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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada • Page 8

Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada • Page 8

Edmonton Journali
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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rDM0NTON JOURNAL SATURDAY, DECEMEER 9, CANDIDATE HAD SUPPORT AT TEMPLE THE 4 8 ATRE MEETIN; a th.rd candidate, so far a the lubwayi. He polaieti out how tvKmon- aian Labor party. I am not etraiiaer, puMi-s wai concrr.ed juit in a very ton fd in the centre ct liie city for I four ear tr you iranner, ai A to tauare him- i nuifct-er atart biocka which and you know my record. I am private rted "thai r. a.s n.ade it I nap rat! ve thai hefora any. fairly acquainted with the prober id to run for ffar the) would t.M-ff could t-a oV.sIbH from tlie raU- tenia bore axd a a large oe! Unm." I tr-uet a uo the way -authorities, it lcame nec-8ary ratepayer would seek to da the beat. MAYOR DUGGAN GAVE RAPID FIRE SPEECH, DEALING WITH hsa and hid that interest in the ciiy'g wrlfare. Make Inquiries T. Murray stated he was amaxJ at the nurcatr of propl who voted for a candidate without ax personal tavrstigatton. lepras not much iroube to isn a few SjuesxioTiS and t-o Vote For audience for taklr. up their t'ma for to aay what trrta could tor aeif inter-at, ir nctning roattf-r, but this man la In te cJosed. He aaM that negotiation, Has Confident FINANCES, GAS QUESTIONfe one inpalKn for a purpose, and te had ld to the drifion that a'ihways ARCHIE RENDALL S. T. Walker, aoutii adermar.ic ootan fniormattOB about a caxdidaie a irresponsible wall that oerir.ot be candidate, aiated hia plau'orm and. rtpuratton, charaottr aud record? How ior.g had ha ieen here What in addition, expressed bi confidence wr required at lfiiat street, N'amayo avenue and "hyt avenue. He further stated that it had been sacertMr.ed that the city eou'd float a debenture 1 sue for at fix per Of-ct ar.d with the money contributed by the do- gul'Stantiated. ar.d the part la that It re-appears every day in toth newspapers. I offers lo the boa rd of irade prp'dent. when csr.oidatea wpre present, to 'ay before the 1 1 Sketched Means Taken to Re-Esta'sh Credit; Muni the preaent admtntrauon, saying that did his Xiigbbora think of him? Was he consideed it aound and buslaesa- honest? Hod he any ability ia t.s 1 owa aJTairrT I SCHOOL TRUSTEE CANDIDATES dent th aource of evtry aub-i minion government and the railway at-rifd to my if the other companies bring about an would do the pawe. It 1 of acme threa quartera of a mJ'iitjn. Ir undT $1,0 arid the object of wu ur-Vr estimated that the ct.a.-ga this can pa. Is to displace people the city's share wou'd tot emota.t to FOR ALDERMAN The Independent Candidate for the good of th Community and the building up of our City Cood Fesu)ta Aldern'Jts V- T. Richards, another south tide candidate, pok of work of the paist two yea re, and the ad-i-ancement that had been made aa the result of the policy inaugurated by Uie council when it cam Into office. Old Resident SC. F. Oroat sekfrd for eupport as one Deaervlng Men C. W. eaid if tiere wer any deaerving men In the country tii-y the caes, and I very Inatanc whi. it wu poas.tjis more than waa now being paid for protection of croetnga Oas Question A'derman Elatchford. alludirg to the gas ouearlon, saJd that he core dered counril did wrong in not accepting the Kincaid Smith offer. Colonel Smith offered to let the matter go to the of the oldest reaidenta in the city, and who had fXprf-asfd of to the or nips -Pn, from feO doing, and it has ulAM.a..jy arciess-ful too lnurh