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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
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Friday, November 8, 1974
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Latest market report Market mixed; trading subdued NEW YORK ( A P ) - The stock market was mixed in subdued trading today in a continuation of the inconclusive pattern it has followed since the start of the week. The 2 p.m. Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was down 4.30 at 667.63. but gainers held a slight over-all edge on losers at the New York Stock Exchange. Analysts noted some disappointment among investors over the decline in the nation's money supply reported in the Federal Reserve's weekly data issued after the close Thursday. They said many hopes for an economic upturn in the first part of next year were pinned to increased growth soon in the money supply. Occidental Petroleum was the most- active NYSE issue, up 1 at 13%. A ; 41,800-share block traded at 12Vz. Gold stocks rallied on the rise of ' CHICAGO LIVE BEEF CATTLE ; Supplied by Mayer-Gelbort Assoc., Inc. PREV. Dec. Feb. Apr. June LIVE HOGS Dec. Feb. Apr. June OPEN 39.50 41.47 42.22 43.15 41.60 44.65 43.90 46.65 HIGH 39.70 41.75 42.50 43.45 41.85 44.85 44.05 46.75 LOW 38.92 41.07 41.77 42.85 41.12 43.60 43.00 45.80 CLOSE 38.97 41.12 41.82 42.90 41.40 43.67 43.05 45.95 CLOSE 39.52 41.57 42.27 43.37 41.55 44.45 43.82 46.70 PORKBELLIES Feb. Mar. May July EGGS " Dec. Jan. 64.50 64.15 65.25 65.85 59.40 59.50 64.85 64.45 65.35 65.85 60.40 60.00 63.10 62.65 63.75 64.35 60.45 5B'.7~5 63.10 62.75 63.80 64.35 60.40 "59.60 64.60 64.15 65.22 iifli 59.25 58.70 !1.:30 Stocks ; NEW YORK (AP) -- New York Stock Exchange selected i afternoon prices: 1 ' AlldCh . AllisChal Alcea Am Airlin A Brno's A Cyan Am Mot AM TB.T Ampex Corp Anacon AtlRich Avco Corp Beat Fds Beech A Beth S1I Boeing CBS Celanse Cert-teed Cessna Air Chrysler Cities Sv ComwE Comsat Con Can Cont Oil CornG CurtisW DowCh duPont Has Kod Echlin Emer El Exxon Cp Firestn FWC FordM Gen Dynam Gen El Gen Mill Gn Mot G TelEI Goodyr Grace Greyh GuHOll Hallibln Hercules Homestk IBM Int Har Int Paper Kan GEI KanPLt Katy Ind KerrMcGe Kresges Kroger LOF Litton In Magnox Marcor MartMa McDonD MidSUt MinMM MobllOl Monsan Nabisco NatGyp NNGs NorSim OklaGE OklaNG Pan Am Air PanhEP FJenn Cent Penney Phil! Pet ProctG RCA ReynMet Ryder Sy Safewy StJoe Min StRegP SFelnd Sears Sperry R StdOil Cal StOil Ind Texaco Timkn Trans W Air UaCarb Un Elec Uniroyal US Stl Upjohn WUnion WestgEI Wolwth Last Chg 33 VB 8'/2 D 'A 31W U I'/a 7V4 32Va D % 23 U '/a 4% 47 D '/e 3 'A 17'A D -%. 91% D Mi 2'/B 15% D Vs 8 D VB 26 D '/4 19 32 D % 28'/2 8 12'/8 U Vi 9% D 'A 44% D I'/a 24% O '/a 3Wa U' % 25'/z U 'A 443,4 D '/« 38'/a U A 6 7 /6 D Vt iTA . U "A 108'A D 1'A 74 'A U 'A 26 '/i D Ve 28% U % 6B'/4 D tt 14% U % 13V4 U Ve 34'A D % 17'/u U 'A 38H D . =i 42% D I 'A 34 D y» 19'A I4'A D 'A 25 'A 11 '/B U Va 17H D '/4 146% D 2% 33'A D % 53% U 3% 189'/4 U 2 mi D Va 40 . 