The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1947
Page 5
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[PAGE TEN Taxpsyers 4 Big Refunds Government Collects Three Billions Mots Than Really Was Due ;WASHINGTON, Mm. 3. _ (UP> The Aluminum Company cf icrlca recaptured 47$.168,578 In leral taxes to top a loni; list of !xi>ayers, including Sen Theodore Blllio, who receive!} funds in fiscal year 1946. "lite rctunds bre made to taxpayers who paid bre than necessary. ;Tlie list was submitted by the Treasury to the House Exectiliw Expenditures Cominittco today in accord with a law requiring "thai all refunds of $500 or more be reported to Congress. It happened to Include ah income tax refund ot $1,556 lo ep. Clure E. Hoffman, n.. Mich., who Ihis year became chairman of the Executive Expenditures Committee. .A. total of $3,119,000,000 in tax refunds was paid by the Treasury in 194(i fiscal year, the bulk in corporations. Railroads, especially, received big refunds, but Hie aluminum company by far outstripped nil of them. Not all of the corporate refunds were shown on the list because the Treasury did not include those paid on a tentative basis pending later readjustment. Largest refund lo an individual was made to Steve PenninBton. Oklahoma city, who received S-H.7.- Cll In over-paid income and excess profits tax. ens Bilbo, D,, Plumps for Hard AAoney F. 1C. Gimlclt, 82-year-old prospector Itnown in Colorado's mining districts ns "The Horinil," Is pictured on his 19-17 visit to Wnslilng- ton, D. C., where he goes iinnually to talk "hard money" to Congress. This year he is upset over inllalion and says the dollar that was worth 100 cents In 18CO Is now worth only eight cents. Jle wants a return to the use of gold and silver currency, Miss., l!ol back $852.52 of his Income lax. sen. William Langcr, n., N. | 15., was the only oilier, senatorial recipient receiving $1,349, Hollywood was represented in the list by Harry James, bandleader :i"tl screen star, who got $18,587. and Brian Aherne. who received S!1),S23. Largest refund 10 a film rompany was paid lo 20th CenLnry- Fo\ |lm Corp.,, which Fgot $821.:)43. '. General Motors made the largest rrcnpture among,* tlic automobile firms. S2,CC2,OOB. Ford Motor Corn- Puny got back $717,170. Read Courier News Want Ads. McMath Names Deputy HOT SPR1.VC13, Ark., Mar. 'J. (OPi—Attorney Nathan Schuenfeld today look up his duties as <li i puty prosecuting attorney in the IHlli Judicial District, follov.'lng wearing-in ceremonies hero yesterday. Sclioenfeld, law partner of Prosecuting Attorney Sidney S. McMiilh, and n leader in the GI political bloc in Garland County, takes his place as the second deputy to be nn.ncd by McMath. The prosecutor imned David B. Whittington to a similar post shortly utter he took office Jan. 1. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NKWS New Cabinet Post Propose'd By Fulbright WASHINGTON, Mar. 3. (UP)-- Scns. llobpi-l A, Tuft, u o .,,,,1 J. William Fulbi'lulit, D,, Ark' tciduy urged creation of a new cov '•mment (Irjxirlmcnt to lielu cstnli Ifcli si healthier, better educated Mid imu-e socially secure Ijotlv of citizens. J They lostilled before the Senntc Kxraillre Expenditures Committee in fuvor of their bill u> set u» "i Uo|>:ulment of Health, Education siiicl Sociul Security to superset the existing Federal Security Agenijv Tafl said that while ho consl'd crod the federal government's Dart in .such matters "secondary," he fell it .was a role In setting standards I his should \>s handled, he said hv a CTljIncL officer directly rcsponsi- i' to the President. "The federal government Is Ro| nK l» have to extend more federal iild In lliose llclds," he said. "The t\"cn tics Involved shouldn't play an" independent name but should be direct ly under the President." I r'ulbiiKht said the proposal wis "designed to promote good government." He said If America wants to m->- venl war or be strong in -cas> It c-nincs "we need a more Intelligent healthy citizenship." L "'kcn,, Oalveston, Tex., Is located on ',n island In the Gulf of Mexico. XXXIII "VOU said to be modern about this divorce," Cassie told Mike, "and that's what I'm going | to be. I wouldn't dream of letting i Parker know nboul the baby. Do i you think I'd want him back bc- I cause he felt it was his duly?" I r "Bui if you love Ihe guy, cvcry- j thing's bound lo work out all right in the end!" Mike said. ' "No! No, I tell you!" Cassie said. Her