Dept. btore Government "Are the atortfl to rui the or not?" said Alderman Pratt. He triat hd fhm he wsa in the pht In ordr to that he corrdcred those who had 1 for the men to perform the school board work they ahouitt be giv-n preference. You cannot afford to take a 'Any other decision would be Ufiworixy cjpal Campaign M-etintj Drew Big Crowd to the Temple Theatre Contrary to expctnt'on 1he municipal campaign meetinjr at the theatre i t. -Jay a not vry lively. True, to bui.dirc was crowrfr-d ni a ft(-r-a'f-J to f'-ilow the refh- made with 1 uul thry dd not was fio nr'td fire of qupf if in I at thj pfwakfra and (); jrnera) aepmed to bo tr-at n.fc datf- h'imjSJ be aJJ trald mora or la the nam as a Ms a pp: nl -writ. KvidT.Tiy tha a'ldU-nc was fairlv w.J up. po far as to one or other was 'nerh'1 pni umir thf rlrr umMn ra tha meeting gave fjrtJ-ier evid-nre to I he it. niture of the jfue of the f-lion. Mayor gave a fire 8M'ti wi'h frsa nty'i finances and ir jorj. ani at the he waa asVd on or two questions. iS J. aid the mayor abo-iM'e'y no rran'iiile to with inn question and nftn hud jfrovi-d that he Mas nothing hut Ine re a Jve the gaff company- J. A. Clark that Jurtfttn and MCor-petj were tf.g-lher. and In support of his all KitMor. that th were 1 Tnat the puhiir ahould ao into th- i.f the Ufrma furt of Aiherla In tde ea of Morse vi, th Ktugon "oi-l-rii'a and Vunn. thlg d.J;.r a n-mpjiny of h-h JftgKJtn waa rrr-a gfr nd M' jr-idnt. AM. kz on is mftt rar tnd Jivir.fc'ntf;rf l-ew gfteutjon to what he nuuA Jaige fc-nount of rn'-ney ing ap ly liuyx. lo Tura re-f A.; tftlrt the au')ienr with his remarks. W. I' was r-hgn as chance make lure of your vote i of Canadian and a School Books 3 Hi ka of tr.fc -v. I i and to pay $18,000, the arrears owing on Monday. Dr. sta'-td the platform of by trje eid company. He proceed crown ud with Edmonton should take the Labor party in regard the school merchants' ergnnizH told round! per cent of th- mrr harts, aave iu point Qtn reapeci iw g'S board, thla lr.rl,dtnr th. fr ai'B in ii. i i maoasemeiiu achool bwks. rate, Kdmonton was in a very iver- a hie poHion to other cities. At Ho promised to do hl befit at all times Urantford and iHeraoil torn rate i or tM'reiJL OI swwna ana Woodstock. 80 cents: Himlu i "Woodstock, 80 cents: Economy Piatform Mrs. Binhop tpoka of having akea for elect ion previously on th econosny platform, every effort had been th rnnf s'orf. wr In favor of the Vi td-weday ail the jar, br.d p-r crnt of the clerks re to the proposal. Why i thf-n, thy r.ot have the half-hoii-j day Jtt'Cfcuse the d'-partmrfit stores ol'l td. In Minority Mrg. p.oas said tiiat -It fell to her iot SO centa; Aylmer and Wt. Catharines, 7S rente; Oil ard Niagara FaJla. 70 cents: Hldgeway, rent; Windsor. hfi centa. A-'derman HSatchford aiao prorrdjng. Alderman I'ratt aid that he had entrred the fight deliberately in oidr to oi'i''ft the rnayor. He ac to bo Is a very sma-H minority on the I made to carry It cut on tGe board, but ga question In voting agalnat ne the jimjt had alrao5tbeen reached. aifreement. Fha did ao becauna cae Fair to Labor lid not think that the company would 1. T. Barclay deatt with, the activi-ije up to it, tamitu they had failed tie of the Itbrary board, of which be before. he Rked the bargf saej to was chairman, and tne fart that ha had the bylaw for th widening of jalweys insisted upon them being fair Norwood ilulevard. Jabor, and that this ahouid bo ob- MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Advance Poll NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that an Advance Poll will be taktn in tha Council Chamber, Civic Block, en