The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Page 12
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Publishers Face Paper Shortages Eastern • Owner of Small Plant Says ; SituaH6n is Serious* • WABHIK'GTON', March 15. iUP) —Th« chairman of Ihc Nattona Editorial Association's ncRsprin ' cofnmttt«e ; -said 1 today the neWs- ' print shortage threalcns to develop soon into n- "truh gra\e crisis i for small newspapers. The testimonj \\ns gUen bj EJ , M; Anderson, publisher of the Transylvania. Times, Brevard, N. : O. and'' the 'first witness before a senate.; small business snUtommlttce which, opened n study O f the newsprint situation. "Today the most serious problem confronting weeklies, semiweeklies,- trl-Sveeklies and small dailies 'of (he nation is the lac* of- an 'lufequate. supply of newsprint, , the outlook for a-continued scarcity of newsprint and the possibility.- of continued increase in newsprint prices, particularly through so-called black-market operations."! he.said. "The situation already has become, so critical that it would not be ! an.'exaggeration to state (he . crisis .exists today, and that unless * something is done to prevent it ' from • becoming worse, the time is not far distant when he will face • a. truly grave crisis jn the small publishing industry." ' Committee members; questioned . Anderson closely on -what ho meant < by "Slack.'market" sales of news' print: He finally agreed with Sen. Crew'Rescued From Sinking Schooner (ARK.). COURIER NEWS __ _ __ _ „ The crew of. nine of the sinking: flsliln;, schooner, Catherine L Brown anker Culinn. -which lies n l osle . Mc off . Ca|)e Mayi N / All «Tw Gloucester and Boston Mass., sl ,n K . r.MEA Te ephoto ta-r, * akc-n aboard the schooner, frcm Persimmon trees lie Arctic regions. once grew in Homer E.'cnpchart, n., Ind,. siib- ojnmHtcc chairman, that "dlscrl- linatory prices" would he a more ccurate lenn. Alaska's Coliiest-Holtcst Fort Yukon is both the coldest and hottest^spot hi Alnskn. it lias recorded temperatures nil the «'ny from 78 degrees' below wro to 100 degrees above, XXXV 1 'JHHEE ^ays before Christmas it I snowecjj, during the niuht, a - heavy wet'snow, and'the 'next • morning the farm was a fairyland . with every shrub and bush and •;• tree heavily liden with white. i. ! Cassie/wasn't sick- mornings any ; more. She came down early this ; morning and helped Mama mix , the fruit cake. v "] wanted to getithe cakes done i in time,to send one to Parker. Way ^.oft there i:i New York—fine Chi-lsU- rrrnris he'll have." ~; "I wish-you wouldn't mention ' £him,v Myma,". Cassis cried sud- r _-denly. ''I.wish everyone wouldn't r.always keep harping on him!" -She flung out ot the kitchen and went into'-the. long living room . where Sid had-lit a fine wood fire. • . Mama followed her. '.'. "You know what I think, Cas\ sie? I think you're still in love . with Barker." j "Don't say such things, Mania. , It's silly," she said, trying to sound . scornful. I A letter camp from Leni, say; inu she was sorry she couldn't get ; home. It might bo'a long time : before; she'saw them again. She was on.