The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 3
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' PAGE TEN 'You're Fired Notice Issued by Uncle Sam By JERRY T. , Department, Hie Defense Depart- WASHINGTON Wi — "You'ra mem, the Treasury, Commerce fired" notices began going out to Labor. Interior and Posloffice De- nbout half the 17,000 employes rf parlment.s nnrl scores ol agencies the government's anti-inflation j „,„ non(J waa hjt , d . i O1 , ACK nAy N s , „ today as result of the. lnp stab |ij Mlinn wnci( . s , whose, workers earlvl'ortv'r»<-opered he heavy axe Congress applied to ap- BO-million-rlollar appropriation led burned, broken ho.iies of six mm" proprlRtloi! requests, , somp officials ,„ mn t they would ers killed m n scarinc blast which Economic^r Rosier I, j , erommend junkinp; price-wap, ror-Ved one of this Cape Breton i,.H ta.i h ,,. P yo f!' 1 " mlv " Ii '« controls entirely because they tcl town's larr/osl coal mines 1.200 feet hurt but he would do the best, jt impossible lo work with tha below the surface he can with what we've got," fund. j A seventh victim escaped Im- Thn bailie over extension nt mediate rtealh in last merit's ex- BLYTHEVTLLK (ABK.) COURIER 6 Bodies Found At Mine Scene Hugt Blasr Rocks Cape Breton Coal Area 1,200 Feet Down __ _ 24 RecTpQW's HurtJn Rioting At Nonsan-Yanks Bring Order perhaps 200 acres of scrub oak and brush on a nearby mountainside. Shapely Patrice Wymore iMrs. Erro] Flynni was a Ictchine spec- tator In the shorts In which she had been rehearsing a hot blues smig-and-dance number, THURSDAY. JULY 10> 195, PUSAN, Korea Wi-Twcnty-lour wore hurl ' eno lo rHi,, P-^hniSr m nl \ i dS ""'"''•'.hospiti.ll7i.tion. Onr, was reporter! mn Y?m H f<r karte »"• Nonsanjin snriou, condition. A nH.nnn f , y ' ' A st "> rl Afm v "'mmm.omcnt A plntonn of Ami>nc:m inm-rls snid the /k'litina slai-iwi at Com n-slored or<lor without firm,- n .shot: pound or usms to,,, K as, 0, R Army s About IM prtaoner, were ,vcrt in the rlpmnnstrnlion. Nonsan e ° n '" ol ' lnw<!su " n Som led r,i<l. invo]. »fl"r rnidr r, other prisoners prisoners "E»ve us— awful kit-it lars compared with the 103 million requesleci. A spokesman said .10-day ciismis- control.s was one of thn big fifihts, journed this wneJ;. There was n' ' major effort to wipp nui the af?en-, * cies 01 lo roriure thoir powers (o! impoience. , hut WHS hospltali/ed (n n . He said Conpross and the consumpr—an in the teeth" in nr i.. ,-„ „.,!,:„_ j_, i "i <IH- O£(\Q v;on(rross, wnicn nci-i -""•"' ""'•"• *.«<HIHION wnn [(iirrvriPBrro f*n other m^n wor lenity trot out unhurt, lijf? u'jfh dynamite sal" notices" would surr'" out »"»<"«»«. Congress finally PICKS, snovels anrt hare hands for (0<)av j agreed on a lO-Jiirailh extension nearly six hours Ihroueh tons of Declaring that "our powers lor! and rctaxed S()me c »» l ™ ls - I [^^ °" ri ™ nl '" rrach '"« maintaining the value of the dollar! Putnam ,s»id afirr an «H-day! l'™''"" ( |P; ' P| whpre lhc men hart have been weakened seriously." meeting with his agency heads >c ™ >riipi>efl. Putnam said in a statement: yesterday that they had agreed to . " ,,. " af nc "nrncdiaie molca- "Morc than ever we will need allocate the CO million dollars pro- llo "" r '"£ ri "' se "' he "plosion, the consumers' help in hnlriing Portionalely to the n r 1 g i n a V "^ »'">ve.