The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on July 4, 1975 · 2
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · 2

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, July 4, 1975
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Titi 2 THE HERALD. Piw. ifeft. Friday. Jaly 4, ISIS - "HEW dbJIW m.JSm MM- -I-aM.- kljk., A. XV few r4 Former POW Recalls 4th Rites Under Reds s I V mui ... L - A' M0M:MENT. Cola. UPIi-ft July ith. W71. in a North Vietijamese prison camp -.: t.Vt C-r fr.T Sorey, shot don mt-re than four years earitt-r. decided to siage a re iebration show to tell the historj trf the United Stales. fws felktw captives were the actors and they recounted patriotic songs and verse One Drisunw of war rorittni 'he Cft t -burg .4 dd ress "The North V'ietpsmese kept us pretty hamstrung except at stationed a? the Air Ftm Academy. 'They considered July 4th as our rtva!ut:oftary day. fhey fcxA on revolution a little different than we do and because of that, they let us celebrate it " Todav. Storey has rounded few kyvhWs&ii-n 1 "T Ep- .iW s w B. 5 . 1 1 - r 1 EARLY BIRD parade goers lined University Avenue and Center Street s Prsvc frcsn as cady ss before dsws tc have a good seat for the I37S edition of Prevo's Freedom Festival. This picture was taken just a few minutes "7T . -- ' fTMiViiiMiimwii iiniii Tnr"rn jrrr rr- i Police Ask Help Locafinq a Girl Security ptsliie at Brigham Voufsg University and Provo police have requested public help n their search for a iyear-s!d North Silt Lake girl who has been missing for a week. ov? c-...r;., r.;-f r-x before the Grand Parade started iib all the bands, flags, balloons and ether assjr'ed elements of pagentry befitting the occasion, those whu waited w?r oot disappointed. j y VUl (itlML: ;1 Winners in Colorful Provo July 4th Parade Announced (Continued From Page l ) from American Fork. Wendy Butler from Payson. Utah County's Ruth Smith. Carol Craig from Provo. Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Princess Joy Tucker. Utah County Dairy Commission Princess Chariyn Murcuren. Midway's Swiss Miss Karla Kohler, and Ute Siampede Queen Brenda Fern?. Bagpipe music from the Salt take Seotts Bagpipe Band was heard and also music from oiher bands, including marching bands from Provo. Orem. Payson, Sprmgville, Juab, Ixh:, Spanish Fork and American Fork High Schools and the Provo Federation of Musicians. Special units represented the U.S. Forest Service. Arabian ilirse Club. Provo Riding Ciub, Utah Speedboat Association, BYU International Folk rimers. Bullock Si Losee. Provo City Fire Department. Finnages, Baron Car Club of Provo. Berg Mortuary. Orange Julms, Baskins Rcbbins. Pop Shoppe. Jean Elliott Drill Teams, Silver Fox Recreational Resrt, Jim Tllson, Sundance Ski Resort. American Party, Scrap Box, Dr- Cleaning Village. Ming Center. Republican Party. Suntana Raceway and others A cannon salute from the Sertoma Hub led off the paride. Two trucks from Oilies Garage trailed the parade entries to help with mechanical troubles. City and county officials joined Freedom Festival chiefs in antique cats during the parade The coiorguard was supplied by the U.S. Army Recruiting Station. The coiorguard included four men in old cavalry uniforms riding horses. Dean FBI Called in to Probe Death of Cook at Lodge .YELLOWSTONE PARK. Wyo. (UP!) The FBI has been called in to investigate the death of a cook at Old Faithful DwJge whose Lvniy whs found in a ISO-degree thermal pool at Yellowstone National Park, an official said Thursdav. Published every sf!efr,:on Monday through Friday and Sunday morning by The Daily Herald, 1555 Nsrth 210 W. Sires?, Provo, Ulan 84601. S. JENSEN. PvS!ljh(.r Entered as second class matter at the post office In Provo, Utah. MEMBER Audit Bureau ot Circulation United Press International NEA Service SUBSCRIPTION RATES One month, carrier S 3 00 Si months, carrier J'! fine year, carrier jj 00 AAail, anywhere in United Slates One month S J SO Six months III 00 One year $42.50 Herald Telephone Numbers OFFICE 373 5050 CIRCULATION 375-5103 Joe Carder, park spokesman, said the body of Donald W. Cressey. 