The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1947
Page 2
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FOUR Railroads Win ^ »J*«>W- t -Vj ' , DwwJeOverRafe fejr*"-' • BfcUion Ultimately May'Cost'Taxpayers Millions of Dollars t -<*i^ ,j j H&5HTNGTON', Match's, OJP)- The^Jj^ e, ^Supreme Court ruled jestwday -that the government shotrt*"ria\e fild full commercial r rallrjad freight rates for the shipment* In thi s country of a wide \ariety ot lend-'ease Items and otlier goods not directly connected with the war effort In another similar case the court held that, railroads could liot! hovvtvcr. coll'crt full rates inr shipments ultimately destined lor actual military purposes. • The two rulings, one unanimous and the other -8 to 1, were made in > controversy of several years standing between the government and some of the nation's major railroads. The decisions apparently opcri the way for suits by railronds which may cost the government, several millions of dollars. JLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)_COimrER NEWS Much Government Red Tope Wrapped up in Sale urplus by WAA to Civilian Buyers^f m r* Sceol "l lla '" 1 Store: Kcil (ape that went with ' i ) "" r ™ ase « f * surplus cargo plane doesn't show hero In . photo taken after Texas men who bought it at :i U'AA sale con..: verted it nilei a-Jllllng station. Tliey nil tlirou-h one Hnele of •j tape—CAA inspeclion—because (he plane stayed O n jjrouml During the war, the government held that all articles connected in iu:y, way with the brond purpose of prosecuting the war were en'.:i• led' to the lower "land-grant" rates for rail shipment. The transportation act of IS) 10 provides that the lower rates apply-to articles moving for "military, or naval and not lor civil use." In one case, the Seaboard Air Line.--Hallway and the Allanlic CoasV Line Railroad sought additional, .payments for shipments o! phosphate fen.ilizer destined lor Great Britain under College at Arkadelphit- Trains Home EC. Teachers ARkADELPHIA, Ark', Mar. 4 ~J. 'Marion Adams, - direcloi' of u-• catiDnal education with the Stale I Dep^tmcnt of Education at Little' Roctiihas notified President D. L>. Marie.-, of Henderson Stale Teachers ^College, that .effective Sept. 1 '•^Henderson state Teachers Cj.Iege will he aprovpd for training vocational' home economics .teachers. .This Is the highest recognition that/ tan be given'in the stale to college departments of home economics, and is a distinction hi-idj at present by only the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas State 1 Teachers College, , at Conway. it! means that graduates of the hojnc' ecoijohiics department at Kciider- son;will be eligible to appointment as teachers in any high school in the ; §(ate, ihcliiding those receiving 1 • federal aid. Jt slso means that, Henderson's department will be en-! gib'.e.fto receive federal grants off funds in furtherance of its home economics work. I nv r>our>i.<u> LAKSKN N!')A sliiff CurresrioiKleiit WAaiiXGION, I-Vb. 8, INEA)- Toclay's let's join the Inn over at Federal Mcrclmndisinu? As always, you']: want to litiide by the law. So there arc a feu legal tcclinlcalilit-s lo be gone .. • ^ * • •"- "- 1 - 1 "•• ^K'»t LL'^inii-iiiHK'S to be cone Uncle Simmys Second Hand and! (Drouth before (he bill of .sale can Variety Store. There's a special sale be signed. (Ill HIIfi t\ fill n t. ciii-vnl r\( rts.,**-\ln i (in antj a glnnl spool of tlonblc- strength veri la.'ie Is going (rec with every airplane. Climb bC'hiiKl the counter and play clerk. It's fun. Next to firing Government employes, It's the most popular sport in town. Sure, it's ckiiy. The store is part yours. Maybe you've heard it called War Assets Administration, bin, it's the same thing. We'll ninke the first sale Just as simple and easy «s possible. There':; a customer with plenty ol green stuff just burnin; a hole in his pocket, standing right next to tlie Airnlniic lie minis. Your chief wholesaler, the Army, Just delivered the plane ;>]| neat and inspected with the "surplus declaration" in' perfect order. Tlie only thing left is to close the deal. Arc you i-caiiy for your Tim lesson In right out of your refrigerator Licensed WAA inspectors nave to hive the plane a thorough yoing over so i/icy can .'ill out the "Formal Acceptance Form." Then another crew ol inspectors from Civil Aeronautics Administration has to inspect the plane, ff everything is in apple pie order, you set a "Provisional Approval" sayiiiK il is "an approved type, cligioic'lor certification." This simply means thnt, fvontually, CAA ft'lli Jet their InsjiMtors inspect It again after the buyer buys it and might want to fiy II. Fuclmi; (he sale price on It is relatively easy as long as five Federal laws which govern this are included 1 in !h c "pricing formula" At this point it. might -be good salesmanship to let our cash customer step out for a short beer The law Is rather specific and time-consuming on what happens mxt. It Just could be that anolh«r Federal agency might want tins particular airplane. And since the Government is the