13'A 16'/B U 'A 3% D "is 72 D 1'A 26'A U Vt 17% I7'A D Va 3'A U Va 7 D Va 16 'A 15 D 'A »*, D % 14'A . U Va 583/4 D 1'A 33 D % 48 U VB 27 U V4 10 D '/a 53 O 'A 12% ' 18% 17% D V4 2% 25% U % 1% 46'A D 1 47% U Vt 9 1'A U 'A li'A T6'A U Va 6 'A D 'A 36% 37'A 23% U Va 30 52% D Va 28% D % ?4_ D 14 88% D 1 2U'a D % 28 'A U '/« 7% D 'A «V4 U Vt 10% U 'A 6'/8 U Vs 38 D % 50% U V* 10% D Vs 9'A D % 11 U Vs Investments NEW Y O R K ' ( A P ) -- The following quotations, supplied by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., are the prices at which these securities could have been sold (net asset value) or bought (value plus sales charge) Thursday. Sell Buy Am Mutl 6.75 7.38" Anchor Group: Fd Inv 5.36 5.90 Axe Houghton: Fnd A 4.00 4.35 Fnd B 5.96 6.48 Stock 4.96 5.42 Calvin Bullock: Bullck 9.73 10.65 Channing Funds: Balan - 7.86 8.59 Grwth 3.59 3.92 Spec! 1.20 1.31 Chemical 7.39 8.08 Dreyfus Group: Levge 10.69 11.72 Eaton 4 Howard: Stock 7.94 8.68 Fidelity Group: Fidel 12.04 13.16 Puritn 7.85 8.58 Financial Prog: Indus! 3.02 N.L. Founders Group:' Mutal 6.90 7.54 Franklin Group: Equit 3.04 3.33 Hamilton: FHDA 3.12 3.40 ICA 10.09 11.03 Investors Group: Mutl 7.21 7.84 Stock 13.82 15.02 Select 8.44 9.08 Var Py 5.28 5.73 Keystone Funds: Cus S3 5.30 5.81 Cus S4 2.38 2.61 Lord Abbett: Affiltd 5.56 6.01 A Bus 2.45 2.65 Mass Financial: MIT 8.31 9.08 MIG . 8.20 8.96 Mutual of Omaha: Mut Shrs 16.01 N.L. Mut Trst 1.73 N.L. Nat Secur Ser: Stock ' 5.41 5.91 Pioneer Fund: Fund 9.14 9.W Price Funds: Grwth 8.59 N.L. Pru SIP 7.00 7.66 Putnam Funds: Georg 10.75 11.75 Grwth ~ 8.07 8.82 Incom 6.85 7.49 Selected Funds: Sel Am 5.63 N.L. Supervised Inv: Tech 5.01 5.49 TwnC Gt 2.12 2.32 TwnC Inc 3.33 3.65 United Funds: Accm 4.97 5.45 Incom 9.03 9.90 Scien 4.82 5.28 Value Line Fund: Val Li 4.24 4.65 Wash M 9.32 10.19 Wellington Group: ' Welltn B.50 9.29 N.L. -- (No load) sales charge NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE 11:30 am quotations Provided by A. G. Edwards Co. Central Soya ;i?e Control Data Wft Dillons 27 Gen Foods 18% Hesston 20% Rockwell Int'l is'A Union Pacific Corp 757'a United Telecom 13% OVER THE'COUNTER" Bid Ask Graves Truck 7 IV* Ouckwalls 5 5% Coleman Am 3% 1 /a Butler Mfg 21% 22'A El Dorado Ind 'A % Market summary bullion prices to a new high in London. ASA, Ltd.. was up 3% to 88'/z; Homestake Mining, 3'/z to 54; and Dome Mines 2% to 58. The Big Board's composite common-stock index was off .15 to 39.59. On the American Stock Exchange, the market value index declined 17 to 69.68. Storm Drilling Marine, the Amex volume leader, was unchanged at 26. Soybean oil soars again CHICAGO (AP) - Soybean oil futures forged ahead to a limit gain of 150 points again on the Chicago Board of Trade today. It was the fifth successive limit gain for soybean oil, totaling more than 600 points, or more than 6 cents a pound. Soybeans closed up to 10 cents a bushel higher.while meal futures lost about $3 a ton. Corn and oats rose about 2 cents but wheat prices were irregular. At the close, soybeans were unchanged to 10 cents a bushel higher, November 8.46; Chicago wheat was 6 lower to 1 higher. December 5.11; Gulf hard red wheat was not traded; corn was Va to 2 higer. December 3.80 and oats were 1 to 1% higher, December 1.86. Cash grain CHICAGO ( A P ) - Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Friday: High LowClose WHEAT [5,000 bu) Dec 5.15'/2 5.11 5.11 Mar 5.33W 5.29 5.30 May 5.37 5.33 5.35 Jul - 4.98 4.93 4 . 