Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 7, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1897
Page 24
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DAILY PHAHOS TUESDAY, DEC. 7, 1897. QITY NRWS. Fur opening—Golden Rule. See Hauk before Christmas. Royal soip, 10 bars 25c—Traut. Fine leather goods.—Ben Martin, Fine line children's sets.Crismond. Best sugar cured shoulders 5}c lb. —Traut. California apricots, In three-pound cans, 10c—Traut. Bargains In ladies' and men's gold watches.—Ben Martin. Opal rings and studs, the largest line in the city at Taylor's. Mrs. E. F. Keller and son Roth are visiting at Indianapolis. A fine line of porcelain and enameled iron clocks.—Ben Martin. Buy where you can buy the cheapest and best.-Waldens shoe store. Work on the second oil well at Walton will begin in a day or two. Isham's Octoroons will appear at the opera house next, Saturday night. Fur opening tomorrow by a large eastern fur manufacturer, at the Golden Rule. 150 will buy a drink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, 116 per cent proof, at McHale's. Sterling silver spoons never were as cheap and pretty as now. Come and see them at Taylor's. Will Fuller, who has been spending a few days with friends in this city returned last evening to his home at Marlon. Otto Tyner.who has been sick with THE PRESIDENT'S MOTHER Pats Her Arms Around His Keck, Then Becomes Unconscious. Special to the Pliarog. Canton, O., Dec.. 7.—President McKinley arrived here in a special train from Washington, this morning. He was hurriedly drUen to the home of his aged mother and was soon at her bedside. She was then resting quietly, but unconscious. After a few minutes, she recognized her son by putting her arms around his neck. Then she became unconscious again. 1'rize Fighter Killed. London, England, Dec. 7.—Walter Croot, of Newcastle, England, who was defeated last night for the ban turn-weight championship by Jimmy Burng, of Chicago, died this morning from Injuries received during the contest. Germany and Haiti Make np. Port Au Prince, Haiti, Dec. 7.— The trouble between Germany and Haiti has been settled. The Haitian government saluted the German flag, and foreigners who had sought refuge on board of ships in the harbor have returned to their homes in this city. Supreme Jndge Suicides. Helena, Montana, Dec. 7.—Associate Justice Horace Buck, of the supreme court, committed suicide by ern conveniences. The Wabash has 117 surgeons; part local surgeons and pan, employed in the hospitals. This system providing for the medical aid and ieliet of the employes of the road it supported by a small per cent- age deducted from the monthly wages of each employe. Thirty-five cents per month is deducted from the wages of those receiving «50 and below, and 50 cents from those receiving above r * I Fur Opening WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, 850. A GULLIBLE FARMER • \j u uu JL 7 ** •*» i * — . quinsy for two weeks at the home of his parents in Clinton township, is ilowly Improvin3. If you want any fine furs for Christmas attend the fur opening tomorrow by a large eastern fur manufacturer, at the Golden Eule. Mrs. Clinker, of Winamac, fell at the home of her son, John Cllnger, of Ottowa street, yesterday morning and broke her right arm. The young people of Broadway M, E church will offer a series of free lectures to the young people of the city and all Other interested parties. The Elks' home minstrels paraded the streets this afternoon, accompanied by the band and drum corps. They are sure of a big house tonight. John Dodds, a former resident of the city, is here on a short visit. He holds a position with the Panhandle company at Cleveland, Ohio, as clerk. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. F. Spencer, a former resident of this city, now of Albion, Ind., are rejoicing over the advent of a new daughter in their family. Hon. Sidney Moon, formerly reporter of the Indiana supreme court, and a well known Democratic politician, is in the city for a few days, representing an insurance company. The opening chapters of our new continued story carry the reader's mind Into the midst of a most interesting plot. From the very start the story is full of adventure and romance. Begin now and read it. Every dog has his day; our dog had his day a long time ago, as we have, had him (and there are others) made up into gloves. Need we say that they are tough and good wearers? Try a pair.—Dawenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. The fire department waa called to answer an alarm on Indiana street at 6 o'clock last evening. A window curtain in a house occupied by a Mrs. Bennett caught tire from a lamp, but the flames were extinguished long before the arrival of the firemen. Miss Elsie Stoughton is assistant teacher in Mrs. Findlay's kindergarten, at 600 Sycamore street. She takes a number of the children to and from the school with horse and carriage. The first session of the kindergarten opened yesterday at 1:15 p. m. Tomorrow being the Feast of tbe Immaculate Conception, a holiday of obligation in the Catholic church, the churches of that denomination will properly observe the day. At St. Vincent de Paul church specially appropriate services will be observed. The first mass will be celebrated at 6 o'clock, the second at 7 o'clock and the third will be a solemn high mass at 10 o'clock. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER shooting himself, owing to ill health. SCRAPS OF SEWS Comes to Town to See the Sights and is Rolled for $25. Yesterday afternoon William Foster, a young farmer from Clinton, 111., and William Lance, of Kentland, arrived in the city, and, from the story told by Foster, it appears that he had $25 in his possession when he met Lance at tbe latter's home, which he gave to the keeping of Lance at the latter's solicitation, the two having been former good friends. When they arrived In this city they repaired to a prominent saloon and had a few drinks, and Lance reauested Foster to remain in the saloon for ten minutes while he went up street to transact some business. This Foster agreed to do, but at the expiration of the ten minutes and Lance did not return it dawned on the infantile mind of Foster that he had been too confiding, and that he was out his roll. He then reported the affair at police headquarters and a search of the city by the officers failed to reveal any trace ot the smooth young man. Foster left this morning for his home, a sadder and wiser man. THE COMMISSIONERS Dec. 8 and 9 by a large Eastern Fur Manufacturer. He will deliver any Furs he has. This will give you an opportunity to buy some- Fine Furs for Christmas. | THE GOLDEN RULE. Schmitt & Heinly. HOLIDAY Relating to the Railroads and Their Employes. Coming west from Andrews on the Wabash road, the . track layers will this week reach Peru in laying the new elghty-pound-to-the-yard steel rail. Pennsylvania stock is now selling at 1114 per share, and more stock, it is stated, Is being purchased by New York capital than by the capitalists of Philadelphia, which is causing some speculation. On December 1st the Penntylvan'a railroad paid Its semi-annual dividend. The amount was 13,230,000, and it was paid by 23,000 checks, only thirty shareholders calling for their money at the treasurer's office. All divisions of the Pennsylvania lines entering this city are exceeding all former records in number of loaded cars they are handling. Their business last week exceeded that of the corresponding week of 1896, and all divisions show a handsome increase. There is no truth in the rumor that Trainmaster Sims, of the Detroit division of the Wabash, is to succeed J. S..Stevens as trainmaster on the Wabash main line. Mr. Stevens has not resigned, but has gone to California for a few weeks' stay for the benefit of his health. The Pennsylvania lines are now is- Shoes and Slippers w The handsomest, and best assortment of ^^ CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the ci;y- Will Appoint Superintendent. of Poor Farm and Make Other Appointment* at This Session. The county commissioners will be required to appoint, during their present session, a superintendent of the county poor farm, also a county physician for Eel township and for several other townships. Quite a number of applications have been filed for the positions, and it is thought the commissioners will find no difficulty in finding good men to fill the positions in which changes are made. The board will also be called upon to appoint a constable for Eel township at this session to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of Constable Binney. Several months, ago they appointed Silas Morgan, but as he has failed to file his bondr.the board will be compelled to make an other appointment. As the position Is not a very lucrative one, it is not thought they will be overwhelmed with applications for the position. FOR THE DEFENSE. LeatherJ*j£id, Ooz Kik, Plnk,_greeji,red, lavenderr In fact anything in]nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. Can THR TAILOR Suit You in Style and Prices. suing at all their principal ticket offices, for coupons of one-thousand- mile interchangeable tickets of the CentrallPassenger Association's issue, exchange coupon tickets to Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, at 2 cents per mile, short