The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1981 BtYTHEVTLLE (AKK,) COVRIZH JflBWl Rider in the Sky Is No Ghost to Yakima Elk Airfaorm Cowboy Rides Herd on 'Em with Helicopter to So»e Orchards •T PARXIS EMERY _^^^___^______^^^_ , PARJIIS EMERY ME A Special C«r«s»ondent) YAKIMA, Wa«h. (NEA)-Ranch- tn In Yaklma Valley will tell you that Carl Bradley Is probably (he greatest elk »nd antelope herdin' cowboy 1n the world—even If he never spins lartat or rides a cow Pony. Brady a 30-year-old former Air Force pilot, rides herd fn a helicopter. And while he's more Interested In crop dusting as a business he's credited. In classic cowboy hero radltion. with ending (he "Yaklma lk War" and saving valuable or- hards from destruction The elk war .broke out a couple of winters ago when blizzards on the Cascade slopes covered the natural browsing grounds of about 6000 «lk. forcing (hem to seek forage In the valleys. They turned up In the orchards and began feeding on young apple trees. •• Men In Jeep Men In Jeeps, on horseback and on foot tried to drive back the mau- radlng animals, but It was a cosily Process because cold and hungry (Ik have little fear of man. Ranchers started shooting the elk to defend their property Sportsmen, angered at the slaughter threatened to shoot a cow for every elk, and the ivar was on. Brady, who likes the ranchers lo stay In business so he can dust their orchards, figured he'd better come to the rescue. He remembered he had once flown low over some elk on the Cascades just to watch them, and discovered he could herd them In any direction he pleased with his flying cayuse. Officials Cynical State game officials were somewhat cynical, but Brady kept talk- ng and they finally agreed to go long for the ride. ' From his flying horse. Bradv •potted 25 elk nibbling in an orchard. He buzzed them, and they ran for a corner. Then he flew behind them, driving them out of the orchard, down a steep hill, np a trial and back to their refuge, seven miles away. It took an hour and 28 minutes, and Brady never lost an elk. Four days later—and $50 an hour SEE HOW THEY RUN! He.dir, r east at 30 mile. a. hour, th«. , )k hav. j» si been 'chased out apple orchards in Yakima Valley, Wash. For what makes (hem run, look at photo below. —he had driven all the elk back where they belonged, and from then on it was just, a case of rounding up the strays. The war was over. Roundup Called Last spring, the game department called on the flying cowboy to round up some troublesome antelope £0 they could be moved to another area. It took him about an hour and a half of maneuvering over miles of sagebrush country before he found out the antelope have to be driven much faster than elk. Then he rounded up 14 in one fell swoop herding them into the corral so fast* they almost went out! the other side. This Winter, when the, snow on the mountains gets deep, Brady will be back in the saddle again. The ranchers won't lose their apple trees, the sportsmen won't aim at cows, and the elk will meekly go home, like the happy ending of a western Saturday matinee. of Israel Gets Manuscripts To Publish TEI. AVTV, Israel MV-Valuable Hebrew manuscripts recently have been brought by Immigrants from Arab and other Oriental countries to Israel, accroding to & spokesman for the Oriental Communities Research Institute here, some of them will soon be published in book form, he said. In addition, the institute has'ar-. 