Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 3
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?;i^er'^x:ih^fJbiiitfTr — your pocket-book and your wash-board. One tries to keep your money—the ' other -wastes -it. • "You d I better consult your pocket- =s ^"' = - book, do your' washing > with Pearline, and .put the wash-bg'aT-d out of the house. There's no room or place for it with Pearline („„"«„„), nor for any of its wearing-out tiresome rubbing. You'll be doing your pocket-book a good turn and help toward making it fatter and sleeker, if you II do all your washing and cleaning with Pearline. aw WAR STA1E NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPOKT, $200.000 J. F. Johnson. President S. W. Ullerj-j/Vlce President. H. J. HeltbJjlhk. Cashier. DIRECTORS. t T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. Loan Buy and sr'l Government bonds money on personal security ana collator- 5s Is'ue special certHlcates of deposits bearing : per cent. Interest when left one ££; 2 pe? cent, par annum.when depos- .......... "Boxes m°Sa Ca ety Deposit Vaults of this j fore Nmvml.iM-. Ooi,,,'* Fi.w.m-l:.l Seiuul bjink for the deposit of deeds, Insurance blea AVliV THE UK ABE l'"KEK SILVER- ITES. A eotv-HiondiMit vouches! for I hi; fob 'i'lie iliscuswlcm of free silver came nn at a boarding house dinner lalil'e a few days ago and among those uiking part were a doctor and am ex-.Tudge. Tho doetor seemed to be Worm ills,' himself iMi i-lie iiiu'stion a;ul asked tiie Judge what was meant by the term 10 to 1 as applied lo gold and hilvcr. Tin- Judge twined uneasily In his chtiliT ami replied "It meau.< 1C. ouiu-es to a pound." lie fol-li'Wed up the remark with Hie svatiMiu-nt ihat lie was not thoroughly posled on the que.s;ion. bill intended tu read sume good work on the subject b-.' , mortBacos and other valluablea, ranted at from 55 to J15 7*>r year. THE Munson Ijpewfiler Is a Good;Machine. Abli?h stnndard of eicellence. Man? users of tbe "Munson" consliler It THE.BEST. You will tlnJ It» valuable, nsslstaut In jour of- llce. Address [or particulars - THEMUNSON;TYPEWRITER co MAXUFACTUBERS. 34O-24* \V«»t Lnko St.. Chlc»s°- Jn - SIX SIX ' Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- MaxinWee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 36th, and August and, pth, i6th, asrd. Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train leaves Vandalia station at 9:50 a m. NONESUCH was suggested by the doc-he's wifi.- ...being a good book while Hie Judge's wife replied "I think I ho term of Hi to 1 as nppl.ii'd 10 gold and silver meat's it t.ikes $111 in .silver 10 pay ?1. debt pay- alilo in gold." DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they CUD reach the diseased portion oC the • There is only .one way to euro deafness nod" that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused-by en inflamed condition of the mucous llninjg ot the Eustachian Tube. AVhcn tbis tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed deafntss Is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and'this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed by cauu'i'h, which Is nothing but an iufliinied condition oC the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars tor any case ot deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75<v A THOUSAND TARANTULAS. A week ago-a female tarantula was fouiJd In a bunch, of bananas received la this city. She was to- lior nest and Ron-sli. tho drujrpi.'S't, (Succeeded hi not only iu c-apmriujr Her, but also the nest, says tho Audersoii Telegram. She was pirt iu a hm^e glass jrrr. The thousands or so eggs Have, been hatched iu the last; week awl the jar is literally teem 1-uK with the'ci-awlhts deaths. They are an Interesting study, but at .the same time dangerous. They arc only about the size of a small pea now, but are growing raipi.dly. Tho mother Is about four inches long. Should au accident -happen by which tho jar would break or the great maw be lllboratcd.thc case inJcbt prove de^dedly, serious. They are deadly poison and' there are enough in the one Jan.- to kill a soot' slued town. MINCfe MEA makes mince pies, fruit cake and pudding possible all the lycar 'round. Alv.