9 4 Sep 5.02 4.99 4.99 Dec 5.11 5.04 5.05 WHEAT Gulf hard red (5,000 bu) Dec -- -- 5.28 Mar -- -- 5.33 CORN (5,000 bu) Dec 3.60% 3.77V2 3.60 Mar 3.89 3.86'/2 3.88W May 3.93 Jul 3.94 Sep 3.BO Dec 3.40 Mar -OATS (5,000 bu) Dec l.86 3 .i 1.83'/i 1.86 Mar 1.92'/j l.BBVi 1.92 May 1.95V2 1.91Vj 1.94 Jul -- -- 1.96'/2 SOYBEANS (5,000 bu) 3.90'/2 3.93 3.91 Vi 3.93'/2 3.77Vb 3.80 3.35'/j 3.38V3 -- 3.44 Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug Sep Nov Jan 8.49 8.67 8.82 8.93 8.95 8.90 8.40 7.91 7.99 8.37 8.57 8.73 8.82 8.86 8.86 8.35 7.82 7.90 8.46 8.64 8.77'/j 8.90 8.92 ' 8.89 8.40 7.89 7.94 CHICAGO ( A P ) -- Wheat No 2 soft red 5.04V«n Friday; No 2 hard red 5.05%n. Corn No 2 yellow 3.62 3 /in. Oats No 2 extra heavy white 1.91'An. Soybeans No 1 yellow 8.35n. No 2 yellow corn Thursday was quoted at 3.63'An. KANSAS CITY [ A P ) Wheat 67 cars; off 1'A to up 1'A cents. No. 2 hard 5.06; No. 3 5.02-5.60n No. 2 red wheat 3.02- 5.06n; No. 3 5.00-5.05 n. Corn 133 cars: Unch to 20 cents up; No. 2 white 5.35 No. 3 4.50-5.30n; No. 2 yellow 3.70-3.72 No. 3 3.69. Oats no cars: Norn, unch; No. 2 white 1.85-2.05 n No. 3 1.75-2.Mn. No. 2 Milo 6.25-6.60n. No. 2 Rye 2.48-2.63 n No. 5 Barley 2.45-2.55 n. No. 1 Soybeans 6.19-8.41 n Sacked bran 102.00-102.75. Sacked shorts 107.00-107.75. Produce CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Butter steady; wholesale buying prices Friday unchanged; 93 score AA 49'/jJ,i; 92 A 68%69; 90 B 68'/2-%. Eggs barely steady; sales delivered warehouse, cartons unchanged; A extra large 61-64; A large 60-62; A mediums 56-58. Livestock Metals NEW YORK ( A P ) -Spot nonferrous metal prices Friday: Lead 24'A cents a pound; line 38-40 cents a pound, delivered; Sold J177.50 per troy ounce. New York; silver H.«V per troy ounce. New York. NEW YORK ( A P ) - Markets at a glance: Slocks--Mixed. Cotton--Mixed CHICAGO: Wheat--Mixed; iighl trade. Corn --Higher; tate rally. Oats--Higher; slow trade. Soybeans--Mostly higher; late rally. OMAHA, Neb. (AP) (USDA) --Livestock quotations Friday: Hogs: 5,000; barrows and gilts 25-75 lower on weights under 260 Ib, 260-310 Ib steady to 25 lower; 45 head U.S. 1-2, 30250 Ib 39.50; 1 3, 200-250 lb 38.7539.25; sows 50-1.50 lower, mostly 1.00 lower; 330 650 Ib 33.5035.00. Cattle and calves: 8,300; small supply of slaughter cattle, mainly cows; prices steady to weak; bulk of supply feeder cattle consigned to auction; utility and commercial cows 16.00-17.50; canner and cutter 12.50-16.00. Sheep: rone. Estimated receipts Monday: Cattle and calves 6,000; hogs 6.500; sheep 800.' Wagon grain prices Salina: Wheat--$4.65 down 1 cents Corn -- S3.40 unch. Milo--S5.75 unch. Soybeans--$7.60 up 5 cents. Today's records Hospital Admissions Asbury -- Gary L. Jayne jr., 860 S. O h i o : L a r r y E . W a k e f i e l d , 3 3 0 Missouri; Mrs. Roy Murray, 914 Lena; John W. Bryant, 331 Center; Amos W. Lagerstrom, 749 S. 5th; Mrs. Elliott Belden, 541 Sunset; Thomas Owen, 113 Bel Air; Raymond G. Beck, Russell; Mrs. Erba E. Hollinger, Russell; Mrs. Rodney French, B e n n i n g t o n ; Mrs. Percy H. Oberhoiser. Hope. St. John's -- Mrs. Jesse Clark. Lincoln; Arthur Donbarger. Beverly; Donald E. M a c y , S o l o m o n ; M r s . Ernest N e m e c h e k , A b i l e n e ; Keith S p e a r s , K a n o p o l i s ; M r s . V i n c e n t Sullivan, Solomon; David K. Turner, Concordia; Kristi Albers, 2458 Robin; Henry J. Baumann, 160 N. Broadway; Mrs. Catherine Fuller. 820 N. 3rd: Clifford C. Howard, 1209 N. 10th; Larry E. Loader. 