The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5,1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^serUou™* 8 **» !1 "* '" '"'"HUM <n- Mliuluium CLarge Kn . 1 time per lino " ?«i X times ner Une n.r lay l-c 3 times iier/llue oj*r day ~ ~'" ec e times iicr Hue utr day ?c 1U times per Hue per d»y -.IIIIII oc Count five average words "to" the" line"! 'stoi>|jod lefore expiration will bo cliare- ed for the nntiiber of limes the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made A". Classified Advcrtlslnn copy ' aub- inltted by persons rwldlnit outside of Ike city must be accompanied by cash Bate* mr.y lo easily computed from too atove trtWo. .Advertising, order for irregular inaer- •*•? takes t)ie one lime Vat*. , - IJM* lakes t)ic cue time rate VPi reiponslblllty will be taken for nforu llian ono lucorrect Insertion of any clas classified ad. For Sale I'nni'l Iru.'k—very clean—A-l conclUion. C'lionp. Pli. 2074, 26-eV-ir rinvn luypr for your homo. H. O. l.aui|>l>rll. 1'lionc 440 — 2930. Of/lco 120 fconOi ScL-ond. 1012-L-V-tf 2 ivlifirlp.l form trailer. Extra uart to I 1 iiiako 'I tmtloin of a bottom A. O i,lnw Wiley Sniitli. 820 E. Ky. 2!24.,,k.3llO> Water heaters, bathtubs, sinks, closets, lavatories, soil pipe & fittings, galv. & copper pipe & fittings. Orshurn's Plumbing & Heating, ph. 875. 2-6-pk-29 All coal heaters' -at coSt. Good selection. Planters Hardware. -2-1-ck-tf BLYTHEVILLB (ARK;) COURIER NEWS For Sale Modern, home, brand new, built of pre-war, haml si/cd cypress lumber, ypunjrstown .kitchen, atlic fan, Butane 'floor furnace. • House is completely insulated and weather stripped. Large lot. Yard is graded and seeded. Huilt • for 'permanent, home. 5 rooms and bath, atlic fan, water heater, plastered interior, f iterate, beautit'ui hardwood floors. Easily fj. nahced, Large 5 .room house on 'double lot. Tile bath. Huill in breakfast noolr. Newlv ; decorated anil in best i-on- dition. Well located. Easily financed. ; It will be a pleasure to show you these three modern homes. See or call Max I , J ,°,f ?an> . ""Nor, 'Lynch liullding. 'Phone 2034. 2-28-ek-tr f you svant to toll your rily i>roi.Pr ?' '"'"' I*"" 1 - li«« 'Will, „». i-0 l >ii>ers. 25 years oxiu-rtoiu-u In It.'n '"'"- W - *'• "" ril »- "Ml'""-. Uliorn l T ].rijilit l'i.Tiio-~A-l cfm.Jilion. Oil lieal' or, llcilroom Knite. Laying liens yml In.n!,e nollh of Akron Cliurch. J M. VJ AN , D OI "IN ^,11,,,^ , i ,-"7 5t ""'TOl—ECO tl.eso' today—lirat conic, firm served Fire- 81 °"" Slorc. 207 W. Main. 2112 ck-tf RADIOS — A tjesiitttiTT selection ol rniulnnntlon and InUe model radins """', ," »""•''• No "orial or K rouiiil nti'iled. Pirestono Store. 207 \V Miin. 2112-ck-lf Sec the large 3 compartment Norge Freezer chest. Holds 650 !bs. of food. In stock for immediate delivery. Planters Hardware Inc. 2-24-ck-tf Uscil Hiitlorios. nlso tulliry reeliircinc J!" 1 ,"''" 1 ,'. lcllll >-'. Austin's liatlori- Minii. .101! K. Vi rlo K ( 2|25.|ik-3(25 RABY CHICKS Q»:i.lni|i|G A $R.19 per hundre,! .lin, _ Urnivn Storr. alaT-efc-lt M 20 Karmall.trartor and wiiimiK..,!