The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1951
Page 6
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WatchthatChristmasParty! HCan Be a Real Hazard By SAM DAWS ON NEW YORK. (*>—Watch tha Christmas party I The professiona and moral hazards of the tradition •1 office or factory party have Ion been celebrated' In story and car toon. But this year many buslnes firms »r« stressing, In deep ear nestness, the very real peril to llf and limb. Some time between now an Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Stocks Open High Low 1:31 Mar 4202 4233 4184 423: May 4133 4210 4162 4211 July 4140 4160 4111 41C( Oct 3895 3810 3875 3911 N. 0. Cotton Open High Low 1:30 Mar 4210 4233 4185 4233 May 4V92 4212 4166 4212 July 4140 4163 4116 4162 Oct 3805 3919 3880 3913 Soybeans High Low Close Jan 303W 30H! 302V4 Men 302« 30014 30H4 May 301 298V6 299% July 299U 291V5 297K New York Cotton 1:30 p.m. quotations: A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel . ... Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electjjc. . .. Gen Motors .... Montgomery Ward N Y Central . ... Int Harvester . . J. C. Penney . ... Republic Steel . Radio Socony Vacuum . Btudebaker Standard of N J . Texas Corp Bears ..:... tt s Steel 6ou. Pac . . . 155 3-8 ... 61 1-4 . ,. SO 3-4 ... 51 , . . 70 1-4 ... 103 ... 57 3-4 ... 51 1-4 ... 58 3-8 ... 18 1-2 ... 34 5-8 ... C9 3-4 ... 41 5-8 ... 23 1-2 ... 35 .. 33 7-8 .. 14 3-4 .. 56 1-4 .. 55 1-4 . . 39 7-8 .. 60 1-8 Livestock crncAoo m — UBDA — Hogs JB,OCO; bsrrotvi ..*nd gilts- unevenly 10-2J «n I* lo jrerg inoit - decline" 'on weights 380 Ib 'tat _oier; sows •ttarty; to "as cerlts lower; most •alw choice 170-Z20 ]b .butchers 18.35-18.96; few loads 18.70-18,75; to Shippers; bulk 230-270 Ib 17.25-18.25; numerous loads around 250 Ib averages 17.85-17.75; 2SO-310-lb 16.75- 17.J5; choice »-ws 400 Ib and less >5.1S-1«.2S; occasional lighter w«*gh*« rilghtly more; 400-500 Ib Biostly 14.00-15.3S; load around 650 fc 13.75. '• Cattle 3,500; calves 800; choice prims steers and good to prime fre«rllngs fairly active, fully steady; other grades slaw, weak; heifers fully steady; cows uneven, averaging steady; bulls and vealers fully «t«ady; high-choice and prime s*eers and' yearlings 34.75-3750; two loads high-prime 976-1,146 Ib weights 37.50; two load prime 1 441 Ib steers 35.60; most choice steers and yearlings 33.00-3450- good to low-choice grades 30-00-32.75; commercial to low-good steers 26.00-29. Christmas, the National Safely Council fears that the automobile will kill Us one millionth victim In the United States. And Ihis victim could be some one trying to drive home alter a too hilarious office party. "If You Drink" Business firms, with this millionth man or woman In mind, arc adding thts grim warning to their employes from lop executive lo office boy; "If you drink, don't drive." The office party Is becoming a tradition in many communities. In New York alone It Is estimated that three million persons will lake part In them at a lota! cost of at lenst four and a half million dollars. Warning Ja Issued One leading industrial firm mailed a special warning to the home of each of its employes living' In the New York area. The warning ,ent far beyond just tho office larty. The company urged its workers to "leave your car at home is much as possible" during all ;he holiday parly season. Another company, most of whoso employes drive to the factory. Is policing the company rule against Irinklng at the plant. The company ays It's only at Christmas time t has any IrouWe this way. Firms Are Queried The Association of Casualty and Surety companies — which has jood sound business reasons .,,, u,.,,<..,„ well as humanitarian ones for C d lor 11 'Missing' In Ship Fire Danish Vetiel Burn* in River ASTORIA, Ore. <AP>— The Coas Guard said today eight passenger and three crewmen "possibly ar> mfssinp" from the Danish motor ship Errla burning in the mouth o the Columbia River, The Coast Guard said 23 pas sengers and 80 crew members have been accounted'for. These estimates were based on the belief that 114 persons were aboard the ship when It anchored just Inside the mouth ot the stream to await clearing weather before attempting to cross the bar. Crew members wore unable to say positively how many passen gers were aboard. Lt. Com. V. A. Johiuon, commanding, nt Tongue Point C'aist Guard station, said the 103 wore taken to barracks there and then moved to the Astoria hotel. ranting to cut the traffic loll — lueried some of the nation's Icad- ng Industrial firms on the subject of accident prevention during the lolldays, About 