The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on August 18, 1957 · 16
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · 16

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 18, 1957
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Rademacher Chaves,' Pate Moves Well, NEA Writer Says By HARRY GRAYSON NEA Sports Editor ISSAQUAH, Wash. (NEA) Peter Rademacher maneuvered Johnny Jliggins into a corner and started to throw to the head. Riggins, a dusky 184-pounder from Detroit, sprayed punches, a bit too easily, perhaps, to the middle of Rademacherls strong-looking body. Then Riggins moved out 'of the corner and Rademacher, surprisingly agile, was after him. This was your first look at the Implausible young man who is to have ' his first professional bout as 'challenger for Floyd Patterson's heavyweight title on Aug. 22 Rademacher trains in a fire-house here in this small village 20 miles north of Seattle, Pete boxed two rounds with Riggins and it was enough to give a vague notion of how he fights. His idea, apparently, is to corner Patterson and go to the head. The fact that his body is wide open disturbs one used to seeing fights. V Rademacher's reddish - brown hair is losing a battle io suntanned skin on the top -of his head. He has the sloping shoulders of a puncher and his tanned body has freckles on it here and there. Those expecting a big, slow, muscle-bound guy are surprised. Rademacher moves loosely and well. Mark of Amateur But here and there, the mark of amateur shows in his movements. -But all this is forgotten when you walk donwstairs to the little basement dressing room he uses, sit down on an old couch and listen to Rademacher talk as an Army sergeant gives him a rub-down. As a talker, Pete is, roughly, an Archie Moore who shaves. , "Lindberg flew the Atlantic," Pete begins. "Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel. They weren't accepted until they did It. I won the Olympic title, but when I came back I found I wasn't -accepted. I had to do something else. "I had two objectives. One was Archie Modre, who was old. One was Floyd Patterson, who was young. I was in' between. I was younger and stronger than Moore, more mature mentally and physically than Patterson. I wind up with Patterson. "That's fine with me. I'm taking this whole business in one swoop. No waiting. And I don't think Patterson can punch too well. As far as this first fight business, well, I've been working with pros for 10 years now. George here ,(he motioned to George Chemeres, the Seattle trainer) has handled me for that period. In fact, I boxed more against Harry Matthews than I ever did any amateurs," Pete went on. Master Merchant Like a door-to-door salesman who has the housewife ready to buy, Rademacher plunged on. The amateur is a master merchant and his basic attack with visitors is to underplay the whole business of his impending bout with Patterson. "There was," he smiles, "far more tension on me during the Olympics than now. This this is merely the fulfillment of something I , wanted to do. I'm not the least bit nervous about it. I'm ready right now, in fact. All we're doing here now is tamriny off, keeping sharp." Rademacher then, went into' a sermon about Youth Unlimited, the outfit which put up the money, and it is up all $250,000 of it to entice Patterson and Cus D'Amato into . a three-day train trip to this town. "Youth Unlimited," Pete said in hushed tones, "will give anybody who has the incentive a chance to do what , he wants to do" In some quarters; people hope it won't find too many amateurs who desire the heavyweight championship. "In my case," he smiled, "it is to put the lug on Patterson. Tl RES dpwidaM far 43 FleetRoadService W. S WILDE TIRE SERVICE 395 S. STATE FR 3-6035 Ah Harry Gray 16 SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, Utah County. ' Utah 1857 Pony Leag tie Quits, Levels Garth Seegmiller, charging f that Provo's Pony League program was being "prostituted into a political football for a cheap j politician's petty ambition," re-, signed Saturday as manager of t the Provo Phillies. Seegmiller, whose Provo "Phillies won the Timpanogds League championship during the past season, sent his letter of resignation to Ted McFadden, president of the league. Other copies of the letter have been sent to Joe Hoff, superintendent of the local plant of the Heckett Engineering firm, which sponsdrs the Phillies; Bob Thomas. Dresident bf. the Provo Junior Baseball Council, and Glen Berge, district director of Pony League. Correct Fundamentals Emphasizing that he has tried to instill within the boyS he has ! managed a spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, unselfishness and coordinated