- her way to New O rle a ns with some fellow she had met at ' the night club where she was sing; ing.' His family lived there. She , was thinking o£ marrying him. ! So TJeni had given up the idea of marrying Parker, after all, Cassie though/. Lehi was very changeable, -wasn't t sh'e? But Leni had her own ideas about what she wanted from life. - . . ' • » * * _;QASS1E went out into the woods ' : wiih : Papa and Sid to cut the • Christmas tree. They set it up in ' the living room. "It's going to seem funny without Parker here," Papa said. - "Seems like he's one of the family ;! even thouaij he ain't here • any v more,-' 1 lie added, in spite of ' Mama's dark look. Our Boarding House There was a . box from Mike mailed from Now York. Nylons for Cassie, a musical nSwrier box for Mama, books for Sid, and'an enormous jar of imported tobacco for Papa. Cassie helped Sid string popcorn and cranberries lor the tree. She went to town with Papa in the truck and bought presents and wrapped them in her room. But there wasn't any fun in any of it. It was like a dream, an empty, pointless dream, with no beginning to it and certainly no ending anywhere. They were all silting at the small table in the kitchen eating-supper on Thursday evening when the telegram came from Parker. Mama had gone to the door and she came back smiling lh« yellow paper in her hand. •Listen to this," she satd 'SAVE ME A PT,ACE ON THE GIVING ROOM MANTLE TO HANG MY STOCKING. I'LL BE FIOME FOK CHRISTMAS. LOVE "Hurrah!" Sid cried. "Good old Parker! I knew he'd come!" There was a sudden silence Cassie could feel the color draining from her face. She pushed back Aer.chair and went out of the room and upstairs, and got the big suitcase out of the closet She was busy packing when Mama came up. "Now Cassie, what you going to do?" "Well I can't stay here" Cassie retorted. "Yon ought to realize that. "I'd like to know why not. Ain't this your home?" "It's your home, Mama, but it isn't mine any more." ''Cassie, you're being foolish. -Thais probably why Parker's com in' to begin with—to sec you. And then to go and run away!" * * * "\V HY snumJ ho come to see me?" Cassio said bitterly. ' "He prbbably knows as well a* you do the divorce was all a mis, take."- , . • : "I t'wasn't.a mistake, and there's no reason why he'd want to see mev It's irtorc p'robablo that he doesn't knbw I'm here.'I'd planned lq go to California, remember?" "Bui where can you go? And on Destructive Wilier Three Rocky Mountain ranges have been formed nnd 'then worn away by the. action of water airing the lust 30,000,000 years, according to an eminent geologist,. Christmas too, aiid we planned - , ... ,„,_ ymijrii>u such n nice Christmas." Mama began ^to weep into her apron, '1'tl go to Indianapolis and stay at a hotel." "Spend your Christmas in a hotel? Oh Cassie! 'I:won't let you go. I'm goin 1 to tell Va^a h- can't drive you to town!" .Mama said suddenly with-spirit. Cassie finished her packing and put on her hat and coat Papa came inlo the' bedroom hesitatingly. He gestured at. her with the stem of his pipe. "What you (join' to leave for, Cassie?" he said regretfully. "I don't see why you can't stay. You and Parker could- surely get along, through Christmas, even if yoii ain't married to him any more. And yoiir Mama's all cut up about your leavm'." "Would you mind driving me to the-bus station?!' Cassie said She drew on her gloves. Mama and Sid kissed her tear- fully.and watched in hurt silence is she followed Papa'down the inowy path to the truck. In Indianapolis it was almost mpossible to find a room, but she finally found one in a small hotel The room was small and dingy and not too clean, but it didn't natter: : She spent a miserable night toss- ng on the lumpy mattress of the 3Cd in the cheap hotel, and ale n laslcless breakfast in the tiny coffee-shop, nnd (hen for wont of anything else to do started for a walk. In the afternoon she went to a movie. It was dusk when she returned to the hotel. And when she asked for her key at the desk, a tall figure disengaged itself