Friday, Dec 8th, from 1 till 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec 9th, from 1 tfll 9 p.m. or thou pereona entitled to vote en the Election of Mayor. Aldermen and School Truateea, alao tha plabiacite on Proportiona' Repreeentation and Money By'awe, who by reaeon of their buai-naae will be out of the City during the whole time of the Election en Monday, December 11th. CHA8. ED. K. COX, Returning Officer. If Mayoral Candidates cused the of OJt to ttie pas omf'Hf). The company waa at lis lnt Kap and the ac-tinn was ahout to bo hard. when council, led by the mayor, gave a new leaao of Hfe. Aldrmnn Traft waa sked if it waa true whTj the msvor id that he did was refivng a person. The rep'y i ir.g V0 per month, that he tnen s'd that if he paid 175 to the app'i-Irant le piying the $85, I I'iiu he bi payii.g $10 anj way In i fa The rnd'd-jt uld thst the atory Juggisd Qu eat Ion "The Canadian Lbor party," aaid H. J. Fallot, by the principle served by contractors He alao upofca of his long experience in educational matters. Advocates Aiexander pointed out what the cly had loat by not. having the gas, in'uding tht, ou whih wt-nt to aj.d tie Ford "cling plaut. Your franchise is a responsibility as well as a privilege Vote Mondaj. No Preference '-J. T. J. Oclhsson said 1 urg4 In thla curnpai-rn thA.t undue preference ha bevn gtv-en to owners of vacant land. The faJlacloue cry yeomaji aervlee in many pnt elertions. V'e were urged to "get" the large lar d- of a weekly hVf-holiday and denounce been Juggled by tiie city council. Lower Taxes port for Professor Alexander, saying that from his own experience on th? board he knew that he waa a Me. Med Jn the ciiy 17 yeara; riot know wlio went to the provincial sfid jt'ar!" ha! hen etnp'" b(Hje ftr tne atoendmrnt, ftf.d his r. aa an employer wa He replied that he intent not have fa 'f-'- i knoft n. T'erfooally, he was to'd that CUrke's 6ummary it waa O'Connor. alao that A. Kendall asked for upport on ground of supporting lower taaation member. made an appeal for better co Rest Good Acf-ompllheg we mafrttin thi :n.iI'My of e-d't." iMid Mayor ran-a it ffi to (he t-itjar those in some rajwi they ri Awfiftfd a Jong aa tn i i-1 tti'iLMi thia tiin mayor alt mttna taltffi to re-f-atablh 'he rr-d't, and the taneiV.e now be fff ths In b--n (Piti "i thi not pretnil to have ben In f-i wo y-arp without m-iKing nua-ak-g" Sfiid the mayor "I would i.m b--ii hnJi hil I rnt d'ne an, but w. cliii ui thut rrme rvu fnfj ha ai-' orTiiifciifcd dufing tiie lawt 'irw T' wai sk-d who gae the operation all round in endeavoring to A. ri.Tko Mid "it n.ote clear r' othr, haa rtuw l-r .1. ii'iiH the dieifatloit that went to owner, especlaliy the ifudsoa'a Itay. serve the bent l.iteresta of the city. Definite Ideas BUSBY DWELLING BURNS TO GROUND FINAL CIVIC MEETINGS riocedure for campaign meetings tonight, issued by the city clerk; A. Rtlmmei to op-n meeting at Mc- has Ir.lo. MvfritPtnna In my h'1- la th. tame fcoud fallow and i tn Mr. P. IKkrran. stated wvifit sna considered her claims for eupport W. H. ALEXANDB The atinH pris iaj in a merry rrtooa h'oati-r and p'-if-! (r-rKh man. on and off t(, plufform dial I was gl.d that In, el though a woman- she hs Cauley ahool. Speakers candidates beginning A-IC This group to proceed to Alex. Taylor achooL. J. A. Clarke to open meeting gt Ale. Taylor school. Speakers: candidates beginnnltf t-W. This group to proceed to McCauley aehooL Candidate for Re-electio Edmonton Public School Board Say- Flfteen New Roomi to be ope next year. Thla meana at lr wtien the time mmn for A. Stimmel to cp-f(k and he was r'ven a rr of "I'm here to fijrht to the