'ged for thousands of important ^brew manuscripts to be microfilmed In library archives In Cambridge, Oxford, Istanbul and New York. Okwer oo-operatlon between Israel and American libraries was •greed upon during the recent visit of Dr. Lawrence Marwick, chief of the Hebrew section of the Washington Library of Congress, which contains 150,000 books on Semetic »nd Jewish subjects, over 40,000 publications in Hebrew and some 10,000 In Yiddish. One Third of Families In U.S. Have Television NEW YORK (^/—Latest estimates «r* that 33 per cent of all U. 8. families had television receivers. A year ago the figure was 21 per cent. Of the approximately 14,558,800 sets in -the country, three cities have more than a million: New York, 2,630,000; Los Angeles, 1,045,000, and Chicago, 1,020,000, EDSON ("Continued from Page i) Defense to help sell Congress on the plan.. ITS A PEACE-TIME PLAN If the Korean fighting "has stopped and the international situation gets no worse than it is right now the chance for passage of the UMT plan will be best. UNIT is essentially a peace-time plan. It drains off the supply of 5 : oung men, and, according to plan tinder consecration, gives them six months~ffairitrig. These"youths cannot go into combat. If the Korean fighting goes on unabated and the chances of war elsewhere appear greater than they are the need for more regular men in the services will increase. This will mean that there probably will not be enough men available for an UMT program's start. The young men" will all have to be drafted. Based- on the present outlook, if the plan is passed by congress this session a small program involving only 60,000 boys will be started next summer. The plan under consideration is one drawn up under direct authority nf Congress it-self. It was prepared by the National Security Training Commission, a group set up especially for that, purpose. The law which set up the commission's recommendations must be* reported out of the military committees of both houses within 45 legislative days after Congress' convenes in January. . ToH Meet Dece enses DELTA LOAN & FINANCE COMPANY OF iLYTHEVIUI 324 West Ash Phone zm IN THE SADDLE: What makn the elk run home from the orchards Is Carl Brady'. helkopUr, from which this photo wa, taken. Thit'i the aerial oowfeoy's hand and foot In foreground. Even Christmas Cards Go Red AP Newife*turc« BUDAPEST—Things have changed in recent years in Communist- dominated Hungary—even to the Christmas cards. The Hungarian citizen will have to do a lot of rummaging around in a few privately..owned stationery shops to find any typically Anglo-Saxon greeting cards. However, in the big state-owned stationery shops there is a great variety of Christmas cards, none cf which contain everi a hint of Christmas as a-religious holiday. The up-to-date cards show such things as a tractor bringing presents and a tree. The Communist Christmas card "line" is carried out with a factory showing the Red Star in the background. Most or tne postcards are dull multi-colored things, some show the happy faces of children wishing pleasant holidays, a distinctly Career Reaches Climax MOOSE JAW, Saslc. VFt—J. J. (Jack) Hen2e. engineer of the royal train from Broadview to Moose Jaw during the visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, now has retired after 47 years' service. neutral form of greeting. This card would suffice for nny holiday The New Year's piglet with" the traditional four-leaf clover In Its mouth wishes everyone a fruitful New Year in front of the steadily ascending production curve. The only old timer who ts still persona grnta here is Santa Cla'us.' And even he has been persuaded to wear the Red Star on his cap. Anderson Sees Tight Truman, Taft Contest WASHINGTON, D«c. IT. (*) — Senator Anderson (D-NM) said Mt- irday h« took* for a "tight race" ictveen President Truman and S«n- itor Taft (R-phlo) for the Prwl- iency in 1»SZ. Anderson, who talked with Mr. Truman at the Whit« House yes- ;erday. told a reporter he ts firmly :onvinced th« President will seek a iev term. He said the matter was :iol discussed with Mr. Truman. Conceding that present charges of corruption and graft in the government will b« a major issue In next year's campaign "unless they are cleaned up quickly," Anderson said he expect* "drastic action" from the President along that scor«. Hollywood Continued from paf* t even a French spy in a Spanish movie filmed In Argentina. "I guess," she flipped, "I'm 'Mis Knockout Drop' of 1951." • • • * Ralph Edwards' big TV experiment—H half-hour show—hits the home screens Jan. 7. Ralph has junked "Truth or Consequences" and "ThL* Is Your Life." his two radio shows, and Is telling It: "The big Idea for TV is to develop me as a personality." VERSATILE YOUNG MAN Donald O'Connor has turned songwriter In collaboration with Sid Miller. Their "I Waited a Little Too Long" hits the Juke boxes any day now. .' . . carla Bnlenda, once touted as the new Jane Hussell at RKO, has succeeded in wriggling out of her contract with Howard Htiehes and is now free-lancing in "Outlaw Women.