The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1951
Page 10
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.' PAGE TEN BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COTTRTEB VTEW9 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, WW. 9* /J What to Get Dad for Christmas?— Here's Some Hints for Sportsmen This column it dedicated to the character who probably enjoys the raletlde season less than anyone else, the bringer-home-of-lhe-bacon, th« payer of the bills, the mnn of the house. .This column is Intended to be clipped out and placed in a conspicuous place about (he house, on the bathroom mirror, maybe, or on the hall table, as a subtle hint to the missus who on Dec. 24 probably will remember the guy she married several years months or weeks ago and dash out madly to purchase the isual handkerchief or necktie. This column is designed especially for you dad» who enjoy « little outdoor fun once in awhile but who lor monetary or other reasons might be a little hesitant, to nay what you would really like to find under your Christmas tree. For the Hunter* For outdoor men who like to elalk wild game, ducks, geese, deer, quail, etc., certain pieces of hunt- Ing equipment make Ideal Bills. The most practical of these is a good hunting coat—one with plenty of pockets that is water repellent and has a blood-prool game pouch. Bui remember, when buying H limiting cont buy one a half or full size too large so that the wenrer can put on plenty of warm clothes under it. Warm clothing 1s a must to every hunter so woolens are always welcome. Heavy wool shirts and socks are always a necessity as is woolen vnderwear because they provide comfort for the mnn In the field or In a damp duck blind. Hip boots are good gifts for the hunter. They, too, ore necessities lo the killers of ducks and quail. And boots, like hunting coals, should be bought B little large to allow room for a couple of pair of heavy socks. But there are several Hems a wo man should never attempt to buy for her hunter-husband. Let him pick out his own gun, for Instance because in the field a hunter's gun Is his chief companion so naturally he's fussy about It. The shoulder drop must be Just right and only the hunter knows whether he likes • n automatic, pump or double bar- Washington U. Pushes Near Top as College Cage Power NIOW YORK (AP) — Tlic University oC Washington Huskies, Pacific Coast Confer- once champions, have a golden opportunity to become the No. 1 college basketball team in the nation. The chances of ualiilng the lop fr rel. Another that extra barrel for a'gim he already nwns. The size o: the bore may not menu a thing t< you. but to it hunter It means everything. For the Fisherman Tf the man about the house Is n ftshlug enthusiast, there are a nimi ber of practical gilts lie should en Joy. There are big roomy tack! boxes, catch boxes, the thermos Jug »nd * fisherman never «ems t have enough tackle. Maybe he needs a naw reel fo that casting rod, some rubber wad «r« H he's a stream fisherman, o » Jointed fishing pole. Or, If th Irtver plans to apend a little mor than u&ual. fl Rood sturdy outboard motor is most generally always welcome. All of Items can be purchased at, any sporting fioods store and any of them should bring a broad smile Irom the fisherman. But Ihner are restrictions here loo. Let. (he fisherman buy his own casting or /!y rod, for a rod is lo a fisherman what a gun Is to a hunter. It's his constant companion and only he knows the right (eel, And, loo, a fisherman's uniform generally Is a pair of latlercd. paint splattered trousers and n shirt, from which Ihc sleeves have been torn. So special fishing clothing intent e Just a waste of money. And. do- :t buy him a fishing hnt for if (he .cart of the house doesn't already ,ave a special tilling hat, chances re he doesn't v;ant one. But the most pratclUl gift of ,11, be the husband a hunter or a ishorman or both. Is a gift certifi- nte Irom some sporting goods store. Vith this he can pick out what he wants and If something goes wrong, Is him, not you. Basketball or Football F:icis Tliere aren't many special gifts or men whose ( only interest in the outdoors Is watching nn athletic contest. There are some, though. A n or box scat ticket to tlic lome town teams' games of next year or some comfortable clothing .hat he can wear to football, basketball or baseball games. II he's a football fan, how about :he whole family chipping in and giving him a trip to a bowl game. The Sugar Howl at New Orleans, the Orange Bowl at