24. of Bellview. Wash, was found Wednesday in one of four tlwmal fwils haifway between Madison Junction and the Old Faithful area. Cressey. who was a senior cook at the lodge, was last seen alive Sunday with a friend. Carder said, and failed to return to work Tuesday after a day off. A tourist came on his body Wednesday. Carder said rangers have no idea yet how Cressey happened to cet into 'he pool. The body was badiy decomposed by the hot water, he said, which was the hottest of the four pools in the area, about 200 yards from a road and off the normally travelled tourist route. Carder said park officials ijch summer have a problem with some visitors trying to swim in the thermal pools, soine of which are hotter than 180 degrees. The practice, called ' hotpoiting." is strictly forbidden by paik regulations and highly dangerous, he said (Continued From Page I j Dean, D-American Fork, and Pettersson have opposed each other en several issues in the Democratic caucus since the organization of the 41st Legislature in January. On the last day of a special June session of legislature. Dean reportedly spearheaded a move to oust Petterson as floor majority leader. The move failed by one vote. Pettersson then served notice that he would consider leaving the Democratic Party if Dean tried it again. "I am not trying to remove any member of the Utah Senate." said Dean Thursday. But if a member is not comfortable with his party, then I suggest he make the switch." Pettersson would not say if he was seriously considering leaving his party but indicated there was still bad blood between him and Dean. "'There certainly must be something wrong if a good Democrat who won in the last election by a 70 per c ent margin would consider a switch to the RepubiicanParty, " hesaiJ. Republican Minority Leader Dixie Leavitt. R-Cedar City, said ms party would "be glad to have him ( Pettersson I if he wants to switch." The two Democrats' la'est fight apparently stemmed from an action by the bi-partisan Legislative Management Committee appointing KSL Television newsman Dick Wilson to the iiewly created post of legislative operations director. Dean opposes Wilson but has not been able to muster the votes to block the newsman's nomination. 2 Million Firecrackers Ordered Out MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. (L'PIi - It cost David G. Ness a $25 fine but he managed to get cut of Minnesota with two million firfcrsckers estimated to be worth $50,000. Fireworks are illegal in Minnesota Two weeks ago Ness pleaded guilty in Hennepin County Municipal Court to illegally storing 83 cases of fireworks in downtown Minneapolis. He was fined $25 and told by Judge Delila Pierce thai he could have the fireworks, which had been confiscated by police, if he would get them out of state. Normally illegal fireworks ' are destroyed, but an assistant city attorney said disposing of 2.5 tons of fireworks posed a problem SIC Man Lost on Colorado MOAB. Utah (UPD A sheriff's jeep posse searched today for a 23-year-old Salt Lake City man who was swept into the Colorado River and presumably drowned when a freak wind overturned two rubber rafts moored at the Moabboat dock. A Grand County Sheriff's spokesman said Scott Crouch was carried away by the swift current about 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening Searchers were unable to locate him before dark. Truck Burns; $2,000 Loss The engine and cab of a dump truck owned by the Dean Cox Construction Co. burned Thursday at 3700 N. University Avenue. Fire officials estimated the loss at $2,000 and said the cause of the blaze was a backfire There were no injuries. W Keishaw explained the girl, named Susan Curtis, arrived at BYU last Friday for a youth conference and has been missing since then except for one occasion this past Tuesday when she was observed briefly at the rear of one professor's class trying to sell a textbook, according to the professor who definitely identified her from her picture. Chief Keishaw reported the girl stands 5 feet 7. weighs about 120 pounds, has light brown hair and hazel eyes. He said she was wearing a Smokey Says: r ? wm - yt Li i. up friends, neighbors and cadets from the academy. i recreate that Independence Day program a! the Hanoi lEiutfifuur TSr aTJ fk' ird he hujjo .t - u,! fcww Americans with a littie more pnde in their country and helps them rsaltie how good the nation really is. I thought a liit about my country up there.'' Storey said "I got home and saw a lot of chafifeos. sail