-nys fresh, al- Vways iu Season. Always good, vxlj ithat's the reason. Accept no Vt •substitute. Sold everywhere. \\ Srw\ nwrnu uni! JilrcM* lor booklet. "Mr.. I'.'p MEHUF.I.I,.SOri,F. CO., •, . .. .o.'tfc-giving 1 dc- i.i.c-.i'^ tt . : £."~'v£S Rootbecr is sirsijiri'Ia. It contains more sarsr.paii!ia than many of the preparations called by that name. HIRES—the best by any test. A -i'jf.. itaoki!:*) muki-a 5 f»lloim. Sold urerywber*. GHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-• N». O7 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or Central Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 18; Residence, No. 12L L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a share of the public patronage. None but First Olaei Companies Represented. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Maiiakuck.ee, $1, Train leaves Vandalia station every Sunday at 7 a. m. , A -WIFE BEATER WELL DUCKED A-t St. Cr-Oiix, this State, Charles Oleclo, -wlio Oias I-uconsea Ids nclglibors durinK thepnettlwce years by wttippin.fi liLs wit-c. wis tnkou to the creek nljrlit before last anil usnilea Uiroush tho w;uter from baaUc to bauk until life was nlmost est-tnot. . Ho was taken fro-in the house while to the net o£ bon.tin? his wife with a lialtor strap. The. poor vo- raan, wlio is lib delicate ueaHli, Had ro- tnsed ti'me and again to prosecute him. A few yeniw ago she was a beautiful gli-1, the daughter oC well-to-do parents, who seriously objected to Mr. OVedo as a suitor. The yotinc couple eloped ami were married. Association. AGAINST CUTS A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a laxative, and if the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow its use; so that it Is the best family remedy known and every family should have a bottle. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Subscribe for the Journal, 4n centi per month, Insist on bavins just what you call for when you go to buy Hood's Sarsa- parllla, the One Tine Blood Purifier and nerve tonic.. Tli-c Lankly- -stationery and prUit'ms company -have anally come to terms •with *ho Delphi people 'irad the bis concern wtll locate to that city. • . General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The recuii'l. action of the Joint TralKu Association in, em.iiloyi'ng atlur-ueys to proseeute ouisitle lineis wliich-, it Is alleged, are eutting rates, us'a new de- l);i,rnire omi the p:wt of MIC railway managers, and indleakvs that they are in earnest liii eanT-iing on the war againsi. i hie eni:rbig of rates east bmuul. There i^ no la'lk :tliat west bound raieS a-i'e ent.'ilie Irniiik limi" rhL'inselve.s t-oiKfoll- wholly iMs feanire of liliiL-lr busi- :. The i-mplfiyiaig of nlronwyfi is also indiraUvi.' of flu; power o-f (his or- .11 nind (-.lie antliority it exerts. It lH'g:l.n Hsi exlste.nce !>y (.leelili'lng that i.l would exi'Tdiise control over the blisi- <.< botwee.n po.iiuh~ Lii Ihe Central Tr:if- lieAsjiiii.-iiil.ion and Trunk line lurri- l.iitoi- 1'r assumed nmthorlly ovur s iTum aiyl to t.nmlc line tov- mi'ival.1. A rale buTi;;i.U' w:i,- estab- liislied by ;he .'lotot Tnitlii- Awot-lation no rates throngli, from and to. inuik-liiir tem:!,i!;il*. aiv inllilished un- iirihnrijH'd by the gn:!era! iliiinag- ers. Tlii' iruii'ii-liiK' and Joiiid TraMie .\s,wiati..ni no l.Hi^-er exisl a.s assneia- Uuiis, lint are really co'iniuJTieos of the .loiii.l Tnill'ic As^oeiijUii'ii. lixccpt iJi soiiii- of the mimir ili.'uails. rh-ey c-an nnly reeoinm-end ami r.ol act. The .'Into. Trailii: aKioai Cmv* nor, only iippnivi.' the raiiis of llieir own lines, but the •.•.•He af onhslde lines on luisim** bo liuwiiiig 10 the assooiatio-ii uinsl In 1 approved by the m.-i.nagi':rs before the asso- cin,:ion lines .-ire allowed to lake the biisiiiiess, Tl-.is. it. will be seen, is a mild form of Doyeoifct. On several occasions. oui.-ii.-do Vines have been C/Kt-eO/p pOt- personal and all other epenses, o our We wa/rt you to get accustomed to COMING without DRUMMING, assuring you a cordial reception and ECONOMIC PRICES. ened with, bim-olt by association iine,-; and K- is ;;oiie.niUy Ix-licved tlint unless Hie managers get relief throws!)