1623 Beverly; Pearlie L. Lobdell. 315 N. Kansas; Karen K. Mohney. 147 S. Alabama: Raymond Worcester, Shalimar Plaza nursing home. Hospital Dismissals Asbury -- Mrs. Steven Milleson and ' · s o n . 7 3 9 C h o c t a w : J o e l e n a M . McKnight. 235 N. 3rd; Mrs. Raymond H i n e . 1719 R u s h ; M r s . T h o m a s M a d d e n . 2 4 5 B a k e r : R i c h a r d A . Blevins. 608 N. 8th: Ralph E. Ellickson. 1826 Highland; Mrs. Hilda Lindahl. 344 W. Kirwin; David Base, 1309 Osborne: Harold R. Heywood. 618 Washington: Mrs. Charles A. Muller, 412 Charles; Mrs. Donald Novak. 952 Lewis: Mrs. Charley Debenham. Abilene: LaVon B. S c h m i d t . B e n n i n g t o n ; W a l t e r H. McCrea, McPherson. S t . J o h n ' s -- D o n a l d A c h e r , Lawrence: Mrs. Richard B u r n e t t . K a n s a s C i t y ; J o h n B . H o o v e r . Minneapolis; Mrs. Florence F. Lang, B e l l e v i l l e ; E v e r e t t M . M i l h a m . A b i l e n e ; Mrs. Howard E. S m i t h , Culver; Mrs. Florence D. Adams. 113 W. Minneapolis; Daniel L. Blue, 1211 N. 10th; Daniel Loren Funke, 413 W. Republic; Kenneth Holmes, Shalimar P l a z a n u r s i n g h o m e ; E a r l D . . LaOrange. 124 E. Beloit; Kimberly D. Matthews. 1938 Lewis; Clifford W. Richards. 119 W. Cloud. Courts Municipal -- Robert L. Albers jr., 712 W. South, reckless driving, $200; Carol Lynn Baker, Solomon, shoplifting, $100; Chester J. Gilbreth, 330 N. 13th, driving while intoxicated, $250 .and 6 months, license revoked 1 year; Earl T. Wakefield jr., 1200 W. Crawford, reckless driving, $150; M.C. Washington, 217 N. Front, driving while in- .toxicated, $100, license restricted 90 days. Magistrate- Arraigned -- Dennis Kirk Doty, 745 S. llth, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell; William Lee Sink, 400 S. llth, burglary. Dismissed -- Richard Harris Johnson, 311 E. Claflin, grand theft. Fire Alarms 8:15 pm. Thursday --· Kenwood park, public service, put out pep rally fire for Salina Central high school. 10:50 pm. Thursday -- Salina Municipal airport, stoodby for C141 Starlifter aircraft landing. Court orders Galley freed NEW ORLEANS. La. ( A P ) - A federal appeals court today ordered the release on bail of William L. Calley Jr.. convicted of murdering 22 Vietnamese villagers at My Lai. In an extraordinary procedure, all 15 judges of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals were summoned secretly to New Orleans to consider whether Galley should remain in prison while the Army appeals a lower court decision ordering his release. Thirteen judges voted to order bail. Judge Robert A. Ainsworth Jr. dissented, and Judge Thomas Gibbs Gee did not participate in the decision. The amount of bail is to be set by U.S. District Court Judge J. Robert Elliott, who ordered Galley freed Sept. 25. Friday, November 8, 1974 Salina Journal Page 11 Deaths and funerals Weather LT. CRAIG L. MCFARLANE WICHITA - The funeral for Lt. ( j . g ) Craig Lee McFarlane, 25, US Navy jet pilot, Lemoore naval air station, Calif., will be at 2 pm Tuesday at the Westlink Church of Christ, Wichita, the Rev. Durwood Boggs officiating. Mr. McFarlane, a graduate of Salina high school in the late 1960s was killed in a plane crash Wednesday at Lemoore. He was a former resident of Hesston. Salina and El Dorado. He was a 1971 graduate