The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 6
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PACE. SHE Hospital Expert Reports to laney More Units Needed But Building in New Locations Advocated RCCK, Art.. March G. (U.P.)—Further cx[J3nv.on of either unit or Hie Slate Hospital foi 1 Nervous Diseases has been opposed in n report submitted to (he Joint Senate-House Hospital investigating Committee. The report was by Dv. Samuel W. Hamilton, U. S. Public Health Service nient-U hygiene advisor, following a study of the institutions at the request ol Gov. Ben Laney. Dr. Hnriillton's repn.-i Enid that further building at the Bonton unit—except for a reception building for patients and nn infirmary for (lie physically 111—shoul.l bo halted. He also sav no need for further expansion of the Littlei Reel: unit. The doctor's reason for restricting construction \\-ns the prc.spnt size of the two units. The report said: "The larger a hospital prows the ( niare iin|X>^Siblc it becomes for the head of the institution to knojv even a .little a'oout individual patients; 3,500 pailsnts is a figure above which no oue should desire to go." Dr. Hamilton also discouraged i .expansion flt BeiU<m because, of j available water. He sine! the nddi-j tion of patients unii employees: would make the threat of a water shortage very serious. The doctor advise 1 tho setting up, of a separate colony for mentally defective pel sons in order that they may be kept away from mentally' ill persons. He nlso suggested a. studv of the: possibility of ."boarding out" patients who arc nble to leave the hospital but who have no home ] or cannot readjust themselves 10' theh\ family. Other- • suggestions include: A maxiniuih'bf '2,500 palU'nts at each unit, with a desired maximum of 1,600; -better cnro of tubercular patients; and more personnel in all divisions of' the'hospital. BI.YTHEVII,LE (AUK.) COURIER RicKard Opens the Church Door 9-45 •"--. MO* WBJP& ir.oo OPEN w noon RICHARD- Middleton, N. Y., folk can't gel away from tlint song's famous Hicnard even if lliey Oca into church, liev. Illcliard HillinKsley recently posted the lillc of (lie ear-bending dilly as tho theme of Jus forthcoming sermon. The 28-year-old pastor, an ex-Army chaplain, frequently cliooscs names of popular songs as pegs for his sermons. Socialite Backs Down on Plan To Toss Tomatoes at Musician Snowbound London faces Fbocf Shortage ~ i LONDON, March B. (UP)—Food sleeks dwindled steadily in snowbound London today nnd milk distributors announced delivery reductions ranging up to 5o per cent. D_5iry spokesmen said milk supplies' were not being received Ivom outlying .farms. United 1 Dairies, one of the city's two major; distributors, jaid'a SO p=i- cent'cut in deliveries would become effective tomorrow. Express dairies announced a "sharp cut.''. Virtually all of London's '10,000.. 000 -residents would be effected by the "delivery reductions,- A spokes- man'faid there were no plans for supplying milk only to those who needed it. "That would be too difficult at short^notice," he said. Observers predicted a hard freeze for tonight. Rail and road 1 traffic still was snarled by snowdrifts. Coal' deliveries were hampered. ' Communications were uncertain. Conditions were critical throughout Southern England. More than three inches of rain fell in Devon during the past 43 hours. Floods reportedly were sweeping over the country. At Lambcroft, in Lincolnshire, condition were descried as "really desperate." Norfolk was re- parted snowbound. All roads to Norwich were blocked. WV KICIIATUJ C. GLASS (United Press Stall' Correspondent} MIAMI. Fla., March 0. (UP) — Pianist Jose Iturbi escajwd a prom- rised ve(jcla"oie barrage at last night's concert after socialite Mrs. Harmon Spencer Augustc. armcci with a bag of juicy tomatoes n:'.t| a change of heart. Mrs. Augustc. wife of a New York banker, was all set for Iho tossing act In revenge for Itauvbi's "breach of etiquette" in slimming a dinner cngaement for wliicii she was to have b^cn a guest. But at the last minute Mrs. Auju.