The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1947 . .... v Atomic Control Debate May Shift U. S. Seeks to Move Deliberations Back To UN Commission Hy HORKRT MANNING Ilnile.1 1're.vs staff Corr,s, )( LAKE SUCCFSS, N. Y. March 5.—Soviet Delegate Andrei (tranyko was slated to tell Uia Security Council totlas- whether Russia wants to send the atom!- dcbfi'c £>nck to the united Naltois Alcmic Biiicrgy Commission or ai-gno some more !n the council. Gromj'ko was ready with his twice-iwstponert statement on atomic procedure as tl)e council called an afternoon meeting lo decide on the United fstntu.v latent prouosnl to send the rraite:' bad: to the commission. The American plan, supported by i) majority of the It delegates, would underscore the "wide area of (lie agreement" between Russia and tho United States, then ask the commission Jo sctlfo icm i iiiR differences and nro'luce n blueprint for atomic contvol machinery, preferably by Hie end ot June. Gi'omyko. while ngrceivK that the atomic commission , is the. place for atomic issues, IMS indicated lie first wants Hie council to decide on Russia'-; 12 j>ro- ixised amendments to the American plan. The United St lies, supported by all council members except Russia and Pol u:<;, nas= rejected some. of Gromyko'S amendments as underniinln^ the American plan. Austin Emphatic American delegate Warren Austin in an address last night to the Overseas Press Club in New York said the United States would continue to insist fh-.nlv on acceptance of the American plAh for atomic control. ' In the strongest words he lias yet used as chief of ll'e American representative in ihe UN. Austin ruled out any risibility of i-Jisannament until iho. UN has proved its ability to protect its member nations. He advocated an eight-point program, saying the UniiRil States must: 1. "Make clear that, we are ready at all times no support Ihe law of the (UN) charter—by lorce if necessary." 2. "Seek always to p.vbul hysteria and recrimination. We do nut fear anybody; we must trek to remove fear in others.'" 3. Maintain American economic strength and build i'.p nations which are "an easy prey for some fi'Mlrc asgrcssor" by promoting business like investment of American capital abroad. 4. "Maintain the American military establishment avnici "unilateral disarmament-'-by hasty -and ill-considered reduction. 1 ; in n/mccl forces and military budget." and! establish universal inlitaiy training. " I 5. Insist on int^.' control of atomic weapon? and other weapons. of mass destruction, u mnttrr on which "I believe sooner or Inter will ue reach airreeiircnt." G. Insist also on reduction of conventional armaments. 7. Work for quick development of the UN's world police force. 8. Speed development of ;v code of international law b-iM'fi on ihe precepts developed r.i taa Nuernberg war crime trials. Happy Again Sen. McKellar Unyielding in Lilienthal Row WASHINO'l'ON, Mirc:i 5. (UP. 1 —Sen. Kenneth AroICclliif »., Tcnti., revealed todjy lie will Invoke an old but ronlni-'uralnl Son- ate "prerogative" In his fight t,i block conflnimllon of Dcivld E. UUciilhei^) us head ol tha Aiitotnlo " '"i^y Commission. He said h« would ink rejection of the appointment wlwsi' It uMich- <•.•; Iho Senate tloor—jn-obnhly nest week—on grounds that Uljcuthul Is "iiersonully obnoxlqui;" to Win nnd to Sen. Tom SUjwuit. D., Twin. ' if )|^ McKellnr'ii chance of success npiwnred slim. liiiouijh the ycHra some senator j h.