The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1931 BLYTHEVILI.E, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Aged Georgia Sisters Latest Children of Revolutionary lo Be Found. liV' RODNKV DUTCIIKIJ ~""'""NEJC Seme? Writer WASHINGTON.—' Six feeble old ladles, smlliut; Uiioufili eyes dimmed by age mid memories, link niiulcrn Amerlcii witli tin 1 war for liulc|ifi«!ci!cc. They arc daughters of Kcvclulionary nrniy soldiers, wlio foufilil for Uic flag In the .•.lining days ot 1176. Memorial Cay means much to ll'.em. Their fnlhers were nt Hunker Hill, at Valley Forge, at King's Mountain. Olio was a drummer boy, beating a stirring rat-tat-tat tor General \V;isliingioii's wcary- kgycd anti ragged men \vlic. struggled on—to ,victory. Another car- vied water to dying soldiers. Others bo:-e the hardships ot (he march ami of the camps. And these six women, sole sur- vvors of what M'as once an impressive group, bear on their thhi .shoulders tile heritage of Being daughters of brave patriots wlio helped in changing America from a promise to reality. It is their destiny to live more than 150 years later. Slrnngcly, yet appropriately, they roprcsent the north and the south and the mid-west—all of the conn- try that was settled when Washington became our first president and American demucracy became a fact. Others may be living, but the hcarinuarter.s of the Daughters of the American Revolution here knows only these "Real Daughters" of Hie D. A. R.: Mrs. Mary Pool Newsom and Miss Sarah I'col, sisters, of R. F. D. 2, Gibson, Oa. Mrs. Caroline Phoebe Randall of Charleston, N. H. glasses. Mis. Maria Storts Allen of New Lexington, O. Mrs. Anscllne Loring A very of Williamatic, Conn. Mrs. Annie Knight Gregory ol Eelinsgrove, Pa. The "Real Daughters" receive D. A. R. pensions and a committee is especially designed to watch over th?m. The lust D. A. H. congress listened with emotion to a report that three had died durin: the previous year. Spanish Bull-fight Season Mediocre One MADRID. (Ul 1 )—The bullflghl- lus season is about one-third gum 1 , but has failed lo net out of ihe imiia?.s of mediocrity In which 11 slotted off. An unusually dry February causal It lo slnrl earlier (hail us. but (he unscasonble cold anil ttiiuly days of March and April did much to diminish Interest In Imll- liijlils— and ;thc Spanish 'national l!osta requires heat and sunshine lo w.ike It Bjifcessful. May k considered—either- ullh nr without reason—us the deadly uicjiilli In biiliflelillns. of l!;e big heroes ot the bull ring were killed In May. which is n busy monlli for bullfighters, as It has Important holidays. PAGE FlVBt why ho wus in (ho "whUpcrlow." Tlic man replied he had a violent heailaetie nnd Unit lie went lulu the booze palace lo buy u pin!. He explained Hint the pinl wasn't for Internal use. but lo rub on his head. "Dismissed!" (he Judge sulii. hiding a smile, behind lib: hand. NOT SO HOT WASIIINCITON.—'Ilio "red hot mnmmab" flren'1 so hot, Hr. Francis Ci. Benedict, director of Uic nutrition hitmrulory of Hie Curiiegle Institution here, tliuls In Iheir basal metabolism, This sclen- lllii'. UTIII is tendered Ihe hem production of the average person lying iiuiutly awake bi-foru breakfast or 12 lunirs utter supper. Dr. lii-nu.llct lound that Ihe average woman ijlvi-s oil len pur tent less than u man ol the same size. not think, .••lie was hurt thai bud. Shu was awarded $1500, which makes Hie. .ship costly enough. TICY THIS AI.I1H HOUSTON'.— Jiulge Fowler In Co[»rallon Court was tillered mi In- i'sllni; case to solve. A man ar, ud in a speakeasy mkl was "bruuehl before htm and told to lell A COSTI.V SI.At' CL1;V1O,AN1>, O.—Two yenr.s uyu John Carey, city fireman, slu|i] Kvclyn Hjrpk'h, IM, over payment of a meal cheek, she contends. Con- .scquenlly slie estimated Him she was Injured lo the amount of S 1,500. Hut Judge White und Hie .'my <Ikl CADCTS ON I.O.N(J CUIJISK UOSTON. IU1')—The Miisinchu- setls Nautical Scrmolsiilp Nimluck- c! with nbouo lOti cadets aboard, lias stalled on ila annual forcl 0 'n cruise, which this year will cover 11,087 miles. U will proceed to Gl- braltai- and thence to „„„,„, Istanbul, Mllos, Malta, Algiers unf returning will call at Madeira. ronnil) f.;.