Moberly Evening Democrat from Moberly, Missouri on September 26, 1921 · Page 2
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Moberly Evening Democrat from Moberly, Missouri · Page 2

Moberly, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1921
Page 2
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MOBERLY DEMOCRAT, MONfiAV, SEPf EMBER 26, -1921 ( -agedinthewxxi (2 years) pipe tobacco TELLS WAYS OF PARSEES Mystic Sect- ot Inilin No Longer Wor' ships tire, as .Did its Founders, American Asserts. Mild and Mellcrw Artd its for cigarettes-— ; nothing fas • LICCET.T & MYKKS TOBACCO Co. (Raymond G. Carroll in the Philadelphia Public Ledger.) The thrill of the unexpected is the chief charm of New York City. Think of meeting in an office on the fourteenth floor of a sky-scrapper a man with a family tree, that goes back six thousand years before the death of Plato, and Plato died in 347 B. C. The owner of thai; astounding pedigree is Phirozshaw D. Saklatvala, president of an oil corporation and a naturalized American citizen. I had called In person to express regret for .inability to attend a garden party at Mr. Sklaluvia's country home \\\ Plairilield, N, J. .We ta'k- ed of Hindustan., where Mr. Saklatva- la was born, when he casually remarked that he was a Parsee and that he and his brother. Be'ramji, in business in Pittsburgh, were the only Parsees permanently domiciled in the. United Stales. ' For every other race America, has been the refuge in varying "wholesale Louise Oquest, Pansy Gaugh, Rosamond Castle, Frances Robertson, Adah Silvers, Mary Gunn, Eileen Betz, Helen Williams. The special guests were Lucile Holman, Dorothy Forney and Margaret Could. Canvass of Votes foi- Directors of C. of O. WIU »e Made Tonight. Practically all of. the e'nvelopes sent out with lists from which members of the-Chamber of Commerce were to select their preferences for 1'or directors to serve -for the ensuing year have been returned to the secretary. A meeting will be held in the Chamber rooms tonight to canvas the votes. Judges 'of the primal- election will be: M. J.'Tedford, Lo McCabe, Homer Jamison, James Ke hoe and Paul Stevenson. proportions, but here was a case of fragmentary representation of the Army Captain Claims He Can Trisect Angle Geometric Problem That Has 1?ua zled M'ltlicmaUc Ums for ycai-s Is Believed Solved. San (Francisco, Sept. 24.— Quo ol the most interesting- and intricate ^problems of geometry, which foi DEMOCRAT' j£&V3ERTJSING^FOR RESULTS. Big Reductions Tires and Tubes I — 32x3% Goodrich Fabric Tire. $12.39 each 1—33x4 Goodrich Fabric Tire $24.78 each 1—31x4 Goodrich Fabric Tire $19.80 each 2— 34x4% Goodrich Cord Tires $42.70 each 2—34x4 Goodrich Cord Tires $38.17 each 2—33x4 Goodrich Cord Tires . .$37.23 each 2—32x4 Goodrich Cord Tires $36.18 each 1—33x4 Inner Tube (Goodrich) $2.89 each 4—32x4 Inner Tubes (Goodrich) $2.78 each 1— 32x3% Dinner Tube (Goodrich) $2.26 each 4—33x4 Inner Tubes (Goodrich) $2.89 each 1—31x4 Inner Tube (Goodrich) $2.63 each 1—34x4 Inner Tube (Goodrich) $3.00 each The above tires are the well known brand ot Goodrich fabrics and Goodrich Silver-town cords that I am closing out at absolute cost. Phone your order for any of the above sizes as they will not last long at these prices. Also call and see the new model Calillac Chat I will have on display in a few days. LOUIS HUNT , Dealer in CADILLAC, CHANDLER AND CLEVELAND 5»18 North Fourth Street Phone 007 J That Idle Dollar Do you i-ealuo jour dollars if allorrcd to be kilo become like an Idle person — Shiftless? Just roaming around from pillar to post — that is not the nu- ture ol a dollar, it really wants to keep busy and earn something for you. Just start it- to work on a. SuvJnga account in. this biuik and it wlU bo on the Job 34 hours a d*y, 865 day* in a year. This bank has * job for every idle dollar you have. ., • . .* ^ STo account too small to welcome, uoiiv too large to handle, W« p»y Three Per Cent on Having*. -^ SAVING SUCCESS Randolph County Trust C Capital and Surplus $110,000 oldest race on earth; for be it know'ii the Parsees are direct descendants of the ancient. Persians and emigrated to India on the conquest of their country by >the Arabs they in the eighth century and incidentally they constitute the richest nation in the world. "My father, Dorubji Saklatvala, was a Parsee priest, and when a boy I was sent to another priest for iii struction in the tenets of that faith, said Mr. Saklatvala, "A beggar among the Parsees i unknown in India and would be scandal to the sect. The sagacity activity and commercial eutei'prise o the Parsees are .proverbial in the East, and tfceir credit as merchants is almost unlimited. Because of intermarriage the race has dwindled' down to seventy-live thousand, and X foi some time there has been a serious difference'among the Parsees on the question of proselytism. A Parsee married a "French •woman, who took the necessary steps to adopt the religion of her husband. But it was decreed by.the high court of India that though the creed of Zoroas- ter theoretically admitted proselytes, ther admission was not consistent with the practice of the Parsees in India. "This narrow view is what has to be broken down," continued Mi-. Sale-' latvala. "The Parsees still hold thn.f one born into that faith ami say that those who seek admission are people who wish to participate in the great wealth of the nation. The priestly office is hereditary, and no one can become a priest