Mlnm! or the Tangerine Bowl at Orlando. It will give him a few days to himself, a few days rest from the hustle and bustle at the office, shop or store. There are agencies that promote such trips with transportation housing nnd meala already arranged for. But' regardless of whether the king of the roost is a hunter, fisherman or Just K fan of athletics, he's still the guy that does the providing at your house. So why not give him a break this Christmas by giving him something he really wants, something that will help soothe the pain of the post-holiday bills. rung In the Associated Press poll depends on what they do ngainst Minnesota at Minneapolis tomorrow and Saturday. Currently ranked No. 8, the Huskies opened their midwest invasion last night by bowling over 4th- rankcd St, Louis 5B-53. It was Washington's sixth straight victory after a senson-openlug 62-61 defeat by Utah, a setback the Huskies avenged the next night 60-44. If the Huskies whip Minnesota, conquerors of No. 2 Kentucky, the PCC outfit would be certain to gain prestige. Bljf Fellows Lead Way Two big fellows, uob Houbregs find Doug McClnry, made the difference for the Huskies against St. Louis. They .scored 31 points between them a.s well as controlling the backboards. St. 1/niis led 24-21 at the half hut the Huskies moved ahead midway of the second half at 30-38. Unbeaten Pennsylvania, touted a.s the team to watch in the Ivy League likewise opened a midwest tour by edging Pitt 05-52 al Pittsburgh with a rally in the last three minutes. Pcnn plays tonight at Michigan and Saturday ill Notre Dame. Oklahoma A, and M.. beaten Tuesday night by Southern California, turned the tables on the Trojans by winning 58-47 in the first half of a doubleheader at TuLsa. in the second game Tulsa whipped Missouri CO-53. TCU Wins In a twin bill at Dallas, Texas Christian beat Texas Tech 68-48, and Southern Methodist- took Nebraska fil-55 as SMU's Derrell Murphy flipped in 21 points. Scton Hall, ranked 10th, hud an easy time against Baldwin-Wallace 83-57 while Western Kentucky No. 16, experienced more di r 'iculty in beating Xavier of Ohio D2-82. Navy knocked Princeton out of the unbeaten Ranks 54-45, and Florida humbled Tennessee 58-47. O'Connor Leaves Kentucky After Fix Probe Bogs Down FUANKPORT, Ky. (/Pj—Aislstant district attorney Vincent O'Connor, enrout* to New York today, predicted the names of other Kentucky players involved in basketball fixes will com* to light. ferred brielly yesterday with Gov. His fiix day Investigation up against a blank wall, O'Connor con- fast and West P/cryers Visit Shrine Hospital SAN FRANCISCO. iVPj—Gridiron great-s of 1951, participants in the annual East-West pame Dec. 29. took a training break yesterday to visit the Shrine hospital for crippled children. To the tiny tikes, equipped with braces, casts, and bandages, this was the big day of the year. It was a bigger day for the players who contribute their talents to game that nets the hospital more than {100,000 annually. The girl patients memorized college yell.for the coaches. "Two-four-six-eight — who do we appreciate?" Eastern Mentors Tuss McLaugh- cy of Dartmouth and Clarence "Biggie" Mvmn of Michigan Stale gulped as their names were added to the cheer. Equally impressed with the yell were West Coaches Jess Neely of Rice; Bud Wilkinson, Oklahoma and Henry Red Sanders, UCLA. Columbia staved off a late Fordham rally Lo win 47-46, nnd Army opened season with a GG-50 thumping of Ithacn. Tech Nips State 52-50 To take Lead in AIC By TUB 'ASSOCIATED PRESS Just »wo wetka ago Conch Sam Hindsman complained that it was going to bt "» long, cold winter" for his Arkansas Tech basketball team. Th€ Wonder Boys, he moaned, couldn't possibly defend Ihclr "Arkansai Intercollegiate Conference championship successful])'. But look who's on top of the pack now with four league, wins and no losses—the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys, no less. Furthermore, two of Tech's first four AIC victims ure the teams the coaches said would light It out for the championship this season—Arkansas State and Arkansas State Teachers. The Wonder Boys whipped the powerful State Indians 52-50 at their own game, a pressing defense, Wednesday night. Tech's sparkplug wns a 5-1 freshman guard, Donovan Horn ol St. Joe, a Fancy Dan who •scored 15 points, was a baffling play-maker and brilliant on defense Seventh hi Row The Wonder Beys, with sevci wins in a row lor the season, wil on the Tech court and Stale away from home. No further conference competition is