voice rose with impatience. j"Leni wants him, and they went jto^New York together, and—well ^-that's that," she shrugged. "Leni!" Mike said contemptuously. "She doesn't really want him. And he couldn't want her. As a matter of fact, Cassic, I've [had a sneaking suspicion all along I that the guy is slill nuts about I you." i "Let's don't discuss it any more, I Mike. I'm hero to get a divorce, | and,I'm going through He : wanted it this way. I used to j think, when we were first married, ; that he did love me, but" somc- as lhou£h he'd failed yon." "But I lold him, Mike, lhat it didn't mailer." "II inuttcnd to him. Then those jobs he had were not (be soii he was filled for, and he hnted them. And (hey didn't pay much eilher a-.vj lie was used'to a Iot 1 H ; nll grew iulo sort of a defense complex." "FisiiHriK all Hint out doesn't help much now, thai 1 can sec," Cassie said wearily. * * 4 IT was 10 o'clock when Mike left her at Ihe hold. Ami at n the next morning he phoned and suggested breakfast together and a drive. Reno was a different place wilh Mike around. The loneliness was dispelled as though by magic. The ache inside her was still there, the I grievous pasl and the uncertain | fnlnrc, and the longing for Parker. I Parker! And beside:; that—he's so ! sweet!" * <* * JyjIKE Insisted that shcj.Mould go lo a doctor. She can in ;-'it of (he doctor's office feeling happy and at the same time near lo tears. "1 was right," she told Mike solemnly. She mustn't cry. Mike would hate it. That was the day they wont to a small gambling place and played roulette, just for the fun of" it. Mike lost a lot ot money and she won $20. "That's ihe way it goes, baby. I always lose. I lose and you win!" His blue eyes, reckless and full of inirlh, probed into hars. "No, Mike. I think we both lose in Ihe big game." Only a week more and she'd get her decree. Mike made her eat right. "You've got to take cnre of yourself," he told her gravely. She'd hud the first really square menls since her stay in Hcno, after Mike He started in at breakfast time. "Drink your orange juice. Atta ' how everything started : wrong between us." going ! "I'm not much of n psychologist, : Cassie, but it's easy to see what j happened. Parker knew you jnar- 1 ried him mostly because of—well ;—what he could do for you and I the family. Oh—you were fond of I him. I'll grant you that. And pco- • pie do get married on a lot less ; affection than you felt for each i other. When two people are young and healthy tMy cr.r. marry and , fall in love afterward. But he had .that feeling 1 that you didn't love him—that he'd talked yon into it. • And he knew about me, too." "Yes, I know it." ' "And deep down it hurt him. : .Then when he lost the thing you Ml Wm for—the money—it But (tie days were Ailed activity lhat left her little lime for (bought. She and Mike ate Thanksgiving dinner together. And lhat was the day she saw the note in the New York column about Parker. "Radio slar Parker Hnmillon i; being seen in all Ihe bright night .spots. Rumor has it that Hamilton's wife Is being Renotizod lo make way for his marriage to !ier sister, lovely I.eni Fletcher, night club songbird. Cassie rend it through three limes, torturing herself with it. Long scrawled letters came Irom Mama. Sid had won the oratorical contest at school. Papa had a brand-new banjo with pearl inlays and n lot of silver trimmings. Parker had sent it to him from New York. Alld Sid had got a model airplane with a real motor in it. Mortonville seemed very far away, as though it were on another planet. And so did the family. Leni and Parker seemed even more nebulous. Leni's mocking face danced he- fore her eyes. "I'm in love with j girl! Another piece of toast. Finish your egg." As though she were a child. "What arc yon going lo do?" ho asked ono day. "Go back to Mor- lonville to live?" "I don't know," sho answered. "Mania wants me home for Christmas. 