of the US Naval Academy. Annapolis. Md., and received his wings in 1973. He was born Sept. 28, 1949. at El Dorado. Surviving are the widow. Nancy, of Lemoore: his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. McFarlane, Wichita; 2 sisters, Brenda and Cheryl, of his parents' home, and his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mayberry. West Plains, Mo. Burial will be in the Hesston cemetery, Hesston. Friends may call Tuesday morning at the Petersen funeral home. Newton. The family suggests memorials to the Navy Aviation museum. Pensacola. Fla. MRS. FRANK PACEY MILTONVALE -- The funeral for Mrs. Mearl I. Pacey. 80, Miltonvale, will be at 10:30 am Saturday at the F. C. Hill Memorial Church. Miltonvale, the Rev. John McGuire officiating. Mrs. Pacey, a lifelong Miltonvale resident, died Wednesday at the Ottawa county hospital, Minneapolis, after a long illness. She was born May 6, 1894, at Miltonvale and was the widow of Frank Pacey, who died in 1969. Surviving are 2 sons, Laurence. Miltonvale, and Franklin, Oak Hill: a daughter, Mrs. Katheryn Gathers, Miltonvale; a brother Gilbert Myer, Miltonvale; 22 grandchildren and 10 great- grandchildren. Burial will be in the Miltonvale cemetery. The family suggests memorials to the Nicol home, Glasco. Friends may call at the Phelps funeral home, Miltonvale. ROBERT D. SEARS TOPEKA - The funeral for Robert D. Sears, 45, Topeka, a former Salina resident, will be at 10:30 am Monday at the Most Pure Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church, Topeka. Mr. Sears died of cancer early Friday at his Topeka home. He was born June 14. 1929. at Salina and had lived in Ellsworth and McPherson before going to Topeka in 1966. He was a senior engineer for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. i Mr. Sears was a member of Most Pure Heart of M a r y Church, the Knights of Columbus and the 4th degree of the K of C and the AMA Remote Radio club. He was a veteran of Army service in Korea. Surviving are the widow, the former Joyce Marie Farrell. whom Mr. Sears married in 1955 in Salina; 2 daughters, Gwen Ann and Marylouise. both of the home: his parents. Robert J. Sears and Mrs. Berhard Hasse. both of Ellsworth, and a brother. Larry E.. Ellsworth. A prayer service will be at 7 pm Sunday at the Brennan funeral home. Topeka. Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery. Topeka. The family suggests memorials to the American Cancer society. HENRY J. HORN GLASCO - The funeral for Henry Julius Horn, 72. former Glasco mayor, will be at 10:30 am Saturday in St. Paul's Lutheran Church here, the Rev. Wendell Berggren officiating. Mr. Horn, a lifelong Glasco resident, died Thursday at St. Joseph hospital. Concordia. He was born Oct. 26. 1902. at Glasco. He was a partner in the Horn Brothers garage. Glasco. for 47 years, a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, the Lions club. Masonic lodge. Chamber of Commerce and volunteer fire department, all at Glasco. He was a former mayor and city councilman, and was a township trustee. A brother. Edward J.. Glasco. survives. Burial will be in the Glasco cemetery. Friends may call at the Dean funeral home. Glasco. Burton president AKRON, Ohio -- Nelson Burton Jr. was elected president of the Professional Bowlers Association for the next two years. We're