scheduled until Jan. 5. Some of the loop members have interstate scraps during the holidays, however. Tech will participate in the Enid. Okla., invitational tournament Dec. 27-29. The Wonde: Boys lost to Regis in the meet's finals last year. A.1C Conference standings: Browns, Rams Drill Secretly Pro Teams to Clash Sunday for Crown LOS ANGELES (fV)— Two strangely contrasting football teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Uams of Los Angeles, planned secert drills today in preparation for the display they'll put on Sunday In Memorial Coliseum for the championship ol the National League. The Browns missed out on their initial .outdoor workout yesterday in CAtlfonrna when their uniforms and eniripment were delayed en route from 'Ohio. Cofich Paul Brown, a master 51 rn teg is L, pro f ess e d to be sorely disappointed at the loss of the practice session. Ardent Rani supporters wished they could share Brown's concern, jut privately they moaned that perhaps the day would give the invading and favored Clevelandcrs a chance lo rest up. In either event both squads hoped to get in a full workout today another time kip for the biggest game of the year in pro football Sooners to Play Iowa Tonight IOWA CITY la. (AP)—The Oklahoma Sooners ngain have their work cut out for them, tonight when they tangle with Iowa, a basketball power In the Big Ten Confer- Lawrence Wctherby before departing, Afterwards, he said: »'• M I want to state most emphatje- ally that our departure does not mean we are dropping—or even considering dropping—our Investigation of Kentucky players we definitely know are involved in the fixes." Nowhere in his remarks did O'Connor indicate whether the players Involved are present or fol 1 mer members of the Wildcat squad. At Lexington, President H. L. Donovan hastened to assure the public the university has not played and shall not play any ,boy "about whom we have any ground for believing . . . has participated In any 'fix'." Thanks O'Connor 111 a prepared statement, Dr. Donovan expressed thanks to O'Connor and his staff for their help and co-operation in "our effort to clear up the scandal In which the University of Kentucky players have been Implicated." Praising Wetherby and the University for its aid. O'Connor said Ilicy wanted to help bring to "Justice a number of vicious fixers" in addition to those who have been tidictcd for "corrupting" three for- ncr Wildcats—Alex Qroza, Dale 3arnstable and Ralph Beard. All ihrec have admitted accepting bribes to regulate the point spread 11 basketball games. O'Connor said his attempts to remove clouds of suspicion from innocent players were thwarted by the refusal of others to talk. ichool runs through the middle of F 212th Armory where the American Base-' the affes of 10 and players. At left, ence. Their first encounter with a Big Ten team this season was disastrous. Illinois, defending champion In the Conference and one of the nation's lop teams, blasted the Sooners, 60-51. It was their third loss In four starts. -•The veteran lowans, who tost oiil" cnn starter last year, are undefeated. Bell's Arkansas Sportettes — AIC Meeting Saturday May Determine Its Future; New Conference Is Talked By CAHI. BELL LITTLE ROCK W—Keep your eyes on Saturday's called meeting of the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference. It may very well turn out to be one of the most important sessions In the turbulent leaguoi history. ^T ATC President H. A. Haswcll called the meeting for consideration or the meeting for consideration of the effect Ouachita's new non-subsidized football program will have on the conference as a whole. Seven Horses Die In Saratoga Fire SARATOGA SPRINGS. N. Y. (iP) —Seven harness racing horses died In their stalls last night In a fire that swept a barn near the Saratoga Raceway. Fire Chief J. P. HIckey said the loss would exceed sso.OIK). He eald only one horse — Senator Dan. a 2-year-old trotter — wias Insured. No horses were saved. The blaze apparently started In a room stable hands used as living quarters, probably from an oil stove, Hickey paid. Ted Kluszewski Edges Hodges As NL's Best First Baseman TEAM Ark. Tech Southern Scale Oiiactilla Ark. A. & M. . Teachers Hcndrix Ark. State . .. Ozarks have lo meet both Teachers and i Henderson State agiiin this season, Teachers V - Ark. College Little Rock . W 4 1 I 1 . 2 . 2 1 0 0 . 0 . 