| ? roiind workings of down prices bv exercising restraint "mounts retiucstcd. i ( "f "'"^-nff'cinlly known as no• b minion No, 2n--are near the h GuarrU moved (pound after two ^j prisoners armed other homernarle " "" 16 sv when nl.out 40 lth cluta m . began attnckinit mil( , s ,„„,„.; anr| r ,„„ '" Sol ' lnw<!su " n i Some 16 prisoners crawe i i , Ihroueri thr) compound fenrp lo RS- Into Ihc cnin- 1 rape lh<? vlolonrV They Immedi croups of iv,r' surrenrt'pd to e lards with c |,,h, W slrte the c "n, pound " b-w-n Thp prisoners -A-e.r ' ou or he' n ' , • injured prisoners Manri. r-umert to h Kor '' ans ^<-ae the U N "1 '«"< announced all Chi- Ws now are held on Chegu off South Knrna. r > I > There Is no evidence that I queM bee has any autnoritj over a hlvi, but she may be the mother ol mil- Irons nl bees. Noble Gill Pontiac K& TO A Arson Hinted as Deadly Fire Sweeps Warner Brothers Lot In purchasing, Prices generally are not down." He sairi despite the drastic ap-l lars, Jhr V.'age Strihiitxation Boarci propriaiion cut he wanled lo make fH? million, the Salary Stabiliza- clear "we are not throwing in the! lion IJonrd $1,800.000. the Kcononi-' c sponge He anrt giving np.' ic StntitllKnllon Apcncy , said economic stnliili/ntion the Railway and Airlinr.s Stnbili^n- is .so vitnt to (he defense prop-ram! tion Rn^rd $83,001) nm] ihr> Office "aU of \\s . . . are determined to,o( Rent 5tnh1!i?,ntion 11 million give our best effort, (o the Job." j Congress also allocated special Congress cut funds for ihc Stnlej funds for rent administration. GOP Plank Dedicates Party To 'Wage Peace and Win It' The hlnsr apparently under thp about th miles CHICAGO Ifi — The Repulihcan tralion would reshulfle convention was asked loriay to Departmeni and other adopt a platform vowing a foreign agencies, replacing |)olic\'-maker^ policy of "enlightened self-inter- ami "the hordes of loafers" with cst" to win peace and free en- a compacl. efficient organization S '"w d , P T'T' , ' " MyS ""= PartV wo " ld """-I We dedicate ourselves to wape ,, B ^ „, „ p " " ' " 5 ' SUIln h " S IOnK " il> '"' fi « 1 »« ^ ronfl l ° viclor >' ov " "" W - 1 " Michnc>] Chorrl,-)^, a ni'ner u-ork- ini! on the level chove the explosion scene, said he and his four companions (pit a hoavitip: bump nn upward movement of Ihe mine flnor caused by tremendous pressure, "II got so hot we got out of there ri^hl away." he said. The mine is owned by the Dominion Steel ami Coal Corp. The explosion was Novn Scotia's second mini" disaster this 8URBANK. Calif. W)_A second disastrous lire in less than ivo' 1 j months rased across rjie Warner' Brothrrs movie lot yesterrlav and 1 I otic oilicer expressed the h^lid that I arson was involved. ( Sliidlo spcke^men roughl'.- estimated dnmage al 4^ to 6 million: dollars. Speclntors who renifmhcrrrl the May 16 blaze had that feclina lllev Kcl at the movies: Tills Is "where we i-a/ne in. The lire swept In a ciant arc throimli 25 siudlo back-lot, acr?s destroj'ine nine streets of scrn»ry I ranging from Norwegian to West! ern. i Slici-HCs Arson Investigalor Ed ; Hatcher .-aid there Is "even indi- cation" the fire could not have started accidentally, and must have been incendiary. He ?aid that he and in invcsti- g.