30 per cent of the companies replying said they have a holl- ay highway safety program underlay. About one fourth more of hose replying said they plan to raft a program to warn employes t the hazards that lurk in Yule- Me parties. The questionnaire tressed thai during the three-day Christinas holiday week-end last ear 550 persons were killed In ulomobllc nccldents. Extra Care Un>eil One largo industrial firm Is urg- ig extra care nt Christmas "so hat we may all be present and II In one piece to start the New Business firms were asked by he Los Angeles Police Department adopt the "no alcohol" rule ffice parlies. at The Association of Casualty and urcty companies reports that •hlle most of the companies' reply- ng to Its questionnaire are stress- g safety measures, a sizeable umber are planning no special cps, believing that safety groups nd newspapers are emphasizing he peril sufficiently. .ibyan Independence To Be Proclaimed TRIPOLI. Libya. (iFt— Indepcnu- nce of the United Kingdom of Libya will be proclaimed the day ejore Christmas. The final date was announcad to- ay after being shifted five times. ; was moved up three days from he previous official Independence >ay set for Dec. 27. Ambassador Is Sworn HINGTON CAP)—George C. Mc- Inee, assistant secretary of state or Middle East and African Blairs, was sworn in today as the ew U. s. ambassador to Turkey True wolves fast ave becoming vtlnct In the United Slntes. THOMPSON'S WATCHES For Christmas Giving! Guaranteed Standard Movement, Smartly Styled and Dependable. Large selection of styles for ladies and men. CREDIT JEWELERS { -Z LOCAL CKfVII ton IOCAI Pfopif 8V LQCOt PfOPLl OlfTS 114 W. MAIN 19 95 to29 95 CREDIT IS FREE! Open Nights 'till 9 Until Christmas! Greece Wins UN Security Council Seat, 39 to 16 PARIS </p, — American-backed Greece won a sent on lhi> United Nations Security Council today. beating out White Russin on the 10th ballot. The vote was 30 for Greece anil 16 for White Russia. A two-thirds majority of U. N. members present ami voting In the il Assembly test was icriuir- election. The deadlock was the longest in (he history of U. N. elections. Best Corn Raiser Is Billy Best RALEIGH, N.C. (API— Tlfe new stnte corn-growing champ is 15- year-old Billy Best, of Clyde. N. C. He produced o certified yield of JC3.1S bushels 0:1 {me acre to smash THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS THUESDAT, DECEMBER 13, Illustrated by Walt Scott Handel's (other wanted Kim to be a lawy e , mi fw1)ode hi to meddle with musical instruments. He permitted now ia the house. COP*. 1»51 BY Mfx SERV1C£, WC. But Hie boy found a way of getting a little clavichord taken tip to a room ot the top of their house, where he ployed during ™ "iaht while the family slept. Largely due to pressure from the Duke of $axe-Weijenfe(«, who believed the boy a genius, the father was persuaded to engage a teacher for his son. Senator Seeks Action Barring Solaris from Tax Interference WASHINGTON. M>|—Sen, Mon- oney (D-Okla) said today he will mrotluce in January a hiil lo pro- ilbit any member of Congiew from nUifcrJng In a (ax case pending ictcre the Internal Revenue Bu- cau. Monroney. one of the authors of he Congressional Reorganization Act of 19-16, said his proposed ncasuro also would (!) place tax collection agents AUTO PRIC (Continued from Page 1) Tgs of 1052 models. Proposed Increase If OPS approves the Cnpehart ncr'eases for the four car makers, etail increases by models based on urrent ceilings would range ap- roxlrnately as follows: Ford—from S71 to $114; Mercury .,11 previous" offKlafrecords''.;.!;;; | to^uf "^ """ Linco!ns - s203 TB A r ,?hTch. a » ft pib n grower BiUy win ^*W»*F' -.<"»«*«»> model, receive $200 worth of U. S. defense bonds. He previously had been named 4-H Club corn champion and had >een awarded a free trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. Jonesboro City Council Raises Occupation Tax, Ups Mayor's Salary JONESBORO, Ark. (API — The Jonesboro city council has voted to raise rates on 40 occupational taxes find to mouth Jan. 1. The expense give the mayor a SCO a expense account, effective 'account will bring the mayor's salary to $410 a month. Tho new levy calls for a minimum annual tax of SIO. A minimum fee Isn't In the ordinance now In effect. The new measure also provides for a new taxation rate for stocks. German Engineer Gets Sen tcnc<rgs~ Soviet Spy NUERNBERG. Germany (AP)._ Flerbcrt Schiilz, a German construction engineer, was sentenced to four years in prison here for spying for the Soviet Union. Schulz admitted before n V. s. High Commission Court