effort combined with the correct fundamentals of baseball, Seegmiller said in his letter of resignation, that he believes these things are "not only essentials of this American game, but sound principles of gpGijl citizenship, physically, morally,; and spiritually, in the America;! way of life." "If I have failed to do this, it is only because of my stubborn independence which cannot take unthinking dictation from a few petty and perennial moguls who have set themselves up as infallible judges in a, fine program for boys in which the moguls themselves have so little interest they pat themselves on the back for witnessing one or two Junior Baseball games again this season and thereby further enhance their judicious authority," he declared. Many Fine People Seegmiller said he didn't mean to infer that he was at logger heads with all league officials. On the contrary, he said he considered" many of the people with whom he was associated in the program as fine 'baseball men and citizens whose prime mo tives were the best interests of the boys. "I also have the deepest re- I can't wait to do it. I like to hit people," you know." One embarrassing question about the fact he won one of his Olympic qualifying bouts while on the floor after being fouled was quickly brushed aside by Rademacher. "Oh, that happened," he said, "but I beat the man, Johnny . Johnson, 'easily next time out." Outside the fire house, a vis itor tried to collect his thoughts after the. liberal brain-washing that had taken place. But all he could be certain of was that Mt. Rainier, which serves as a snow-tipped back-drop for this town, would wind up with a roof over it Pete Rademacher, salesman, wanted it that way. an HI COMPLETE LINE OF BLACK-HAWK ARCHERY EQUIPMENT ARCHERY SUPPLIES Quivers Gloves Arm Guards Brush Bottoms Nocking Points HUNTING BOWS. . . 23.95 up 5 Grades of hunting bows in stock ARROW MAKING EQUIPMENT Fletching Tools Feather Burners Papering Tool , Feathers, Points, Nocks mmu HUNTING SEASON SPORTING GOODS DEPT; 1030 So. State - Provo, Utah " ' FR 3-3740 Archie Moore Who son SUNDAY HERALD Manager Blast spect for Glen Berge, our district director," he added, "but the fact remains there are a few leaders, yvho I feel, , are setting themselves up as little dictators and working to the detriment of the program." In his letter of resignation, the Phillies' manager didn't specifically name any particular individual or individuals in bis accusations. He also said "it is with deep regret that I must resign from my position as manager of the Provo Phillies Pony League baseball team." Seeks Reorganization The Phillies' pilot said he prob ably, would be called a quitter, by some, for "not having the intestinal fortitude to fights these few men who hold the reins and have so little interest in! baseball for boys." "If my being called a quitter will help reorganize our junior baseball program, particularly Pcny League, and such reorganization may retain the great majority of the loyal leaders who have devoted their time, energy and money to keep our boys off the streets in wholesale activity, then I don't mind being called a quitter," he said. "I hate to think of not being permitted to work with the wonderful young baseball players and the majority of capable coaches and managers of both Pony Leagues. Yet, you seem to leave me no alternative. "I cannot stand by with" my hands tied without speaking my mind while seeing this fine program of baseball become prostituted into a political football for a cheap politician's , petty ambition, nor a personal pawn for these several adults who masquerade behind their two-faced hypocrisy." 14-Year-Old Cops U. S. Chess Title CLEVELAND, Ohio (UP) Robert Fischer, 14, of Brooklyn, N.Y., won the championship title of the 58th annual National Open Chess Tournament Friday night, besting any number of older players before tying tournament veteran Arthur Bisquierer of New York City. At first, young Bobby was declared the loser, and called nis mother in Brooklyn to make the sad admission that Y had not gained the international chess crown. He and Bisquirer, an IBM problemist, had tied at 10 points. Then, two mathematicians re-figured the highly complicated sys tem of computing honors. After consulting the Encyclopedia of chess, the experts named the teen age lad champion. That called for a second phone call to mother. Ropes made from the hair of cows and horses are called me cates. SPLINED SHALVES doz. OPENS AUGUST 31 st Discovers Twin Falls Pro, Grabs West PGA FARMINGTON (UP) Twin Falls divoter Cliff Whittle edged Provo's Billy .Johnston by' one stroke Friday in the final of the Western Section Rocky Mountain I PGA Championship. In the