- the c-nu-rft<. i-hi.s mevliod will be employed. When they Ho. the crisis will bo reached. This wW-1 be Hie smi)reinc test of the strong-Hi of I'lw association, • RAILROAD NO'I'ES. James Hariwk-U and wife are at Pern for a visit.' Mr. and Mrs. O. W, Kerns arc visiting at Chicago •\V. CtviV and wife oi Tura- Haute, are visitin-g in the dity. 0. W. Te.nT luus retimined from a vis- k on i.he. Easreru ill'vJsion. . Paiiluuidle Ya,i\l Conductor Graney is at work again after a lay olt of a week. Harvey Needham lias tAken Oliver •\Voi'ley's portion at the Panhandle of- liccs. Oliver AV'oi-ley'wUl return to lUeh- mojid to resume.'work In the ollices there. Trail-nnwsfer Mead«nhuH of the Panhandle, is seriously Ul ait life home in Shor'uUiai. The Vandalia started its ftoit train yesterday oai.thc Lognasport division. It leaves St. Joseph at 9 p. m. S. M. Godding of Chicago, representing tho Claybo.urne Gas Burner company was formerly a Panhandle conductor. The VaiwlalLa has miule .its SniHlay exclusion, train popular by attaching a parlor car runmling lihrough from 'le.ixe Ilaute .to Marmoui:. The four Peamsj-lvivnia lines handled at I-ndiaiMpolfe l;ist week a toLiil ot 4,193 care, 3,158 being loaxled, an Increase over tihe week ending .Tuly 11 of 377 loaded cans. The Vandaliai people ure speudiuig money more liberally on tho Poorla division 'than on any other, it being the .inteniti0a to place Ms track on a par with ittie main, line. Crap* on, fJi.i.t division arc excellent and a large fall traf- fic'is looked for. WILL BE LIVELY, The Game of Ball Between the Traveling Men. ]'t. Wayne '.-'axci liialiK are I'.eiJi-g :P: A., fo-r tlii- liai-'i- ball i by the poll's ream •nexl. Salimlay. r l'i"- Ulidor I'ho ellicl'i'.ni II': lain Abe Minsky. will acy Hind gute reccr..|ii.s v.\' r.og.'Wis p po.i-; team and wi'l follawiivg order: Al-.i- .Min.--ky :i,iwl lii-st k'lsv: Harry Walwinan. ; >''" find base; .Toe Heir. sh-;-l sio)i:. Cli:U-):- Ciin-.i-i. t;ii-rd hase: Jo-liu Heil.gc-'. or; Ed Muli-ler. intc-hei". (ii^rge IHirf;".' een-ter field; CharU-s U,:-cui]iiil, threat-'- n,,ui ; ,T 0 bi W:nrt. left lield. Frank Hib Drawings of AH Kinds Made by week. No dfiubr J.a.ke.ride park be too small to acc'uni.aii'daH' tin' ia. crowd that will aMeiid the ^'a.nio. \vli promises to he Lite ^renl!-~r of let will (sleep on l!i-i' I" 1 !"'!' w' 1 " 1 ' r '- r " : Pan Hudson h;i.- be™ iiuan.imiins-y appO'lnled w.-i.ter can-ie:'. n.in's ne.v uniform with ext.eiiSM 1 '!! bib will be our of the libwlcsniirii >••!""' i-' 11 ' lillf:t of ' lr? wi'.l THE TARIFF FHEKKKKED. Be.n'd Times. (Deni.i: 'I'he de- llcit in the r.rwwivry for tlie ycnr pndod .Tune -SO wa.s in, round .imunbe 1 ', 5 ?25.ono.- 000, hrinsiniK Hw tcitsil di'tii.-irury for rhti l:ist thret! years up t<> $i:<7.r.no.nnn. In a<l(lir.lbu -to this, tho liond- issues dnrinu' the same pwiwl have been $2152.000.000. Add in? Hiterest t.he a^jrrcpue :uuomir« lo falifl enoi-moits «mn of :ir least half a billion i1ofl.la,rs. Tho linowvcior compute.-; •t.kit "bhte represeu'ls newly 9T.3." for evoiy nwrn. woman and child in the eomiW, or a.bont $35.7.", for vim head of cvwy fii-nvily," ami remarks that "pei'- It wouM hn.ve been host to Icviwl the $137.000,000 as .1 t.iriJT tax instead of puWlns off the pa-yauents l>3* -s reprcsoni. a.n iinaebtcilTiess over throe times as liu-jre." Yet .the Pein-ocra-flic paitj" Midorses tr.e presoni obnoxious tariff in lt# plsvlt'orm. THREE BUCKWHEAT CROPS. The report coinos from Roj-al Confer of a' curioiLS natural occurreoco. In 1895 Mr. CarailJart sowed .iifd Ii;u-vc«t- ed a LiTpe crop of Inickwlieat. Without an addiUo.mU sowing a simitar crop was harvested and now lie is surprised -to Ami fi'tliSird crop hi a_hcall.hy courti- 1-.ion piv.inff promtee of mnturhig early in the fall. The C. E. society oC the First Presbyterian church will grlve ;t inwu fute at tho home oC Mr. and Mrs. Glffo, North street, Wednesday eveujug, July 22, for the benefit of Uie Home fl'of the Friendless. The Military baud will fu'ruisJi tho nnisic. Ice creaiu ami cake will be. served. Marvin Leonard of the Wostskle, Is sick. - RAISING MONEY. The rinllamapolis, Lopinsport and Chicago i-al'lway company l.nle &vtnrday uvenln.jr fl'lwl with the recorder a inort- piige for $1,600.000 covering its property, wlifch ' is iwun-ly prespeetive 'T-he object of tho moi-tstase is to