^ ncrcs of land 10 „„,. M . II. Fnrris. Mrolo. Mo. ' ^i'R.rl-.Tl? TRACTOR TIRES _ The nc »- li re that >nlls. onl cleans, onl wears anv other traclor tire, ninde. Wo monnl and i]e- livcr to /arm. Firestone Store. 207 W. '"""• 2l)2-ck.|f BF.KT HUV IN' PATXT lied .nn.l Or.'y Enamel ?l.r,0 I'er Oallon riione 2371 Dixie Ci,, Co.. Jlnin St. Chevrolet connf wllh new (|r"s railio. -Pliono 970. TIIIKSl TIHUHI TIJH-.S! Just rwciv^d fi'.i'S BOO ^ IB. 700 * 10 05n x IT ™,,ns 1 "iu1ri"' " " b ' "^"- ^ "'' 500 x 17 nn.l' OOCl"T' in" Wo '"irt'lv" n^il mount. Firpstono Store 2nfi \v . "••""• 2115-ck-lf '"'jtt 3^^ roolF^: nnytinir. Aunrtincnt •] ^7-,v (It ' S-lfl rhcvrolet conne. Good condition. CM 3035 after fi p. m. or -191 during day. ^ 3-3-pk-3-G Coynto'r ice crcftm freezer H-itli 60 cut harilencr. lyith RO OI | m i x y.Kjli,. n. ],'. IHIHLESS PIOS are the rosnhTwhTn" I 1 ,,, ami ulln-r essenlinl inlnentli — alM. vitamin 1) nnd tonic?, (live vour lirnod sows HOC! KI'KCIAI, in l"]ieir feed, fosls liitle. worth inueh. Woods l>ni B Kloro. 221 W. ilnin. phone T.07. •J-rt .\>w 19 Hi Ford Be.lan delivery irn $l9il) or will trade for lute mo car. Paul Wonlridce. Gnf( l(ol(.| »[trr :» IMi... phone 2028. * :i|l-pk-tl •Baby Chicks—Custom hatch ing. High grade Tullorum Controlled Chicks that are hatched h e r.e Started Custom hatching j>a.(50 per hundred eggs set Maylock Hatchery, Nortl 61, phone 3172. 3-4-ck-tt 1 lirdroniil Knlle. 1 Olid Hosier lied nnd Imm \vilh siirin^s «n<l innttrcss 1001 chot lluinne WiilllUI. uholll! 2 WOlkiiii: prcssor 200 ihs 1 Koril G cylinder ciiKirio 1DI4 model. I'lione Innl laundry licnlrr win (.ink nod nil fixtures, I'liont- 30-11 or 237r.. Ktppl oil barrel racKs. Illyllievillii Mn. rtiiuo Shop. Gill 2828. 1'nliro stock of tnercliamliKe incliiilinn snecinl Inrilt (J.M.C. truck in esrellonl (•nn.lidon. 1'riccd for iiuick snle Ki*les S' llnn-Ht \». Kpilnelt Al« fall Ififi .1. or am W. Hll-ck-Slir. 1-arco Rlze NPKCO ti'i\ rook Rlrtvp w five burners. -Talilis lor. ino.lo] 550. W. '(l.-ltnrtleii. ID1] W. Vine. citr. Wanted To Buy Cash for -wrecked or" .iunk automobiles. Wade Ante Salvage. Norih Hi way 61. Phone 3785. 2-2fi-pk-3-2(; Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 2050 nile. 2-28-ck-4-l Help Wanted HKOOn KOWR noc.l csscnliil ,,,ir nna vilaiiiin D this timr <if Hrss TIOO SPECIAL nrovido: li. nl«n Ionics lirlp sows lo lirtter use; of (ceil. At tile Or ' Ili'srnrch T'nrn]. lirooil sows -K HOB SI'KCIAI, linvo nlwnvs fnr linskj- |,i K B an.l li^.l nlnniy of for Him.. Ail,l it l,i len]. Wcunt'K Slnre. 22 1 West Main Kl 1'linne J)r. .cn,— in:ikc v.vrl milk t coffee Inlilu; 2 mrxt^ir,-.. rhirrr, rovered. Cill 3:)f>5 nflci 1 pin. Allis (Tlinlnlcrs t\-ith starrer licht;' nnil eiiiiTpinenl. \VO .Mllj Oli.ilmers M-i'ln niinpnient. F 12 F.lrm.lll »vitlj omip- menl. Henry's Onr.lce n,-r'."< f-.-nm Klvlhcville Oil Hill, lllyllieville Ark . lf'0 ncres neftr Steelo well lor.ited. p-oe.l imnrovoTiienls. EOOI! rends elce- trifity. CAII divirtr nn.l sell in -10 or KO acre Ir.