\vi; siicrtss- fully used the "pu'sormlly obnoxious" device to cut off presidential apimlnlinents from Ihelr states. Llllenthal .resits In Teis- The Senate Ati.iulo Energy CcmmlUoc .schedule.) a vole on IjiUentlml's appolnlmoiu '.oimiiro'w ixnd a menil>er forecast an ovor- wltelmlniily favorable vote. Tim long hours t.lic will I. Chailcs btaim Ji 3 1 ' n cine ( o a uctim of Infantile paralysis, beams with happiness as he hups "Mnpssy," his pel who wns retumca after being nussiiis for several days. Charles, who ran u temperature ofJOl while the dog was missing, is feeling flue now. (NBA Telephoto.) Continued from I*i K e 1. _ ___ ..v;as Ifeld in hj s honol-. Nearly' twice as many persons crowded outside the sladium as were jammed inside. The place holds 25.00(1. Throngs milling at tlie gates killed an elderly school teacher. Maria Snnchez Gonnalcs. GO, Ana Maria Bogrego Vizdra, 03. visiting Cuban journalist, was injury; seriously. when Mr. Truman visits the pyramids on j^s return from his sight-seeing flight, the luncheon enest list at the picnic will include, besides foreign Minister Jaime Torres Bodet, members of the President's staff and Qua} yirinl. the Mexican minister of education. At the pyramids, Mr. Tinman will meet members of ihe Mexican Press, who have been covering bis activities extensively the past few days. The President last night was the honor guest at a reception and dance given by Torres Bodet The ^Zr C r" P"/ 1 *" 1 , 1 -!"" 1 Alemaii w Hh o e n, , a rnn Ut "? ll ° l "' S s-t down nn ^ r *"' ' tllc ". life dum-ln" K l ° Wat ' lh lS?Vn... marked Mr. Tru- , the long ballroom of the foreign ministry. Smartly gowned young Indies and trimly tailored j-ouiig men of the diplomatic corps vied with each other in heel-clacking dances be- loi-e the two presidents. Mr. Truman conversed spiritedly wllh Aleman, Tones Bodet and the Mexican innbassiutor to the United States. Antonio Esplnoso de JOB Mcmteros, doing the translation. • Once dining the evening. Mr. Truman and Aleman left the re- friiiioM line to appear on u bal- rouy for many hundreds of cheer- NEWS Negro War Veteran pies j lll!S wt 're <imii«i. The On Bus Near Osceo/o ' 11H Vuhlt fe, c m .... , 'Clermnn nnd Austrian pin Ark,. Muveli 5.—l.uthor not. be t>asy. ' di, 1 !!VV y , v ' lu '"i >1U ,?' >l ! ro of Duillil;i '' Mnwhuli believes that one month li-Vuu*^^^^ rolu'i t "!"' vT 1U> - " U . W " S lin w> ' k ' X It nPIMU*tob"' h'liilld ^sSS?;^^^ are about HO per cunt ! .„ M '\ r *\'"" ln ' c y-f"''""/ "HUlen- iy Qlmnsjcd Hi,, lllnoi'iirv i»r Ills i O.OOfl-miiu Moscow irlp to Include I« slop ut I'.-irls where lie will c'»i- 1 lei 1 wllh livcnch I'rcsUU'Ul Vliu'i-nt | Ar.rlol uiul Foreign, Minister Cieur- I f-s litdatilt. iiv hud- first planned j to go directly to lli-rllii for c-on- 1 fcreuco.s tills weekend with U. On. UU'lus D. Clay, ilcisuty ml|U-'>v Ifovernor of the American Zone • In Germany, Many Issues lo lu. St'tllcd Franix' often xorvcil r,s iiiniiei 1 :)- lor In c.tlspiile s between the u. S., in-Ill*)! an ( i Uusslnn f»rt>li;:i ministers ut previous meetings. In recent weeks, however, Fmnre hns .slronifly voiced-ilvniuiKb for IIHIT- nitllonullzntlon ot' Die Kiihr HI- diLslrliil reclon—u point alilo lo IheiU. 'S.; 'whlcli , .1 should I'umiiln nude;- uur- mun operullo'n. . . ' Marshall apparently u 111 1 endeavor-to,' itel Fi-|tiic(t ; • to ui;ree lo a MarslmU's plane was followed later by the AdA "Flagship London" wllh uullos and other members of tlic official delegation aboard. They , W 1L] fly'tile Northern route lo Ilnrltn. . . . Sen. Arthur H. VnndenUere, U., , Mich., chnlriiiiin of Hie J3cnat<) i Foreign delations coinuilttcc. nn<l Sen. Tom Cominlly. U.; Tex.. Its ranking Democrat, were, on h«tul PAGE THREK fcnii of inspnction In 1112 Kuni' • ml will K \iaruntce to the world s'liit- llr, Industries will nol be used for "onslniQtton of mniiunci.',. Other innjoi points on the Moscow iiBciidn Include dhjiniimejit dc-nillllnrliimioii of Germany, ll'djilf MARSHALL Cuntltmoil from I'm Snyder, Hrlllsh Ambvsador lord Inverchaiirl. John Fnsler l-xilles. hi-: nt'publUnin iidvlsei- who will ''"'i hliiv later in liei-lln, undersec- ivlar yof state noun Achi'son, and Lewis w._ i>miuln.v. iimbaKiatlor- itesiynnie to Great Britain. Ills schedule culled'for u slop "his attcriioiin nl Qcninula. wom !