yesterday that he regularly supplied Soviet intelligence in East Berlin with Information on U. s. Army installations In West Cicrm'any. from $112 to $155; and Commander —5161 to $107. Hudson—from $05 to S142. Kalser-Prazer—from $373 to $117 Henry J. models Kaisers., nnd $402 on FAQ to Teach Use of Food ROME M't FOOD USE -18 The Food and Agriculture Organization decided at its sixth world conference here that it Isn't enough to teach papa how to grow more food. You also have to teach mama how to cook it better. The conference approved an enlarged program of hon'ie economics and nutrition instruction for 1952 and 1953. to be carried out by licltl experts particularly backward countries. This Instruction wi)! cover more than Just how to cook. Cleanliness and health instruction will be Included. The idea: not just to see that the world has food to eat, but that the foot! docs Us full job oi providing nourishmen and leading to better health. under civil Service. (2) require publication of any Intervention by a lawmaker in Reconstruction Finance Corporation loan cases and (3) bar pensions to officials convicted of breach of public trust. Meanwhile, a House Ways and Means subcommittee Investigating Internal Revenue Bureau scandals called In Henry -The Dutchman" Gnmewald to explain his associations with Internal Revenue Bureau officials. Session to Be Closed Although Gruneivald demanded an open hearing, today's session was to lake place behind closed doors. Grunewald. something of a mysterious figures along the fringe of Washington officialdom, has been portrayed as an intimate of Charles Oliphant, recently resigned chiei counsel of the Internal Revenue Bureau. Man Is Found Dead In Milligan Ridge House C. \v. Spcnce, about 80, was found dead in a neighbor's house at Miilj- gan Ridge yesterday afternoon and Coroner E. Af. Holt ruled death was due to senile heart failure and excessive alcoholic indigestion. Mr. Spence had lived alone on the Elmer Bellinger farm for sev- crnl years. Mr. Holt said. According to statements of those i the house with Mr. Spence. he fell from a chair yesterday morning and refused to be helped to a bed. Mr. Holt said. Later in the day, his companions found he was dead. Services will be conducted Jonesboro. Obituary Blytheville Man's Father Dies in Massachusetts Services for John G. Francis, 62. of New Bedford, Mass., father of tmery L. Francis of Blylheville, were to be conducted in New Bedford today. Mr. Francis died suddenly Tuesday night of a cerebral hemorrhage. Emery Francis flew to New Bedford yesterday to attend the funeral. English Bus Driver Charged CHATHAM. Eng WV-The driver of a bus which plowed through a file of inarching Boy Scouts here on Dec. 4, killing or fatally Injuring 24. was accused today of rian- •;erous driving. The driver, John G. Samson, also was charged with "driving without due care and attention." He was ordered to appear for a court hearing on Jan. 7. The Roj'al Marine Cadets, rang»B in age from 10 to 13. were marching to a night boxing show when the bus hit them. Of 52 marchers, only 10 escaped death or injury. Head Courier News Classified Ads. Help FIGHT TB — — M h^ i_j u i—i w* u-r \*j \_f XJ \J \_ Buy Christmas Seals &LLIY OOP SE SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Foilc ! oy Mosquitoes The Panama C:>nnl might he- lone to France today if there we^c no s i! c h things a.s mosnmtoes. These Insects defeated a French attempt lo build the canal in the '"h century. Alley OOP is seclup his first "screaming Jeebyl" You'll see "scrcamJnsr jccbies," 3. sign of jruilty conscience. If you don't finish shopping by Christmas. .WANT 'ADS MHT SELL BUV trc. S.II if ... by usfng classified advertising in the COURIER! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS MAYS offers Delicious, Tender, Finest Qualify EYS-DUCKS-HENS Tender, Lean PICS1CI1AMS . U- S. Graded Chuck BEEF ROAST Southern stvlc, pure pork SAUSAGE Ib. Ib. 380 Sib, 880 SLICED BACON ,,440 Semi-boneless PORK ROAST „ 440 Heil Brand Pure White Cane 10 Lbs. Manhattan COFFEE Vac vi H m -Packed Kegular & Drip Ib. 85* The Gentle Bleach PUREX 2 Quarts Save Now TREND Giant Size 49* No. 2 Can Allen's Cut No. 1 Grade . _, GREEN BEAKS 2 r or 290 YELLOW OTOiS 2 lte 150 Puerto Kican Monarch Pic-L-Joy SWEET PICKLES Pt 280 SWEET POTATOES L 290 Salad Queen Fresh crop Kafmore SALAD DRESSING Qt .450 CRANBERRIES No. 2 cans, full-flavored Stuart's ORANGE JUICE 2 for 190 PECANS 3 lbs 1.00 'It Pays To Shop af Mays'" IGA SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21st. MAYS

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