\.sr;:;j'i:i; .UOVIES raUdcs v.iCi plots InvoMng gang-' 1 ' slra, incketcers mid the liko h»vs" boon banned pollca' from (lie screens ol local movie houses. Sucli Jilius are demoralizing, iiuthorllles Imve decided. /' HEAL TOUR SKIN /rom within with this new strength ; Miry Kiok, ClcuwiUr, H, T-nrltos: -My fico fa tlralrtil wttll many 1'lraplci. Na Utlttuat I «M4 1M auy food. I alw tat Mb. Mj' llle w» poor, ttj wrickt vu •* auJ I (clt ntrvoui. AlUr UUag B.M. ; my complexion cleared up ktuUMtj: My apiwtlte Improved. I mvf rot •>• at nljht ana am peatlr k«rtt<4 U crciy way." You, too, wilt wut t» U*» SS.8. Sfltcl ihe lirjtr >lu u H ft-'trr double the qtiaatitf aid rcfmtnto ti'- inko uvl ni. O BA». Co; : e S. S. S. Tonic Here are the two most picturesque of the blx old ladles w<lio link modern America with the days o( the lievoluHorary IVar: Mrs. Mary Pool Newsom, left, and her sister, Miss Sarah Foot past, while sitting sewing without pQX-klller U Fined Mrs. Maria Starts Allen, now 88. perhaps Hie most remarkable c[ all the six. She went up for an airplane ride near her home at, New Lexington. O.. a short lime ago nnd enjoyed it so much she declared she wanted to go up and stay lor two or three hours. She is a daughter of John Starts of Somerset county. Pa., K Bailout Under Old English Law CENTERVILLE, Md. (UP)—Under an old English law, brought lo | Maryland by the early aristocratic planters, Frank I\fcCiinnes, a farm' or ' lvas " nc< ' ^ 25 for 5lloo ''"8 a fox wll ' cn was ruunuig from a pack sec any sanctity In a fox, whether he is the object of a pack-hunt or not. The last "Real Daughters" to be di.scovt-red were the Iwo sisters, Mrs. Newsom and Miss Pool. Officials of Ihe N T ancy Hart D. A. R chapicr of Milledgci'ille.-Ga., heard atait them and visited their little farm house near Gibson. The ugcd sisters ar: known as "Aunt" Sarah and "Aunt" Mary, tlic former 80 years old, ami the mtler K4. "Aunt" Mary was asked if she li'^cd music. "Yes, I like riddle music." responded the sentle old soul. "Dili .I'll tell you something I don't like. It's them short dresses you're a- v/earing." Tlic considerate n. A. n. women lustily tried to lower the hems ot (heir skirts, and "Aunt" Mary "They ain't nothing to mil! down," she iaid. The lives of the two venerable tisters arc full, if simple. They gel up at -i o'clock every morning and eat breakfast before daylight. They work in their garden and go to "preaching" at the Magnolia Baptist church whenever the wca- liier is "jc»t rialit." Tl:?y arc de- vaiil members. They said they wanted only one rjift, n Ilib!e wilh large tyi>e. It was given them. They read it as. much as they can. They also cherish a set of gold spoons senl by the national D. A. R. « » * Thcrr father, Henry Pool, was PC years old when Mary was born. A North Caroiiuan by birth, he had fcught (he Hritisii at King's Moun- tu:n and in other bailies. Their mother was tl:? old soldier's Ihird v.ifc. The Pools have all been Ions-lived, a maternal grand- in-lhrr havinj reached 101 years. The .sisters a'rc well, although "/unit" .Mary ones said to a D. A. 1). official: "We need sonic muiiciiu-. Sarah has never had u doctor wlih her bi:v once, and that was when the luraslc.s settled on her brain, har, never taken a close of caiomcl ciliicr cr eaten a chieken gizzard." The sisters are contented and h.'ppy. Their D. A. R. pension enables them lo live in comparative comfort, considering their simple iKrils. and they are grateful. Man nice said that, it has been her |:r:iycr thai she nnd Sarah would \x saved frum poverty and hclp- lrr:ncss in the last years of their livrr. Mrs. Caroline Randall of Ch.irl- r.,,iii. N. H.. slill docs much of the liniiseworli in her home and is in- lo.rstcd in iwlitics. tho'.tgli the I. i:nw 81. Her father, Sl.?plu!n Has him. as a mere youth, earricc 1 .r lo Ihe soldiers at ilunkc Hill. Laler he joined Genera Wa.-liinatcn's army and foiisli tliiotigli Ihe remainder of Ihe wat He was 82 wlun he married Mrs Kandnli's mother and 100 when hi died. He was 09 when she w.i born and had grandchildren olde than tlic five children ot his sec end wife. Mrs. Randall can still i remember the war stories tha eld I cDldler told her mother. She often' speaks cl him as she recalls the of hounds. He li!is appealed from the police court fine and Ihis quiet little soian* »<io ^ u '^" 'ton's"7agred! Easleril sllore iom is dlvi(!ed ovcr patriots'at Valley Forgo am! 