raise money to construct the road aud if the coi.np.i.uy 1,3 suoc-wsfnl hi plncin'),' its bonds, as it expects to be, the road will isoou he under construcU'uii. Tho mortgage is made to the CoutlncntoU Tnist Co., of New York. Secretary W. D, Owen will speak Wednesday night io the McKmley club at-Marion. fj^ry^v^*^*^*'^*"^"'^*'^ "^ ~ — purchasing power of tbe flicftel....... Is shown Iii the fact that one can now buy a Lonr Havana Filler Cigar with Cholc* Sumatra Wrapper for Five Cents This Cigar la — —~^*—- ' 8,000,000 sold In Indiana In 1895. The Record of 1896 will b« greater. A. KieferDrug Company, Indianapolis Sole Distributers Spry BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney, u...-k Logansport Valley Cas Co, Nituril and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills pay able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Spacial-Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June,:July, August and September. GRA.ND EXCURSION TO NIAGARA FALLS-BIG FOUR ROUTE. On Wednesday, Julv 22.1, the "Bis Four" will nm another popular excursion to Kiagai-a Falls and return, with side trip to Toronto. Tlie rate lor the round trip f rom Indi« D!l P oIls ta ?10; Lafayette, $12; Tcrre Haute. 11.00; Mattoon, ?12.50; Danville, 111., ?!-; Bloomingtoa, ?13: Peoria, §14; Cairo. ?13; corrcspondii)? rates from Intermediate stations. Toronio only ?1 more than rate to Niagara Falls. A HANDSOME~BOOK FOE A T\VO" CENT STAMP-NEW PUBLICATION BY THE D. & C. LINE. To fchose who contemplate taking a sunrawrr outins, we will mail for 2.-.. postage onr-.iMtistr-.vted jwaiphlet. which contan : ms a. large aumbcr. of aue engravings • of eveiY swunncr resort between Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit ami Picturesque StacldiMic, It 1ms Many artistic -ha.lt-tomes of- jwinls of interest of the Upper Lake region. InXormatioD re- -airdin? botii slwrt awd extended tours, costs of tawnsporfafcion ami hotel fare, etc. ' Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A, Detroit, Mich St. Joseph is a most delightful resort during this extremely torrid weather. Fare for the round trip, ?2.00. Train leaves Vandalia station at 7:00 a, m. every S-nnday. CLamibcrlata's Cough. Remedy cures colds, croup and whooping cough. It Is pleasant, sure and -reliable. For sale by B. F. Kecsling, druggist. Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE Lake Erie & Western R. R. "Natural Gas Route." On Thursday, August Cth, JS96, the Lako Eric & Western R. R. will run thier popular excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo and Xlapara Falls at the following: very low rates, viz: • „ Peoria .................................... »••.£ Bloomlns-ton. .............................. »••» Lafayette ................................. i-» Michigan City ............................. ••£ Indianapolis .............................. «-^ TJl>t:on ' ...... * ..................... o.«» Rate from all stations to Put-in-Bay and return, H.OO. With corresponding reductions from Intel-mediate points. In addition to trc above, the purchasers of ihtse tickets will be given privilege of special excursion side trips to I^wlston- on-tlie Lake, including a steam boat ride on Lake Ontario, lor 23 cents. To Toronto and return by Lake from Lewision, !LOO. Tickets o£ admission to places of special interest at or near Niagara Falls, but outside the reservation. Including toll over the International Bridge to the Canadian side, elevators to the water's edge at •Whirlpool Rapids on the Canadian side, will be offered on tram at a reduction from prices charged after reaching toe •• FallS< DO NOT MISS This opportunity o£ spending: Sunday at the greatest historical spot in the tnltcd States. Excursion will arrive at Niagara Falls S:00 a. m.. Frida>-, AuRust ,, ^K!. Kcturninp. passengers can leave tha. Falls anv day within the limit of their tickets. conJiocilnB with steamer at Buffalo. which leaves there every day at S 30 p. m Pqssencers can hav« stop-over pilvllcKea o^rctifrn trip at Cleveland. Sandusky. Forpmpeivl» C full detailed matlon, call on any a s cnt Lake \VMtM-n K. R.. or address C F DALY General Passenper ARt. c. i . uAt,i, ^ Indianapolis, Ind.

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