The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1947
Page 2
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'PACE POUB BLYTHEVILLE . (ARK.) COUKBEB NEWS §AnofheK5eorgian llaims High Off ice , Independent Candidate ••: Seek* Recount of ,' j, Votes, fp* Governor ^ < ^.\' PT ED JSB10GES «i (United Press Staff Correspondent) * ATLANTA, Ga , March 3. (UPJ — .CTb^-lutijuIeiK, Contest for Hie . Georgia governorship flared anew ' today as D. Tulmacfjje Bowers, nn ^ 'independent candidate in the No- ve'inSpril general election, declared ^ tUat Civs '^yould demand a recount 1 of write-In votes and, that falling, I would .take hts claim on the gov- {ernprs cliair to the courts. * The lentry of a tlilrcf claimant \to the office came at the bcgin- ' mng of the Acck In which tho . Stale Supreme Court will hoar * three suits involving Gov. Herman *Tftimadge and Lt Qov. M. E , Thompson «- (Bowers' announcement came as ' an outgrowth of an article published in •yesterday's ntlanta Journal alleging Irregularities in Tcl- ; fair County, where write-in votes for Herman Talmadgc formed the .basis for his subsequent election -as governor by the .legislature In January. The nerwspnper, however, 'did not say that the write-In . votes were illegally cast. . : Informed that Roy V. Harris, • Talmadge's chief .lieutenant, hait 'said that he (Bowers) would with, draw from " the legislative race ns . soon as :the. write-ins were counted, • Bowers i shaped ."that's a lie." ;; Bowers 'said "since 'lliey. tried, to , cheat' like they did, I am reacy .to push this thing to the bitter '.end." | Gov. Talmadgc meanwhile nc- . c-used the Journal . of practicing i "yellow journalism" In the extreme • form (incf labelled the spread on 4 the Telfalr County voting "a smear ;•. edition." \'. Rep. Walter Harrison of Jenkins •- County, House minority leader, pre•[• dieted that the charges of Irregu- ':- larities would bring forth a storm j? of oiroate in tlie legislature today. j, Rep.. Myer Goldberg of Coweta 4: County asserted that the newspa- ;.' per charges that mean that "the .' claim of Herman. Talmadge to • the governorship was conceived in : conscienceless fraud." ; "One might sny now that the ,i governorship has been stolen anC| • Herman has received the stolen .?"• property," Golcfacrg said. "It is ;- inconceivable that the theft of the J- office of governor will be sanc- ;' tiohed by the legal system which r sends to prison a poor devil who ;•• steals a watch or who, thousii i not stealing^ it, receives it knowing -V it to be stolen." • The additional votes from Tel'-' fair, gave Talmadge a write-in to- j tal of 615 Mavmichael 669 and ! Bo» r ers 637. : On 'the night the legislature ~i elyted- Herman to the office won { by -his late father who died bei fore inauguration, the legislature • canvassed the write-in ballots. The i first count put James V. Carml; chael In the lead, with Bowers sect on'd and iHernian thiid. ' But a second count put young ; Talmadge in the lead on the basis J of 58 votes found In an envelope i.sent by Telfair County election ^ officials to the secretary of state*, The legislature, with authority lo J elect one of the two men with I the highest write-in votes, selects! ^ Herman as governor. BoweVs was I not nominated. jWest Ridge Man jWithAdm. Byrdon \ Polar Expedition i Owen T. Miller, carpenter's mate .], third class, USN, son of Mr. nun j Mrs. Albert M. , Miller of West ( Ridge, served aboard the seaplane • tender TJSS Currituck in the 13- J. ship expedition to jlhe Antarctice i led by Rear Admiral Richard E. • -Byrd, a Navy announcement ! ceivcd here today said. • Miller entered the Navy Dec. 3. j 1943, and will receive his dls- < charge Dec. 5 of this year. He • served 22 months with Combat Air J Service Units in the Pacific. Digging in to Battle Crisis (hail it (IW Uijilim the raino period lust year. Hcveuue Commlssloni'i' Otbo A. Cook rcvcnlct) today Through Thursday, the state' collected $TO,594 compared with £,,. 550 for the same perlod'lasf vc ir • The parlinittucl collection? live l*r cent of the total amount IJM was $68.593 up to last night CT, pareri will, $53.403 last year, and the breakage was $4,038 comn-red with S3.20C for the first luu? d ,v' of last year's meet. MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1947 LEGISLATURE CoiiUimcd from i- -v»,,,. Senate. The 5Blh General" Asse.mny of Ai-Kansas will adjourn officially ut 12 noon, Thursday, March U and Gov. Ben Laney said .Satui- duy he saw no need [or a special session or extension ol the- pic- sent one, Budget bills were slated to tai-e the spotlight, for the remainder "i the session, with tin?' ndinlnl-->ira- lion concentiating n s ctlor'.s against :i house economy bloc Ernnomy Bloc Shows Hrni-er In a iiuiprisc move last were;-., the bloc def eiitcS passage of appropriations for thn Game and Pish Commission and for the Milti cut of one-third in salary m- itary nepartment. The grou)>si"-Ks creases granted by the prc-legism- measures now on tlie Senate calendar. Tlie Sei>alo also liacl as a tjH.