The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1958 · Page 8
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1958
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1958 Dulles Seeks Understanding With Generalissimo Chiang By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Dulles intends to seek a clear understanding with President Chiang Kai-shek next week on major policies in countering Red China's political offensive against Formosa. High officials predicted the remit of the meeting at Taipei would be to strengthen relations between the Nationalist government and Washington. They also expected the talks to reduce the chance that the Chinese Communists will be successful in driving a wedge between the two allies. Isolate Formosa Echoing the line taken by Dulles at a news conference Tuesday, these officials said the Communist purpose in maintaining a cease- fire around Quemoy is unquestionably to break up the Nationalist-U. S. alliance. By this means the Reds might hope to isolate Formosa and undermine Chiang's government. Dulles does not regard the threat as immediately critical. His mission thus is not designed to deal with an emergency, his associates said. He is concerned about misunderstandings between Taipei and Washington arising out of the Tun* In WGET, 1450 On Your Dial Quemoy crisis. Therefore, he felt it important to accept an invitation received from Chiang several days ago and to go to Formosa as soon as he winds up hs present mission to Rome. Leaves per Rente Dulles left Friday night to represent the United States at rites for the late Pope Pius XII. He is due in Taipei by midweek, with a possible stopoff en route for brief talks wth allied leaders in Europe. Officials speculated privately that Dulles would try to persuade Chiang to cut down the size of Nationalist forces on the coastal islands of Quemoy and Matsu. These now total more than 100,000 men. Presdent Eisenhower and Dulles both have said they think Chiang's present troop deployment is wrong. To The Editor October 16, 1951 Gettysburg Times Gettysburg. Pennsylvania Dear Sir: This should clarify the con versation I had in your office yestet day pertaining to the origi of the Public Law we discussed relating to, Unemployment benefits for Armea Services person nel. On February 13, 1957. five loca boys of the Cashtown-Orrtanna area came to me with a corn- plaint, that fused their they had been re privilege to obtain TITO HAS LUMBAGO BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) --President Tito has gone to the Adriatic island of Bnoni for treatment of lumbago, the official new agency Tanjug reported new agency Tanjug reported. Today's Best USED CAR BUYS w« 3295 4495 1443 1958 Pont, Cat. Cpe., Power 1958 Ford Thimderbird, Power 1958 Fiat 600 Sdn., Heater 1957 Buick Super 4-dr., Power 2595 1955 Pontiac 4-dr,, R.H. 1395 1952 Mercury 4-dr,, R.H. 495 1951 Buick 4-dr., R.H, 495 All Guaranteed On Easy Term* NOW 2895 3895 1295 2195 1095 395 295 1958 Pontiac 2-dr . power 1958 Cadillac DeVille «dn., power 1953 Fiat 1100 4-dr sdn 195S Oldimobile 88 4 - d r . 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Buick 4-dr. sdn. 1951 Buick hardtop 1950 Oldsmobile 98, 4-dr. 1958 CMC 102 pickup 1938 CMC 152 pickup ton ton 1950 Studebaker W.B. V-tag, Long GLENN L BREAM, ·*£ Paul R. Knox, Mgr. OLDSMOBILE, CADILLAC and CMC SALES and SERVICE 100 Buiord Ave. Gettysburg, Pa. Open Evenings Until 9 P.M. Phone 336 or 33? GET A QUALITY DEAL FROM A QUALITY DEALER unemployment compensation earned by them while employee at the Knouse Foods Coop., Orr tanna. Pa., prior to their enter ing the Armed Service early in February, 1955. I obtained power of attorney in the interest of these boys and im mediately requested the Gettys burg office of the Pennsylvania State Employment Service, to abide by the laws governing tha office, the right of application am appeal by the discharged service personnel. This request was grant ed anc 1 appeals were instituted on behalf of I^ee B. Hartman, Terry A. Cuip of Cashtown and Jay P McDannell of Orrtanna. In due course, the Gulp and Hartman claims were used to set a prece dent, all" evidence was tran scribed under oath before James 0. Dugan. Referee for the Com monwenlth of Pennsylvania, on March 27, 1957, at 9:30 a.m. E.S.T., at Local Employment Office, 39 West St. Gettysburg Penna. Your press was contactec at this time and informed of this action with a request that you set in on the referee hearing. The transcribed resulting denial of this appeal