The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1951
Page 13
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K 18, MM BLITHE)* 1 1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWf OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with M«|or HoopU MV \$ PI'<E OM WITHOUT ME TO TXM6 xs WEU. M OXXD B£ EXPECTED MOST HAVE cos OP OF -rue emus OP FOUND ACROBAT t> HELP H<M.?-~~AlOD DON'T W3RKV A8OUT THAT L*Vt£H 64FT VtX) ALWAVS BUY MB ALREADY SOT LIVEN UP WS DeCGBPIT ABOUT Mr 1 CHCISTMAS T BOV RENT A CAMERA Flash, Box or Movie Cameras Are Available to You at BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2084 West Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 4ft Inch, plain or recnforced. Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken holmes, pomp houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 SICK? Gall bladder, gu paint, h«a4 pains, nerves, tour stomach? "fry VITAL TONE -£«-, It may help to remove th« eanse. Hundreds have fonnd relief with VITAL TONE. OWENS DRUG STORE Main and Railroad —i OUT OUR WAY By J. R FRICKLM AND HIS FMINM Know How Fast You Drive? Get a Speedometer Check-up at T.I.SEAY MOTOR GO. 121 I. Mala SEf IT TODAY! Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOILCO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land "'^^f Kitten in the Woods IT HU IHV!C(. • XXT TTf trie morning Dr. Appleby came to examine Mrs. Steinhart and also send Ollie to bed. Ollie lay there fretful disgruntled, surrounded by all the paraphernalia for coping with a heavy cold. He wanted Elizabeth to remain and talk to him but consideration won out. Under no terms was she to catch his cold and pass it on to his mother. Nor was she to admit Aaron Riggs to the sick room. "I'm tired of that fellow." he explained crossly. "All he does Is harp on our expenses, wants me id cut down on the servants now." "Hut you only have two," Elizabeth protested. Ollie sneezed violently. Thad's ;whad I lol* him — two inside anil IHoskins out. Blag Firs is a big thouse, we need even more." j Hoskins! She had completely (forgotten him. She so seldom saw him around. A red-faced, grizzled inative o( Avondafc who raked the i gravel drive, pruned dead limbs 'from the firs, attended to blown jfuses, leaky faucets and rebellious ifumaccs. He didn't live at Black iFirs but took the short cut through I the woods each morning. j "Have you had Hoskins long?' she asked Ollie. ! "Years. Slow as molasses in win ter btrt dependable." Ollie sniffled and reached for a tissue. "Probably could get someone more ca :pable but haven't the heart to fire , him—he's all alone in the world. ! Elizabeth tuned his radio for him and turned to leave. He put ou his hand. "Miss, would you mine watering the new durian? Hoskin is completely hopeless when comes to house plants. Two quart of tepid water and set the thermo stat at 78 degrees." Elizabeth found the Indian tree followed instructions. She stayw for a while, staring around her the lush tropical growth. No mailer how Aaron Rlgg (might gibe at Ollic's hobbies, th one at least represented great work xpense and Ollie simply couldn't b* the illerl He was too kind-hearted. Take [oskina for inslanc*. la helping le older man Ollie probably re- icmbered that he himself was an rphan. It must seem almost iracle to him that Emily Steinart had selected him and brought up in love and luxury. His ate so easily could have been that ( most parentless children. Like loskins. • • • 2HE went to bed early, tt had been a long, boring day. It was fter midnight when she wa: iroused by the smell of smoke anc he faint tinkle of the downstairs irione. It did not ring again. Sonv me must have awaited th* call or cached the upstairs extension Iliickly. She lay there idly sniffing the imoke. It was growing very strong And then uneasiness began • drift in with the smoke. If was a bad flre, Black Fin was hi danger. Avondale was too sma! have anything but a voluntee fire department She had just hrown on her robe and tiptoed t [he window when there was knock on her door. Lee Hildret stood in the hallway. He surprised. "You're ah-ea<ry op!!