-icls. Possession nt once. 120 ncrrs well locotert. cooil ron.l.i. eleclririly. Ko<.il improyeinprtts. I'oses- sion .Inn. I 1918. Triced (o sell Several other forms M-ilh or without im- incdi.ito possession. M II, e'nrris Klerle. Mo. 1'lionc 212. 3M-(k-3<l2 300 acres, very choice land, <m Highway 40. West of Osccola. !/ 2 in alfalfa, balance in cotton. Rents go to purchaser, price $250 per acre. SO acres near Tomato, about '15 acres in cultivation, balance woodland, on graded road, price $3(500.00. SO acres, South of Moorchouse, Missouri, on graded road, A!, r ood home and barn, free '•'of stumps, an excellent piece of farm land at the very low price of $9750.00 with §5000.00 cash. Itent- cd for this year, rents go to purchaser. This is a bargain if you want 80 acres of good [and cheap. W. HI. Hums, Realtor, Phone 3301. 3-l-pk-3-6 KlM»;),prry i.lnnt.. Mn,r 0 HarnUli 1710 Hn<-l.a>n\vlin. I'hnn,. ;|7 u). aift'.tiV-HS ni^rchnndiso'; one'ncrc land on 77 Hi»•»>-. Soi.lh of Manila, Ark.. Slnr Honlp. Spr Mitnlb. or v.-rite K. >f. French. I.-W 1 T"" 1 - 1 "* -nwcMnt. in condidon. less i),»n l,»lf the ' • " ""V ""' 0 - "?" 5T ^"I' fri «'AI nei-fecl condilion. 0 !». Molor Co.. n»eeo]». Ark 1 ;,pi I'M Ihf ;ii,irkr{ fc.r. a .siv-room lioinc in Hlyllii'ville. Trofer in I);ivi>j nildi- lion. Price ranue .$r».00() to SH 000. K. T. Ilublinrd. I'.U. llox I. Ht'eelf Mo. 3!.l-|)lt-:illl 2 Sftlesl.T.lies, 1 snlcsnlnn. for nerro^* netil ctoi.loyment. Apply Mr llnv.n- wriKhl. Jirn Urown Slore. ^!' If ynw hflve h.ii3 sellint' experience^ ore :. over 25. \vo vilI'Dny yon $nf, weekly plus l.onns. winch slionM earn yon ?IO n day. Wrilc Nellies Inc.. S0. r , Clmrlres St.. Sew Orleans for complete J.icls. '3l3-ck-6 SALESMAN WANTED Sfnn Wauled, for Hmvteiirh business irnere consumers rc'Cpi^etl COoil ser- vifo in Fonlb Mississippi nnil X.irlF. CHllenden cor.nlies. Hnsler can esin>i-t poo.l profits from slart Write nt onn- Hnwleifh's ]»ppl. AKC-27.2C17 Mcm- pliis. Tenn. 3l4-l.k-»|7 Wanted Stenographer—Must be al.le to take- dictation, some liookkeenir.i:. Ai.i.lj Hotel Jiolilo. manaiier's office. 3Kt-ck-:<]<> ny. rent or horro\v. nirino. 1'opncr. JIM. 1. phone ns Slnnton A. 3 CALL "j everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard Jewelry Slbft • A. f. DIETRICH. Mgr. j attention j welders... I . i i You can now purchase a \ i complete acetylene welding • {outfit for $R2. This is the! i latest type medium size! i genuine Harris Calorific, • ! the-oldest manufacturer of" J welding equipment. r BLYTHEVILLEJ Machine Shop I ! 211 So. 2nd Ph. 2828 j Is Your Car Ready For Spring Driving? It's easy to check — If you intend lo dike those-weekend trips'you're '< planning ioi- this spring have I ho car clici-kod to sec I (hat the niolov, tiros, chassis anil batter/ are in Lip- I top shape. Our service, department handles your needs j thoroughly and quickly. ' 7 Important Service OPERATIONS- • Adjust steering gear and front wheel toe-in • Rearrange tires if necessary • Adjust and clean spark plugs • Clean fuel pump and adjust carburetor • Inspect battery and clean terminals • Adjust brakes • Adjust fan belt PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—niythoviJle, Ark.