The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1947
Page 6
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T TWELVE of Truman fends Policies •'••"•'. Cool Administrator " I \ Blames Operators ' "And Miners, Too. t ' : • WASHINGTON, March 3. (UP) — The administration yesterday clc- ijled congressioial charges lltat It was following' a "do-nothing" policy while the nat}bn. headed lor a new crisis m tlie soft coal Heros qn April 1. v Blaming mine owners end John If. Lewis alike, Federal Coal Administrator, N H. Collisson said he had sought "constantly" , to bring about contract negotiations since early December but that every effort had. been fruitless. - Collision said these factors apparently sere influencing Lewis Srid the mine owners: I- A' desiie not to start negotiations until Supieme Court hands down its ruling on the contempt conviction 01 LSV.IS and his United Mine )Vorkers for calling last No- yember's strike jn defiance of a court order. The Supreme Court returned to tiie bench yesterday after a i\\o weeks recess but made no .announcement in the case. 2 Lewis' Insistence on ,an Indus- try-wiaV- agreement, and the divergent interests and attitudes ot mine owners. 3 The uncertainty over pending labor legislation The Industry, is hoping Congress will outlaw the type of welfare fund demanded by New Type Camera Lewis. • Collisson said none of these considerations bcliel new type of camera has bce-i built which delivers n linlshcd, poslti , ve print one minute after the shutter lias been snapped. The invcmoi Edwin II. Land, president of Polarlod Corporation, New York city shows a self-portrait tnken by the camera. (NEA Telc'plioto ) BLYTHEVILLB fAHg.V COURIER NEWS McNutt in Manila MANILA, March 4. (UP)— ASkv- Minstcr transport bearing u a bassudoi' s Paul V. McNutt land safely at Manila today after beine dlrccte<l to avoid Hong Kon K cause of bad /ly/iig%weather McNulfs plane lost radar con lact wilh Kwitak Field and ordered to go directly to Mu nfti-r heavy wealher .closed in Fog I'arllcles Measured The smallest fog particles have been measured by the Massachu" setts institute of Technology u was found that 25',000 of them head * In the 'House. Collisson took occasion to"recm phiisizc one of the eovertim««£ P»m=ij,al arguments in the con leinpl case agalnsl wis C!m not legally l»s present ° t'ernmcnt Is In possession c uled"' th"t UlC Oth0 ' hand ' ct kepi alive the ten provisions tlmt existed in con: con- presented a "valid basis...for the unwillingness of the parties to enter Into contract negotiations." Answers Critics In Congress He outlined' hi s position In a letler to Sen. Homer E. Capchnrl, R., Ind., had protested that •& - XXXI V TT was' so simple, really. ( Mjke had said it would be. But she could hardly believe it. The com U com was almost empty. Divorce was such a common occurrence here. 1 , Divorce granted!" That's all there warto it. And then she and Mike went out and got in!o the car he'd rented and drove inlo the Irene'Lonnen Ernhart£ th'e government was "doing nothing even though Lewis' "truce" In the soft coal fields expired April i. Simitar c1iiuges have been made Cassie sat down weakly For goodness sakes." de"sert to a ranch-house place lor lunch. eating the name had Ix-en hers, had at? pletely hers. Just worn for discarded. "I'm jiisl— plain Cassic Fletcher again now," she told him, trying to smile. A sick feeling of desolation crept through her. How -proud she had been, when the and Parker were first married, at the magic his had evoked In Morlonville then all she had hod to do was give the name, "Mis. Parker Hamilton," magic had been wroiiglil. Yet never rightfully ? Never coma masquerade, a short time, and then . ijMike had wanted her to fly back east, but she insisted on taking a Iram. The longer trip would give IVer a litlle extra time to get used to her new stains. Mike kissed hei goodby at the station, and loaded her- down with candy and flowers and books. She had a compartment, which was very convenient and 'private, but ; rather lonely. You sal alone and tried to read, but the pages of the magazine kept blurring. "See here'" she lold herself. "This has got to stop somewhere. This feeling sorry lor yourself. 