The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY,.MARCH 0, 19-17 Mclaughlin Aide Indicted Deputy Constable Accused of Menacing Grand J« r y Witness Sl>RfNGS, Ark., Mar. 0. — ')—The Garland Coun'.y oollt- Icni Hmuilt raged on today, niter a .special Brand jury yesterday Indicted newly Constable E-i Spear with menacing and attempting ( o deter a witness. The Indictment, surprise NO. 2 in hil'n Eprinys political circles ' this \Wek. came shortly before 4 p in .yesterday. Tuesday, one hour after Judge Clyde Drown called' the Jury into ,-esslon. Mayor Leo P. Mc- Langhlln formally announced that he W oul ( | not be. a candidate fov an '.'icvcnth term as Hot Springs rnay- CcnstablB Snsni-. long recognised ns an administration sunportcd had served under McLaughlin as a county road overseer and also as n deputy tax assessor He allegedly attempted to induce VVll- 'lam. I,. (Tiny) Brcdwell. a taxleab company operator, to withhold evidence in a matter pending before •-He ( GnrlancJ County Grand . Jury. Although the subject under con- Mderalion by thc jury was not announced, the session wns ca | led iKvsuniab y for a probe O f Ihe McLaughlin administration. As a follow-up of speur' s indictment, county j,,d ge Q Hyr,,,,, Hurst revoked spear's commission, along with aiiolher issued to Ray Jen-sen, collector of delinquent tax- Snl,i judge nurst, "it is ' for the best, interest - of this court that uK:se appointments as deput tables bo revoked." Although no bond had-be ounneiided for Spear by BLYTHEVJI,LE U <AKK. ) COUKIER NEWS Greet Husbands After Long Hop More Liberal Pension Asked For Judges ROCK ' Ark - Malch 6- TRUMAN C»ntlnuc(I from Page I. cause of the weather. Thc President was dressed in a flowing academic black robe with a touch of purple for the law nnd a A ,'. - - ~7" "' i""l'"= ioi" me law nnd a Age and length of service lining of gleaming B0 ld for Baylor ret » mi ' cmonts for circuit and rlian- 1 T " ' Brow ,, last to niyht attornev, vc ----- I ns or crcuit and rlian- The President warned those "who n r™ 'if 5 ' J 6Cs seckl "8 Pe«.whrs woultt wo «'d seek to uiulermlne his pol- " uto I ^ ?T d <mder a bi " ^ seA 6U Jc ?' <tnrlff nd "<M<>»> 'or partlsnn b thc Housc of Reprcscn- '"'vantage and B o back 'to the pe- ycsterd »y- ' corpus c . or P> ls May Pay Subsidy to Dental Pupils LITTLE H.OCK. ate Committed^ ahc stat « March 6. and Sen- ommendcd serve with out-. ._. tntives late The bill would also cut the amount of pension allowed 10 such judges. Introduced by Rep. D'd: Wright of Clark County, the meanurn would allow n judge as years -or fi'>!> lo retire with 15 years service a judge of 70 years to re;;r e with' 10 years service, or a judge of any cgc to retire after serving 20 years. At present, the law re.'tuires thai the judge shall servo at tenst 20 and be 70 years of age, or 24 years regardless of age. J'!od or hlgii tariffs and economic :solation." He said: "Take care! Times have changed. Our position In thc world has changed. The temper of our jiuo- r'c has eli.'iiit'ed. The slogans ,,r K3l> or of 18!)6 are sadly nut of dale. Isolationism, ,,ftcr two world' wars, is :i confession nf mental ami moral bankrutcy." His challenge was directed nt so-ne Republican congressmen who have sharply attacked lower-tariff negotiations countries for projected with Spring The report pointed out that the Provide: cost of. opening dental and veteri-i The I nary schools are prohibitive, and now in Jecommended that the legislature anwoprlato J50.000 annually "or 1917 and 1948 to finance the Plan. Veterans would be selected oil, their scholastic record, ability and 1 upon,, recommcuadtions from prtic- tcmg members, of the profession they desired to enter. Each would receive not more than $1000 annually, with the state paying onlj the difference between the regular tuition of the school and the .sub- n!,Jln" ecessar> for tne student to f° rce - He would be required to sign a no.e for thc amount advanced and then -ae given credit at the rate o! nis annual subsidy payment for each year he practiced in Arkansas. If the veteran failed to practice in the state, he would be obligated to repay the entire