end," firtld A. StltnmH, "If I can't get Jn this yenr, I wt'l next. I've never held office be for. or hsd taken part in a political fight until the taut two years. I don't have people to stand at the door and hand out papers like the undr-tnkor done tmilghf. He caya that has your Interest at heart. Yes, he hm, at th wind up stld that MvlnKston waa a iteritleinan, hut eotild not a-ft eert-d herause the flpht ns between ClHk. IhiKfran snd hlm-etf and was oat to c-'enn wp the other two. fBy Journal Correspond Tit) BrsBT. Dec f. The ym. pathy of the entire community g-oea out to Mr. and Mm. A. William anij family tn the loo of thair home by fire on Monday night. About p.m. at Mra. WtMlima and children were about to retire fire faa noticed upataira and hefore help could txrive their fm dwllln and all the eontenta vere were burned to the) (round. aoclaJfon December iraa enjoyed by a large crmi The program waa aa followa: Piano oio. Mra. Lld-dell; recitation. Mra. A. Leuti; recitation. Lwt Leutir eolo. Mita Lizzie McDonald; recitation. Mlsa Antfe Mon in I to he at the of the. rarnrailrn. He waa sore ard tightly aore, at the msvor for two folirmen In to hi atorr )nn riejk nd rtitrtner, he-Ih-vlnif, aa von and I agi- with t.ln), thla i. a tmt a lo treat a npufflhle ritlert of hm tar.dira. hut eo for aa thla neid'-rit S'vii-u him a hit tm to the inayomlly, i hat la rmi oration. Thai ia a rit-ri f'ir liis wnri ipr to show t'y the tnnMir on thla and othtr miit-ter, m.d tn ail lfitrnt and purpose tkam. Ks-a Merman I'ratt ar.Htnii.fea hlmif ttml h. op-j POR ELECTION INFORMATION When seeking Information on ejection matters call tbo city clerk an Phones 3 and S977. Thirty Thouaand Dollar over We did not "get" the Hudon'a Pay becauee that rornpar.y uaed Js proflta from other Jinea of erdeavor to pay Its tas, but we did "get" the strnnH land owner to the eitent of over 41,000 lots. In trying to penalise the Hud-son's Usy, we confiacated the property of our own citirena. If these lots were now owned by private Individuals and paying on an average of only ten dollars per lot, and In all probsWIKy ths average, would be rnurh higher, our mill rat would reduced by aeyn rnltla. A'derman follissoti If he was In favor of Chinamen employed at the Koyal Ateiandra hospital. In the preaent state of the labor market. The alderman answered that council did not conarol th Royal Alex, hospital. That was dot! a by the hospital hoard. The council paid the money and the board called tha tune. However, if any time citizen brought a complaint to the city council. It ww'd receive attention. Ne atrswffflr am ap-oaaiing si Pice Sheppard, 'aji a nember of Siiaj ana- above our present $1,950 Other thlnga will have to Free text-book and aupp would mean another ir definite Ideas, and is ready to do her bet for the community. New Blood K. O. Sutherland asked the electors to put In an entirely new council, ao that the old one should not rigve the opportunity of nU-Fing the gas company for another four or five veers. Na Foorbalt P. K. Knott epoke of the attaeks made upon the appointed boards by arm a of the candidates and also of I own services upon tha jibrary board an the hospital board, and contended thnt the hoapltala eppeHally should not be made a political football. Fsvsr Commiaaioner J. W. Flndiay spoka of the auppo-t which the I-ahor party gave to Com-mUsfonvr Torsth ard aaid that thy fead ben strongly in Tavor of this form of city admtnttratton whan Commissioner nouljiorf'waa engaged. If he had bo-n retained they believed tha city wHt.d bgv bean in far differed con diuoa trom what it waa In ncy Citlrsns' Papraaantstlva Hyde appealt or