-Jtor tor ihp National Board of Tire Underwriters found the area in which the fire started. Hatcher said there wa-s no material there j that could have started the fire. : The blaze rn?."r[ a storrt'je shpd rontnininij a 30-year collection of i some 2.0(10 acting props — Robin : Hood crossbows, mummy cnfe- ; roulette tables, horsehair sof;is spears, swords. It gutted and collapsed a corrugated iron hangar housing an undetermined number of planes used In movie scenes. Then wind-driven embers leaped a street and burned r \ 1939 CHfVROLfTS As Low As 1946 PICKUPS As Low As 1948 CHEVROLf TS As Low As 1951 POHTIACS Fully equipped, low as the State ' - — ' *- •- -•" lederpl Nl "eteen miners died In February in a blast nt Ihe Magregor Mine, in Ctcllnrlrni, tions Committee ection bv for convenlton s *'" h nlnor Amerlrnn conn- tries woiilri be, strengthened and ll wolllti repurtnlc all "secret un. dorslnndlngs such as those of Yalta which aid Communist enslave-; ™W.." It woi.lri snpport Ihe Uni- u><1 NnUon* ntid "true reeiprncity' wrirlrl trnrie and nffcr fresh hope Fro Perort Takes Rest rtion as baying "no foreign pel- 1 icy." was cleared by both top con-j tenders for the OOP presidential nomination. I It was designed as a comprom- Ise of their views It aereo.i with Gen. Dwight Ei- r ne an n scnhower's stand for world rnllec-] to cn r> llvc Peoples. live security to resist Communist aggression, plus a "positive"- ..... r-ather than a "containment'— program against the Reds. en A 1S °T^ 0i fn^ r"" B ^'t R ^~ BOENOS AIRE!3 *' - M »- E ™ United « i- i h M , I Peron ' allln « wlfe °« Araentlna's United State, must build a strong] p rMidenti is , akinK a C omplctt rest Air Force to defend Itself and dls-i for her health couracre any Coininiinlst Ihnjpt.s. j _____ ........ ___ . __ . _ __ The plank accuses the Demo-! cratic administration ol throwing away peace won In World War n< by swinging "from timid appeasement to reckless bluster." i It says Democrats let the Tron Curtain drop over friendly nations and invited aggression in Korea. (hen fought back "under the most; unfavorable conditions." i J OF GRANTING OF I.IQUOIt PKHMIJ ncpnrtment of Alcoholic, Dcveraso Control has issurd n permit. No. 232 lo lj. T, Campbell lo sell anrt dis- PCIISP vinous or spirituous liquors lor beverace at. retail on Ihe premises dracrluert as: 312 E. Main st, nlylhr.villc. Ark, This permit issued on the 3 day nl July 1052 and expires? on the 3 .Jul} 1 . 1933. Ij. T. Campbell. 7-10-17 For Athlete's Foot A Kcratolytic Is a Must. What Is ? lu-ntnlvllr? An iKcnt thai rteailrn< ihc> lulrrlprt shin.-II Him perls nil. rspmlnc mnrc E erms I ri lit klllinj artinn. (Ip| T-l-1.. a hrralnlvtlr. Jl ^ni (JriJs ^torp. If Mof plr.Tsed IN o.vt IIOt:H. yo'll I0c hark, Tnilar al Kltb? Hrr»s. Drue. "Already tile tragic cost Mover' 110.000 American casualties," it! says, adding: i "The Republican parly offers, in' contrast . . ..policies and actions' based on enlightened sell-interest and animated by courage, -sclf-re-l spect, steadfastness, vision, pur-' r n '- competence and spiritual faith." - i draft says a. GOP atimlnis-! HICKMAN SCHOOL PROPERTY FOR SALE Three acres of school littul ill Hirkniiin. Has 1 tirick .school tt-'illi two hip; rooniF. 1 dwelling with four rooms. Running \vsiifr. Sol<i nnrirr sealed hid. All hids must h(? subrniUvd before .Inly 15, Ifl52. In Arthur Vance, Sect-clary of School Roitnl, Aimorcl, Arkansas. ' (^ REG. 334.95 SPACIOUS HOME FRIEZER—!2.5 CU. FT. Sale savings on this 5GO Ih. capacity freezer, You'll like the counlcr-balanred lids, slurrly chromed handles with Itinihlcr locks and recessed (oe panel. The 2 wire baskels and dividers provide slorage flexibility. Terms. $10 down. $31488 From 44 Here's what you tan WIN Moidtiia TV ssls M" scree* Koovtr Cylinder Vacuum Oesners G. E. Electric Blankels, Daubla Bed Si;e, Dual Ccnlrels Colson Define Bicycles Oormejer Fryiyle 0?ep Fal F fieminjlon 60 Electric Sha/en TOJSI*IS Resistcl Bu:kaiM Mods] Ueslern Hals Ctiicaro Holler Skales ^inl MKdinica Fsrt^>!i(ed Slatiifss Sleel lion Biac6le!s Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. 