amount The committee declined to recommend the establishment of a school, of pharmacy, since, it said n four-year course recently opened at tbe College of the Ozarks at Marksville takes cave of the need. The committee was composed' of Sens. Ernest A. Nicholson of Harrison 'and G. w. Freeman of Ozark-" mi dRcps. Max Hovell of Pulaski County. Clifton G. Wade of Washinton County, and Edwin Cash ot Hot Springs County. Indian Rioting Spreads in Lahore Sector NEW DELyHI. March 6. (UP) — Reports from Lahore said thc "whole city is aflame" today in a renewal of violent rioting between Hindus and Moslems which added ah undetermined number of casualties to the more than 103 of thc previous two days. An officials statement said the situation at Lahore 'brought under control this evening after full day of rioting;. The fighting spread throughout the city. Police, troops, and . some of the , , rioters resorted 16 gunfire, reports from Lahore said. The casualties were mounting, but no estimate of the number killed or wounded was available immediately. The earlier toll had been set at 17 killed rmrt S9 wounded. NOTICE OF SALE Dyess School Board offers for sale ^ilie reciprocal trade act expires next year. Thero has been a movement to amend it even before then. But S5eiiE. Arthur ir. Vandenberg, R'-, Mich., nnd Eugene Millikln R ' . '" ''" <""'•->< — VYU Colo.. worked out with the •admin- m , not « 0 llu '°"Bh the "Tlilrlics ' '- * ' ""••Bin." And he warned that the •- ' 'owurd trade renewed appeal for bipartisan sup- part of foreign economic as we" u political policies. " And it was an advance build-up 10'- the international trade organization conference opening nt Geneva. Switzerland, April 10 Tin. Truman administration has beet a moving force in sponsoring int. conference. The purpose Is to tower trade barriers and set up among nation., a "code of economic c'on- ducf designed to eliminate factors which provoke economic warfare. Favors Lower Tariff Mr. Truman rejected argument*, lhat proposed lower-tariff arrangements would impair freedom of ti-rpvisc, hurt d&mestic industries and harm this country's foreign trade. He said the,opposite would be true. '., •' Ho also pledgcri (hat U. S domestic interests -will be safeguarded in the forthcoming Ciencvn negotiations. Declaring the world economic policies am changing and that iin- othe, turning point in history lias bran reached. Mr. Truman said the decisive factor will be th c type of leadership ihls country gives "We can lea<) the nations lo economic peace or we cnn plunge them inln economic war,!' he said. The President .said there must be no ouestion a<! to our rourse—"We islvation and arrangement which they believe will prevent any tariff- increase legislation this year. Mr. Truman's speech carried a French Leader Dies PARIS, March li. (II.P.) AU- guste Clmnipelfcr A", nines lir't president of the Trench Council of the Republic in tho Fourth Republic, died of a heart attack today. De Ribes was an aqtive figuic. i the French resistance anrt spent two years in f , German prison camp. Lot '-id, 711ock 2, containing 824 acres. This lot has a concrete foundation for a theatre building Two Simplex 32 mm. Projecting Machines, one new screen, one Splice- Rewinding equipment, ajid sound' system arc offered for sale. Bids should be mailed to Office of Superintendent, before Tuesday noon, March 11. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Additional information may be had by writing L. K. Ogdcr, Dyess, Arkansas, or calling 10F2. ' 2i27-3|(J regimcntujfoii in M'jrld trade must be reversed. There must b~ international economic cooperation, 'he said. "In economic, as In Internn'tlonat politics.'(.his is the''way to peace," Mr. Truman added, 'ctiiphnslzlne that pence, freedom and world trade ore inseparable. He repeatedly stressed that re- ciiTOcnl reduction of trade barriers through lower tariffs is a keystone of ihe forthcoming Geneva negotiations. And these negotiations, he said, "must not fall." Mindful of objections raised bj seme Republican members of Conto proposed tariff reductions - - i 1 « ii*i >ii i rutiiiiiuii. 