support as of the average cltlien, the men who hsd hi noma and family Lucerne, B.C. Mr. and Mr Oscar Ja cobaon re- Thouaand. I cannot support and don't think you should. returned laat Monday evening from month's sojou rn at the coast. Aldermanic Candidates Education ia In 1 Some very necessary changes have been made in and around the yards thla pat week. a tori(y authority to iro to (, pitvini anfl seU to have tJ mfrdiiiril bffnte She ii-jtuitiirp He a if r-d that thi -city jtMimey no a oort to thf provincial hou-f 1 jtficiattire frVrrrd the rnaJfrr in li.f.iivi) Kdmonton rtMtnhrs, and i a Marine the a mndmrnt jiwwy.y to the liouw 4 yet.ii akid (juration whh was vrrv jfrrllir to I lift one previously put the tr. aa in why had In ken uti'h the lU-'ht of goi(ig to the uv Mt 4 fur ta eniftridintit, and ta-a a ay fnm th pc pie the fitht vH. Utuit thS. atrremptit. Tt- mm)p that he did not yo to th n-irttnrt. pi sit. He was ake4 UY A rfteM'PtHv of the rovrnmnt a in hi pttvntm oiiiiia on the rtiMer, 4 fiid not htfllutu to hlin -)0 Ef, ttii an id hr trrtilTw of the au-IU-nc 7" Uroanl- tt wa you. I would take tt as a a-ffeit conitl! nt:" a- the nmyor, "If 1 tiouirhf thai the fnvrTmnt woufd takr -t ii'ir at my wmd Th matter waa rte- MiM'i the five Kdmniiton mnihrs" a'lfl-d (hat did not know who w.ot to the pioviiiflu! hoiipa. He was ji-i Ofas at the lima. Mr thrown le i-t0 opinion ard ave It. Pepu'sr stepreMfitstion Vd MCtpppn aall iliat the tnsvor rtht io hs' a ptlvatat p1r.ton to 1. with tl tn- Tha toboggan sllds is doing a rush roe; duet, Mra. C. McConaghy and Mra. N. Hepner: reading. Mra. Uddell; baarlpe. Mr. MeOloy; tang, Busby'a male Quartette Short apeechea were alao riven by Mr. Walton. Rev. Mr. Graham, Mr. Wllllama, Mr. Elliott and I Dr. Walton. Dellcloua refreahmemta were aerved by the Udlea, wbioh I brought the aoclal to a eloee. Arrantementa are being made for a Chrlatmaa tree for the Buaby 8anday I achcol to be held in the hall.eomej evening near Chrlatmaa. monton It 1 paid for aim wholly by Direct Taxation. If vote for men who are prepared make Taxation become confls. Hon you are no real friend education. -Thl 1 my campaign rpeech. Subways Not Dope -Alderman Adair said thflt. mtbwaya hid been referred to "election ip." by one If it was how ws Jf t)iat hd sttcb wonderful raUway fa''ilttle an4 Calgary an almost perfeet system el ing business these days and moon-light ntehts. Six seconds only ar re quired to make the trrp from the top of the ridge a crows Lucerne lake, go far only a few minor accidents hxve Juit 20,403 on Totorg i list make every rota count, 1 resulted. the ticket riml. -i hv nivaeif two yra.t ago, t.etiae 1 1 rot hit? me. f)i having an nj.portnni'y at th. Norwood aclKM'l to tell whv. he recited on.v incidents. If thry mlrhi. dVnifird hy surh whi. lj had happened alnra that --v1')f ip y-irther. 1 heapnf'Hia tn hia vvayiMe-mritf aip-port rta US ewndlda to defeat lurke If that hta'otrlact and amhiMnn end norudy vote for Mm '-a'rting ha who wiflh to Clarke la to hoped that he de not come at the foot of the poll In the mayoralty rare. in my mind tha other two rindidaiea are couplei igether Kntl plainif the aame game' mil Kt rnrtut of their money in the Hiiiti way. can dismlr-a Die rlalm i he ndiV'te who goea to puMir meetings in hi aoihiilunrn, to any claim for inh.r aopp'ot hy refrrring to Mi ptnteinetit when waa le( a id m. ii In I iptmhr, I whn he reftMriiMt the par'y, ih'pifd he as ted hy ialwr vote Vain regrets won't help Monday night make lure of your vote. Despite all the verbosity, Imiendo, and spleen Interjected into the campaign, Doggan is Edmonton best choice and latest man for the Mayor'i chair for 1923. Edmonton will need a safe, sane, steady man aa municipal chief for 1923. Never in her history did she need it Fcr MAY! more. the cJCiits Wh'-n rlretM vr attended anvthlng that roult 1 wn a mhdne fr'it the piil.ll.