marrying less, enjoying it more? WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans are getting married less and divorced more than in the past, according to a Census Bureau report. The bureau said Thursday that in the last four years the nation's divorce rate increased as much as it had in the entire previous 10 years. And at the same time the bureau said more young people are deciding not to get married at all. According to the bureau survey made in March, there were 63 divorced persons in 1974 for every 1,000 married persons living with their spouses. This compared with 47 in 1970 and 35 in I960. In the 12-month period ending in March there were 925,000 divorces, an increase of some 200,000 over the estimated 703.000 divorces in all of 1970. The Census Bureau made no attempt to explain the increase in the divorce rate. While there has been a decline in the number of single persons over 35, the report noted there has been an increase in the proportion of single young persons, particularly women, establishing their own households. For example, in the 20 to 24 age bracket, there has been an increase since 1960 from 28 to 39 per cent in the number of women who have remained single, while the percentage of men remaining single has grown from 53 to 57 per cent. On the other hand, in the over-35 age group, the number of males who have never married has declined since I860 from 7.8 per cent to 6.3 percent, and the number of females from 7.2 to 5.2 per cent. MRS. WILLIAM BOHNENBLUST LEONARDVILLE -- The funeral for Mrs. Bertha Bohnenblust. 98. Jewell. will be at 2 pm Saturday at the United Methodist Church. Leonardville. the Rev. David Bletscher officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Mrs. "Bohnenblust died Wednesday at Asbury hospital. Salina. She was born Sept. 1. 1876, at Riley. She had lived in Jewell since 1942. She was the widow of William Bohnenblust. who died in 1942. Mrs. Bohnenblust was a lifetime member of the U n i t e d Methodist Church, Leonardville. Surviving are a daughter. Mrs. Vernon Zipse, Jewell: 3 sons. V. Howard and Clarence, both of Dallas, Tex., and Dr. Loren Bohnen, Hot Springs. Ark.; a brother, the Rev. John Hoch, Miami. P'la.; 7 grandchildren and 7 great- grandchildren. The family suggests memorials to the Jewell city parks d e p a r t m e n t . Friends may call from 7 pm to 9 pm Friday at the Kleppinger funeral home, Jewell. MAX HJELM NEPTUNE BEACH. Fla. - Max Hjelm. 51. former Salina resident, died Thursday at Neptune Beach. He was born Dec. 18. 1922. in Salina. where he was graduated from high school. He later moved to Neptune Beach, where he lived for many years. Surviving are the widow. Elsa, of the home; his mother. Mrs. Emma Hjeim. 229 S. Clark; 2 sons. Ricky and R-'.ndy. both of Neptune Beach, Fla.: a sister. Mrs. Norman Jensen. Lincoln. Neb., and 2 grandchildren. WILLIAM L. CONAWAY William Lewis Conaway, 85, died Friday at the home of his son, William A. Conaway, 1224 Windsor Dr. Mr. Conaway had lived in Sidney, la., most of his life, coming to Salina 2 months ago. He was born May 21, 1889, in West Virginia and had been a painter. He was a member of the Knights of P_vthias of Juanita. la. Surviving are the son in Salina: 2 brothers. Clarence and Harry, both of Council Bluffs, la.; 4 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. The