The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY. MARCH 5, 1947 L Mclaughlin's fcign Nears End Veteran Hot Springs Mayor Springs Big Surprise for Foes «CT SPRINGS, Ark., Maroh 5. PJ—The Hoi Springs mayor's ace today was a wide open al- iUr, following Mayor Leo P. Ms- "Uighlin's surprise announcement ostcrday that he would not be candidate for re-election In Apil. Mclaughlin has held the post, ' m ~'3U"^- i^ mayor's official statement am eonly an hour after a specia'i ion of the Garland County irantl Jury had been called toy •ircuit Judge Clyde H.' Brown, one i n veteran group that went into flicc as a result of the general leMoiis last November. Although •>e purpose of the grand jury ?ssion was not- announced, Judge li'own madu a campaign promise investigate the Mclaughlin ad- inistnition. MsLnughlln's rather brief state- lent referred to the secure linan- ial status of the City of Hot firings, a condition he said was rought about by his decision to !t the city remain "open." He aid that revenue collected from ookniakers would be sorely miss- d. and he cautioned that it might ven mean higher taxes for resi- ents of the spa. In part, the announcement said: If this constitutes nofeasance in ffice, I can be indicted and dis- ualified from holding the office I mayor. Although I run sure ot e-election, it .would be a futile esture, considering .action of the r.-ind jury, to run.for office. With Ills;publication I wish to tell my .lany friends that I will 'not be candidate for mayor In the com- g election." Earlier. Mc-I/aughliu announced 5 would be a candidate for an leventh term, and threw his hat nto the ring along with four oth- '^ lot s P r '"gs men. Backed by veteran forces is Earl Ricks, Itsimer colonel in the Air Trans- oil Command. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Blind Witnesses Jneertoin About Details of Murder 'NASHVILLE, Temi., March 5. UP)—Police tried today to piece ogether a murder story in •whicii he two chief witnesses were blind nd the third. Hie alleged murctsv- r, .had told several conflicting lories. Meanwhile, tiley are holding Al- rt G. Dewces wlUiout bond on . charge of first degree murder in onnestion with the shooting -last light at ilrs. Helen Perry Tem- ile.. 65. Homicide officers said Dewees, cleasecl recently from'a' veterans' lospitnl after treatment from ner- ous disorders bougtjt about by inr wounds,' gave conflicting ac- ounts of the slaying. They added hat "frankly, \ve don't -believe he nows what actually happened. However, they gathered from lories of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hoop- k both ot whom are blind, that MS. Temple may have pulled' n .nite on Mrs. Hooper and that Jowces Kimc to the bind woman's .ssistance with a shotgun. Mrs. Hooper laid "I couldn't see, f course, but I could feel that olri blade against my neck." N THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA UISTKICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. n the Mutter of the Estate of W. M. Hartley, Beveased Ko. 1780 IOTICE OF PROBATK OF WH.t >F W. M. BARTLEY, DECEASED Notice is hereby given that the ast Will and Testament of w. M. artley was probated in common orm by the Probate Court Tor the hickasawba District of Mississippi ounty, Arkansas, on the 24th day f February, 1947. Aii appeal from such probate can ^fleeted only by filing n petition, iUing the grounds for such appeal, ith this Court within six (G) lonths from the date of this no- ce. WITNESS my hand and seal this 6th day ol February, 1847. ELIZABETH BLYTHE Clerk of Said Court uck tint! Sudbury. Attys. 2|28-3|5-12 Melts Snow to Get Water LEGISLATURE C'ouWniiod from 1'aitn 1. votes iK-cessnry for passimo, tho S8CO.COO upproiivlntloii measure got n 40-41 voto of ctis,\|>v;r.