The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT . \ NewEnglandDigs FrpmllnderSnow Upstate New Yorkers Hardest Hit With Some Cities Isolated • B> United Press _ A Ihreo-day wind and snowstorm S'lftt lushed the northeastern part Pf the country was blowing itself out orer the New England slates tcdsy, but upstate.New Yolk, (ho fcarcfest-hlt urea, still W as plagued ov high finds nnd snow squalls (hut hampered rilgfiing-ou;, work, The storm, descrlbcr) by tho o!d- ts, upstate New Yorkers as the worst in memory, left a death toll Of at least 19 persons In the state, » blanket of up lo 4n inches of .'now, isolated communities, stalled trains and.piled up 10 to 12 foot sncwririfis on mads ft nd hieh.vays. Efforts to clear the roads were retarded by the fresh snow smiills >m' the result sonle communities still were snowbound today niul milk and other food deliveries fii all parts of the state were s -jw- td. Buffalo, N. Y. was without fresh milk today as farmers were unnble to icach the city ana even In New York city milk deliveries wcr e expected to drop three per cent. The rltvof Auburn virtually was M iu ctl> wlth rnllr °ad travel to the North, South and East cancelled. •J rains in other upstate areas moved slowly nnd bus travel nss disrupted by the huge drifls on the roads. Road crews reported hundreds of stalled automobiles abandoned on the highways. • Most schools in rural areas wcre not expecled to reopen u , u u nox t New Storms Buffet Britain LONDON, Mar. 5.—(UP) — nnll and road traffic ond communications in Southern England were snarled today by the worst blizzard in half a century. . Hundreds of thousands of commuters were delayed for hours In getting to and from work Some were stranded all night in Icy railroad coaches one train required 15 nouts for the normal three-hour r«n from London to Brighton : The blizzard which stuck " last night was • accompanied by a 00- mile-wlnd and telegraph 'lines ^narjoed under the weight of ice. j Winds of near-hurricane velocity ripped off roof slates 'mid chimney brkksk near Brighton, in Lon- Ooa a^hus skidded :o» nn Ice-glaz- mcetfaiid smashed into a curb Sixty trolley buses were held up lor hours. '. The s no s . continued to interfere with coal shipments, production Was halted at many open pits but underground miners worked ou coastal shipping was hampered bv heavy seas. . Slippery runways forced the London Hirport to close, but air traffic w«s almost normalat Croydon. Only the morning plane to Lisbon was delayed. Weather observers reporled fo E and snow over France and Germany. . ! The Anlnnd group, ! n the Dalilc, contains 6500 islets, but the group's area is only 573 square miles. NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OP FX- ECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS FILED. r Notice is hereby given that durin" the month, of February, 1947 the following accounts of Executors and Administrators have been filed for settlement and confirmation in the Probate Court for the Chicknsnwba iJistrict of. Mississippi Countv. Ar"'- ansas and that such accounts with their respective filing dates are si follows, to-wlt: No. 1574. Estate of G. Mike Jr deceased. Second report and account of Ollivc W. Mike, Adminis- tratrix filed February :o, 1917 _ No. 1576. Estate of G. Mike, Sr deceased. Second and final report of F. Johns, Executor, filed February 10, 1947. No. 1719. Estate of Martin W Lewis .deceased. First anrt final report of Addle Josie Lewis, Executrix, filet) February 24 1947 No. 1020. Estate of M. S. N 'AS!I• branncr, deceased. Final s c m,. ment of Arthur Ashabranner Art- mmislrator. m Dd February 24 nn All persons Interested in the sel- Uements of any of the above estates ?hPrM ? Warned to filc exceptions fn • ft If - any havc thc y °» or te- R\\L thersl , x , ticth «*y following °he fllnE of the respective accounts failing which they will be barred fr ° m cxccptin s to the ac No Shoes—No School JHgTHEVlLLE (ARK-) - COURIER NEWS In Finland, shoe priorities go (o men who must worli in the forces and many children arc absent from school because they lack foot covering. Typical is 8-yenr-okl Anja Paakkari of forma Using old yarn salvaged from a much-worn sweater given to her by the American Red Cross more than o year ago, and wieldinjj needles that are mere pieces of wire, she knils a pair of socks for herself She'll wear them without shoes. Bank Robbers Widely Sought f n Tennessee VIOLA. Tenn., Mnr. 5.