0 Pel 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .66 .66 .500 .000 .000 .000 .000 NEW YORK. </P;—Who is the bet- i First base—Ted Kluszewski, Cinter fielding first baseman? Gil [ cinnati .907. Hodges or Brooklsii or Ted Kluszewski of Cincinnati. Accord- Oklahoma Aggies And Tulsa Win ruLSA Okto. (AP> — The iba brothers" ba>kt-lb:ii1 tciuns had too much for the visitors hist night as the Oklsilvima ApEue.s deL'eaird \ Southern California. 58-17, iitul Tul- • i knocked oft Missouri, G0-fi3. i For Hank Ib;V; : Aggies it cvcimi ' the score with the Trojuus, *Ou> i | h&ndod A. and M its Ilvsl !»«•> of i I the season Tue;-dav night at Still- i \itcr. 4C-44. 1 , Thrr,n?hout the first luilf it an- i pr;ired to be- a repent j>orforniamv. • "otithein Cul pulling to a 25 -23 1 liMftime lead. I But in the second half. A stepped up attack, lert by Forward Johnson who hit '23 points*, qi re'TL'.-cd the FitiiiUjoii. aivinii 5-1 s^Mm's record. In ihr- .^cffjiid '.rs'ine Tiihn. c (1 l>y Clnrent'c tba, took com in t!ir M?COJS<L prrind ;uid a 1 alf v as on lop. 30-15. D;in HAMMER HURV.ER—Mbertt, Peyjctno. 44-year-old bicycle salesman, demonstrates the form svbich won the Boltvarian hammer throw finals at tiu Caiacas. Veticxnela, "Little Olympics. 1 ' He wan with a toss oJ 43.71 motcis (143 feet, t ,*«ven uithcs). (NEA). |01d Law Lingers On Rank by Birth NEW DELHI. India (API—Under an old, taw still lingering on the statute bfXiks in nio^t o[ Indiana, 17.000 members of so-called "criminal. , ,.,.,.._ tribute*" have been wt opart from | . . Q- society because o! accident of birth. r . tn ,r.' Ct ,i^. 1 , They must report to the police station daily or weoUy, as specified by local officials, and in some instances live in government settlements under permanent observation. So far Ma drat and Bombay Stales have repealed the Criminal Trttxs Act, which the British regime in College Basketball Ily TJIB ASSOCIATED PRESS Columbia 47 Fordham 46 Army (i(3 Ithaca 50 Villanova 97 Mt. St. Mary's G4 Pcnn 55 Pitt 52 Navy 54 Princeton 45 Maryland 51 Washington and Lee 13 Florida 58 Tenncscc 47 Western Kentucky 91 Xavlc Ohio 82 60 Missouri 53 Oklahoma A. and M. SB Southern t/.vhlornia 47 Washington 58 St. Louis 53 western Michigan 73 Loyola Chi- ..r^'i fiG overtime Minkato (iB Kinuom Kas 66 VY.i'hburn 73 Peru Neb l>2 W.\<-t\m«tou St. Louis G7 CciUcn- ..iy 51 Noi tlieastern Okla 62 Eastern New MOMCO 54 tit Benedicts Kas 54 Nebraska Wtsleym 42 LMsl Central Okla 71 Bethel Ka.s I'hlUips Univ 6fi Hastings 59 Kmithcrn Methodist 61 Nebraska yt Texas Christian 68 Texas Tech 48 North Texas 57 Southeastern .-Uknmav Tcth 52 Arkansas State il Ari/onii State Flngsiatt SB New Mi'Xlco Sfi SI. Marys Call! 77 Texas West- cm « \Vkliila 74 San Diego Slate S9 Utah state 13 S a u Francisco ^ri.ue 53 Prepare Tor a surprise. ng lo National League fielding av- rnge.s, Khis/^ewski, the big, Uim- ering Reds' strong boy wa.s the op defensive first sacker in the oop. K!u5zev.'ski, had a fielding percentage of .997, five points bet- cr than Hodges' .992. They .say figures never lie, but a lot of farts would be willing to wager that the averages are all wet. Kluszewski never was renowned for his dexterity with glove while Hodges is considered fancy dan around the bag. The Hodges rooters can point out that although KUiszewski made more putouts and committed only five errors to Gil's 12, the Dodger star topped Ted in Resists. 1^6 to 88 and purticipaled in 56 more double Here is the best fielding team according to official figures lea.scd yesterday: Second base — Jackie Robinson Brooklyn .992. Third — Billy Johnson, St Louis .976. Shortstop — Virgil Stallcup. Gin cinnati .969. Right Field — Willard Marshal floston 1.000. Center Fieio, — Lloyd Merriman Cincinnati .937. Left Field — Monte Irvin, Ne York .906. Catcher — Wcs Westrurrt. Ne York .987. Pitcher — Sal Maglle, New Yor 1.000. That in itself will involve a number of questions, such as revision of the previously adopted round-robin schedule and how many games a team will ha ve t o play to be eligible for the conference championship. And it's a good befe that, while the college heads nre sitting down here, the controversial spring grid practice ban will be re-aired. We're just guessing, of course, but it could be that the AIC will be split into two groups — one favoring de-emphasis and the other preferring a status quo. Two Factions If this should happen and who knows what the AIC ever will do? You might find the church-sponsored schools in the de-emphasis group and the state-supported colleges in the other. Ouachita is a Baptist institution, Hendrix, which led the way back to non-subsidized athletic teams several years ago, Is