-te •backed down. Itni'bi, dressed in midnight blue tails and gleaming while shirt front, went through a two-piano concert with his sisler unaware that Mrs. Augustc had relented. The temperamental Lntin virtuoso stepped warily onto the stage r.nrt seated himself at the piano not knowing when or from which section of the huge concert hall the barrage would come. Mrs. Auguste had bought the tomatoes and practiced her windup. •*Lct her throw If it gives her pleasure." Ilurbi had said. Just before concert time Mrs. Augustc. who was voted oue of the nation's best dressed women in 1945, decided not to attend the concert. IturbS .didn't know thai flic was some miles away dlnlhf «1lli her husband and" a few friends. •Mrs. Auguste had vowed that she would wait until ail the good tomatoes were sold and then buy ip the foggiest to shower on the Itinbis. She canceled her act. however, so n s not to embarrass the University ol Miami, sponsors of Hie concert. Mrs. Auguste had accused the Itiubis of breaking a dinner vn- jagement. She said they wen- "vm- foroivable rnrfe to some vciy fine people. Dinner guests were to have included Mayor Herb Frlnk, movie i' Crowing More than 5000 words have been added to (he newest dictionary of medical terms, which contains 1573,pages, as a result of the progress of science in the last few years. Read Courier News Want Ads. PIN-WORMS New Treatment Gets Real Results Don'L let your cMM SHfTcr Iho torment of I' in -Worms I Today, truinka tn a special. mnlicnUy ixcogniz«l Jruc, Ji lilghly effective treatment tiaa been niadc JiossiUe. So watch for Hie warning ettins, CBPS>- cially the pmharraaslnj; r«lnl Itch. Get JAYNE'S p-W ri^ht away and follow the directions. These small, caay-tu-takc talileta were ilcvcloped oflcr ycnni of patient re- Fcnrch in tho InboralDrlcs of Dr. D. Jjiync A Son (o act in o E^ccial way to rtmuvc Pin-Worms. It's cosy to remember : P-W forPin-WornvH I FOR SALE Used Tractors & Equipment 3—Ford Tractors and Equipment ;T—A John Deere 1—B John Deere with Cultivator 1—H Farmall and Equipment 1—Case Tractor 2—F-20 Farmalls 7—Combines •< - Other Equipment: Slice as International Disc Breakers Tandem Disc Harrows 1—Cultipacker •_ 1 —Martin Ditcher Terms Can Re Arranged on any of this equipment RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY ; Highway 61 South Phone 2171 comedian Walte Ja- star Mickey Rooney, Jackie Miles and Mrs. ccbs, the hostess. Itmbi said that he had never met Mrs. Auguste. Like the Iturbis. Mrs. Augiiste was registered at the swank Honey >Pla?V in Miami Beach. She had called at the Iturbi'.s suite to lake them to dinner. "The secretary came out and told me they had decided not to go," Mrs. Augusle said. "There were reasons which T won't go Into here. Then Itiubl's sister came out like a wild \voman and we had some argument—r m nn extremist ud t go the whole way." 