1 !, Mr. Trunian gave assurances that C«pii<lln 0 ™, "st oocjutc il'i liquid. Us in. S'cdicnl, a,o ,,,„,,, diisor,,,, —all ready to begin cj!ir e tht pjm. It also jooiho, „,„ , tn _ lion duo to Iht f ,i a . Uj« 0"V JSdirccted. 10c,30c,60c. IT'S ADViRTIS/NG tf£LPSM£ BRING HOM£ THE BACON! If You Have a JOB-Or Want One— Read Hotv Advertising HELPS YOU! ^HENEVER you think about your And result arc there for everyone to depend o™^?? ""« "Himatcly ^ see. Advertising moans more sales to tern Thar, It i A ™»™» sys- morepeopte. Moroaalc, mean more and inmJr. i , L USlnCSS M - T ° Creat ° bctUa> J° bs for a! l concerned -ir, tl,o Other Ways Advertising Helps You: /. Bringi you better gootfi for less money. •» M0ti«t ihopping mot* pleatanl ami eaiier. , »• H«« given ui Hm worW. highetl Oamlanl of llvlnfl. on thc farms— all along Uic line! Adverfisina * •y-ihMWMOM-oopw - . ,, . 5J • * • , 0 Mont PEOPU • ' Makes your job more secure BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS '• This government, iius?s not iu- j ''ml to rllinliinlo Inrlrts or cs- nbtisli r , w irnrte. imtlicr, It COM- l< nplmra rciliidm? inritfs nnd liliiiilnntliiK rcslHclions nnd nclilov- ii'ul," 01 ' rC>0 U '" lle ' but n fri>l ' r 2. Tariffs win not be cut across (lie '"i'vil. Action W lll be on i» sclcc- IH'P IjilSi.S. To Ask Concessions f In return for concessions this '''"wnrncnt B mms. It will 5 cck nud •wiiim concessions, from . oihcr |Uinirles to biiu-fit our export I. There Is no InU'iHIon to SM""'•<! one urop lo benefit uuotlirr Bioii|>. Negotlntloiis will tje directed ' , bnili foreign nnd domestic, for Iho Iwiieilt of nil. r > No luhn rate will' bo reduced niiiii m, exhaustive study tins been imidi. ami , mt l| nil sides Imvo bw» iK'nnl. (i - All future imreemenla will coniniii so-called "e.scniJo I'lauscs" I ' "mining nils government or any "m, K° vel '» tn "nl ' io niixllly or ui.hiiniw any conecanlnu found 10 Ksult in "sprloiis. injury" to a do- industry. VI r. Tnimuii siild Ihixt thli |>ro- num i s essential to the "whole umie ( ] Nntlons slrticture of coo|>- cml on in econonilc- uml nollllcnl nffnlrs." Econotnlu » E \vcll ns.po- imcni dlifercnces must bo .Settled nt .lie conference tul)le, ho. salil. iliL-re still are tluwo who seem to believe." |,o si\ld,'"lh n t >ve can fniillnc our coopornllon with otli- <•'• cduiicrics lo iiolitical reliUlou-; thiit we need not coo|iorn':e where ccoiiomlc questions lire hi- volved." The president sniu such an »•<• proach "slniply does not make sanfu". PAGE THREE 'isiue" 1 ^! ™^ ( *&"&^&\&«&? „ lslw °' We • I Ant glad to rtoW-.ta«f leaders ^"maif^'if wc «'•<•• "'"""if 1° |" :*>"J Piles' »«Vi?-:::recp^lMd i-uu];u[iie MI IMC one field.and nre *n*t fact, 1 * I ,. '•,;'., » DREIFUS gives yotfi BY FAR THE GRP •> I , ^ STAHIS RUIEVINQ AU 4 COLD MIS«IEJ_| N JUJT 6 SICONOSI PREPARATIONS TAILETS OR IIOUIO QUICK / Our Radio Repairs nre quick and our workmanship finer than nnywhere WE KEPAIll ANY MAKE— ANY MODKI, Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First Id values Of coor« you wan , fo b« convlnc.d v»htn yw buy a predou* diamond that you'v, bought^ \ finest in quality and the (Win volye There'! K «.«*»„,?«,"»" Com drls f on f *«'"'' a «"<^ I greater vpfue in our gor geous diVmbnrfi than \ you've dreamed of. Look over our large stotk. .... - ... and pocket Hit sqvlrigj. OPEN All ACCOUNT Terms Arranged So <a>y lo mat. dl sl ,ifl. d „„,„ >nong>mtnu. Imoll dawn pay. ""I" ... up lo a y»<" 10 poy.j See our beautiful display of International Sterling' a n d Silverplate Holloware and 1847 Rogers Flatware. ,-^ ^ include ^K, \.^ »ra t j[.l lax M\ ' v^> * , ^< DIAMOND SCOTTISH RITE RING $44 *>50 AuA.nrt,. rf.,i ah ,,„,. ,„ •O.nlt«rten «f lU'Cen.Uli.y low 9olJ . . . KI" v»|if, „ ftolhlng dlnjiiqnd. *"*"•••, . ' ' . ; ' DHE.IECS «a!li \VEST- MAIM, I WE GIVE YOU A FIT! If Ypu have a Suit, Coat Suit or Dress that does not fit, Let Us Make it fit You, or Let us make it fit your Sister! Our Better Cleaning With the Hudson Finish In 8 Hours for the Asking f>!je Work Hat Cleaning HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 Wett Main St. ill*, Ark. Phon« 2612

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