-j aa a dunofriii ie vr Uhor iy fi rmt want ml 3" eenr. i tnfiiiim fi.m that do ontll the elei tlnn "ti to ertip off for Yet when a to, when he Marted to mn a i i- wn follow i i -iivste r.j,,ijifti ad Ignored the it one 'Hp has the rlfht I that," a-liled the (aakt r. hfl i at ive not vt ti'maelf, but i M- Th. people -ar hat reawn." hs went on, -it-d trnup g'ivernnint, sel i tiat tip ha glvt-n I la a. ut.rtoiti!ioir f'preaenta the i tuny, arid hi act h.ti bn ve wMtt ('nmiriljel-MiW Yorath I i i. i -unit Aini .1 I it. Hiv aitmlniat' a'Ptn; a pat tlit ihpy mnt hiM" a r. iji'vt- r-t ita H.t!r r- Vn-Hi If 'l efci- a.mld haa I'? v. t. inciiAuns Two ysarg en City Council, I sohc't your support for another tenu NATURAL GAS TROUBLE SETTLED year the natural gr prorsltlnn ha hung- Ilk an Ineubua on the ehoulrtere of Edmonton- different civic administration and ha been th burbar of eeerr counciL In the campala-n of Iecember. 1920. Mayor PurgaR promised that, 19 elected, he would endeavor to kettle the many matter In dlnpute between th company and the city. For elirht year there been developed field, capable of etipplylnir 25 e0.0K) cable feet of natural Pr dar to thle city; and for eight yer the people of Edmonton have waited for the taa The jettlement made with the franchi owner mean much to Edmonlon at this tiro. The gas rale which haa been flied by the Public Utllitie Board of the Trovlnce at 4 cenU per to domestic consumer, and JO centa per to industrial eUtlihment, la a tentative rate for three yara. and will then be revised by th Commission. Medicine Hat. where raa 1 obtained tn the city limits, la the only with a better gas rate than this. The settlement means th expenditure or over two million dollars of utmde capitai In Edmonton. It means work for hundred of men In 19:1. Surely. Edmonton need that' now. It mean the establishment of a large permanent payroll In connection with the work the company. Natural gas In the home will reduce woman' work twenty. flva er cent. gas will roake posib the of many In- iust-ies for ahich EC monton la the logical location. The settlment involve no obagattoo oa any cltixen to lr.tal ti.e gas. auieea he lshes to do so. At no time In Edmonton's history have needed th of outside more than we do at the present time. Natural gas changed Medicine Hat frum a ranching town of to a manufarturicg city of "lO.OOfl In a few years, and st maiutained a big It will do aa much or more for EIir4ton. r-1 t.lv1nr'"ft Was h- i Mve of r'ven-J A i(i wa oi-t to drfest tha ha'f- 'tf-e ln tiad h'a stront 11. j--s-t tv' hff a)d dd rl t-e a-IV-1 -e. fnit ha Waa i 1 'r f-1 thS Sud'ene h. bad In the fteem.M'a I --n t'tt ha 4 i i- ffiM-'! Im h6t the fle-i st rr' mnft J'rd up to 0 C'n-- I ta1 rireerd t. The 192M922 Administration Has Restored Credit and Confidence CONDITIONS IjNr 1920 Morris Itrothers, of Portland, Orrgnn, Municipal Bond in advertixinir the issue of of Edmonton's Oblifcstion 6 per cent (iold Nntf," dnrinir 1020, featured PxtenMVply lb fact that the" fJol.l Note would he sold nt a diseoun't tn yild THE IUJVP'R nine 01 per rent on hi investment. Edmonton at tli? bottom of the municipal cellar of 19110. COMIWitK THAT CONDITION WITH THIS rmanrial Pont, Torontn, J-ine 2nd. "Reader, Fer-pus. asks this paper "nld you adise tradintt 19-2 or 'ietory Bond for City of K-lnionton bondt" To thiv inquiry t) Finmio si Post answered in it, open