'Mrs. Augustc took the "Do Not Disturb" sign oif the door and told the secretary that she "ought to put it on Mr. Iturbi." Btorming from Itii:4>l's barred hotel door Mrs. Augustc had promised to fling the tomatoes. Fire Destroys Big Drug Store In Memphis • i ' »' ;; '•-• . - • . •- - V'—- •' r. Atiiii- i;ui:ftift, uuiuy 01 i —A foui;-.ilarn, fire .vlrcn 'destroy-' partially-dressed i-.isnwl ed one. or Memphis' laiKest druj vators. KEY FIGURE Continued from Page 1. government to end a slrllw JnM M; ly . Orders Curne I'roin Trimmi On direct orders from the White House, 11 it- Justice Department went Into federal district court here on the eve of die November strike for a i-ullnu on Lewis' iU;ht to void [Us contract with the liovr-rnmont, The Government said Its contract with HIP UMW was lor the duration of federal operation of tl'ie mini's. It contended that Lewis could not legally terminate tile agreement. Lewis insisted he had every right to end the contract after tiervlii" proper notice under a provision he said was curried over from the'old agreement with the mine owners Ix!K'ls wanted flip contract modi- fled to provide for a shorter work week without any reduction in pay But the government said this ami other contract demands were mailers the UMW would have to taice up with the operators when the mines were returned to private management It suggested a formula to- rcMoring the mines to (he operators' Lewis rejected 11, however, mid let his strike rail stand. Federal Judge T. Alan Ooldsborough, ;l l the Justice Department's request, Issued an order directing Lewis to preserve the "status quo" until the court had time to rule on the contract termination. Lewis ignored the order and the miners walked out Nov. 18. Golds- Takes Scout Post and the UMW borough cited Lewis for contempt. The strike went on while Lewis and the union stood trial In jammed court room oh the contempt charges Lewis Breaks Silence Lewis remained silcnl until the conclusion of the trial. Then lie rose and. exploiting his flair for Jovian oratory, delivered a thunderous denunciation of "Bovernmeut'bv Injunction." But Ooldsborough was unmoved. stores In the heart of the downtown section before daylight today cause an estimated 3325,000 flame. Pinnies broke out in Ihc basement of the five-story Walgreen Drug Store and spiincl rapidly through tho structure. All off- duty firemen were called in [ o fight the blaze when it threatened to spread to other buildings. It was brought under control within three hours after the first alarm wn. 1 ; turned in. Drug store officials believed stock and furniture valued at $225,000. i-.-ou!:'. be a total loss. Damage to the building was estimated at $1CO,(W Frightened guests at the Pen- body Hotel, filled with visions of recent hotel holocausts, streamed inlo the lobby today when fire destroyed the drug sto;u building ' opiiosilc/'Uicm. As smoRe filled the lobby of the largest, hostelry, officials' <}. O. Stivers will serve this year ax Scoutmaster of Troop 32' o: M.'.niln. He was elected by officials id Manila Lions club, sponsors ot the lloy Scouts of ManlU. Mr. Stivers, who serve;! four jcais in the Navy during the le- t-r-iH war is Veteran's Vocational Agriculture Instructor at Manila High School. Assistant Scoutmasters will be Kddlc Ashabranner and L. K. Holt. Bull Mcllenry, assocUted with Ki'uullng in this section for several years, will serve as Troop Corn- mill cc chairman with M. u Downing, w. E. Dallarrl, T. Walls and Jack Tipton as other committee members. Hi- fined Lewis $10,000 and the UMW $3,500,000. Til ice days later on Dec. 7, tho Supreme Court agreed to hear the (U'fendanl's appeal without waiting far it to go through the court af appeals. Lewis abruptly called oft the strike - -until March 31. He said he called off the walkout—on the government's terms—because he telt the Supreme (Jourl should be "free from nubile pressure superinduced by thi: hysteria and frenzy of an economic crLsis" while considering the case. I.'.'wis did nolNtppcar In the courtroom on Jan. 14 when the case wns argued before the nine Supreme Court justices for two hours. Attorney General Tom c. Clark SUKSHINE ,v , . *JHJjr " nn BVAli 1 IU.>H.-ll y, I>1 I ICIit IS , i >M<?