BI |,),. ' J '°I» Qui'lity Kanc.v, Miisliird OC and Turnip. 2 IJnnclics *>W POTATOES Onion Plants No. 'i Washed lied Triumphs 50 '-"-.r 1 T" inn "'"""'""' ....... '• < Cert. lied Tlhimilh for .Snpr] "^V Hunch ICO ,.„„„„, I'. H. No. 1 Washed Keels Select 1A »W in< IV „, T 1 ONION SETS Smil || Ycll)w G/vc — So Your Red Cross Can Carry On! Buy fresh, juke-pdcVed Kroger Oranges and order your O dicMonary today. This modern handy edition contains rawest words m common use with correct pronurcioHon and more than 2000 Illustrations.Easy-lo-rcod typcand alphabetical edge-index moke it o convenient -quick reference for school, home or office. OHIO RESIDENIS ACD It fOS SMES TAX COUf>On ffGITI tf* -/fo. X Mesh Bag

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