** RKO is finally getting ready to release "Crack Down," a motorcycle thriller finished In the summer of 1950. Inside reason for the delay: MGM high brass decided that the script was too much like Its Olark Gable film, "To please a Lady," and extracted an agreement from HKO to hold "Crack Down" on the shelf for a year after the release of Its own racing Tte Du Dalkr-Jam** Cafney- -ortu* Cajrti n-rnak* of "What Me* Otocy" »( r»x won't be a Mr Th« power* decided to stick to ihe Laurence Stalling* original and ishcan the prancing chorines, hoof- ire and most of the tunes. Quote to the British press by Mark Stevens, who's In London to star In "Suicide Squad": "I'm a strictly commercial guy. If I had enough money, I wouldn't make any more films." • « * PurchaM of Ul's controlling stock by Decca Records, has UI hirelings chanting: "UI pictures are breaking all records—Decca records." Hidden Stars Photographic telescopes reveal the presence of many stars In the firmament that human eyes cannot see even through the most powerful telescopes. Christmas Boxes Mailed to U.S. PAGO PAGO, Samoa (/P)—School children of American Samoa have sent 43 Christmas boxes filled with specimens of island handicraft to school youngsters In America.. One of the boxes will go to an elementary school In each of the state capitals and the District of Columbia. The boxes are made of pandamis leaf and each contains a woven lady's purse, a handbag, samoan cowrie shells, a jeashell necklace and a /loor mat. A poster depleting Samoan life and painted by the children accompanies each box along with a letter conveying holiday meetings from Samoa to America. The trading stamp Idea originated In Connecticut in 1891. Wcfory lit Chlcmg* After Travel Ovtr G/ofe SINGAPORE. MV-Dr. FraocUe* Donato, assistant medical director of St. Joseph Hospital In the Philippines, recently married M!s» Marie Luisa Infante, daughter of i sugar magnate on the Negros Ii. lands, here after a four-year pursuit In many lands, Dr. Donato tells how he "fell flat" for Marie in the Philippines. Sh« blushed: "Yes. and for three yean I had to reject his proposals—r don't know how many times." Dr. Donato said last year he heard Maria was going to make a world trip. He followed her through Mexico and the United States, finally wearing down her resistance In Chicago. But It still wasn't until they got to Singapore that ths marriage took place. Read Courier tveivs classified Ads. Sleep Better, Wake Up Refreshed, With An... BLANKET light-warm-automatic —«•• your dealer today— Ark-Mo Power Co. Last Minute Christmas Shoppers! J*& <?—,«* RE MEMBER .> *: Orders Accepte for CHRISTMAS DELIVERY until DEC. 19 Sears Roebuck ami Co. Catalog Order Office Store Addr*** 106 E. Main •-WMRTED CHOCOLATES TMI WONOIMIM, TASTY OOODNISt Of CANOIIS THAT AIII ACTUAUY : mm CO»DUU ,_ KUII DELIMITS^ ASSIITEI CMICIIATES WOODS DRUG Blythev.lle, Ark. J What Everybody Wants For Xmas! with vpto 50% MORE •ktvn tttail Admiral The Gift Your Whole Family Will Enjoy Every Day Of The Year! up to 50% MORI picture detail! i Thl»k W It . . . JTM *et up I* K>% nor* plctur. detail with Admiral's *m»i!ng Wide-Band T.F. fyatera. Assurance of tb« clorett picture In leleviiioa. Thta IT* M t I. ;e*n >rtw4 >• f««l«re«, Mquliltely Hy low In price. Model 17Ki?...Mahog»tiy 199 EactM Tax !•« HUBBARD HARDWARE 95 TH I*eM*4 213 West Main Phone 2015

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