>v:il. i 'Key sjienkcrs »j;>ii^t Ilic K(H- iliiim \\crii Wiiflit U'.'r II vi'l- i; inns Rons. Dun Stephens of Van Huron County, .1. Forrest I.oiijf ot Wnadiufi' County iiml If silo Sl'erk of Mlssissfiint County. Oilier irousu action ijnvp ivpprov- nl lo 24 appropriation measures, us a tide of spciullni; sur^od completely. ovrr Die- town" chamber's publicized "economy bloc." Wllh, the economists losing Rimiml Melting snow is the only wny Miss Elizabeth McGill, Oakdale. pa. high school tcncher, can get water since a broken water main .lias deprived the town of a.CCO persons of water since 'as. week, spools arc closed during the emergency. (NEA Telcphoto.) Byrt/'s Eastern Task Group Cruises Over 38,000 Miles 666 EASES COLD MISERIES IN JUST6 SECONDS! MINOR.THROAT M «. IRRITATION-COUGH fl, OOETOACOtO- lon t fool with colds! Get famous >-<f»eripf» 0 >t-typo 6(!6 for fast relief roin cold miseries. See why CGG has cen the favorite of millions of cold ufferers »' ^ years! Try 6GG»—to- ny. Caution: Take only as directed. COLD | PREPARATIONS Tablets or Liquid •Tr..!«ll«»B«. BY II. 1». QUIGG (United Prtss Staff Correspondent) ABOARD .MT. OLYaipUS, Mar. 3. (UP)—The ..Eastern Task Group ceased\ operations tocluy after (il days of Antarctic exploration. : During that time It discovered several new mountain ranges, delineated a largo area of the South polar .coastline which previously •was unmapped, and carried through a dramatic air rc.?cue. Three vessels ol the • Eastern group—the seaplane tender pine .Island, destroyer Brosvnson and oiler Canisleo—ivere in the Wcdtlell Sea when they sent word to this command ship ot Task Force 03 'that they were "folding up." They are finishing operation-! during which they cruised 38,0311 'miles of Antarctic sea' coast and launched exploratory flying boats across the ice pack into the unknown continental areas. Bad ;: ,weather and increasingly •low temperatures prevented their completing cmy flights into the mysterious .ice-.wasteland South of the,. Wendell,.Sesi ..y-'hcse Southern coastline ''was not conjectured on charts. i An exploratory plane which the group launched disappeared on Dec. 30 -but was found 12 days Inter crashed on the trip of Thurston peninsular with three crew- men dead. The rescue of the six who Iract remained alive on the Icecap was accomplished v,'!;cn a flying boat was laiuVod on (he narrow open lane of sea unU tho cOD miles ol floating icepick which 'encircles Die entire Antarctic Continent. The Eastern groups' last complete dny of operations \fas March 2. Rear Admiral Richard Criusen instructed them to cease opeiix- tions around , that date if they were unable to got planes off. Eastern Group Commander dipt. George J. Dufek, Rockford, III., olj- seiver on the group's first exploratory flight Dec. 20, messaged dial the onset of colcfer weather prompted the immediate termination of operations. Dufek said the water was beginning to freeze ivherc- the planes take off and land and planes had encountered Icing. Eastern group vessels will proceed home-.varct through the Atlantic off the,*East Coast of Smith America. " iAmong the important discoveries of. the Eastern group 'was the 200;OCO square mile bay in the Southeastern shore of the Roosevelt Sea, and the new peninsula of Ells- worthland Coast. No report has .been received yet from the Western Task group re- Biuding its • latest flight which reportedly discovered another oasis in the, Vestifold Mountnins. The Western group is moving slowly eastward off Piir.ress Ellz- abcth land pre;)iira(ory to ending operations and iiinklng « (jondwlll call at Australia on tlic way home. »«<l I'-fl. Key. W. r. Hcclor ot J",'., 1 /;« u '«.v .Jpeiily nuiintlcd .<ti'f<.m 01 || K . tti'Mii) (ivu lint oven n llioiii ,„ „„. S)(I( , pf n)()t . piopvi.ii in,, rc(m.-sts thinm; llio cn- tll'C srs,s[(i)i. miml)1 ,,, WW $3.«>»• "" J "'' Commi h il, H ,,, |( <"'• n ''" 1 -'> yc '"' for Hyslol »: , on Commission; snoiflo lly for ih, h | m ,. vv (!o , m ',™ $150.1130 tov „ now uulldlnss Workmen's COHIWimllort NO|!I ' J Dlln " T« tlio Sniati. for, npprov«l went. 10 nous,, bills. includUiir one "»• for tlio Sluto Education iviwitiuenl for llio next two yours, others wnv; S503.00J ["!' , •'"' "'"I" Hoard (if Health; 5W,TO«M» . Vl -,,r for thu nil ,,nd a us Ccmimlwiim; nn ,\ $90.000 for :i new \viiij. en tho st.ilp lienllli nulld- U>g. Hie lower chamber ,,i« 0 satic.