7his maudlin self-pity." The train trip was interminable The miles seemed to creep by. Mike had taken a plane, going back to New York to finish up his business there. She missed him terribly. Christmas the day she got into Indianapolis, ant! boarded a bus for 'Mortonvillc. She'd .wired Mama she was coining. Papa met her at the bus station. He'd bought u decrepit model T truck and he put her in the front and her baggage in the truck bed. "Gosh, it's good to see you home again, Casste." n CIIE bad always loved coming '-' home to the farm. The old house sprawled out on the little rise of ground had always seemed so inviting. But it wasn't home any more, was it? "I'll ssvan I don't know what your Mama and me and Sid nre Sfoin' to do with that big house," Papa said. "Mama wants to put up a sign out front that says "tourist rooms," but I 'bout got her talked out ot it. Seems like it would be too much work for her." Papa rambled on and on, but Cassie was only half listening. They were going up the graveled drive now, and Mama was in the doorway ot the back porch and Sid was running toward them, the do" at his heels. "Sid! Oh Sid, darling, I'm so glad to see you)" She caught him in her arms and hugged him light. "Cassie, we missed you so!" Mama said. She waddled ahead into the warm kitchen. There was a good smell of pies baking. "I was lonesome for all of you, too," Cassie said. For once, she noticed, the kitchen was immaculate "Everything looks so nice Mama You been feeling better?" "I made new curtains for the kitchen," Mama said. She Hushed slightly. "Makes a difference when you know a placo is really your own. 'Specially a nice house like this. When something really belongs to you, you feel a whole lot different about it." "Why that's right," Cassie thought. •Didja know Papa's goiiv rriDIv «u —11 , . ' fcvM«i iiuu \jiny uaoies never tt_W«.-Ju»t one week beCore IhrilK ^ >>US1 ?. ca7 l Sid .«*«* until they were boni. Our Boarding House wit clustered around licr excitedly. Papa had dumped her uggago in the middle of the kitchen floor, and Mama was beginning to set out the dishes for supper. "Parker loaned me the money to build a big new chicken bouse " He scratched his head and grinned at Cassie. "Oh Papa, how could you 'et him loan you the money! After all, he's not a member o£ the family any more now." "It's a strictly business proposition!" Papa said. "And don't you forget it." "And Papa's got a thousand baby chicks ordered already from the hatchery!" Sid added. "And I'm takin,' agriculture at school, all about raisin' chickens and pigs and planting gardens." "Sid, are you sure that's what you want to do?" Cassic said.' "Wo got a farm all our own now ain't we?" Papa asked. "Why shouldn't Sid study farmin 1 ? The whole place'll belong to him some day. And anyway, he likes it. The trouble with you, Cassie, is that you always know what everybody else ought lo cio!" "Never mind, Papa," she said. 'I m just tired from the trip. Don't pay any attention to me." Later, upstairs in the old room with the Iwin beds, she thought "Papa's right. I always know what everybody else ought to do, and make as fine a mess of my own life as anyone possibly could." She went to the windows and looked out. The snoivy fields stretched away, blue in the fast falling dusk. Papa had changed in the six weeks she'd been away. There was an eagerness in him that hadn't been there before. Well, everyone changed one way or another. Change was the only thing that was permanent. Even she would change. Alter a while there wouldn't he this heavy ache in her throat airy more. Any