«1",, Mnv,cli.0 v (DP), said, guests, many of Ihem only.? to Under New M Henry's Market, formerly owned and operated by Ozzie Henry, has been sold to A. R. Wetenkamp arfd R. W. "Bufch" Becker. There will be no change in store policy ... we will be happy to serve all present customers of Henry's Market and welcome new faces to our New Store. R. W. 'BUTCH' BECKER, Manager "Butch" Becker has been in the grocery business for a great many years, he knows what you want and how to serve you best. So, the next tyre you need good things to eat ... let "Butch" help you select the best from our ample stock. "*" • • --i We specialize in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Frozen Foods and Name Brands in canned goods. You can be sure, too, that what you buy from us will be reasonably priced! Striving Always to Give You • Better Food * Better Service BECKER' Formerly Henry's Mkl. North 6th Street Phone 2003 nmle one of his rare nijpcarancc:i before Uie Irlbuiiu). Jle asscrlvij that the Kovi'nuiient in rcsortUit' to the courts wus exorcising Us sov-J erelKn iwwors to prevent "a national disaster." Clark salU that "America's ability to dnilnisier its own laws" was cm trial. Lowis and the mine workers rested Ilielr case chiefly on the federal anti-Injunction laws. They snij Dial the Norrifi-J,HGu:iriUa Act, limiting the use' of Injunctions in la- tor disputes, barred the federal government as wcJl ns private employers from using injunctions to break strikes. They also argued that the constitutional rights of free s|)sccii and freedom from Involuntary servitude were Involved. Oiien 6:30 p.m.; Show Starts 7 p.m. Last Time Today "THREE STRANGERS" with Sidney Greenstrcet, Gcmltliue Fitzgerald. I'cler I.iir N'ews of the Day Shorts Friday and Saturday "Oregon Trail" with Sunset Giirsnn iimJ iVg-pv S(u;irt Scriiil: "Sun of the Giianlsinun" -^, Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. L:ist Time Today 'Bringing Up Father' with Joe Yule and Itenic Itiano Paramount News and fimicdv Friday and Saturday "TEXAS KID" with .Icilniny Mack Brown Cartoon and Isl Chapter "Federal Operator !)!)" New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Matinee Salurday & Sunday Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Bat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Bliowlm Last Time Today "DARK MIRROR" with OKvia Drlhivilaiul, Lew Ayrc Also Short Subjects Friday "STARS OVER TEXAS' with Krtilic Dean Selected Sliorfs CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost) So Little" WEEKDAY* Box Office Opens 8:45 p.m. Shaw aUrU 7:M p.m. Last Time Today "Experiment Perilous" with Ceorse Brrnl. lledy T.amarr "IMuntnin KiiU-r" Cha|it. (i Also Shorts Friday and Salurday "Rough Ridina Justice" with Charles Starrcit and nub Taylor as "Cannonball" Serial "ni.iek Arrow" Chapter 7 Also Cartoon ' THURSDAY, MAIJCH G, 7<M7 •I IK)/KN SIXK KI> TRIUMPH Head 15 •xi/i* i Jtii/nu xi EflTSHG POTATOES,„„,, 1 i GAUJ)HN FRESH W GREEN ONIONS ;)60 SIZE £ Hunches Dozen MAKE THE WASH GO .. EASIER! r.arge FRESH TITO LARfiE FIEAD 3 Hundley ^'' BLUE TAG CERTIFIED k" 111 SEED POTATOES,™, .'oumls .... Pint with ilia fragrance Men Lovo 2 For 25c SWEET MIX !2 Ounces 1890 FRENC§i DRESSING \\ GALLON CAN : 3S C S Oz Itotlle W/ Ifi'/; I'HOTEIN f o *>'„ /a > fi'^ .»&* fa* SO LONC-IASJINC! SO GINIROUS! G«f f*e ffew B.'S 2 For 29e TSIG KGG CI.OX CRYSTAL WHITE SKINLESS 100 IJjs Size ... Oc Free! Bar UO 1 Can Octagon Qe 45' 2 For 21 c SUCED BA00N rmmd * 55 C PUKE COUtVTRV . PORK SAUSAGE,,,™, 49 SMOKED PICNIC HAMS ,„„„,, 45 IFLAVORSHG p,, r& .* s ,,, 29 25 POUND BAG OYSTER SHELLS 43 NO. 2 CAN GRANGE JUICE 2lol I7 C •110 SHEETS CLEANSING TISSUE 39 LITTLE SUPER MARKET AIR BASE CITY SUPER MARKET 109 E. Main Phone 2668 J "

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