-diil order ol business 1 today a proposal to increase Hie drivers license fees from 53 cents to $i for the benefit of the .slate police. Oilier business Includes a Mil which would make local option M-- rjuor i-iections^mundatory with each' uii-nnial general election. The Senate also hud one olhei- important piece of business booKctl lor week. It must consider i lie confirmation ol appointments lo stole boards made lasi Friday! by tlie governor. They include the! !'L i -appoliilmenl of two members and the appointment, ol Iwo other members to tlie state Hospital lioard which l-.ns been under fire ><ion-lcmg of a Joint House ana Senate Invesligatine Coinmiltec. In the House, the i-eild use lax bill, which would raise an estimated additional $1,000,000 annually and plug holes in the present sales tax, was expected to come . for a vote. The bill has hail rough going with various groups nailing on not less than 13 dif lerenu amendments. Memorial stadium Faces Fight Another controversial bill thai lit the House floor late last we s the apnropriatlon for the proposed memorial fooliall stadium. Many of the legislators who votefl Stlll awaiting action in botn is legislation setting up! tempt to prevent passage of l'c«i.-, lions Jpr members .of the iatlon whic;i would bar .nnyon house.i qualificatio slate hospital bbai-d. 'The fight pro- 1 i mlses to be long and • bitter as' ties legislators from Saline County at- board. m Pu ]a.<*i or Saline COIPI from jnenil).Tsh:.p on t|> 100th Anniversary of tlie Birth of Alexander Graham Bell • March 3, 19-17 In workman's garb, Capt. Geoffrey Bing, foreground, Labor member of Uritish-Parliament, sliovcJs coal to help out in England's coal crisis. Reporting (or work al 7 ».. m., Capt. Bing' ; joined » parly.of over 400 oftlce workers'idled 'oy the fuel shortage who put in an eight-hour day helping unload coal from trucks./-Bilbo, Builder of Big Church, Sees Deed Pass to Trustees Read Courier News Want Ads. B YLOIS DAVIS (Uniterl I'icss Staff Correspondent) JUNIPER G'RQVE, Miss., Mllr. 3. (UP)—T!ic crowd was there 10.UUU stjrong, clad in Sunday best including clean overall.?. The ?75,txw Juniper Grove Baptist. Church ana' pursonnge was completed. And the food and fixings—an olcl-fashloned. Southern birbecuc—were ample. But the principal figure In tlie, tremendous celebration—the host— sat. silently in a second row seat, baliind (he paslor, flanked by deacons, while others talked to the- overflow crowd during the dedicatory services. The once loquacious host, builder of the church and until yesterday holder ol the deed to the five- bathroom, ei5ht-0edroont parsonage, could not rise to Uie occasion. H. K. Rouse of nentby Poplnr- villc was delegated the ceremony of handing ovr-r the deed to the deacons. "Pate ha s ducrccd that he cannot speak lor himself." »:ild Roviso of the silent, spectator in the second row. But it was left to the Juniper Grove pastor, the Rev. Wade D Smith, to overlap politics and religion in his remarks. 'Mississippi's way of life Is on trial," he declared. And. he addetl, "some people Is hard to teach. If they don't seal liim, we'll appoint him. If lie isn't reappointed. then we'll re-elect him without opposition." Still another speaker pleaded: "Give him unusual strength. O. God, to stem the tide of Connmm- ism and atheism coming this way." And while the throng tackled the barbecue pork, sopping gravy, rolls and potato salad there were frequent murmurs of "we're wun him and we aie praying for him" between mouthfuls. It didn't seem to matter to the crowd that came by battered tarm jalopies, wagons and shiny new cars thai tlie assembly had been snubbed by Congress, none ot whose members accepted the host's invitation to attend. When it was over the nattily- dressed figure, his face swathed :n bandages from hi s most recent operation for cancer of the mouth, retired to hib 27-room "dream house" only a half-mile from here nt Poplarville. For Mississippi's still-unseatecl Sen. Tlicoilogu G. Bilbo, the lead- liig actor in the show, was that rarity—a statesman without words. Racing Fans Put $7,044 More In State Treasury LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 3.