- Itoiird mi imiiuidmcnt I" llu- Hov- eiiij(. )7(.|i;utmwil niMifapi'.nlloii nbollshhii; iiio posltl-.-ns of IIHTB- UKiilors In the bi-vcrnso -tllvlsion 'I'" CnnsldiT Apllo'iitnii'iiti Tlin Senulo, nienn\ylill«, nppiov- ' cd as House .itul Hennl» l>lll» ami set us n spwlni ovflfv of business for rrlilny roMsMrriiUu-i uf 31 iipDoliilincnts to stul.j boards tl.nt Ciov. Liini.y submitted several <lny3 rncUided In the IdiwV.llon oct- iij! jiciinte npprovni wai on a bill that would ciirttill ills power 1:1 i tin.' Mul« niveiiiiR coiii'iils.iLinor In • Issuing wliolesuln Jlijuor permits > Aulhoi'cd by nep.. cv.iy Heed ci. Miller County, ^i,. moisurc would j imvci penults Issued a'.iy npnllcnnt confoniihifjr to waiikiiloii* cirnwn' up by the Revenue nnmrunciu ] Anulliur, ulvi'ii n ao t o i i[n.' provnl, would do awny with ilia iicccwlty for assessfnif coll luxes In Arltuusiis. n wns Inirudticccl In Hie lower ebnmber (irluinr.lly by !U'P. l,yliii Wilson of Yell County. Still nnotlnir would rllow ell.V cc\uiolls to ort-iiuluc n r^muiliaioii lor dlrcctiiiK couhlruotir.n of inii- iiltlpiil hosplliilr., nnd nuothrr will uiviimp the ndoiilluii laws 'li\ ArkaiiSiis, a arugg'ed old-tamer named Mace, ^ * Ihe Pony Express set the pace! "Twas nothing could Leat it, Surpass or defeat it, Till Phillips 66 took its place \" for Smooth Driving... s 66 Gasoline Now You Can See and Buy The Marvelous New ORANGE•LEMON FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogden and R oy af Soy Beans EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Deli, Arkansas 666 SIMPSON'S STATE LINE CAFE Under of Stanley Keller Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Stcbks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-quc Hot Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU SAT! For a smooth-opera ting gasoline nncl efllcienli dagine- operation, mnke Phillips G6 your choice! There's a reason! Phillips GG is "volatility controlled"— matched to the clirnato lo givo you fine performance no matter how high or low the mercury goes! "Why not Bee the difference ( ' for'yourseH'V The next time you fill up—fill up with Phillips 66— at the ornnge-and-black sign! TAKE IT FROM ME -FOR SMOOTH PERFORMANCE, ALL VEAR'ROUND/ Styled in Steel * Double Oialnhoaid *Thr« Storage Compartment! A Four Drawers • * Inner Shelf * SlWlng Board * Big Bawl clitcal Supplies " m MAIN STREET" M...7o'i» aLYTHtVlllE, ARKANSAS For grood semce...Phillips 66! SPRING SERVICE for frost bitten cars! It's' natural for cars lo lie sluggish and worn out after a hard winter's driving. Remedy the sil nation early to avoid extra wear and tear. Lubrication and an oil dian K c will do wonders for the performance, of your car. See us about it NOW! COMPLETE OIL LUBRICATION— Fast Service — Hring your car lo Us when you sr> shop- 1'injj. Ready in a jiffy! BRAKE CHECK FREE! More accidents are caused by faulty lirnkcs than any other one cause. Make sure your brakes hold and pull even when forced to stop suddenly. Let our brake specialist check your cnr now. Dodge, Plymouth, Dodge Job-Rated Trucks BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY 217 So, 2nd St Pho nc 422 Dr. CHAS. L. Dentist Wishes to announce tli? opening of his office Blytheviile, Ark. Phonc 2540 BE THRIFTY ! SAVE MONEY! Bring your cor to HOTS BODY SHOP fdr all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD4JHINGS . •' m-Pi. l I - ' m.ilc i! 1 1 and workmanship. Ouarautcod to /fit and • look like onifiiiMl tiphoist.cry. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 BRING US YOUR;POULTRY! i We I'ay lil E ii<..,( prices for all liens. Konslers, I) OC 1« and Gw» I , Save Mitldfoninn's Profit, I Our Prices Onvcrncil by Market Value t Highway fil North j Phone 37G2 • W T " • THIIER JtONSTRRS NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM ' CROSS-TOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division «, Ark. KEROSENE a FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" f G. O. POETZ T«r I>cpendab!« PETKOLEUtM PRODUCTS RR »t Clienr

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