supported by the fethodfst church. Arkansas Col- which dropped football earlier his year, is a Presbyterian school. The ATC's fourth denomination- I member, the College of the Oz- rks, has marie no move for de-em- hasis. But it didn't have to. As Ozarks football coach Frank Koon xplains it "we've never emphasiz- d anyway." The most energetic grid opera- j ion arc carried out presently by Arkansas State, Southern State, Arkansas A. and M., Henderson, Arkansas Tech and Arkansas State unds. They—or, at least, most of hem—appear inclined to want to :eep awarding athletic scholarships ind competing on as big a scale as s within their means. Little Rock Junior College, the conference's only JC, could be on the fence—in a position to go either way. New Loop IHnled Ivan H. Grov*e, the veteran Hendrix Athletic Director and Coach Stanley Robinson of Mississipp College, have been working for somi time on a plan for a new confer which don't subsidise athletes. Grove says Ouachita now Is qualified for membership in the league, If it is organised. Grove says Robinson has suggested that these other schools might be included: Hcndrix and Mississippi College, Oarks, Millsaps, Southwestern of Memphis, Univers- ity of the South at Sewanee, Bethel at McKenzie, Teim., and Washington University of St, Louis. A division along these lines certainly would equalize competition. Ouachita for instance, didn't win a conference game this year. For that matter, this one-time power of Arkansas football didn't win a game of, any kind. Vejor Booked To Meet Bolonos In Welter Match NEW YORK (AP)—Chico Vejar, brilliant Stamford. Conn., welter prospect, was matched today with Enrique Bolanos of Los Angeles in a Jan. 4 Madison Square Garden 10-rounder as a reward for his victory over Carmine Fiore of Brook lyn. Vejar's future—and particularly the Bolanos match—was very much in doubt last night' at St. Nichola Arena when Fiore knocked Chico down for an eight count in the second round of ten. But Chico a 20-year old New York University freshman, got off th( deck to decisively whip the left hooking Fiore. In back pedalling from danger Chieo demonstrated coolness unde fire for the knockdown came earl; in the second. Then Chico lashed out with botl hands, caving in Fiore's middle an slashing both eyes to win goin away. Chinese RheumatismCur It's Easier to Remember OMAHA (AP/—A man appeared at the auto license bureau nnd requested a special number — 144. "Why that particular number?" lie ashed. "Because my name's Gross.' 1 MACLEOD. Alta. <AP) — Aft Jimmy Trowbridge shot a bobca he received a request from a Ch ncse restaurant proprietor for tl animal's bones. The Chinese e, plained he wanted them for an o Chinese prescription for a rheum ence, made up entirely of schools tistn cure. / LEAP FROG—Referee Bruno Ross takes to the air to keep from being bowled over by Charlie Schuchart ot the Jersey) Jolters during a National Roller- Derby contest at New York's Hth Street Armory. (NBA) The Julian Alps are western Yugoslavia. In north- ir Read Courier News Classified Ads. Hurry! Christmas ire Sale! FAMOUS U.S. ROYALS Free Start Tn the 1860s. \va.stcage from wells .uid le:ik;\se irom tanks and barges Oil Creek. Ill Pennsylvania. \vith floating d People —• Stood nlcng tlie bank.s \vith buckets, skimmed the oil o!f the top of the tor. poured ir into barrels and sold it. ihuf getlint n start In the oil business. | India initialed in 1811 to cou'.rol the j commuting crimes nsainst property activities o( "tribes and communl-' ties found to be often engaged In commuting crimps jvsat almost as a profession." Reg. $32.34 800x15 U. S. Hoval Air Hide Tires . . . now re- iltiix'cl mvlil December 21 $22.75 Reg. $29.57 7(10x15 U. S. Air Ride Tires.. .now reduced uitlil December 21... $20.73 Reg. $26.70 GSOxl G U. S. Royal Deluxe reduced until December 24... $21.95 Reg. $21.22 fiOOxlG U. S. Royal Deluxe reduced until December 24 ... $17.95 We have n complete slock of U. S. Royal Tires for both trucks and passenger cars..but hurry for these savings! LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. [ Broadway Dial 4555 ABIN histori c O;iy "Merry Xinas" with a gift as authentically KeiHiickian as the ancient hills where Bourbon first won fame. This year, send and serve sciiuiite CABIN STU.T.. Straight and true from 01' Kaintuck' Distributed by MOON DISTRIBUTING CO. IJtlle Rock, Arkansas STITZEl-WEUER DISTILLERY, LOUISVILLE, KY. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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