of like the Rip Van Winkle syndrome We Ikive lot of dcViSiVcncss 2nd we're not united. My molto now is let's get together and put "united" back into the United States of America If we don't think enough of ourselves to get out and celebrate the past and the future, we're making a big mistake." Storey, who was shot down over Jfotth Vietnam Jan !7. t. iia ne urtaoi uic ji - entirely on memory since he w. nM...,.A4 il . paper until the final two weeks he was a captive. it's the history of our country in song and verse." Storey said "it s broken down into 10 different eras and ends with the Vietnam era. I have added a little to it. but it's pretty much the same show that we had in North Vietnam. f' Til irwc -3-v- irui-un Wl Flirt PROTECTING OUR Pl SMOKEV Tkaeiis foi pfclectiog csr cumpgratiiri Smokey! Ctie with fire ftyt off! SUSAN CURTIS full-length evening dress when she first turnwj up missing last Friday. But on Tuesday, when observed by the professor, he said she was wearing a blue knit top and faded blue jeans. A security policeman also noted that she now wears braces on her teeth. Chief Keishaw reported that on previous occasions she has disappeared or run away for a number of days at a time and for that reason, plus the identification by the professor, he does not believe there has been any abduction. The chief added that anyone having any information as to her whereabouts should contact either BYU Security, by calling 374-0777, or notify Provo police. One Canyon Closes for Hike Trips KANAB, Utah (UPD -Permits for hikers who waul to explore the Paria Canyon lYimitive Area on the Utah-Arizona stateline will not be issued after the Fourth of July weekend The Bureau of Land Management said Wednesday no more permits for the area will be sued until this fall,, "when weather conditions will be more favorable." "Because of the danger of flash floods in the fall," the BIM added, "no permits will be issued more than 24 hours in advance." o fa iflMiPMlinCiKolo Vale Manor has everything you're looking for. fcKd yZ-Sk il.ul L k i, i K r -faawSwl-'S! j3f t-t--"'i'ji ow-Sl'B-.Pfe -JL-T.t9 " tew" in - - ... tf r J r .-r-i ...v. f Single family homes Great location, in the heart of Orem Super-solid construction throughout. Wide variety of floor plans Ho two homes aiike fl Yards fenced and landscaped n Bid. Bia lots - Plentv of room . srf for a garden. JLS Mm 4 Put inflation ' to Work for lowfei dian lower than VA FKA much lower than other CONVENTIONAL LOANS This couto mean a sa-.-xgs to you ot over $4,600 00 on an avarags " Vale Manor Home purchase. ! t Nfw homs will rsvw be priced iewer than right now Visit Vale Manor today. Lei me home speaaiisss al Vale Manor shew you how you can live like a king while your equity accumulates. Let inliaiion work tor you, for a change 2-5 Bedrooms from $31 ,500 ,N'J PARKING sign (a! left) which iurns of possible flash flooding dangers helped stop the flow of a couple of vehicles as they were w.jii Sy from the psHking fai ot Caisdis Palate, Tut uuAwiWy arid land wss turned niu 4 pLte of tragedy Thursday. SCOr'jCRTfi 200 WEST UlCM" i ts is MODELS OPEN 0!l Y UNOONTtL'.DArtK CUNDAVS 12 NOON TILL DARK Hnmr tcrawTum t X WixrM hwhvtnj itiopa fcjiij' "iiS3 5JJ "jJ2Js. 1 iJMh.hlfte$tit.UiKeT 1 mmm ? I Jai iSiWiftiii t LETTUCE 1 f msec Pat ft, I tm, k iQ ! CHililiS f 8.. kifS mm Qm f lyock...... ( POTATOES A IWtHtt 11 1 f CAMTALOyPI 4 . fr I t kll! 1 SSRL0IM STEAKS I Dm kiM fiff I Mima b.1 R0UXD STEMS I f SUMP ROAST i 1 CR0UKD BEE? I st?las gft f Selicksst j7 1 I SLICED BACOfi ' B $' f Of 1 (12K.lfc S.I 1 COKE, TA8 SPRITE a inscwm prse . . . -me BAMPIT f otimr. p jf ' HARCAiiil CoMm Mist 1 QQt 2 containers , OLIVES Libfey'i 1 f 69 1 Discount price .... I f Runts Size 2tt EAUS ..31 ice mm .......69 r BABY OIL I J i J f I 10h.Sm.LSS I F 1 rose hiu sua I (AU LOTION 1 iTw 79' " j I"! IKHTCUAID I Deodorant j u 9L Rrv i.n 1 I SUBCLASSES f I Fester firtnt i " (wrsr V: fe.' I I frtmsHS- f f ENVELOPES ( tSsr.......288J? BABY PANTS Cater 3 pct Reg. 1.4S ...... SPARKLERS . I S 12 pack Af( 1 t Reg-1,59 f 1 SPARILliS 4:i ,J02p4di I !g.2.M I . . SPAiiLllS' H3.Sf : I PAPER PLATES I 186 Count Discount pfice ,.. ,wT f MAR SHMML0WS Ik Qt 1 package A 4 f lOL iCwiwinS CUpHi4 . . I i gOVE KOTlSa PSCS ' 3

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