funeral will be announced by the Chapel funeral home. MARION 0. MORLOCK Marion 0. Morlock, 67, 833 Custer. died Thursday of a heart attack. Mr. Morlock, a retired construction worker, was stricken as he helped a neighbor pour a small area of concrete. He had suffered a previous heart attack. He was born June 15, 1907, in Galena and had lived in Salina since 1920. He was a member of the United Methodist Church of the Cross and the Methodist Men. Surviving are the widow, Anna; 2 daughters, Mrs. Barbara Baker, Auora, Colo., and Mrs. Margaret Nagy- vathy, Tipton, Ohio; a son, Robert, Fairmont, Calif.; a brother, Melvin 0., ; 920 Cherokee; a sister, Mrs. Lester White, Panama City, Fla.; 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. The funeral will be announced by the Geisendorf Rush Smith funeral home where friends may call. Burial will be in Roselawn memorial park. The family suggests memorials to the Church of the Cross or the Heart fund. MRS. MARTHA E. RIEHM Mrs. v Martha Ellen Riehm. 81, Kenwood View nursing home, died Thursday at the nursing home after 'a long illness. Mrs. Riehm was born May 29, 1893, at Peoria, 111., and came to Salina 4 years ago. Surviving is a son. Jack W., Bronxville. N.Y. Salina relatives are Bill Bradley, 440 W. Claflin, a nephew, and Mrs. Harry Bradley, 918 Spruce, a sister-in-law. There are 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. The body will be at the Geisendorf Rush Smith funeral home until Saturday morning when it will be taken to Peoria for funeral and burial. Catholic teachers end sessions Teachers in Roman Catholic schools in Kansas ended a 2-day Kansas State Catholic Schools Teacher Institute Friday at Marymount college. Following an address by the Rev. Alfred McBride. of the National Forum of Religious Educators. Washington. D. C.. the teachers attended small group sessions for administrators and various teachers. The final general session was a talk by Sister Genevieve Schillo. director of education for the Grand Island, Neb., diocese. The institute attracted teachers and prelates from all 4 dioceses of the Catholic Church in Kansas. Friday's session opened with a Mass with Bishop Marion F. Frost. Dodge City, as principal celebrant and Bishop David M. Maloney. Wichita, as homilist. At Thursday's opening Mass. Bishop Cyril Vogel. Salina. was the principal celebrant and Archbishop Ignatius J. Strecker, Kansas City, was the homilist. FORECASTS KANSAS -- Considerable cloudiness south and cloudy to partly cloudy north today. Cool with highs upper 50s to lower 60s north and mid to upper 50s south. Considerable cloudiness and cool tonight with occasional rain or showers west and north central. Low mid 30s northwest to mid 40s southeast. Considerable cloudiness and cool Saturday with occasional rain or drizzle west and occasional rain or showers east. High mid 40s northwest to mid 50s southeast. EXTENDED FORECAST Kansas extended outlook Sunday througli Tuesday--Showers east Sunday, otherwise no significant precipitation expected; lows mostJy 30s Sunday and Monday, and upper 30s to low 40s Tuesday: highs upper 40s to low 50s Sunday and Monday, in the 50s Tuesday. ZONE FORECASTS ZONES 1 and 2 -- Considerable cloudiness and cool w i t h occasional rain or showers tonight; low mid to upper 30s; cloudy