rolumns: "You np)felion to Victory at 51 i prr cent and buy of Edmonton bonds to yield per rent is a pood oi e. This city is now back on 3 Mtin i and tiiere i why jts bonds should not prove Don't Split the 'Mayoralty Vote X.t,tH tst-t tfct tore a ftrrd n'x ar y-iiOir for ro rtitt sr c'ftc-cfiV(a of fifr ar. tst tV mtps '4 nothtr it yior mv-A Clar-f- Tt mi'l hf a dt. -n at hwna xt. r'rrtara a Tw II: rr ttnuai ion tttn bu'fl adttiir'-aon ti v'it-ha Ha 4 tr two urvt Msvor tfem. vr ltirr'-ii cin ct ad ir pn g'rn t', in IM 1" MrMv.fl-f f-t of vn-i c.ti7r knew av.3 AN OLD TIMER for ALDERMAN TOM. 'St ltk. II AnlUV- Kt SVKIX who Is rttn- VOTK TO Mrs. Will J.Ross AS ALDi: UMAX FOR 1H2.1 ing for a' Ihta ywir is on the N'ft hi iwn huiueaa men In the I' lie hua as er a arid tn si.tjt i Mji.itoi.i tha ear ffim'n! wt-at to rtioiitort In th ftSl 1 i0g. hjrt eeJig the immrn hi; eg i were Jut -rrittertf fg. he I engaged hi the bmittrr bfiain'-. In t- sprit of a antJ frtoy tent fi.itr bv fvrt feet. Krorn thia t- f'i-n ea-a leeti ri- f. eb'ld-rii a i- (--, a rn fir rir esti wa rtuir t1 r-t In 1 a'ne vH'e! a-d m-1 tlie firm i.r--'-y to ker the fn; Thre a at- it to fti- wa he m'-1 ard ru'd a--! I yA lata'T en rev-e-T'isui hi win'a bv 5 f-vfl Kia fith n. Jr.nut"! 4 Ct it van i at it r''f a-d pi i fn it 4 a a'f vi a th? f' i S'- lie ld t1 h- fy b.i fv nn of Mayor D. M. DUGGAN EESPECTrULLY SOLICITS YOUR VOTE AND ASSISTANCE ON MONDAY WHAT DUGGAN WILL DO CaMfnu ta tpf Hic-H baa mt-iany imp'evM tha City's fnnca) DM'tion. PI -duca pai4 tu- ta ta fwt fmii, ca nt tt aoicy cty'a i and aaaata, CoM tu tHa program ktvid ng prt fee ltts fa-f'tc'Tat'on ani tmuiemtnt aco La Da-Sv-twnt ta a-ncaouaya ma 4 ua a o0 -mant Mi thus vacant C-ty xsrwmriy rfvmut rcduCJtfl. capafc maaja- rt CtT't pub-tc th-rnat ft GOOD RECORD OF THE 1 921-22 ADMINISTRATION City Administration on a sound butices Edmonton' Bond wiling at good price, and i demand. City i financial credit restored, and confidence I the city'i fntore re-estabbabed. -Tax rate in 1920 45 mill; reduced in lp to 3990 mills, and in 1S22 to 39.79 mills. Assessment reduced from T79.657,763 in 5S5 in 1922. I Taxes demanded reduced from $t541S0fc 1920. U1S3C2 in 1821, and further reduced ti3.324.D33 ia i a iton 9 'i tNa for e- aea rst return MaoraUr cont en Morula Np Is the Clark of n. i te- baa Utit I i.f 't teat tn-i sU'eJ aih and d.vr in we- Vie a number ft te lat'd of Tin.if aTid aeveil ote lnt a'd Is! a wrwiant -f the litiy It. 1 a. Ven bttervst i tl a grwitnl v-f bta ind has ime mii. i h'a vaua'-le tMue to that the rhl'drwn have rwry fa for er.loynient a piost ii-'iv-f wtier on t1' No wmvj 1 taktrg keen irt.eea in tv' beaut ing cf thg of with ether Nor- wood mn be gave t-y of Mi rn I anet trucks an I a So t' t'rna of ve'p! t'a rit-idu ct tian-t't treee f-o-n rttntry beaut fv tls f'ty houlv t'te: of t1 N.MW-ad srl e-i fsd v-w -a" 'i i a'-esa rf rv ni VOTE I OR James T. J. COLLISSON for Rcrlpctioa as Aldtrir.aB In 1 1 -I i ii 1 i.s in,) i i I i -t v. A't if -n r'il i 1 i f. rf tha vi-t ia tan'aT'ounl to a far C'a-K Tv. of IN vo'fi t'- a 1P22. ro? Tn a-V's Ca iotu'B iav as if t' City Utilities improved, serrica vastly insyed, and Ta! p'- i-t y'ri t'e K- mi ud h-i-I lft fhf wra r-aMl to ltr. antf a of a 1 a a Va am ftt Jf-'O i 1 on fair ahrd Why a tt Pi-, I rf 1 i fn a i 'a. iVtU'-t a ft----, TXt a cr i en Jar th tta. Jif ft Ooi ha e'tt tj vot iaav aaM deficiu in 1320 turned to sorplss in 1222. Cantrsllable expnditure reduced wtenka od srwer-ae extended, einc sanitation imprord; recreation, amusexenta, and eports rnanicipally sfonraged.

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