seller, U also Ims first crack at buying. To make sure the various agencies have a chance to take advantage o this opportunity., you' to sen, out a detailed description ol in pliinc lo each one of them inir wall 15 days for a decision. Veterans of. world War II gc the next chance at our bargaii plane. Notices of its avallabilitj are sent out to a current list o: 32.000 places and persons to fulfill this section of he law. It so happens that our cash customer— stlli drinking short beers—is not. veteran and can't nmku his purchase at this stage of the There']! be another 15-day wall lor our customer. P.?: oust! net ion Finance Coipora- lion now steps up to the counter in tin- role of u i)lj; brother for the nation's small businesses, if one ol them wants tlie plane, HFC wunUI buy it lor them. Hut the prrcy.s'i is /.(ji'ctlincc up now. The law s:iys you only have to wait one day for this to happen. II HFCs smn!l biisinc.sscs de- eirti; lo stay on the giound'as far cs rui- jjlniiK Is concerned, stale, comity and local governments get the mxt change to -',-ny il. Thoy tr.o. have to 1)3 notlllcd of all the ol its existence. There are! foiins (or Ihl-i of course. AIKJ an-' ctl'."i lei;al dny has to expire. j Hi'llrr a!( >.'t your customer now. i All lhal icuiitlns ;s fdr all the eclu- : ca'.ioiiiil iiibtitutions in the coun-i try to be notiliori. For this select' group of customers, tlie price' <ln ps 40 per cent and the sun im:M aijain rise and set. r Finally, the law says "v.irfe pub-' lit notice" has lo ^c mariu of the' :•':-. availability, winch means Kisiiiff it in many ne'.vspiipers. :s ii result, one nr more cus- •:s in addition to isur old frientl us ur^overcd, there's one move A uitmo will hiive to lie out of :l hat lo determine the I'.iuky buyer. .' O[ course the buyer has to apply la CAA for ;t ferrying permit to i'ct the plane home. Then it has to i:c overhauled for tho CAA "Air Worthiness Cortifjcate,' 1 But Called Home TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1917 If. tom is i sli I resent delicalc relations between U. s. and Polish government gave significance to the re- Ci'.ll "for consultation" of Arthur Him Lane, U. S. ambassador (o Warsaw. Indications .-ire lhal he will not return to his post, but will be replaced. Lombardo's Bad Luck in Regatta Wins Him "Hard Luck Guy" Title snares Insects by threads at them. shooting sticky QUICK MIAMI. Fla., Mar:li -i. (UP> — 'Kaiid-L«u.;-r Ciuy Luii'.'oardo, who is also the leading power «ui driver in the ci tin try, had a now title—"hiinl lu.k ttiiy" louay after] Our Radio lippairs ;ire flllick ICMIIU the Usstaync. Buy Regalia aiu [ ou ,. worhnianship finer than unywhere ..•(.'cause ol engine -.rouble-. Fust place went lo Lou Fiigc-ol ol cuyanoKu FiilL-i, O., who finish- wl second in tlie lirat two lieats behind Lombaido and Dion won the third heat when Lom'onru'0'.s .'iiotoi 1 "conked out." Loin'sardo won the first five-mile iXiU with iin average of CB.L7J miles j,i.|- hoiii- and the second witn 7-1.4-12 His boat, famed U'inpo VI, cuukl not move last (iiiotii/h in the third heat to reach myjiig lime. Fageol -.von the <! neal in Ea.4:e. and got credit' second r>!ace in the second! -heat although' he didn't start until!------- „__. sitter L'ombjrdo finisiiecl. i»*----.».-.-«**^-....*. — ...,. rt .-JT- i|»«! I.H or \VK KKI'AIR ANY IMAKi:—ANV MODEL Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First '''' worm -Hl«! pcripatus en- airp:;!.:c'.s is consicX'ied one ot WAA's simpler jcbs. NOW at— Liberty Cash i'S STATE LINE CAFE Under Management of Stanley Keller Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bor-b-que Hot- Biscuifs 1 Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS -~ WHILE YOU EAT! you cull ring up a sale, Hud enough of playing clerk? In actual practice, .scllinc surplus &\ . \ HOW TO V BCBTE FLY KITES AWAY FROM ELECTING WIRES en Moml „„!„, „„„•, <tlink him with o OOV/NVFtAKE Donul = od end good (cr him E Q1 y lo Digesl. >g Aim o.oi'nd ond It! him see «iod« by Iho OOV^NYftAKE r»ocl,ir,e DO USE DRV conos ST«IHG DOW'T CLIMB POLf.S TO REGOl'En KITES o D 0 H ' T USE FflETAL or OH KiTCS TRUCKS, it will pa tt umt to mirwllB< , r . . . «„„,„ Dwlge lMlds ' Jnb . R(llc(r Tfucks ,, From a range of 175 "Job-Rated" chassis models, your Dodge dealer has (ho cngmcermg data to select, the right ixvck to fit your job, B avc you mo^ey See oim today . . . sclcc , (llc ?ropcr ca|)ad(y )ruck , Tell him what Icmls you ha»l . . . Tell hint _the type anil size of body you want ... a^ ^^' n select llic proper whccl- ^T base for correct load distribution! TeH him your grade and speed requirements ... B^ If(; ' 11 select flic proper rear ^T »xlc and gear ratio! All ( 0ther units such as engine, clutch, transmission, springs and brakes . will IK; Job-haled" for top performance with your loads over your roads. For maximum economy of operation- for long-lasting dependability-get the one track that best fits your job . . . the right Dodge "Job-Hated" truck! j , /-» *• "<; I .VS* • flSH W." 2.*i"'H»^

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