1 haven't made up my mind what I'll do after lhat." II was difficult to know. Thcre'd he the necessity for finding a job. She wasn't asking alimony. And Ihcn there'd be three'months oil al least before Ihe baby came, mid probably n month afterward. She would have lo find someone then lo take care of lliu baby while she worked, bul Morlonviile was out. She never wanted to live there again. "You'll be homo for Christmas, though'"' Mike said. "Yes." She looked nl his profile, thoughtful and grave. She wished lhat she could feel for Mike Ihe passion again, Ihe love that had once scetned to her heart so completely. But it was no use. (To Be Continued)' JATO wingtip auxiliary units rc- <lucc l'-80 takeoff rim by 1185 feet. Save Money Toflay, Any Day STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main PhonT'859 \ou Must Be Happy or. No Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hn-y (il ;t( Stalo Line Phone Jilythu'villc 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. JJITTNEK MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1!M7 "The nerve of her asking inu huw i aver manage to keep 90 young looking—I'm jjomg to iliink up a good dig for _' _ ___ her ntxt tiiH',- we inuoti" ODDS* V 'A TRAIN MAY BE' ; HELD UP WITHOUT BEING LIFTED;- BUZZSLENM, t THE EAST INDIAN ISLAND OF BLEW ijp> ON Au&tJsr 27, less, PERSONS YET THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE LAU6E TOWN WITHIN A HUNDRED MILES/ THE .SOUND WAVES M'ERH RECORDED 3.OOO AMLES AWAY, AND OCEAN WAVES WERE RAISED ON THE SHORES OF FOUR CONTINENTS'. «. 1M7 DY NEA SERVICE. IXC. X. M. REO. IT. 3. P*T. C!fj NEXT: \Vliy birds wear fancy head ornaments. Finest Selection ot QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE ICusl Alain Phone 2302 Levefs and Lsraes Sup/eying DKACJ LINK KAK.M D1TCHKS * Win. R. Overfron — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years Write [iox 81, Koselaiul, Ark. Yes, We Hove New Gears Arriving Every Week * Pontiocs e Fords * Chevrolefs * Plymouths and others Place your order Now 1'or immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar Tor Clean Laic Model Cats BUD mm AUTO SALES Phone 20.V7 Cor. I'l-ttiikiin and Main St. SEEDS Sprinrr Oats, Lcspctleza, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from BlythevHie's largest Seed Stocl ilytiii 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBES THEVRE ftWWED AT JfW, \ „» Wt RESULTS OF TESTS / ~. j 1 ,-/T'Y OK LEU'S NEW / ) V ' ' - '' Time Is Short THERE'S ONE MOKE STEP TO MiVKE IT COMWEECIAILV PRACTICAL. YOU SEE,«.« LABQRATORS frNB SUPPLIES FOB. MEAES OF EXPERIMENTING HWE COS'! PIENTS! HAD TO BOEROW KEMILV AGrtlKST THE HOUSE WJD EQUIPMENT.,, BY LESLIE TURNED Out Our Way .P, IT LOOKS LIKE MEASLES, ' 3OR.BUT TL DlDMT ^MO'N POS GOT 'E \\-~SAY, IS THERE T. CAM SET FOR YOU ? GUY 5ws WITH THE ARMFUL 01 'LOCKS, I've ear TIME as! AW HftNJDS.' r^ UfA-VAS, PlKE -~-TrtERi I?) GOMETrilMG YOU CAt^i DO -i~- W(XLK OVER. ID THE CHOP AMD GET A\EA 7lM OF AV/ FA\fOR\TE TOBACCO -~-TKe eroRE AT ?_q FLEET STREET, LOMDOM,ENGLAND 15 _'OL) FINOtHE AUfWlC TRIFLE DAWP- By J. R. Williams VIC FLLNl RED RYDER THOSE NOTES KtS. OVERDUE...AND i CAN'T STALL 'E.S\ OFF MM M5S6ER! THERE'S O^LS A FEW OM5 LEFT, AND I'VE £OT TO FINISH BEFORE THEV TAKE- EVERYTHING / BUT IT'LL ZS T l:c». -- h GOLD MINE \DALEKGlMCiLe IT'S PUTCH )r'.ATLS TO EKTENO rue NOTES Lang consented to take Cr.ih Sequia in with her, and that was a load off my mind BUT Vau'O BETTER^ VfAR YOUR DARK .GLASSES, vic. YOU'RE ^ GOING TO IT" •i I!Y MICHAKlTo'si ^7hile I waited for them, a fall man with a. beak for a nose sat in his office tcy- l "* with a bottle and acigaret. and KA],1>II SO VC'J GOT (-. CEEK AT WAT FORMUIA THE 50U7H AMERICAN GIRL LEFT V.'ITH ME, EH, FlUKE? VrfHAT DID VOU MAKE OF IT? r -*9<m „- ^^-w 8 * §:$&s~>s* : P ICC, t^.' T, M rr.. u. i.. PM. i , PARROT, III THE FIS5T PtACE ITWA5NT WHAT THE GIRL THOUGHT IT WAS. AND SECOND, IT WASN'T SYORTHtESS. YOU W£RE SLIPPERY^ R1PSR- BJt l STILL I ! (isl-iMor!c'n] "V v T HA Ml.IN SrtWTER IF ViE'D KiLt YOU, IS15t£AD Or TR11,^ 10 FfJVXS YO'J A>!D C-KS'r! YOU l^ FOR A P.ARCOSl SOv! ALLEY OOP Is Hop Guys ;5?f WELL,GENERAL,ARE \OUl! f'^:{ VOU SATISFIED WITH I VOL, O^T "t : \ THE EXCELLENCE OF ,'TERRIFIC? .-' '- 5% MY EXPLOSIVES? / WHERE'S PRHPARATIONS TO MAKE BETTER AMMUNITION FOR NAPOLEON'S ARTILLERY PROCEED, BUT NOT WITHOUT DIFFICULTIES... |X\ X V, ) WHILE OOP JOUBTS liYnVsLi 5 Wl TH SPIES, BOOM PS.—ecMI CONTENDS WITH PjaKS^wK INEFFICIENCY IN L l" f. k \l HIGH PLACES. |^.f?^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES wtu.5c«T imo^ BY ^^^J^AKMA" I TELL YOU I'VE GOT J-^ TO HAVE THE HELP (-^ OF INTELLIGENT / ^ OKDNANCE / ^~~" '" MEW.'SEKDME /AH.M'GIEU A COUPLE OF I BOOM, A . iERGEANTS! I STROKE OF I- '-/, The I'MHIC'S On \t ART IN FIRE HURRV. ftWHOHV I ROOF »<=, ftftRtl ft RV^G BftCK ft ^~ ^ f ^ J^:( KELP-'] ! (iHS-L-pTl -~ —~^>- ^msz T. V. VEC. U. 9. PAT. err.

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