5th & Walnut Phone 6817 le Contest- 31 Just Complete This 2-line Jingle to Rhyme with True! | "Get a Lift for Life, It's Really True ... | Yes. YOU can win the most fabulous first prize in contest history —an income from not one, but '14 producing Texas oil wells! Or you can win one of 899 other really valuable prizes —just for completing an easy 2-line jingle to rhyme with "true." The winning rhyme may be as simple as, "Get a Lift for Life, it's really true, you'll go for Dr. Pepper, too." You'll get plenty of good ideas for rhymes once you've tried Dr. Pepper's special sparkle. Then send in th« complete 2-line jingle, enclosing a Dr. Peppw bottle cap or facsimile Jnr each word in the entire jingle. Enter as often as you want; get your friends and family to enter, too! OR PEPPER COMPANY WILL PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX ON YOUR 1953 ROYALTY EARNINGS IF YOU WIN FIRST PRIZE, PROVIDED YOU DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF BOTTLE CAPS OR TAC- SIMIIES ENCLOSED WITH YOUR ENTRY, AND 'SEND YOUR ENTRY ON AN OFFI. CI AL ENTRY BLANK. GET ONE AT YOUR DR PEPPER DEALER, OR WRITE DR. PEPPER, BOX 50S6, DALLAS, TEXAS, FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY BLANK. Enter today! It's fun—and a few minutes' thought may win for you a Royalty from •(•< Texas oil wells! _ n- -mm •» ««• •• "•• ^" *^" •"• ^*~ I I 1 1 I I Read Easy Rules and ENTER TODAY! Read How Dr. Pepp»r Pay* 19J5 Fsderal Income Taxes on Fli-it (>rli»| , Pnnt or wrile plainly your two-line rhyme ho? rung Aith "G»| a Lill lor Life, it's really Irue." Uss enlr> ; fjlank. of one side ol a srieel ol paper. Print Of -»ri|« plainly your name and address. All enlries mu« tie original work of (fie contestant and submille<J in his 01 her own name. 2. Ma*! fo Or. Perjper /ingle Contest. P. 0. Box 753 CSii«go 77, Illinois. Enler as many limss as yr,u Ins. bul -Aiifi weft entry, enclose a Dr. Pepp°, holtls cap or facsimile (or e«li word In tne ctntplele llnjtj Us? i sturrj/ mailing fmskon ana *Kn sufficient post-' a;e. CAUTION: Do nol senrj enlries lo Or. fecKr Co. 3. You *ill be eligible to have C:. Pepper p , v V0 |, r Federal Income Tait on Ihe 1952 Royalty sa'rmnis or Ihe you wrile your enlrt-or enlries on an Oiik-u! entr>- blank and double the numrei ol Dr Peeper bottle cans or lar.similes you enclose mlh enOt entry m a ™" ^ t Contest will close July 31. IMZ En postmarked before midoijbi Jyu- 31 by August 15. Only entries -«fili suffwen be judged. 5. tr.lfies judged on |ti« basis of oriiiralitv ness and aptness of Ihoughi by the Company, inrjeoendent contest jud"es- ["??" ""'•J"'"^ tc " >ler ' ls ^d id'eas 4. Any resident ol cwiinsmai d n i M Sla , enter, except employees of Of Pepper ComnTr! D(. Pepp_er bottlers or advertisin, ,S ,Kt" 7. Winners *HI be announced appro.imatety oni monlh after Ihe conlesl closes. »\° m ^,: noliM by ma.l-Complele mnnei hsl sent on re, ™sl i(Z en close self-addressed stamped envelope -tith our ' E*, bU, h a, your 0,. P W e, or i,^ ^^^^^gZ* No other drink p/cfc* you vp like Or. Pepper

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