—Tel. 453_3 7 i 5 For Rent nt lii-ilroom ifrivaln cntnuice. oil lilal. 'lHjiie 303'J. Wl-l Cliickatinvliii. :H3-nk-!l|« DcJroom. 1109 Chickasawtia. .I'll 2875. ., , 12.'|ik-a-12 Ili'Jrooiii. kltclHTI privil.'jjrs .(jiliiiiiiil. V.'urkirif rou|i]i' |>n>IVrreJ. 817 ' nrni.«liml l.o.lronm „,] ininiim ],,ili. Kltcnon pnvtli'^ys. 2 IB K. Davis SI. . , „, IriirKir (UiKLl rniniilctr uilli onuiti- ro.'iil -IIP, mill, I,,,,,). | i(l | i Hl)x ,,,,(, l-lione lll.l. ;1|f,.rk.|(l lroim, vrllli jirivilNset. l(i(17 ". Hoarn St., ,ili. 201(1.<-A rtLislu'il nt.slaiis niinrlinrnl. nriviid- hnlli. lililili.'« nmiixlieil. (,Vnn>K> unlj. inOI W»l Asli SI. i'Jmni! 2019 I nk-» __^^^^ honsekee,,!,,,; ,««„. Couple „,„ io.el '"' y - •'• JL «" 1 "" !^_" ul - iila.i,ii.;im "ll*',',''' 1 Vc,',"™""'" 1 . " r m '- Nn :iui-iik-io rcivard for rent of .1 or T, rnoiu liuiise. \\ ill |, ny y.i^r'fl renl in M] vane.'. Phono 2180. .1-iik-ll KEAI, ESTATE WANTED City Proiiorty. all typs» linilnoasu nnd farina In anil around ElythevlUc. Sell us your property, plenty of buyers—Hsi nowl Pliono ^304, J. J. Fluid. Bonilei Heal Eatalo Broker. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3647 Regular Inspection Is ESSENTIAL Expert, periodic care is the' only thing that will keep your car running as it should. Cars lacking proper lubrication and mechanical adjustment will give trouble that wttl cost you money. Let our service department and shop put new life in to your car with an over-all check and corrective measures. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales— BJICK—Service U< S - Tir « MobilgoiandOH WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Tftephon* 55S MARCH COMES IN LIKE A MT MONKV 'I* 1,0AN i 1)<) you need • loan to repklr or remodel? No down pay ment, no mortgage, no re (ape. FiiA approved rate 6%. Ask for details. Ma Logan, Realtor,'phon« 2084 Lynch Uldg., IHytheTllte. 9-28-ck-tt See us for an estimate before you have your trnclor nverluuiU'd. Wo speciali/.o in steiini cleaning and puiiiliiiK. Electric iiud iicel- .vlene welding. Russell Phillips Trnc.or Co. Hiwuy (>1 South. I'honc 2171. • 2-1-ck-tf Wn«l4np«. Hi'llo (tri' imli — ilrj- or (lnl>lit«l. \Vllllu 'n. Ill'J H. I.nfco. 2|s.|.k.:i|R Kent u Floor Sunder AT WARDS. Ssive money by rcfinlshiiiR your own floors. Adds years of life and Rives' them new heatity. It's ensy to do, too! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., .102 Main, Plume 591. 2-13-ck-tf l.«l>crl .lore rci.slr work. C«ll for Mr. Mryrri at HiiUUrd llnrilwnro We spcciali/e in fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 12C W. Main, phone , r >l' r >- 1-31-ck-tf Oil Stoves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. I'll. M«M. 2-n-pk-.i-n Ornil.uilo ilnly I .n nrnllnljli. fn ilnly In hnino or ]io«|illnl. Cull .|»r>. __0«f<'nl». Mr.. Fotil. 21 . v | : •:!! 7 Hi-wlne— lirltlu yniir fnmllv »im-|iw~«mi •nll<<rnlinii8 In I full w. Kv<>niiinrc'. • ' Strayed or Stolen I .