'serv- \ f. l> reU = 1 " wl)idl ^^ ^ '^iidal cvl under Captain Fickle. He died ,, • . ... ..,.,., ' McGmnes is determined to thresh in 1852. The father ot Mrs. Angelina Lorin» Avcry, fifth ot Ihe famous six. out once and for all the propriety ot a law prohibiting anyone from shoo'.ing a fox which is bciii£ pur- nlisted in the ^evolutionary army. El , c( , by fox h(mtcrs nnrt | hounds. He liad been missing .inder .he time ^aw some of the fiiercebt fights in .he Revolution. Al.houyh her fa- llMr, Solomon Loring, wc.s born at Hinghani, Mass., she was born at ucbanon. Conn., and now lives in Williamatic. To Mrs. Annie Knight Gregory belongs the lionor of being the a lot r CuloiiEl Host. For much of j ' ' McGinns." When nne he was an aide, i>ut he | e ! Catching Snakes Alive Is Proiitable Business ((jx fair yame. To him n fox is n I This viewpoint was all right on ' the Eastern Shore twenty years ago. But Centerville is the home of John J. Raskob and many wealthy friends, and foxhunting is a n!y "Real Danghte recent U. A. R. congress in Washington. She is the daughter or Richard Knight who_jervcd as a drummer boy and n private wilh Pennsylvania uoops throughout the war. She V.MS born at Liver- poo!, Pa., bill moved to her prcfcnt home at Selins grove iatc in life. lo attend the \ gentleman's sporl. Mosi fanners hereabouts fail MERRIMACK, Wis. (OP)— Capturing rattlesnakes alive was Elmer Kcitel's hobby when he was n boy; now it is a profitable business lor him efery spring. Every April and May for 20 years he has hunted rattlesnakes, bull snakes, blue racers, and spotted adders hi the granite bUilfs on his farm near Devil's lake state park. He sells live snakes to carnivals, circuses, zoological museums and laboratories and tanned skins to leather manufacturers who use them for women's shoes and purses He also finds a market for ratllc- snakc venom, used to make an antidote serum. Kaitlesnakes sell for betweer $18 and $20 a dozen, bull snakes for S3 apiece, and blue racers for S12 to S15 a dozen. Kellcl estimates that, lie lias captured more than 5,000 rattlesnakes during tlle past 20 years. DONATES SLIM) TO IDLE BEAVER DAM, Wis. (UP)- Unemployed families of" ficaver Dam have been provide;! u-iih seeds and ground and \vili raise their own supply of vi-gel:iblos for nc.\t winter. This gaideu project is expected to relieve the city of considerable expense. // Relax Tense 'NE Loss of Sleep, Crankiness, Headciclie, Neiirnlgia, Indigestion antl F.ilh.ite c.rc common results of over-work and nerve strain. * Miss Kulh Sheets, a charming Michigan school teacher says: "/ have, (uteri >/onr Nerv- ine during mi/ coHegc work mid i::f;rn f get t/inse neru- OHS spells d/ler r. hard day's tcnr/iKiy. / nm sending my mother's name lo you. \Vi![ j/ou plcn5r? send her a trial package?" Holax your lonse nerves with the- same reliable medicine Miss Sheets found so effective. Get it at your drug store. Large bottle Jl.OO Small 25c. Money hack i/ you are not satisfied. factories, homes, farms Snwll users conunand tlic same efficient power supply as large \iscrs when ihcy arc served by a \viilesjiread transmission system. Tlic small factory and the household have access to power produced efficiently in large clcclric generating plants, aud dis- trihutcd widely over the countryside l>y far-flnng transmission lincs.Totlay the same efficient power supply is hcing extended to the farms in ever- increasing numbers. Y 1CK Y\SAS-MISSOI IS 1 POWER COMPANY "At Your Service" For the "Go-Away" or "Stoy-at-Home" COOL COMFORTABLE CLOTHES ^Correctly Styled - Low Priceed ~ Fine Quality 4-Piece Linen SUITS For Hot Weather Consisting nr a pair irousers, coal and vest . . . neatly tailored or a good quality linen. . . . these smart, .(-piece linen suils oiler yon an outstanding value at only $< ISO Til Featuring new eyelle lie in pastel shades of :i lovely quality silk crepe, also the new an d |;o;nilar grenadines • i $1 •Tropiral Worsteds $19.75 llp Flannel Trousers For Evening Wear For uvctiini? wear you'll want oil her u pnir uf nil wliito or .sli'ipod (limiKjl trnnsci's. Good ii.ssortmunl ;tl three vahiu-yiviiiK pricu.s. $6.75 $7.50 $8.50 TIIC SKI'S Sumnicr-limc tic ; and handkerchief [sets of ?< mighty [good quality • shantung in •tci shades. ; $1.95 UndurwiNtr. 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