The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1951
Page 11
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"I Sell-That Stuff""Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land am CLCAK* ^ k Rttl K 410 |v MI Your Geneva Kitchen Planned by Kitchen Experts Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE co. AIR TAXI 121/zc Per Mile - «>Tvhere — Any Time PHONE- *"• • i i\^i^b. K Ernest Halsell Kitten in the Woods .% my g«rtilt>ii»iigga • XXTY |r]LIZABl!TH, pedaling back to Black Firs on Ann* Harwood'; .bicycle, could feel the moisture o ;the air clinging to her face ant hair. It meant that the last vcslage of curl would vanish, that she Iwould appear at the dinner table ;with what Dr. Alexi used to cal her "skinned look." Thinking of him made her smile Severe and tigMly closed, the Iron gates ol Black Firs loomed before her at last. The man whom Mr. Wilkic had assigned to the case emerged from the little sentry box and let her through. As she wheeled past him, she saw him tak« out a notebook and mark something i n it; Probably her name and hour of return, u seemed pointless. Black Firs' imposing wall covered only the front and halt sides of the estate. Anyone .could enter from the back over the ;short-cut Le« had used. The house seemed as silent a en she had led. j she passed the library, she heard the slap O f cards. Lucia and Ahslair were at one of their endless games of canasta. Games which often were uncompleted because bickering over the score broke out and one of them in a fit of temper would fling down his hand. Yet (they always went back for more jit was either boredom or an ir- Iresislable urge for argument i They didn't look up f rom m eir .cards and Elizabeth tiptoed past [and up the stairs, still on silent fleet she opened the door to Mrs iStetnhart's room. Th« bed was ! empty! Swiftly he pulses quickening, she circled Ihc room, the adjoining bath, her room and found nolhina But once more tn the hall she heard f ^"Aff. , sctaping no 'se coming liom Olhe'j room. sh« hurried to 1L • • • 'TlpS. STEINHART was standing "•* by Ollie's chiffonier staring dewD at ton* object in IL« drawer. Sh« turn*! with an a*r 3f disapproval. "Oh, B*th! I thoyjht yon Ollie." "Mr». Stein hart, what ar« you doing out of bed?" She was so stunned that she almost forgot the woman was supposed to be unable to walk unaided. Mrs. Steinhart smiled. "I'm snooping, my dear." Elizabeth put a supporting arm around her waist. "Snooping?" "Yes, and I've found something Look." Elizabeth peered Into the drawer, frowned. "Ollie's gtasses." "Yes. The bone-rimmed ones They're quite intact Yet in my own room with my own e«n I heard him tell Aaron Higgs and Alistair that he had broken them the night of Courtney's death " Not just Riggs and Alhtair 'but everyone at the inquest had lied! "You understand what thli means, my dear?" Elizabeth understood fully but said: "Perhaps we're attaching too much importance to it" "No. My son knows who the murderer ij. He is protecting himself and he i> also protecting a criminal." But everything except motive pointed to Ollie" himself. Eccentric as he wa«, surely Olli« couldnt nurse a .petty jealousy over K> many ye»r«. These unbroken glasses must signify something else. * 'Surely there's another explanation," she said soothingly. "I inow OUle must have * reason Where is he now?" "Down in the conservatory with that disgusting young durian." "Durian?" "An Indian tree. It's supposed to >ear delicious custardy fruit but •ou have to hold your nose while eating it. Olli«'« trying son* aort of horticultural experiment to remove lh« odor. H? shouldn't be here—he has a bad cold and that humid air tggravala it* Her voice softened aa though she were speaking of the little five- year-old boy she had adopted al- mo«t half a century before. Elizabeth's am tightened about the fragile figure. "Let's go back to your room." "Yei. I'm tired. The price of my curiosity." She chuckled. "You didn't know I could walk alone did you?" "No. You really gave me a scare " "I'm sorry, Beth. You tee, I've been playing poasum. I'm not nearly as sick as I've pretended. Oh, I had a stroke but I've recovered much more rapidly than I've let on, even to Horace Appleby. Each day when you were all in the dining room, I practiced walking around my bed." Elizabeth cringed inwardly, imagining what might have happen eti. The woman went on. "Since Ol- II* had already tent for my grandchildren, J decided to pretend I was really sick and keep them here 'or a few weeks to observe them. It's been a disappointment. Lee may be a nice boy but I've hardly got to know him; he's so in love so distraught." ' • • • they reached the door of Mrs. Steinhart's room a peal of harsh aughter echoed up the stair*. • "That's Lucia. What's she up to? don't know whether to be more dismayed when she's laughing or crying, either presages unpleasantness." "I'll tuck you in then find out" As Elizabeth went down the broad stairs, Alistair was just disappearing through the front door it slammed it vlolenlly behind lim. Lucia watched him. still aughlng, shifting a canasta deck rotn one hand to the other She ooked up at Elizabeth and for the first time there was sincere unadulterated welcome in her smile, "Brownie, this is richl I've sim- ly got to tell you—Aiistair's draft oard sent him a telegram. He's o report for Army induction in wo weeksl" Elizabeth had to smile. "Is b* uptet?" """£" , wh 7- h«M confess to being the Black Firs murderer if u would gel him out of the Armyl" (I* ft* CMtt»*4) ut up wi[h an old outmoded kiidirn when it's 10 eaiy 10 own a i«art aew GENEVA Kitchen flfmrd juil ii you u«r ;;. Bi'g roomy baw tod wall cabjnen.... handvomt GENEVA Sink in life- lime S«ain!tH S(«l... ind spicioui work tur/icu, all irtanged to iav« youiimt and Itepi. 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CHILLY HOL£ IS I THIS CHAP IS ^ „.„,, ggsffi&sdi c ^'^y A ^^^ POLE? fo^ATHERTHAM LTV> lf*3 THE TIME- MACHINE WITH AN OVERLOAD, OR WONMUG CUT Off THEPOWER...UEAVING OUR MOOVIAN ADVENTURERS STRANDED IN AN ERA. THAT 6 NEITHER ALL FACT MOR ENTIRELY FICTIONAL. IT'S 4TARTIN T' R»,)N / ALL SET T' KILLIN'.' VVHEKE CUJCK5 XMiE SETT'N THOSE NEWSPA.PBPS ' HOLP OVEJ? DO ue \\NCt TO. OOf.S .„ Wt CPlNif

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