who was not born such; but the son of a priest may become a layman, as in my case. l|studied for the priesthood, so as to get my name in' the lineage register of the nation. However,'I have married ;i. wonderful American woman, but live by .tlur 1 teachings of Zoroas- ter, which religion may be summarized in a' sentence, "Good thoughts. words and deeds." Mr. Saldatvala denies the Parsees are fire worshippers. In our temples," he said, "are placed siJver vases, 'where. ;i, lire ot sandaUvood is constantly kept burning, night and .day. The walls and ceiling of the temple are snow, white Or color. The idea of the lire is to lix-. the wandering minds of the people who come to pray upon a manifestation of God. It could have been river, a lake or a mountain, but mountain is too large to bo put in a temple, so we have something that s small—a lire that burns overlust- ngly. The prayers are not to the lire, but to God, for our doctrine is lure monotheism." The Parsees in India, are nuicli nore liberal in their treatment of vbraen than any other Asiatic nice; •they allow them to appear freelx iii public and leave' them the entire management of .their household affairs. "Every day .is Sunday with the followers of Zoroaster," lie responded to a question." "i was working in my garden ou« Sunday when a neighbor came along and asked what day of the week the Parsees celebrated as Sunday. I replied: 'Mine is bad religion, I fear, for it makes ws say days of the week.' I am not sure that ,Ue went away satisfied.' iyears has been a favorite pnzzla of .mathematicians, has been solved s, by a soldier. ; Captain Terrill E. Price, aide to ;Major-Geiieral Charles H. Muir, commander of the-Ninth Corns .area of the Unite J States Army, has trisected an angle with dividers and a, righ tangled ruler. '. Ihe announcement was made by General Muir, following reports Uiat an Eastern i mathematician had.,- ed the "liroUlem, "but want not r>ouUy to -announce his method." Capva.iu Price is a University of Pennsylva- uia Jrouor student in mathematics. •Captain Price has not only effected a solution of. the problem, n;;t his din grams and particulars of Uis achievement' are 011 (lie with the war department, General Muir star.- ad. Briefly here is Captain Price's solution: To trisect an'angle with di.-iders end light-angiert riUer: Draw tangents .to Us sides at equal distances from the angle. Measure the distance from the. side bl' the anglo to tlie intersection of the tun- geuts. Lay off twice this distance, on ;i ;-.l.raight line and trisect it. (IJs- the regular geometric mcf.hw.l 'or dividing a straight line into any given number ol! parts.) Lay off the resulting thinl on each tangent separately, measuring from the side of the angle''toward the intersection of the tangents. Connect the angle with the two .points thus obtained , by straight lines. : Trisect the chord from the bases of the tangents already drawn and draw straight lines from th,e ti'Jsoc- tion points to the angle. Bisect the second and fourth of the five angles now formed from the original -Angle-. .These bisecting lines will trisect the original angle. ' ' To prove the result correct. Lay oil' equal distances from the- angle on its sides and au* the. trisecting lines. Connect'the nearest lines at these paints with .straight •lines, Tlio result will be triangles whose sides have been, constructed equally, and whose bases will bo found to be orjual by actual measurement. ' ;• Therefore I he throe triangles are' equal taken together form the. oriK- ! inal triangle, the original angle has been trisected. ' • SAVE WHILE YOU PAY! l- WASHERS uOO 10 'si Grotjan's Repair Shop. All kinds ot trunk, door and Tata keys made while you wait. Our ape* cialty, stove repairing and parts of all dads. Lawn mowers, shearu and tnlfe grinding. Firearms repaired. 610 Nrrth Ault Street. When Delivered :j $2.67, a Week Payable Monthly Phone 675 Today!'. Consumers Appliance, Co. "At the Gas. & Electric Office" "HELLO, OLD TOP* "NO, OLD CAR, NEW TOR" 4 ¥lie"body lines incorporated in the new Soft Hats will make 'a new man of anybody. i .And you only have to touch" one to your tieac! : to . recognize how far it is-ahead in style/, line, technique and Value. ' At $3.85. ^Yes, even at $2:85, we can/show you , Soft Hats fit to wear anywhere you.take "into you! : ~ head to wear them. . / U •.-^,-,-'.-?...•'•-••• Truly men, if this display has a sister-.within a hun-. dred miles—we would like to meet her. - CUT-PRICE STORE MOBERLY, MO. Dick Entertained'* Suruljiy School Class. Miss Elizabeth. Lewis'" entertained th* girls who ,afe members of her. class in 'the. Fourth Street Methocl- st Sunday t School, Saturday after loon. ProgJBssiive, 1 :-.douiinqes 'was:' the Same diversion of "the'-afternoon.' Josephine Davis and .Kpsambnc! Casle tied for' the hpiiors. This was crie of the. nappy'social enta enjoyed by' the girls of thia lass. The hostess was saslsted in ervlng by Margaret 'Could. -.The members of tlie class present were TO ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN OF MOBERLY TOMORROW AFTERNOON AT 4:30 IN TANNEHILL PARK. If the weather is bad the balloons will be given away on some later date. Come out, Kiddies, let's have some fun. .NOTE; -Due to,the. cqrighted, traffic conditions on Reed street, we will not issue any balloons iVom-'our' store, but choose the Park for the safety of the children. _. & ' j iV § i •„ i .k jjiltl?

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