line distance. On a prominent railroad which now has about two-thirds of its freight cars equipped with automatic couplers the accidents occurring to em- ployes In coupling cars In 1896 equaled 11. i per cent of all the personal casualties occurring on that road during the year, as compared with 28.6 per cent in 1891. S. A. Lonsway, a Panhandle brakeman, had his right hand caught oe- tween the bumpers of two freight cars last evening while making a coupling at Bush and had the fingers of the hand so badly mashed that Dr. Hetherington was compelled to ampu- ffas tbe Terdlct of the Jury in the Ber torff Case. ' In the case of tie state of Indiana against Charles Bertorff, a young business man of Kokomo, who was charged with throwing a beer glass through the window of a Panhandle passenger coach at Galveston some months ago, Judge Chase this afternoon instructed the jur yto bring in a verdict in favor of the defendant, Is your linen, when it comes home from Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110. FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John F>. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, he deeming that the not sufficiently strong conviction. evidence was to warrant a WORLD'S FAiR, CHICAGO, 1893 tate five of the fingers. He was taken to St. Joseph's hospital. In October, as shown by the Railroad Gazette, there were 165 accidents oa American railways, in which 54 persons were killed and 116 injured, the fatalities having been I unusually large. Of the 34 passengers killed IS were killed In the disaster on the New York Central at Garrison's. Daring the month 3 were Rilled by being, struck by locomotives on Indianapolis lines. .Seven of the 165 accidents occurred on Indianapolis roads. Sixteen passenger and 146 freight and other trains were involved In the 165 accidents. At the recent meeting of the Wabash railroad surgeons at St. Louis, the question of the various systems taking care of railroad employes was discussed at great length. After a most impartial discussion the conclusion was reached that the hospital system of the Wabash was one of the best and most thorough. It has five hospitals located at Danville, Moberly, Peru, Springfield and St. Louis. Of these, the one at Peru was built first. The hospitals have the best nurses and surgeons obtain- ablt and are fitted oal with »11 mod- Officers Elected. The annual election of officers of St. John Commandery No. 24, K. T., was held last night at their armory in the Masonic temple, and elected the following officers: Eminent Commander—0. B. Sargent. Generalissimo—Cott Barnett. Captain General—D. H. Chase. Prelate—A. J. Robinson. Senior Warden—S. S. Helvie. Junior Warden—S. C. Ltnville. Treasurer—Thomas Austin. Recorder—S. B. Richardson. Standard Bearer—D. S. Bender. Sword Bearer—S. H. Montfort. Warder—V. B. Selter. Sentinel—Robert Burkitt. A public installation of the above officers will be held on the first Monday in January. Wagon will call for your us a trial. work. Give If Jou Want lo be in the*Swim You bad better le • i ! -PATENTS- .American a/nd Canadian Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical and Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. SSEEl B B. GORDON. HOOLEY 1 Clean Up Sale. Fancy water jugs 10c, dark Ian terns 47c, good wash board 10c, good broom 9c, scouring soap, 2ic bar, washing powder 2c package, stone stew pan 9c, scrub brush 4c, slop palls 23e, tin water pails 8c.~ Foley 's . _ __ _ The Weither. Fair tonighn with warmer in extreme western portion Wednesday; increasing cloudiness and probable showers by Wednesday night: warmer. Stationery. Fancy b oxes suitable for girfc.Long well &"Cnmmlngs, Masonic Temple, Joseph Menaffie and wife, of Wash ington township are tiw happy par ents of twin daughter!. —Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat r;TVETHEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes. I'm. making Fall Suits and Overcoats to order from $14 to $40.00 .... H Q. Ttieker, Tailor, 4th and Broadwur. He will Fit You When all others fail. IFYOUWANTTO^BDY Good Shoes AT Lowest Prices ,-.See.. Walter Maiben. Special Attention Given to Fit and Single Pair Orders. See us for Holiday Shoes art Slippers. Every Pair Guarantee*} THOMPSON'S HERB TEA ... FOR THE ... Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE t • » • v/tx • « • Dysp-psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Haul*** Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Eheum, Eczema, We»k Back, Fever tad Ague and all other Diseases arising from Lnpuritiee of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HEBB TEA 00. NEW YORK.

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