from a chair behind one of the polled palms in the lobby. Cassie's henrt turned over. It WD3 Parker. (To Be Concluded) Save Money Today. Ahy .Day / STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main Yon Must He Happy Phone 853 or No -Bcul FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes. 12 in. t o 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fi] a ( Stale Line Phone lilythevilta 714 •WEDNESDAY,-MARCH- 5; 1947 "How can you have the nerve to charge that much for wteners? Haven't you heard about Henry Ford cutting the prices on cars?" Be. Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. JRITTNER Qut IS.ALsWeNiTlC, I.-KX sut-F6K- IMS tHE STRANGEST CAS& OP MEASLES OW RECORD' AW FACE IS SPECKLED ' [LIKE K PAIR OF DICE p [MV6KSTIR6 BODY IS AS CJMBLEMISVAEDASTME 1 RECOBDOFGEMERM. EISEK5HOVJER./ DID you CATCH MY, snow <%2&>, ^^ x TOLO ASOOT SIR K±^ e ^ SIL WETABOLISWS fMWBETl V^ET ? WHENEVER HE- TME V CLEANED MILORD'S TROUSERS HE REST , ARE |MS|D&\ CANi'T BREAk THROUGH ' ALL THOSE- LA.VERS OF , TEM-sFbTS -~ KVUK.-KYUK.' . f w |AMf\N vie FLINT" ByJ. R. WiHiams Wen Libby Land and Chili arri^idlt ny office, I had n »m f OT them. .... _ Work Coming Up I StE.DOC, HOOKE& -iDU.TOO, PER owe o' THESE? EWSHFUL BUG&1ES IM A TOWM WITH CWE PAVED STI5EET. ~ Vtr^i &,'t==^ I'M DELIVERING MISS , MHUIN AS REQUESTED, VIC. WILL YOU PLEASE SIGN .HeRE ? KrGHT ON THE DOTTEE WRE. BY THE WAY,-IVE JUST BEfN TALKING TO 1 THE HOSPITAL TAWY THOMAS COMES HOME . \ BY MICHAEL O'MALUCY : STItL PUSNACIOUS FISH OF HAWAII, ISUSEDBVNATIVESTO CATCH Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Await* Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 118' East Main Phone 2302 Levels and Lines Surveying '§'•• DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES \ Win. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Rox 8-1, Roseland, Ark. Yes, We Hiave New Gars Arriving Every Week-— * Pont iocs ' •Fords * Chevrolets * Ply mouths and'Others Place your, order Now for Immediate Delivery We !>ay Top Dollar for Glean Late Model-Cais BUD WILSON AUTO SALES ' Con Frankiin and Main St. Phone 2037 NEXT: How bis is Antarctica? WASHTUBBB" SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oats, Lcspcdeza, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blytkcville's largest Seed Stoct Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main. Phones 856, 857 EXCEPT WR A FEW WEEKS NOT "10. OPT'IN. HE GOT AN RSSI WHEN HE'SWN THM TWE V. DONE All. THE *««i^». RUNNING SHORT RESEARCH ON PLASTIC A1LEH Thai'Assistant? RYDER I'LL NEED THIS GU$ to CMCH THIS FELLER. LIVED IN TM'HOUSE BUT HE'HMED "CATS. ONE PWJ GUESS UN'S CWS ARE His . ME.PETT1FER CftUGHT 'IW KICK- BUT / „_ /•ni^Tr"^"-- '--fill-TO O'fROPERTV^LlEW. GUARD '.Ts SECKfcTS FROM EVERY-l I'D f EEL ft=n=R IF B05V..iNeiUDIN r THftT HELPER' \ *>-"-«•"• ING ONE, AND FIRED HWi ...HAS HE WTUED FOR PMENTS ON HIS PLftSTIC ' 0'MA^I,iy and HAU'H LANE /WAIK, POOR KID/THE / DOCTOR THINKS IT'S MOST LY MENTAL-- If SOMEONE \. MADE MIMBEUEVE HE \couiDvwiK, HE'D DO rr. THAT LOOKED LIKE TH •THAT JU5T DKOV V1XEY OOP I 1 W» KIOHI-'AND IVtfaDl A FEW ' L WltH HE V. T. HAMLIN .OSCAR...IVEGOT)AW,SOMEOF VOUR ICE OOVvN,,^. (NAPOLEON'S OFFICERS PAID ME A VISIT... B\" FRED RAHMAN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Net Profit— NOT UNTIL AFTER THEY GOT CARELESS WITH NITRO:..NOW IT'S -PISTOLS FOR TWO AND COFFEE FOR ONE TOMORROW MnDMlWnT^ FIGHTING IS \IINTENDTO MV BUSINESS,-! THAT'S WHV YOU STICK /THIS IS ONE TO BRAIN ROW MORNING! RY FT>0/\R MARTIN

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