was forwarded by me to Dcuglas H. Elliott, Pennsylvania State Senator, for an opinion of .he Commonwealth Attorney General's Office. Senator Elliott inforn.ed me that nothing further could be done without legislation in this direction. I then took documentary evidence of this badly nedeed legislation to the Pennsylvania Head[ quarters of the Republican Party, which was recorded by photo- static copy, and I was given sympathetic encouragement toward the enactment of this legislation. Some hundreds of contacts were made immediately, as to the results of this Gettysburg hearing, by mail and otherwise, to legislators, heads of veterans n a t i o n a l organizations, draft boards. U S. Employment offices, nidges, labor unions and leading citizens, act, not regard- IKE HOLDING BIG GUNS FOR WEST COAST By MARVIN t. ARROWSMITH ABILENE. Kan. AP) -- President Eisenhower, waging n "soft sell" political campaign so far on his cross country tour, travels on to Colorado today for a quiet weekend visit with his ailing mother-in-law. There were some indications the President would put in a plug for Kansas' Republican office seekers before leaving this prairie lown of his boyhood for Denver. And there was some likelihood he would get together in the Colorado capital with GOP candidates for Congress and state jobs. t Speeches On Coast But any gloves-off campaigning he President does probably won't come until he arrives in California Monday. He speaks in Los Angeles that evening and in San Francisco Monday morning before lying on to Chicago for a Wednesday night talk. Eisenhower, out to try to help he Republicans capture control of Congress from the Democrats, soft-pedaled politics all day Frilay--his first day out of Washing- on on a 5,300-mile tour. On his first stop at the National Corn Picking Contest at Cedar Rapids. Iowa, the President told a crowd of 85,000 at the outset of his speech he would talk no poli- ics. Never once did he mention he word "Republican"-- "Democrat" either, for that matter. Shelves Politics In Abilene later in the day, he really shehed politics in favor of lostalgic visits to the family lomestead and the adjacent Ei- ;enhower Museum. The President's Denver visit Harney vith Mrs Eisenhower will be his irst--with the exception of a brief airport stop during the 1956 cam- laign--since he suffered a heart ittack on Sept. 24, 1955, at the ome of his mother-in-law. Mrs. ohn S. Doud. The heart seizure osptalized him in Denver for even weeks. In Cedar Rapids Friday, Eisen- ower talked around the fringes ' the foreign policy controversy ver United States aid in defense Mix M«ry Heine* HARNEY - Services at the EUB Church here Sunday will be at 9 a.m. and conducted by the Rev. A. W. Gavin, pastor. Worship service at St. Paul's Lutheran Church will be at 9 a.m. Sunday. Sunday School will be at 10 o'clock. Sunday callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bridinger included Jack Myers. Francis Bridinger and daughter, Elaine, and Jill Weikert, of Littlestown, and Lewis Bear, Hanover. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Fox were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weikert, Two Taverns. Among Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Six Jr. and their son, Larry, were Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Six and their children, of Creagestown. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clingan and their children were Sunday evening visitors of Mrs. Dalbert Munshower and her children, Arlene and Walter, and Mr and Mrs. Ernest Phipp, of Essex. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aulthouse, Chambersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Aulthouse, Gettysburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Waybright. Littlestown, were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Valentine. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clingan and Judy and Ricky visited Mr. and Mrs. Norman Munshower and son, Bobby, at Owings Mills, Sunday. Saturday visitors of Mrs. Margaret Haines and her daughter, Mary, were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Haines. Sykesville: Mrs. Donald Cline and children, Donna Lee. Donald Jr and Catherine Marie, of near Frederick; Mrs. Catherine Caples. Mrs. Carrie Carr, Mrs. Elizabeth Carr and Mrs. Vivie Yingling, Westminster, and Mrs. Edna Snider and Mrs. Morns Haines. Walnut Grove. Dial 1450 For W-G-E-T Programs ing any political affiliation. Thiis- y set! ne in to motion a chain ·eaction whereby we moved Congressman Scott in position for the enactment of the public law grant- ng unemployment rights to discharged service personnel. Trusting that this will further enlighten you on the news subject we discussed in your office. ' Sincerely. IRA M. BOLLMAN R. 1 Orrtanna, Penna. cc' Hon Douglas H. Elliott Perm?. Republican Headquarters 'enna. State Employment Office (Geltysburs, Pa.) : the Chinese Nationalist offshore ;land of Quemoy. Defend P'rinciplet Without specifically mentioning that and other islands off the China Mainland. Eisenhowei said: "We must understand that what we are trying to defend today is not merely territory We are defending principles." He pledged that so long as he is president American foreign policy will be based on "a firm refusal to countenance Communist territorial expansion by force."' Orrtanna Mrs. Luther Wetzel Times Reporter--Phone 125-R-21 ORRTANNA -- Mrs. Ruth Shindledecker had as visitors Sunday Mr and Mrs. John Manko and sons Charles and Steve, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sprinkle and Jackie Siglcr, all of Baltimore. The daughter born recently to Mr. and Mrs. William Kreit. Salisbury, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Overholtzer Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kump and Mrs. Effie Fream called on the Kenneth Seymore family, Bonneauville, recently. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cline, Greenstone, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wantz, of here, visited their uncle, George Kump, Hampstead. Fifty persons were present at the Harney recreation center Sunday for the sixth Shoemaker reunion. Merle Ridinger was there from Baltimore. Earl Welty Sr. and Earl Welty Jr., celebrated their birthday anniversaries Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Munshower and Bobby and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clingan and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saf- TODAY'S PROGRAMS «:00-World News - C. E. Wil liams Sons 6:05--Tonight and Tomorrow 6:15--Between The Lines 6:30--Early Evening Melodies 7:00-World News 7:05-State News 7:10-Weather 7:15--Waltz Time 7:30--Steamboat Jamboree 7:50--World News 7:55--Warmup Time--Varsity Diner 8:00--College Football: Gbg. vs Albright--Aero Oil Co. 11:00--News and Sports 11:15--Sleepy Time Serenade 11:55--Inspiration Time 12:00--Sign Off SUNDAY'S PROGRAMS 8:00--World News 8:15--Christian Science 8:30--Sunday Side Up 9:00--Layman's Hour 9:30--Protestant Hour 10:00--Ave Maria Hour 10:30--Interlude 10:45--Sunday Morning Church Service -- Gettysburg Pres byterian Church -- Rev Robert MacAskill 11:30--Selected Music 12:00--Dutch Cupboard Polka Time 12:10--Sunday Showcase 1:00--Proudly We Hail 1:30--Columbus Day Show 1:45--Norman Cloutier 2:00--Music in 3/4 Time 2:30--Afternoon Concert 3:00--News 3:15--Stars For Defense 3:30--Music For Sunday 4:00--Matinee Serenade 5:00^-Hour of Charm 5:30--Wayne King Show shuck and Walter Munshower, ' 7:35--Morning Show 6:15--Civil Defense 6:30--Music In, The Air 7:00--Words To Remember 7:30--Lawrence Welk 8:00--News 8:05--Console Rhapsody 8:30--Album Time 9:00--News 9:05--Music of the Masters 11:00--News and Sports Roundup 11:15--Sleepytime Serenade 11:55--Inspiration Time MONDAY PROGRAMS 6:00--World News 6:05--Morning Reville 7:00--"Aggie"--Adams Agstone 7:15--Morning Show 7:25--Weather--The Weatherman direct from the weather station at the Harrisburg State Airport 7:30--World News--Tobey's The "EXTRA that spices our deals 1W8 Morris-Minor }-door Convertible Excellent Condition Sacrifice Price-- 1*57 FORD 4-door Sedan Blue Color, Radio and Heater Priced Low! 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FORGET ABOUT "PILED UP" HEATING BILLS Use Our Convenient ID-Pay Plan--It's Free Call Us CITIZENS OIL CO. York Street Phone 264 Mrs. Fred Fissel, Orr- D., at the Warner Hos- gie Jo. weekend FOOD SERVICE Until 11 P.M. HOTEL GETTYSBURG Mr. and tanna R. pital has been named Sherry Mae. The baby, the second child of the FisseK weighed 10 Ibs. 24 oz. at and Mrs. Joe' Rich and daughters, Mary Alice and Mag- Pittsburgh, spent the with Mrs. Margaret Shind'.eclecker and son, Peter, mother and brother of Mrs. Rich. Ephraim Duffey, Waynesboro, \ isited his aunt, Mrs. Ella Wetzel, here on Sunday. Mrs Roy Chapman was given a surpnsp party at her home Saturday e\cning in observance of her birthday anniversary on Sunday. | Those present were her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman, Miss June Koontz and Donald Chapman, Orrtanna R. