The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1951
Page 15
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Suddenly, as though the curtain I of night had been torn aside, the I came upon the now familiar gray 1 stone walls. Caution or instinct (made her pause. She stood there, 1 breathing, hard, clinging to the I dark fringe of woods. The path ended opposite the liv- I ing room wing. Lawn and seldom- I used gravel parking space lay be- 1 tween her and the actual house. I She could see both the unattractive 1 angvilar outline of the ivied porte I cocbere and the screen of wooden lattice that acted as a partition be- j>'n the kitchen entrance and I Ihe'lawn. Something moved behind the lat| tke! A man? A long sweeping shadow from one of the firs? There was Mill • brce?.c, the branches stU | *(irre<i fretfully, whispering their •nnoyance with the wind. But the darker blur behind the lattice moved forward purposefully Swiftly, like the quick dip of a raven's wing, it darted across the grass and into the trees, A shadow | becoming one with other shadows Light, yellow and hazy, slreamec from the front hall, bathing thi steps, gilding the ivy. Abandonini. I the protective cover of the woods I she ran for it. The upstairs corridor was empty 1 somehow alien. All the doors bor dering it were closed. But tha was as it should be. She went mtc her own room. Mrs. Stcinhart right light was still rosily reflected in the mirrored door. Cheer ul r reassuring. The old woman's ac« was peaceful, her breathing low and steady, Elizabeth sagged onto tht edge f a chair. She had been K> sur* lat something would be wrong. \nd now she felt utterly depleted. s she- ran her hand across her ofehead she noticed that her ftn- ers were trembling. She had built Lerself up for an emergency that .Id not materialize and th« let- .own was as bad is a crisis. Then suddenly she stiffened. • • * JY/HAT was that sound? A groan? ** It seemed to come from Ollie's oom. She sat there, rigid with ension, waiting. Was this, too, imagination? Were ,er sense so hair-trigger now, so high-tuned that they were playing ricks. A strangled gasping, a panicky striving for air; again it came. She ran along the deserted ha)l o Ollie's door. It swung inward not quite shut, as though someone n haste had had forgotten to pul t to. The room was dark except for the gray luminescent night filtering through Ollie's bamboo shade. His bed was between door and window. She could see the silhouetted outline of his body Very still, very silent. Too silen for * person with a rasping ch««1 cold! • Impulsively she reached for the bedside (amp switch. OlUe stared up at her, unseeing unblinking, his lids half open. ATK hi* mouth was open, too. But i was his face, purple, congested. Elizabeth jerked back the covers A necktie was knotted aroun O.lie's throat. One of his own ga ties. A silly absurd tie—a ycllc background with little green bug on bicycles riding all over it. Typ ically Ollie. But now it had bee twisted into a strong rope, a gar rote that was as deadly and un absurd as a hangman's noose. An it defied Elizabeth's fingers. There wai «o little tim« t no time . . . perhaps it wax ready too latel She glanced around! desperately, o scissor*, no pen knife. But what as that gleaming on the long helf cluttered with Ollie's fly- tying paraphernalia? A peculiar urved little lancet, almost like a urgeon's scalpel! She seized It and p ent to work. Finally it sa^yed through the silk. She got him by th* ahoulderi, tried to pull his inert body higher the bed. It was then she dis- overed that more neckties held is wrists to the Iron rims of the prings on either tide. She cut trough them savagely. Ollie bean to slide sideways. He,was not big man but h* was corpulent It ook all her strength and some ih< idn't know ane possessed t to get iim propped up. She began to rub is wrists. There was still a chance, he could see the pulse throbbing aintly in his throat. If only she didn't have to be uiet But Mrs. Steinhart mustn't mow. This would be too much for ier fraility to bear- Elizabeth left Ollie for a second, an on tiptoe to his bathroom. There might be something, spirits f ammonia. She found them and went back. With his cold it was a isk, but a risk she had to take. She had almost reached him when she heard the soft.muffled eps in the hall. Cautious, uncer- ain steps. She froze in her steps, acing tbe door, her hand almost crushing the small bottle. • • • LL DKVANTER was standing in the doorway. Hii eyes wera narrowed against th* light. H« didn T t move Into the room. There was a queer expression on his face, an inability to cope with the scene Tore him. "Elizabeth, are you all right?" Relief swept over her in a weakening wave. She swayed slightly, put the ammonia to her own nose and took a good whiff. Bill was at her side Instantly. "Bill, someone tried to murder Ollie." He bent over the bed. "Txx>ks »» though they've succeeded." "No, there's still a chance. Get on the downstairs phone and call Dr. Appleby." <T« Be Your Geneva Kitchen Planned by Kitchen Experts Why put up Tvlth an old outmoded luicbco when it'* so easy 10 own a im*rt n«w GENEVA Kitchen >J«*tteJ jmt ti you UUNJ it. Big roomy base and wall cabinets .. . * bMdwm* GENEVA Sink In lifeline Si i in less Steel... and spacioui work surfaces, aJJ arranged 10 J*v* you time and step*. Lei one of our kitchen sp«<ialim show you how « ia 10 owo > GENEVA Per- Kttrhtn. Phone or com* «obin*l. Sh»1v»i r*v*lvi to bring •v»ry ortleU within •oiy neh. Hubbard & Hoke REPAIR SERVICE A 11 appliances: refrigerator*, freetcn. ran ges, • nd wuher* Radio* and small appliance*. All oar work Is guaranteed. I Adams Appliance Co. 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VISIBLY &WAKENJ, &-PORT PEEDSR MURBISS- TO HI* AWL6, *POPT/ JU&T B6CAU*E VOU AMJR- D6HED HAM SCRIBE MEAN M3U MAVE to <x> TO Pieces' A SOOD QUESTION, POUCE •—-k *TATtON7 OKAY IT VIC, m sou *AV 4<i LOUIB DA LETTB* BQ* WILL STICK HI* HEAD IN '* UAW' WINP CALL A BRIMS ME DOWN. JU&T BECAUSE VIC FUNT I* IN A. CAR WTTM A COP Doe*srr A^SA* SOUl!ECAU&l-rr was mu unrvJCPH tot to brln$ tne cruel to t»ii» fr»<Jll« flower who wrlt*» 9.0 toucnlntflul I had to tell her that the man she ecmlts accepting for fetter or worse h*) deoled'ever meeting mat darnel"—-. BUCK UP, HER. STORY MIL 3OOM SB OH.MVI USTEH TO TW6 SOS SISTER'S INTERVIEW WITH JAU6T TUU1S.- ... for a moment »rw stjnrted, then her tertfe ene* filled with tear-*, -pleads tart ttrinu narahlij of caotaln Easy." et\e l»rvt Wm»«f tatelq! HI* poor «|ck mind— AW, TO T WELL.NOW. I'D / YES, Bur EVERY TIME \ THAT'S RIGHT, 1 HECVT WITH/ SAY THAT WAS ! HE STACT3 TH' TIME- J SA.SJTA., HE'S DOLIB, r ( MORE OF A JOB V MACHINE.SUMP1N /BEEN HAVING WANTA<3O\FORDR.WONMUG 1 GOES HAYWIRE,' L A LOT OF TROUBLE THAM SWvJTA CLAUS. .PS KEPSL GUNSUN«6K. NEVER «rr* WITH HI* BACK TO * POOR/ SS^VHAF-S \VAA\EAN THE IC7EA OF Vfl^TOL CHANGING I PET6" WITH CICERO? ' HE RET WELL,HE

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