>ieic |fc w |(l f(y in n,e A/.ores for i-i'fuelluB aim llu'n lo 1'arls. An Anieileaii Overseas Airline p'une—"Flansliln llti.ston"—uuri-ylnir Ovriniiny for as' to 4(1 .. "f the pri'sell' /.on. «1 iiieiis into one economic unit, and cllslribullon of Cjeimiiny'ti trnvlgn IIK.«'(S inoiiK the, w'iirtline allies. While In Moscow. Marshall Is expected to have sUlu talks with I'l-emlui- jo.sef Slaltn and Foroliiii Mlnlstei 1 V, M. Mulotoy on U'^n- Wosome \x,Uf S between ihe two i-ounlrUw. These mlks uould cover Korea, the Dardanelles, reitiiratlon.-! taken from Manchuria by Ilussla, and sotllciiiL-nl o( llussln's $ll.i3tl- 000,000 li' a< toimt Mavsluiirs Itlnerury' ^alh for a vvccki'nd -slop In um'ltn tolluwln" Unhv ti,iij,M-mw In 1'iirls with' the I-rOnclt .olfU-lals. no ^xpi'Cls ,'n miike tho live-hour, fllijlil from' Ui-rlln ID,-MOSCOW Sunday. Homo iiu-ii'.lct olflclab. tramla-'i and sccreUrjes , Roljcrf TJ Murphy and- Oen. ? Mark \V. Clark, experts on the German and AustfWJ tteatles. ^IJJ Join MarihaJl In Ei»rUn. - r ; - -*j Dr. W. F. Brewer DKNTIST General Practice* —But— Spec/a) Attention Given Extraction and P/ate Work Ol I UT. OVril (iJIAItl) S ACK.SS Sireet'Fiom KMS.-> Ol'fli'B Iliiius 9< p.m. I'liune I WARNING OllDKK In tin- Circuit Court. Chli kusawbu Dislrlcl, Alisslssipiil County, Ar- kunsus. W. I,. Gatlln. Joe W. Gutlln...;,. PlulntllTs. vs. No.-4011 nnymond E. McAnnnlly, Defendant. The defendant. Raymond E. McAnnally, Is hereby warned lo nppeur ,, -. , - , - •• .. . within thirty duvs In the court I .."'"f l''" cvl< »^ conferences bill named In the caption hereof ami 1^1'< nct " Ue " (1 thc , 0 " enhl| t of '' 1 .! 0 answer the complaint of the plain- ' ^ oscow mCRll »8- They, may go tnl- llffs. W. L. Oatlln and Jot) W. OatUn ' Bated this 4th day of Mnrch, 1947. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk . By Betty Sintlh. D. C. 3|D-12-!9-20 ^"'l^^'S'^i", 1 ]? 8 *™! 1 ' Rp " rt c °»™ News Want Ad 5 . thc foreign affairs office. -, ' Livestock ids ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOOK- YAH08. Mar. 5.—(UP) —(USDA)— Livestock: flogs S,3CO, salable 4.000; market slrn-. u-ieven; barrows and gilts medium to good steers. 22.BO to 24.00; odd head 26.00; heifers and mixed ycailliigs mostly steady; a few good around 21.00 lo 23.00; some held above 24.00; medium to low good, largely, to 20.00: • a few good cows 18.00 to lti.50- nnd odd head to 11.00; common nnd age; with some strength on weights MarshixU's dehtil In Bl«r pom rouiiclls begins, next Monday—less than seven weeks aflei- hc'rettinii' i'd from China nmt took over the No. t post In the American cabinet. '.-'.•• The secretary's aides sold he ;"ns (jnlng Into the Important Moscow meeting with confidence Hint pro- rrcss would be miulc lowtiril peace in Europe.. He hns. some doubt, however, Hint 1 thc two pence treaties can. be finished as Moscow. During, big brief tenure in office, 'Marshall hns spent' miiuy hours reviewing previous I3li; p^onr -uc'i- and New under 160 lb soxs. steady to 25c h^her; spots up 50c; biilk good and choice 170 to 250 Ibs 28.25 to 2.'f.50; practical top 28.50; 'few choice lots 28.75; 200-320 Ibs 27.50100 to 120-lb pigs, 20.00 lo 22.50. Cattle 4,700; salable 3,000; calves •en o .enlio orches, 1 „"«» Around30idoc,a -i^- i a , l '^ TCli . tl!c "Mis- offered. Market steady with Tues"T i? h ? P .° ! ? -***• at " n " y - Solnc ••' vera g" t° 'ol' ffood jo La Bamba" dancers in s :eer s 25.50 and sevtrnl loads and GIRI£! WOMEN! Tft¥ THIS EF YOU'RE Read Courier News Want Ads. On 'CERTAIN DAYS' of The Month! Do female functional monthly disturbances make you feel nervous. f.dKety, cranky, so tired and 'drag- »vd out'—at such times? Then do try Lydia E. Pjukhani's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. 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