— (UP)—During the flrsl four days of the current race meet nt Oaklawn, the state collected $7,044 ir.jre HEADACHY? STUFFY-NOSED? EXHAUSTED FROM COUGHING DUE TO A COtD? —V^N/—S^-V^> ..^ 666 SNAPS / ^^ \ tmo ACTION jl^^\ i,STAR,T5 RELIEVING 6 COLO MISERIES- STANDBY OF MILLIONS -THROUGHOUT 45 YEARS — .FAMOUS PRESCRlPriONTIPE' ' S(nrl cinick i-rli,'t from licnil- nilimv thront i, rilnlimV. up" fvi-linii. cin'inliinir (hio lo n cul.ll Todny—c.-t in- fllnut-nrlfiijr (IC6I- Cnnlion: . 'I'lvkc <mlj- n-i ,lircclc-d. j COLD PREPARATIONS * CASH you GUI $loo~ $150 $200 $300 $500 $750 $1000 Mafilhly Paymantl For 12Mor,tlu* ~$9i25' 13.88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69.38 92.50 flnclud^i Credit Life Insufa^re MONEY FOR YOUR INCOME^AX Gef ihe money lo pay your income lax from G.C.P.C. Take a year fo repay. Compare our rates. 122 W. ASH St. DLYTHEVILLE GENERA] We We/Thousands ASSOXTEO HIAVUS * V* 9 Q CHICKS P;» Guaronte* Htttyy trctii 300.SI7 50 30I ' Ni ATLAS (Pi ™ ntoMn'siUSig;?" i66ol|s$'io 'c Cripflftt Ho CwtfiJ HVECftlVERY OUARANTEEO ' " S?J ICHICKCO. ! 8U5/NfsS OVH 20 VfAflS gave the world a new voice BRING US YOUR POULTRY! , J Tablets or Liquid Mjtli Kffi. "i We Pay Highest Prices-for all Hens, Roosters, Ducks and Gc«« { Save That Middleman's Profit. • Our PrIces,..Goycrnca by Market Value I C4" : --/- Highway 61 North { ', .\ : Phone 3762 ' t WT THREE MONSTERS NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM ^^ h'r.i.,!^;ii ,:'c l h^,uu;'^,m™;:' ;::;;^,,!;;i' n ^ siiff ^- Scientific training gained in teaching the deaf to speak led Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone. It brought something into this world that had not been there before. For the first time people could talk to each other while they were far apart. A new horizon was created-, free from the old boundaries of voice unaided. A new industry began, destined to employ hundreds of thousands of men and women and to be of use to everyone. The ALEXANDER GRAHAM fa Moffett, J Bell System began to grow into a service sealed to the rising needs of the nation. The Southwestern Bell Tek-phon'o Company today links telephone users in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and part of Illinois with the entire nation, with more than GO foreign nations, voice lo voice. Alexander Graham Bell, who made it all possible, was born 100 years ago March 3. We honor his centennial and the new frontiers his mind and work opened. * S O U T H W E S T E R N -B E L L TELEPHONE COMPANY ; '--;;.*- <••;-=.,. ^ r. -^'.; 4 ,., --('•• f. :.-. .-i : : .„;.. V>.'. .. " NTENNIAL BROADCAST. The Tdrpl^c llo,,r n.ill pmfal a , pec !,,l /W^^,™, lihnd . 8 to y p.,,,. om - JVBC; Helen T, a ,,M, Ja*d m Ilcifa:, Do,«M [Wic« ,:,,J ,;,', M, Telephone O,A<* CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blythcville, Ark. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 e Old Reli G. O. POETZ "The Old Reliable" Your Source of PETROLEUM Dependable Service PRODUCTS Office BR at Cherry Get the ICE HABIT NOW! i We Deliver Anywhere — Anytime! In the coming months, economy will mean more to all of us than ever before. Wi^ will have lo exert more rave daily to see that expensive food docs not spoil. With vegetables and meat so high . . . and going higher, we cannot afford to let it,spoil for lack of proper re- frigcration. Natural 'refrigeration that comes with ice cannot be equaled anywhere. So we urge you, get the ice habit now for savings in the future! Two Plants in Blytheville to Serve You West Main St. vi u- L *•• . No. Highway 61 CRISPY FRESH Make Sure Your Family fjnjoys Fresh, Nutritious Vegetables ICE Refrigerates Naturally, does not rob food of Natural Flavor! Call 28jJ ARKANSAS ICE & STORAGE COMPANY How's Your. H B Engine? Is your car using.more oil than it usorl to? Doos tlie cxiiaiist smoke? If yes, you should have your piston,rings-cheeked by our experts. ' ' Steering? treasure the free play to the right and left on your steering- wheel. Two or move inches cither way means'loo much lost motion before wheels begin turning—dangerous lack of control! Clutch? Can you push the pedal down one (o one and a half inches before the clutch begins releasing? If it's lighter than that, let us adjust it. Brakes? Does (he pedal move more than one inch before braking action is felt? Do you have at least an inch df pedal travel left after a full stop in ten yards al 20 miles an hour? If no, your car isn't safe. ONE DAY SERVICE - NO CASH NEEDED! Get Our Estimates on Paint Jobs! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB RATED • TRUCKS 217 So. Second . Phone 422

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