to partly cloudy and cooler with occasional rain or drizzle Saturday; high mid to upper 40s; wind south to southwest 10-20 mph tonight, rain probabilities 20 per cent tonight and Saturday. ZONES 4, 5 and 8 -- Mostly cloudy and cool tonight and Saturday; occasional rain or showers tonight and Saturday, low tonight upper 30s to mid 40s; high Saturday upper 40s to low 50s; winds s o u t h e r l y 15-25 mph tonight; rain probability 20 per cent tonight, 30 per cent Saturday. ZONES 7, 10 and 11 -- Mostly cloudy and cool, occasional rain or showers tonight and Saturday: low tonight upper 30s to low 40s: high Saturday upper 40s to low 50s; wind southerly 10-20 mph tonight; rain probability 20 per cent tonight, 30 per cent Saturday. ZONE I -- Cheyenne. Rawlins. Sherman. Thomas ZONE 2 -- Wallace. Logan. Greeiey. wicnila. Scoit ZONE 4 -- Decatur, Norton. Sheridan. Graham. ZONE 5 -- Gove. Trego, Lane, Ness. ZONE 7 -- Phillips. Smith. Rooks. Osborne. ZONE B -- Ellis. Russell. Rusn. Barton ZON£ 10 -- Jewvell. RepuDlic. Washington. Mit- cnen. Clouo. Clay. ZONE II -- Lincoln. Ottawa. Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson. Rice. Marion. McPherson. ; SALINA WEATHER City Airport Temp, at 1 pm 55; Min. Friday 43; Max. Thursday 61. FAA Reported at 11 am: Barometer 30.18 steady; Wind S-17 MPH; Relative Humidity 80 percent. Lowest this date 2 in 1925; highest 81 in 1931. Saturday Sunrise 7:06 am.; Sunset 5:22 pm. Airport Temperatures By FAA: Thursday 2 pm 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 10 11 Friday 12 midnight 61 61 59 ... .56 .... 52 49 47 47 48 47 45 1 am 2 3 4 5 . . . . 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 noon 1 am 44 43 43 ..43 45 43 45 46 45 . . . ..49 51 54 55 St-nd your news tip to The Salina Journal. $17 in every week. Kidnap charge is dismissed A kidnap charge against Cecil Bess, 710 N. 5th, was dismissed Friday in . magistrate court. Bess had been accused of kidnaping his ex-wife, Dannetta Evadale Bess, 416 Missouri, on Oct. 23. It was alleged he drove n o r t h with her and reached Lincoln, Neb., when Mrs. Bess slipped a note to a cafe waitress claiming to be a kidnap victim. Public Defender Biil Mize said Bess took a lie dectector test Thursday and passed it. Bess had been arrested in Nebraska and was returned to Kansas where he has been held in the county jail until now. He was released Friday. Child abuse charged in starvation ALAMOGORDO. N.M. (UPIl - A mother who sat with her starving family of six in a stalled van while two members died was charged today with child abuse. The mother and three sons suffered malnutrition and were admitted to a local hospital, her husband and daughter died and authorities said it might have been pride which kept the family from asking (or help. Otero County Sheriff Felix Work said he filed the charges against Mrs. Lillian Orr. 44, of Exeter Township. Pa. AIR CHARTER SERVICf ,- Amwtivt Irtt AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. y h o n « » 2 3 - 6 3 6 1 Office Futnturg · Desks Chiiis · Frlai Mojln Fire Proof Sifts And Money Chtsls the Cofonef "Pity th' pore man thet finds it hard tu find a wife . . . who'll help him do th' dishes." SOtfc S.n.r (Or PHONE I13/I2SM2* PO BOX 1178 113 N S A N T A FF SALINA KANSAS 67401

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