(irn.ll ,nnri> rilnli. r, yrr., ,,1,1 )|n, li:>lt,>r mi. I 1,1,,,.), !,„„, ,„„!;, r, j. r ,. "111. llilwnnl r>((.>rnl. I'nll (Mrar 1,'iVn I'ann. I'i,o.u, im. 2l2B-rli.3l7 Loons no you N'KF.n A MIAMI To inftnrn nml [iimiu'd n np>r or nsril rnr. Irn.-k or Irnrlor. hi ArliniiMK or •' .Mlwmirl. >«« IK. Low ,„(,.,.'ll I/I.' our -crvio... Also PIM l.onin nml •I 1 ;:, l-'aiiii l.nnru, «nil Inillvlilniil r.-nl i-^lnto loniiK. IJnili'd Inxnninro Aprnry. ov.-r (lininra .Inwolry Slnrp. phi.rm 510 ' 'ji2r,.r.v.:;l2f. Ilcnd Courier News Wont Ads. —and Goes Out... ... But this March is sldted for big things if you'll fake advantage of our complete "after winter" check-up of your car. Drive in today and you'll enjoy miles of smiles this spring. (And we ain't lion!) . LOY EKH CHEVROLET (0. We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 Hire Trnrlnr lircikblni: plow. litdillnK pln\v, ill«r. Imrrniv. Cull II. II. Wnlhri-. riiono 212:1. ;|iti.|ik.:i|in PRESCRIPTIONS 'Fresh Stock Gu.'i ran Iced JSest Prices Kiiby Drug Stores THE FARMimS and IIANKKKS LIFE INSTIUANCE CO. W. 0. OEimiN, Oon, Aectit Jolili r. Holmca—W. 0. deurtn Jr, Offlc'o Uoiljilai BlilR. Z15 W. Walnut 1'lionc 238 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Types, Except Cancer) Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 401 nml your order will be on It's way in record time Our Floral Arrangements tell n comvileto story. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Service We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mae) Williams, owner Glencoe Dldf. SWIFT'S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Mea 1 43% Soybean Meal We VVefcome Your Business One Sack or Truck Load Swift & Company Oil Mill So Highway 61 Blythcvillc, Ark 1 DON EDWARDS "Tho TyiiewrUer Man" KOYAI,, SMITH, COIIONA m,,I KEMrNC.TON PORTAfiLP 110 N. SECOND ST. PHOHESsU (Every Ti'imsiictlon MOST^E SATISFACTORY) I TODAY IMPORTANT! 'SAvc'yoiir prcsdiit c.1r Kxpcrl Mcclinhltiul Service, Alcmllo Oil nnd Lulirlctinln Vcs. we 'wash and jjrcusc cars tool Motorxr We Iiitvi-linw niixnni Orerliiiiil nr rcliulld tlicm Tires :ui<l 'I'ulics Oh, Yes, We pnlril Citrs >rnol Reiiuir anil Hcllnlsli ull -boiHcs T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phono 2122 FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios end Appliances 320 E. Main St. Phon e 2 407 DON'T WAIT! "',"," 1 " f SC! '? n i(Cms now ' wh »« they -are' c. I hey may be out when you need \hern. * 'Lawn Mowers Heaters * Attic Fans » „ .. -„- * Screen Wire • Cotton Choppin Hoes j * Outside White Paint * Rubber Lawn Hose * Linseed Oil PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. x 126 West Main SL FRECKLES AND HIS FRIRND8 , WA.11TED YOU 70 KUOVJ , )6OOD...l . .^, THAT DROOPY IS HAPpy,MR..SH.\ROM/> OLD HORSE .'I ,,^^,- r —/-^ SOLD HIM TO YOU IF IT rrro^ r •*«• ^ XV) I HADNT BEEN THAT HE KEPT /C'Lioc -—^, KICKIN' THE PICKETS OLITA v\ >y - V MV MEIGHBOR-S FENCE. —i i NOT ANY MORE,

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