Senior division,. O'gden's ageless Ernie Schnieter Sr. came out on top with a two-day total of 151. White toured the Oak-ridge Country club course' with a 143 and earned 4he first place money of, $230. Pearse Defeats Goldsworthy For Junior Crown SALT LAKE CITY (UP) Salt Lake City golfer Tip Bearse combined an unerring fairway game with a red hot putter Friday to defeat Brian Goldsworth of Provo 3 and 2 in the Junior open Golf Tournament. Both Pea.rse and Goldsworthy played this spring on the Univer sity of Utah links squad. Top Golfers To Compete In Wyoming Tourney SHERIDAN, Wyo. (UP) The seventh annual "Tournament of Champions" for the top golfers in the region will be held in Sheridan Aug. 31-Sept. 2. Defending champion Lou North of Salt Lake City will be on hand to defend his crown. Twenty-four golfers are expected to enter the meet. The tourney opens with a better-ball meet on the opening day. NAME BALDINGER COACH ANNAPOLIS, Md. (UD Jim Baltjinger of Pittsburgh, a 'former' end at Navy, has been named junLr varsity football coach and scout for the varsity at the academy, replacing Frank Foster. Baldinger caught a pass from quarterback Bob Zastrow in the 1950 Army - Navy classic to lead his team to a 14-2 victory. 5j2 n n ii . JJllin .:. II -1 w-a. - -toes- rti-m FM:J? yre f TT . ' ' ' 11 1 I I 1 1 III Cftffl . II ! .. P A C I PIC' -L ' -" . A (litciini! 3 X Time Out "Gee! That's some sinker Lefty's developed ! " British Sports Car Sets Six Class 'G' Marks BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS (UP) A finely-engineered, British-made experimental sports car raced over a 10-mile course here Friday setting sax international Class 'G" sports car records. Thirty-two American marks, set only Tuesday 'y the same, car using a smaller engine, also fell. rne iiA-iy set tne marks over a three - hour and six-hour period with two drivers, David Ash of New York City and Phil Hill of Los Angeles at the wheel . The EX-179 with a four-cvlinder modified Morris engine, carried a Shorrock supercharger to boost its potential to 75 horsepower. The new records included 131 .89 mph for a 200 mile distance; 132.89 mph for 500 kilometers; 131.32 mph for 500 miles, and an average speed of 132.13 mph for 1,000 kilometeas. Hill smashed the existing three-hour mark with a new time of 132.62 mph in his stint at the wheel. Ash, who drove the EX-179 during most of a 12-hour endurance run Tuesday, clipped off an average of 132.13 mph in the six -hour glnd. Gas consumption over the distance averaged 25.6 miles per gallon. Timing officials said the car smashed all records by from 9 to 13 mph. Today, test director Capt. E. T. Eyston will try out the EX-179s sister car. The EX-181, with veteran Sterling Moss at the wheed, will go. after the Class "F" flying mile marie sometime next week. The Ex-181 is expected to top 204 mph. Oil of mace is obtained from the kernel of the nutmeg. THE i I II LU 1 l rriirt h : lima m m m New frontier in power opens with the delivery 8500-horsepower Gas Turbine-Electric i freight These 30 new type locomotives, the most powerful in the world, are now being added to eur fleet of 25 gas turbine-electric units rated at: 4500-horsepower which has been in regular freight service on Union Pacific lines for several years.. Ijj L7T) 0 ( Upsets Mark By PETE OLSEN Two veteran softball managers came up with surprising upsets in Friday night's games at Harmon Park. Lenny Madsen's Vineyard team playing under the colors of Modern Softwater Service pulled a ieal surprise by bouncing the Dugway Proving Grounds out of the meet with a well earned 7-5 win. Marv Miller, manager of Mecham Construction team, has pa- Cedar City Loses In LL Tourney WATSONVILLE, Calif. (UP) Denny Marquardt pitched a perfect no-hit, no-run game in the Pony League Region 8 piayoffs to move his Covina, Calif., team into a second round contest Saturday with a tough La Mesa, Calif., nine. Denny struck o.t 16 of the 21 Cedar City, Utah, batters to face him Friday for a 7-0 victory m the first round of the double-elimination tournament. No Cedar City runner got to first base. In other first round games La Mesa defeated Santa Monica, 2-1; Kennewick, Wash. dumped Ukiah, Calif. 