mayba was on the basis of that in- o cancel the strike signal Ws result of his action l^ for contempt of o c Lewis' appeal has been .before supreme court since Dec. 7 tie Save Money Today. Any D»T STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 E. Main p hl ._T Von Must B. Happy or N™ 1^3 some time again she'd be happy. She had lots to look forward to, There was the baby for instance into Only babies never seemed real FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone IJIytheville 714 (To Be Continued); 6 W, DR. LUSHBAL L , HE AR BOUTTU6 PATIENT VJKO HAD TR ouBLE , i CAM CALL THIS STRIKE OM VOU WITHOUT SQU^^^J^;s FROM f HE BLEACHERS --— VOU'ME C30T MEASLES.' BED' DOCTOR SAVD GIVE H^\ SOME- THlMG To STOP THAT- AMY STRICKEN MIGHT rVlC FLINT Be Sure! INSURE 'With tile FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 103 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER By J. R. Williams TUESDAY, MAKCJJ 4, 1917 "You know how a girl likes compliments, George do you honestly think I'm as pretty as I really am?" WEAR FAN'CVKEAD<?RMAMEMrr FOR. Keoo&MTTO/V BETWEEN CLOSELV RELATED SPECIES, AND, LIKE HUMANS, HAS AN AVERA6E WIDTH OF OVER. FOE ITS ENTIRE LEN6TH OF /WORE THAM 4.OOOMILES Finest Selection ot QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 East Main Phone 2302 Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINK FARM DITCHES ' Wm. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Wriie Uox S<1, Roseliuid, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords • * Chevrolets * Plymouths and others Place your order Now i'or ImnjedUite, Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Lnlt> Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 .. Cor. Franklin and Main St. ANSWER: Buffalo, N. Y. NEXT: Figlitinjr fish bait. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oals, Lcspede/ii, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from BlytheviHa's largest Seed Stocl Blytheville Soybean Corporation T800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBES " ONE OF THE os -CKEMICM,ELEMENTS CIM.W PBACTICM, LEONIWD?/ I USED IS TOO EAR6 AND EXPENSIVE. BUf IWONTHETRftCKCf ft WW TO f.WKE IT SVNTHET1CW.W... Collapse £1 FROIA A, PWNT T.HW GROWS PfcOFUSEW IN CUB*- IN FACT. I...f UNMV.,. 1 KEEP FMLINS SORT OF RV T.BSLIE TURNES RED RYDRR ^HV, EhSV! S HE'S GOT TO HAVE REST, WHETHER HE \ HES ftSLEEP'. JUKES IT OS. NOT1 WMCH HIW, TONIGHT, i W.UEN...IH. 6E HERE EARL 1 * IN THE -WHEN THE TIME COMES, FLUKED YOU Will, KNOW MORE ABOUT ' THIS FOKVllll*, WHICH THE IITTLE BRUNET SO CAREIESSW LEfT HERE. BUT LET'S BET OH WITH OUR BUSINESS. *SS\ YOU'RE MICROPHONE CONCEALED THOSE FLOWERS WILL PICK WORD THAT'S SAID 1 PICK W A HEART MURMUR. PARROT, AND ITU ALL BE RECORDED ON THI5 WIRE RECOROEB ___._»Y MICHAKL O ./'EXCELLENT.' THAT / WILL PUT OUR I DEALINGS WITH OUR ) LETHAL-MINDED ^d CLIENT, BOR&ER.ON ^X A SOUND BASIS. WHAT'S IN \THS UJTLE BOU1.E . UHDER THE ^ V CIOARET? 'J iMAU,KY and HA] MERELY A DIME'S WORTH OF OUSTING POWDER. BUT DON'T ASK ME WHAT'S THE C1GARET. Look Out Duchess! BY V. T. HAMLIN 'S AU^T-'^E oucrfEss ' OF PAIrtT&O V.M.LEY.' AAYBS iLLEY OOP I REGRET VOLJR"VGOOOMNioW IF DIFFICULTY WITH I THINGS GO OKAY MY ORDNANCE I VLL BE RRADV ' OFFICERS, BUT ( FOR GUN TKSTS IT WON'T HAP- I NEXT VJEEK1 PEN AGAIN.' I'LL TRY lALKltf ftOKS A DAUGHTER OL1T OF THEIR Fool. MOTIONS ABOUT RED BEFORE EY G£T EVERYBODY BSliiV HE'S Art ODTlAVO Oscar's \Villinsr BOOTS AND'HER M'SIEU BOOM,YOU HAVE INSULT THE TRENCH < ARTILLERY/AI si 1 OH! VOU BIRDS ) OUU ON THE^ BY FRED RARMA> PISTOLS...ANO OON'T AGAIN,EH? I /FIELD OF / YOUR SUPPOSE THIS ) HONOR WE ( CHOICE OF \ASBESTOS~PANTS! S,^?o A X DEMAND V WEAPONS,) WHERE' YOLTRF DUEL? I SATISFACTION;} M'SIEU? /GOING,YOU'LL cv i t j ', • Nftfti fi <r NEED 'EM! Kt£ '/?? VU<t YOU, Excitement BY EDGAR" MARTI N WfVT VT VJftS OVi W4t\

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