—(UP> — r\vo bandits who roblicd the Farmers and Merchants Bank of uc- wecn $5,000 and $0,000 in cnsh here •cstcrdny arc still at largo today :rspltr> an intensive manhunt by >otli the slate highway patrol and be Federal Bureau of invcstlga- ion. The two men entered the bunk, asked O. P. Butler, loan teller, for change for „ jio bill, and then at Pisto) isoint demanded the bank's cnsh, according to Butler's account to the FBI. The holdup men then attempted lo put Butler to sleep with ether and escaped in a sedan bearing a Davidson County (Ten ncssee), license. Butler was the only employe In the bank at the CONSTIPATION Ri»ky in BAD GOLDS Detained undigested food becomes lutrefactive, causes toxins, which vcrload the liver and other vital or- ans of the body, lessening your rc- istance to colds and other winter Ills nd interfering with their treatment. Vhy take this chance when you can ake Calotabs? Catotnbs thoroughly et pleasantly act on every foot of "our Intestines, sweeping out toxln- aden putrefactive foods and virus- adcn mucus, enabling you to more ffectlvely avoid or fight a cold. Noth- ng acts like good old Calotabs. Use as Jirected. lOc and 25c at all druggists Jake CALOTABS Witness my hand as Clerk airi day^March'mr 11 " 13 ^' 3 " 1 ELIZABETH BLYTHF County & Probate clerk. Musical Instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOLICITED Schools,. Churches, Hands .Ochcstras & Clubs Given SPECIAL PRICES On Musical Instruments J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main Tet.811 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 38i7 TRY MANHATTAN FINER Vacuum Packed COFFEE Cnn Ih 50c AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS Found at PICKARD'S Phone 20.13 10M Chickasawba NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery Downy/fate Donurs K . li, • Wain Demits nflr Dozen 30 Sugared Donuts »r c Dozen .. ^^1 Glgd or Frostcd MRC Slop in today and learn how really easy it is lo buy what you want, when you wan* it . . . oven if you haven't Ihe ready cash. CQQR/YC&R TIRIS, TUB5S, BATTERIES CAR AND HOWE NEEDS . . . SOLD ON TERMS TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE •HO W. Main St. DO YOU NEED A LOAN? To Insure and finance a new or used car, truck 01 tractor, in Arkansas or Missouri, see us. Low rates. You'll like our service. Also FHA Loans and •!% [arm loans, and Individual real estate loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guani's Jewelry Store Phone 510 Queen Shows,Keen Interest In London Exhibit of Homes busllcd through n J 2 1-2-acre "Wcai Jiomc" cxhlblUon yesterday it a pace which left reporter.? 50 years younger breaUiless. 1 y The vigor displayed minor cold, over her health She c --- — - t.iuwiikivj' viu.t-5." Airs. I Robinson said. The Queen posed again and ( again for photographers. Exact Science Fingerprint Identification has become so nearly exact that 4UO,- 000 • cases of Identification wcre trot to keep ui> mile after mile Ih'rou^h'theTE Spectators cheeicd, beamed •ui(i cinlllcd such audible coSt.^ Jsu t she marvelous?" For -in hoill- ;in*l n half dm „. 11* , i u iidu sue walked with of Gloucester, back from general. ™ hCl ' C "" • W!>5 80vernor She poked, a royal umbrella into fuvorcd stalls, remarked thut lie b, b y clothes In the court of fashion were "perfeully i ovc |,v' ami sighed wistfully as sllc „,(. mired hand-painted cups.. She rested for 15 'minutes, sitting in a tiny aluminum chair in a model gbvcrimicnt-bullt house n»d chatter with Mrs. Dorren Robinson, the future owner • "When I told her the house IHIPIWQ for electricity, Quee.i Mary sa ltl jjcrliaps I was taking it at the wrong moment b-cause « eann ° l n ' cw - KSTATES ON WHICH A],- M1N1STKATION II AS u F «•• v f'f\\1\twri*',* , *' -^ Notice is hereby given that the following Is a list, of estates of de- . WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, io-17 ceased persons upon which letters testamentary or of admlnlstr:illi>n were granted during the month ot February. 