9-3, and San Bernardino, Calif, beat host Watson -ville, 15-8. Other second ljound games pit Kennewick against San Bernardino, Ukiah versus Watsonville, and Santa Monica against Cedar City, La Mesa's Neil McLellan gave up four hits and got three-for-three at the plate himself in his .victory over Santa Monica. The losers were charged with five errors. Full Contingent Of Fullmers to Head Fight Card WEST JORDAN (UP) A fight card that includes the full contingent of "Fighting Fullmers" is being boomed as the Mountain West's biggest ring show of the year by promoter Laurel Brown. Headlining the third outdoor card Sept. 4 will be a 10-round bout between former middleweight king Gene Fullmer and Chico Vejar. The bout will be televised nationally. Don and Jay Fullmer, Gene's younger brothers, willmake appearances' on the preliminary card. Another MOST POWERFUL LOCOMOTIVES NOW. , . MOKE THAN For fast) dependable shipping Be Specific . . LTD IPcB 0 0 CQ 0 Invitarional tiently been wielding a softball team together all season! Friday night he saw his hopes j realized j as his charges went but and j played like champions to down ! Central Utah Motor by an 8-0 , score. Mecham Construction re-j mains one of the four Unbeaten t teams in the tournament. Bob Bundy drove all the way back from Grand Junction, where a team of Utah State Baseball League All-Stars are playing in a tounrnament, to pitch G. Lowry Anderson's men to a 6-4 win over a scrappy and talented Wymount team. Wymount was somewhat handi- I capped as their star pitcher and ; some other players werje late in j coming due to graduation exer-, cises at BYU. However. Chad; Moon pitched two-hit ball and the ! five runs he gave were not en tirely his fault. Beats Provo First Carlson 2nd Ward Market beat Provo First Ward 2-1 in one of the best and fastest games of the j entire tournament. Kerry Camp-beU and Wayne Keith waeed a terrific pitcher's battle with Campbell coming up with a ; slight edge. Rivergrove First Ward came up with an easy 7-0 forfeit win over Helper. The Carbon County entry failed to show up and the Rivergrovers were awarded the game. Heroes in Friday night's games wereBBoyd Holdaway and his cousin, Sherm Holdaway, of the Modern Softwater; Service. Boyd hit a grand slam home run over the centerfield fence to win the game for Manager Lenny Madsen's team. f?herm pitched a heady game and held the Diig-way team scoreless Tor six of the seven frames. Kerry Campbell won his own game by singling Kieth Diamond and Darrell Leetham home after they had singled and doubled. Reed Boshard hit a roundtripper foi the First Ward. Hits Third Homer Frank Arnold hit his third home run in three tourney games to stand out in the G. Lowry Anderson win over Wymount. Myron Kidner, Larry j Johnson, Lynn Gleave, Lloyd Rassmussen, Jack Kapp and Cliff Morain were the stars inthe Mecham Construction's win over Central' Utah Motor. Kidner made the fielding play of the meet as he robbed Berdean Jarman of a! two-run homer by reaching high above the centerfield fence to haul it i in. ; Johnson was a demon at third base as he handled eight chances flawlessly. Lynn Gleave picked up two singles and a double in three trips to the plae. Rassmussen had 2 for 2 and Kapp tribled and singled in four trips. Morain pitched a heady three Union Pacific FIRST J IN THE WORLD ally our ! on Union These marvels of engineering vx ill really roll the freight on Union Pacific schedules across the West; Gas turbine-electric locomotives are fast and efficient jwhich means that your freight goes through smooth and on time, on Union p - ific. , EVER. Tourney hitter to control 'tht normally ieavy hitting Central Utah Motor. All in all Manager Marv Miller's team played heads up ball. ! Line scores for Friday's games are: Dugway 050 000 05 S 1 Mod. Softwater 111 400 x 7 9 0 Gerber, Patterson and Knybel; S. Holdaway and Harding. ; Cen. Ut. Motor COO 0000 3 1 Mecham Con. . 204 2008 10 0 Waycasy and Jarman; Morain and Pope. Carlson. 2nd .. 000 002 02 6 0 Provo 1st ... 000 001 01 4 0 Campbell and Peay; Keith and Jex. G. L. Anderson 014 1006 4 1 Wymount 002 1014 5 3 Rundy and Arnold; Moon, Wcod and Ringwood. Monday night's schedule: 6:00 Carlson 2nd Ward vs. Lcser of G. Lowry Anderson-Eli's Fine Foods. 7:10 p.m. Central Utah Motor vs Winner of Rivergrove First-LeMars Cafe. 8:20 p.m. Modern Softwater Service (Vineyard) ys. Orem. 9:30 p.m. Montrex vs. Wymount. (All games will be played on tha North Dirmond.) Packers Defeat Cards 24-16 In Exhibition Tilt MIAMI (UP) Green Bay' trade - strengthened Packers served notice they will be in the thick of the National Football League race by upsetting the Chicago Cardinals, 24-16, in an exhibition test in the Orange Bowl Friday night. The Packers, who finished last in the NFL's Western Division last year, didn't waste any time show ing the Cardinals and 20,820 swel ter this year. CHAIN LINK 36" HIGH INCLUDES: Line Posts and Top Rails As Low 1.00 Lineal Ft. For Jfrem Estimates Call , AC 5-2269 Nothing Down 36 Months to Pay I See Cliff Morain at BULLOCK ! Home Specialties 118 No. State, in Orem service Pacific of thirty new locomotives D LT3 Q G 1 bJSSKJ

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