~ __ 1 smelted smoke. K't gttttn very strong, Lee." He nodded. "D e van ter jus phoned. There are brush fires or the property near 1 the dam, sma now, but with this wind, they'r risky. He wants Alijtair and over there." He paused awkward ly, then went on. "I was wonder ing if you and Lucia would mak some coffee and bring it out us, sort of wake us up. Enough fo about eight men—Devanter h some of the guys from the lum her camp with him.' She hesitated, "I dont like le*v ing Mrs. Steinhart alone." "It won't take long and Unk SOe WANT % cWMCH* SAFI AMOSOUNO/ —ANO S-UTS •»* tint welt. V*3<oX IT /YOU OUST Be ON oe<x WITH IOUR. court > WA6OJS LA YET! i THINK, WHAT ff«Y MMD AH OftJfCT LESSON WHY MOTHERS «TT OBAY Benefit- by Reading and Using Courier Newi Classified Ads CHRIS WELKIN CAVTIOIULY OPENS THE AlCTJiSHr DOOK... I HOPE IVE CAH OUK-SEI.VE* WITH IT, IF WEteE REC/SF>rt/(5EC>,THeyLL. OUT INTO THE COLD! "Why can't t read the lettert Si» get* from her soldier friends? I like war *toriei!" , N COHTKOL THE OXYGENS OKAV 1 . \CHA(K>E *O VOf CAM THE OUTEK LOCK* I 4-TVH WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock GMrinteed R*«t Prieta Kirby Drug Stores COME, NOW! YOU CAN TELL VOUF? MOTHER! SOOO HEAVENS, PRI-3CILLA! WHAT DID SHE 'LL NEVER .PEAK TO JENNY LU AGAIN! NO, NO! I CAN'T •SAY IT!! IT'S TOO AWFUL! UNDERWEAR (SOB) FOR CHRISTMAS Wny put up with an eld outmoded kitchen when n't >o easy to own a imart new GENEVA Kitchen \tttt a you want it. Big roomy bale and will cabinets ... a handsome GENEVA Sink in lilt- lime Stainleu Steel... and spacioui wotk surfaces, all arranged to save you time and itepl. L«( one of our kitchen ipecialmi show you how •aly it is to own a GENEVA Per- liaed Kitchen. Phone or come fOAff CLEHE* b Kit * 2 10 VEAH7 WWADDVA EXPECT XXI WAKE MS UP wv-ry &RO\M_' XXIR ..SO I COOK INTO *,f>O WHAT. THI* HOT-ROOD1NS I AMTCXNB? &QUAD CAZ, AND THERE* N6PECTOR h OF HOMICIDE WELL, 5TTTINS WITH HIM SHAAMJ* V3LKVE BEEN 6E6INS SO MUCH OF LATEIV Hubbard&Hoke i DON'T WW6 MARRIEDr BUT.CECILE MEN.CWTAIN EKSVl I THE STORY'S HOZ DO I APPRECIATE \ HOT TRUE I YOUR TAKING ME OUT L«.6T SPRIUG WITHOUT^ MEWTIOWIUG IT! NICE TO SEE YOU BACK, EASY. WE REAP THE MEWS. LOOK_.rift COWFIDEO PIEHTV TO YOU IN THE PAST. MJD IK HURT THW YOU'D MOLD OUTOW MEI iDIWTTiPAL! TMSTIIL AND rue HEWER SEEN TBATJIkNETTL'UIS! COUGRATULMIONS, WY BOV,.. BUT YOU MI6HT HWJ6 TOLD ME! A UTTLE WECDWG GIFT.!* WBJEt MET JM16T, BUT SJT MEirHER WVEI! REPAIR SERVICE TIKEP Of HAVIUG TOSAV50! TO POKE HER LOWG, LITERARY WOSEl All Appliances: refrlgeratorR, freezers, ranicea, and washer* Radio* and small appliance*. All oar work ts guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. WHY.LOOK.OOOLA IT'SVOU TOfH 'SA GOOD UXENESS OF AN OVERSIGHT, MY BOV... ANO WE'LL R6MEW IT klSHT NOW... YEZ2IRI DO YOU THINK lOU'LL HAVE ANY DEMANC WELL... NO, BUT THEN IT'LL MAKE HIM HA.PPV... MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY IS MY MERE WE AB£ THIS SHOl I KNOW YOU PEOPLE.' machine problems? IENERAL A ELECTRIC VICW UK TL AIR TAXI 12'/ac Per Mile | Anywhere — Any Tim PHONE: Ernest Halsell im is light next to hers." Elizabeth dressed hurriedly but found ucia ahead of her in th* kitchen, vidently the girl .hadn't gone to at all. She wai fuming over being unable to Snd the coffee and hen an* did locate It she had no ea how to mak« enough for eight en. A» usual someone else did le work. They followed th« winding path the dam. The acrid, parching ind met them h«ad on and left Tern gasping. Th* glow ot bum- g brush lighted their way along i« creek. There were at least 0 fires on the opposite side, so enly spaced as to look dclib- rate. All on the property in con- •ntion between the Steinharts and he state of Vermont. When Bill Devanter spotted them e ran across the ridge of the dam. Elizabeth's heart skipped a beat !' she watched his figure sway razily against the glare. When he eached them his voice was hoarse ith smoke and anger. "Somebody set these things! We've found kerosened rags!" "Only a madman would do that n this weather." He eyed her over hit mug of coffee. "Or a very desperate man." Lucia mad*-a face. "Maybe he was so bored with Black Firs as am. Mayb* he wanted excitement. He's probably hiding behind tree now watching you work yourselves to death and enjoying every minute of it!" "Maybe," DM echoed and glared a* her. f UCIA'S words, her tone, jolted Elizabeth. You all work yourselves to death! That was it! She iut down the pot. "I'm going back to Black Firs." "Afraid they'll put you in th* bucket brigade?" Lucia teased. Elizabeth ignored her, turned to Bill. "Wouldn't this b* a smart way to get everyone out ot the house? Mrs. Steinhart and Ollie are alone, both sick and helpless!' She turned. Her sense of urgency was suddenly so compelling that she was afraid to listen to argument. Sh« knew she was right She began to run. (T* 8* Th_en you'll appreciate quick, economical service that you'll find at Wicker's. Machine work of all kinds; let Wicker solver your machine problem! •r Welding . Electric and acetylene If Blacksmithing Plow point sharpening, etc. • Winch Truck Service F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St. Phoir*2192

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