1947, with the date of the granting of such letters and (lie name and address of the executor or administrator: No. mi. Estate of Mary Q. Hoiden, deceased. Letters of Administration Issued to H. c. Campbell, Administrator of Dlythevillc, Arkansas, on February 19, 1817. No. 1778. Estateiof W. J. Shlpp deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Mrs. Leinoth Shlpp of Leachville, Arkansas on February S3, 19-17. No. 1780.- Estate of W. M. Bartley, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to Mrs. Jauddlc Bartley, Executrix, of Blylhcville, Arkansas on February 24, 1947. No. 1781. Estntc of Charles Russell Powers, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to E. M. Holt, of Blythevillc, Arkansas on Febni- ^^ ••-».«••»«« «v>* reoot 1 ' At Your S»or«> N ary 24, 1047. No. 1782. Estate of Bessie G Crafton, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to riosco Crafton -Bf Blythevllle, Arkansas on February 28, 1947. Witness my hand as such Clerk and the seal of said Court this the 3rd day of March, 1947. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County & Probate Clerk. nitbntial FARM LOANS J Prompt Swrvio* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section c»r 21 Vearf 115 So. 3rd Blyiheville. Ark. Tune In Prudenti'al Program Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKEC Just Arrived — Gulf weight Flannel Worsteds! eye powered Styles may come and styles may go'; ; . But style-wise men will always demand I%t Sehaffncr & Marx authenticity and quality standards. $55 _ Schaffner & Marx If It's for a Man MEADS Will Have It! Tired/AII-ln'-l listless Feeling Brought To Haiti As Vibrant Energy is Released , To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do you get up In tho mornings sttll tired, feel down-and-out nil day? Hnvo you cliecked-ui) on your blo<xl strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold, flu or other illness often wcara down the rcd-blood-cells, | Every, day—every hour—millions of i ttny red-blood-ceils must puur forth from the mnrrov/ of your bones to replace those that oro worn-out. A" low blood count may affect you jn s«tfral ways: no appetite, umlcrwciB!i|Viio I energy, a run-down condition. laWf or resistance to infection nnd disease, | To get real relleT you must kfi^i up your blood strength. Medical authorities by analysis of the blood, have by posi- i tivo prool shown that GSS Tonic la amazingly effective in bulldmtj up low blood strength In no»-organJc nutritional anemia. This is due to tho KSS Tonic formula which contains special -and potent activating Ingredients, | Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy thn food you eat by Increasing the gastric digestive Julco when It Is non-orenn|- cally too little or scanty—thus thcfitom- ach will havo little cause to pet balky with gas, bloat and give 'ofl that sour food Usto. Dpn't wait! Encrglzs your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now As vigorous blood surges throiiRhout your -whole body, greater freshness anrt strength should make you eat better sleep better, feel better, worfc better, piny better, havo a healthy color glow Jn your Ekli/—firm flesh-fill out hollow Places. Millions of bottles sold, Get a bottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helns Build Sturdy Health. W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cncoc Hotc/ Bldg. Phone 3545 PRIDg OF THE COMMUNITY Open 6:30 p.m.; Show Starts 7 p.n Wednesday and Thursday "THREE STRANGERS" with Sidney Grecnstrcet, ' f.crattline Fitzgerald. Peter lorrJ News of the , ' -'Also Shorls R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WctrncstNiy & Thursday "Bringing Up Father" with Joe Yule anrl Kcilic Itiano raramatiiit News and Comedy New Theatei Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIOITT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Boi Opens Week Rays 7:00 pjn. BaL-Sun. I p.m. Coni. Showlni Wednesday anrt TInii'stlay "DARK MIRROR" with Olivia DcHavitand, Lew Ayrcs Also Short Subjects CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost! I So Little" ' WEEKDAY* "Box Office Opens «:« pra. Show «t»rt« 1:M p.m Wednesday & Thursday "Experiment Perilous" will, Gcor B c Brent, Hcrty i.amarr . Serial "Phantom Rider" Cliapl el Also Shorts

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