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Chapman, Miss Dorothy Stahley, Mrs. Annie | Stahloy and Conrad Wagaman, i Emm'tsburg: Mr. and Mrs. John ! Crowther, Miss Janet Crowther | and N o r m a n Discarlantonio, Washington, D. C.: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rich. Pittsburgh, and Mr. and Mrs. David ENne and Mr. and .' Mrs Edward Adams, New Oxford. Mervin Herring is ill at his home, Orrtanna R. D. MOTORS. Inc. Outfielder Leon Wagner of the San Francisco Giants smashed 51 home runs for Danville, Va., to 1956. Plymmth. Chryihr-Imperlal if International Sain A Service York * Slith Sln«U Getryiktrf. p.. CM . BIGOIST TRADE-INS! f,-+,,*j,·· ttv ·*· DAVE'S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE Phone ele-Y 117 Carlisle St. Getty.bvre, Pa. Ml* '/W 420% SLIMMER HEARING GLASSES Dundalk, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plunkert and daughter, Vickie Lynn, of Hanover, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Shriver and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strickhouser. Mrs. Benjamin Marshall and Mr. and Mrs. Murray Fuss visited Mrs. Roy Lugenburl, of near New Market, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Umberger, Frederick, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Daniel Yingling and daughter. Audrey, and Mrs. Catherine Wise and daughter, Sandra, of near here, and Sally Brown, of near Littlestown, went to Towson Sunday to visit Barbara Brown who is a student nurse at the Sheppard and Pratt Hospital. Recent visitors at the Elmer Le- Gore home included Mrs. Marie Rexroth, Mrs. Dale Coffman and her two children and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Deatrick and son, David, of near Littlestown; Mr. and C. W. Mervin Francis Mrs. Purdue. Mr. and Mrs. LeGore, Mr. and Mrs. Wills and George Humbert, of Littlestown, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Oyler, Gettysburg. Saturday evening callers at the home of Mrs. Daniel Yingling were Mrs. Florence N Fleming. Hanover; Mrs. Anna Bair, near Littlestown, and. Mrs. Sadie Almoney, near Gettysburg. Turn In WGET, 1450 On Your Dial Dr.WalterS.Monntain,Jr. OPTOMETRIST Has Recently Opened His Office at 101 W. 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O o - ~ ( 4 ) N e w s )-:lj-- (11 Ilirthday Club (·) Raneer Hal 9.00--12-9) Retilnh Show (4) To.lm With Inga ( 5 ) K n i t i i o n Klub ( 7 ) UiMilah I 1 -1 l'.l L,-P of The \ir ( 1 1 1 Patches 4 Fncndi (]'!) Topppr 9:05 -- (t) Montage 9 : 3 0 -- ( 2 ) New, ( 7 ) Topper ( v Sf ipnri; Series (11) Margie ( D) T e i r v t n o n Theater 9 - 4 0 -- ( 2 1 For Dollar* 9 : 1 5 -- ( M Romper Room ( 1..) I.e'» Tell A Story 9 . 3 1 V -- ( 0 ) Mark Time 9 : 5 5 -- ( 4 ) Inga'» Angle 10:00--(2-9) For Lo\e or Money (4-11) Douch-Rc-Mi (51 TV Hour of Star* (7) Trouble With Father C*) Tic Tac n.iueh ( 1 3 * Romper Room 10:30--(2-'i) P| B » Y n u r Hunch (4-S-ll I Trc^in-e Hunt (7) Mv Lit.,e Mn-gie 11:00--12-9) A r t h u r Oodfrer (4-S-ll) The Pnee Is Right (S) Mr. and Mrs. North (7-H) Day In Court 11:10-- (2-8-9) Top Dollar (4-11) Concentration ( 5 ) Time For Science (7) Peter Lind Hayes Show ( I S ) Little R»«c»!s 11:50--(13) News Sell's Body Shop GENERAL REPAIRS PAINTING BEAR ALIGNMENT SERVICE Arendtsville, PC. Big. 259.J AFTERNOON 12: Oft-(2-9) Lov« of Lif« 4 - l l ) Tic T»c Dou«h (5) Cartoon Playtime (8) News Regional New* (13) Pc'e- Linel Hayes 1 2 : 1 5 -- ( S ) TV Farmer 12:30--(2-9) Search Kor Tomorrow (4-8-11) It Could B« Yau (5) Romper Room (7-13) Mother's Day 12:16-- (2-9) The Guiding Li»ht 1:00--(2) Woman's An«l* (4) In Our Town (6) TV Digest (7-13) The Liberate Show ( 8 ) Weather, New* (9) Theater of Stem (11) Quiz Club 1:10--(8) Joan Klein Show 1: SO--(2-9) As The World Turtle ( 4 ) Famous Playhouse (B.) Movie (7) I Married Joan (8) Feature Film Playh«j«« ( 1 1 ) School Show ( 1 3 ) Doctor'* Diary i.Oft-- (2-9) Jimmy Dean Show (4-11) Truth or Conseqa«neti (7-13) Chance For Romanc* 1:80--(2-9) House Party (4-11) Hawfe Bsffit (7) Our Miis Brook. ' (13) Burns * Allen 3:00--(2-9) Dig Payoff (4-8-11) Today Is Oun (i) Douirla* Fairbanks »r. Presents (7) Brat The Clock ( 1 3 ) Buddy Dcane Show »:0-- (2-9) The Verdict Is Youri (4-S-ll) From Theat loot. (S)» Grandpa'* Place (7) Whom Do Yon Tr«tt 4:00-- (2-9) rtrifhter Day (4.J-11) Ounn For A Day (t) Pick Temple's Ranch (T) American Banostaari 4:11--(2-S) Secret Storm 4:30-- (2-9) Rd(« of Night (4-8-11) County Fair

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