The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHKVILLE COURIKK NKWS XUE COURIER NEWS CO., FUbUSHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor U. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Hepreseniullvcs: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sau Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Esccpi Sunday/ Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blylheville, Arkansas, under net of 'Congress October 9. 1917. Served by tlie United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATKS By carrier In the clly ol lilylhevllte, ISc. per '^ week or $6.50 per year In advance. .'... By mall within a radius of 50 miles, »3.00 per 11 year, J1.50 lor six months, S5c for three months; by mall In iioslal EODCS two to six. Inclusive, . - W.50 l»r year, In zones rcvcn and elyht, {10.00 • ' prr year, payable In advance. A Federal Dejicit Socrulnry Melloii's insi.sLcncc Hint llu' gOYcrniiK'iH must coiilinnt to inert its sinking fund requirements its in the l>a;l in, sjiilu of tlie j'cmlinjf (tolidl in tliu fedcni! trwisury is uniiiicnlly sensible. So, too, is fitii ivniiirk tluit I lie federal lux slruelure is "out, of lial 1 - anco"—a remark thai probably paves the way for an increase in the iiiouiiic tax!, ! The administration now is planning economies for next year that will, it is liopwl, total approximately §125,000,000. If it can put this program through, and can thereby avoid a tax increase, well and good; if nut, no fear of jiolitival consei|iiences .should delay an in taxes if thai becomes nece-s.saiy : to <ivoid a deficit. Jltanwhile, it is worth bearing in mind that economists generally agree that income tax rates in the higher brackets could he increased materially without working any hardship on any one. It is Ihe taxpayer in the lower brackets who has .suffered the most from the depression;'if'an increase is in order, his taxes should be the hist to l)c raised. Beauty And The Jury The American .beauty prizu-winner who recently shot her husband lc> death ••in FraniXHiluiiwibacii acquitted by a French jury with the .proper speed, following- her attorney's assertion that she is "too beautiful to be bad." \Ve are, accordingly, -Jniaring the usual complaint-:, about the utter inalu'lily of the French to punish charming women who commit murders. However, there is an old proverb about stones and glass houses. If you will prod your memory, you will find it. almost impossible to recall one single case where an American court showed even mild lirmne-r's toward •a, charming young woman in a homicide case. A fow women have bcim executed for murder in this country — but were they young and charming-? They were not. IfcauliCul murderesse.s, hero as in France, usually go scot free. We have no occasion to look down otu- noses at this latest French verdict. A Little Bit Silly Not long ago Miss Mary Anderson, chief of the women's bureau of the U. S. Department of Labor, went to Kurope. She planned to listen jin on a conference at Geneva, held under tlie auspices of the League »i Nations, at which thq iMJssibililks for an international agreement, on night work for women were to be discussed. Now, however, official Washington has decided that our government cannot po.-sihly have any siu-h official relations with the League of Nations; urn! Miss Andcrsoji, accordingly, has been instructed by cable it) let Ihe conference severely alone. Apparently we have litvu saved from making-a dreadful and cosily mistake. Heaven knows what miglt! happen if we had an olfiVial rcpivscjilative at a league conferem-e. lint doesn't Ihe whole thing look a trifle silly? Against Slate School Aid FnyeKcvillc :iml Washington county hiivc Ijecn especially forluiialc in their p-.ihlic school man- iiUtrnvnt!; ;m<l while funds have l::cn used up somewhat In advance, teadieis liave nol had ot wait for their pay, nor will cm- .schools l\avc to close if the legislature doesn't meet or the slate commission'i net Having manned their allairs well, lliesc sections naturally do nut frel called upon to help till! sliiU<- pay-out Ijondcd school district:; in other counllcs where ullalrs bavc boon mingled and a. lihj debt cxisUs. We did, much to urn 1 o«n m<>nM.iry less, help. p:iy oii'l the read districts ovi-r Ihe stale, bill we will have sonic highways lo .show for <lhis mid sa\cd many a pour farmer from losing lils' farm. The school situation is different .1. S. Parks, levcl-hffided editor of lln> Soullmr.-.l 'rimes Kccord, sees 11 this way: "The people of Arkansas oii-;iil lo und?r- slund Hint many of llicse excessive bond debts have resulted from nccinmilaiin;: deficits in operating oiixMiSi-s. us well .is bnildiiv; proems which were In excess of tin; district's ability to pay. D?liclls grow-ini; from year tu year linvc been met by issuing bunds. Thiil lias happened in ninny disli-icts. "If (be slate should agree to u: ,y the banded debt down (o three iicr cent for example, (lien in all Justice it must auaranlce. to the other districts of the stale that it will meet nil their tntiirc building needs out of stale funds, requiring the district to pay only on a debt ot Ihree per cent of its valuation. Thai siniplv means transferring control of buildings com- ])lclely from HID local school (li.-itrict to the slnru board of education. It likewise means Unit ruliirc buildings will an un a iiilnimiiiii standard basis, regardless of resources." — Fayeltcville Democrat It's one. close shnvc after Ihe inner, ior Scolch barber. As Ihe fanner wcnlrt .showers. revise it: * Bay It willi ' Now llifyrq ,*-ayhr; Germany is polite as c:m be in Hits ciisloins-unlon controversy because she's d pi'iidins on Onrtius diplomacy. Tlie tlaescr look.- says UK- ollicc sasc. Is often mure eloquent than the sharp retort. Well, anynuy. business dnrin.; the air 111,111- ctivers was looking np. 28, 19,11 SiUE GLANCES By George Clarkl TODAY IS THE-; ANNJWA! wtA/ii/s WAII MKAsrui: On May I!!), 1917. the nr.i/ilian Chamber of Dcpnti'.:; jxis-icd the lii'sl reclaim; of the admlnWra- '.it.n measure revoking Cia/il's '.iculrality in the war b; Prolcins Arc Responsible For Sensitivity to Foods j liV 1»K. MOHKIS I-T-lillKlN .lions of the bronchial lulr.s. Giinuny and th:: United Sl.uej.1 j-ct and now has various theories Editor, Journal of Hie American M.' A.ssin'ullun, and uf liynci.i, tlie Ilcallh M.i-a/iiii' For y;uis it li:r> bc:n linov.n that people could be sensitive lo ; which is dn.' (o infection oY'fuod lads. Kecci-.tly mcdicln^ has been ; by genus cv by poisonous bub- payinj more attention to the sun- i stances. thnia. canker soivs in Hie inomii ami ollici- dislinbnnces. 'ihess can- dlt!"iis are net, of course, in asiy lo food poisoning. The bill was cuii'ntiecl to an- Iliovra (he government !o lilil- \'K Gcrdiaii ships In iiia^ilinn \va- (ci-s. Dm ing ilic ;lc.l):iU' -on tin- bill, Hit; eri'alect ciilhuflasni was :!io«n in the chamb?:-. 'Hi; ual- l:tlcr, n-erc 'crcR-Jc:l with ir.c-m- l.ers of tli:i dijrlonriUc c.rps and cllicr :r<"ak was lnlcrru|jl-.d by cried. "The as to why sncii c:iisltivl|!«j occur. The paiticnlar element In Aincns th: first siibjUinccs to which some people wcr: found lo - be especially sensitive was e-'t'. To- vvlnch caus:s corisitiiity Ls ihc pro- jilay it htis. been shewn y 1-. le:n. H in urdeisloed Hut the main licnlty all fo.yjs. jxu-pl water an I CLSnr. may in sjms in:liviJuals .:i-cduc.'j (he t.ymplcna of food son- elements of focus are prcirins, carbohydrates, fills and mineral salta. . Tlie views are that (he absorption cf fo:d occurs SD quickly that His pithily. Whea! prcuitcts, ciiccoliito. |-.ct.:'.o and ri?ii have been e.spteial- Cn this '.lay in Kmirj mans failed iys thru' : v.tist Morcnvilli rs l\-. llir- French. Th« liali:-.: frcnt, were successful liic 'limavo estuary :i ine San Ciicvii:ini. i:- 111? C,Ci- i iui:-:t-i t.) I' lns a " i» ilic nosma! pc.-son, that c'.iier similar siil;-iai!crs • • Ihn p.rscn curtains in his ljudv i A -,..,.. .. 0:1 tlu-lr : cio-vtv^ Cop Arrtsts HONOLULU, Hawaii -- I'airol- certain substances WHICH in'.cr- fi'i-e witli transformation of pru- leins. or else that the person coii- taiijc in I'js b'.':o:l >:ot:ic suUslaneo v.-iik-li. cambinhi;; uiiu t|i c pui'.eiu. s:ls up th; condition of sensitivity. There are al! inulnds invoh-rd in the control of li.e.-c con-Jiti;:-,;; are [he certain ; ; i.:ani::is made by careful tcsis and the prevention lhro:i»h avoidance cf Hi; ie.o:l M:i;stanc:s involved. jTlic- skin le;'.s are- simply scratches I en Hie skin on which a little of said, "since you're 111-. 1 only one : here, you've ur.ckT ari't 1 . 1 -: a'ul you I will have lo '^o to :!it sthtloii." | j t the ligiuins io.vl tli3iNhl d:f-' (lerent and ii was oiilv allci a spir- "I'm tcirihly jinxiuuB (o K ,, a \ irmi \. I've heard w much!" 011 " JaU . !c . wllh . llll! bul l!ial Na - CHURCH EXCUSES about the Idistor salads lliev on the IN NEW YORK _u>Uh_Gj|jjeri_ Swan No Wimilrr Act re™ Didn't Know, rendezvous between tiic leadin;; Her l.iacs; llu: I'oor Cliild! p!aye:s, if and when unmarried. l.ovc Willi Hn; Autliur, and Now I GILHI-'RT SWAH Tlay'ru Married. NEW YORK, May 27.—Life 1: like thai! . . . And it's also like this: Just a month or so aga, n certain novelty piny was announced for I (Copyright, 1931, NBA Service, Inc) VKAKS, HIISICNS SHF.BOVGAN, Wis. iUPi When Kdwar:! Kniith, C-l, conducts his las'. e!a-;.s at Ihe end of IJic present i3rc.iidw.-vy production. It, was lilted u>, m at IVinily Ln'.lieran bclicwl, he "Two's Company," and there wei-•••,!ill have completed U years of exactly two people in the company.! X \K O \ teaching. He hn.s s-.ibmill-ti Oiice before n two-character ]>!ay . !,i. s rcsujmi'.ion lo diretlors of Trln- had been atlcinplctl. but despllc'the • ity scliool where he hi reputation ol Ihe leading player:. 33 years. has served for Girl caddies are bring cui]>loycd on Europrnn golf links. KO«| the tjig pruljlcm will Ix. 1 what the well-dressed golfer will'swear. lisa could subdue it cnonijli 'ack .it. off to jail. to OUT OUR WAY By Williams USSEN, NN'OSRV SNART/ APTEQ 1M|S 7 OOM'r GO POUlM' INTO A HOLE IN GROUND \MH\UE ' FLOWERS' OAl SIE S TrtftV wouuo (o slow death. Since Hint iiim; there has been a ort of curiosity about. I lie ixissi- ililics of a Iwo-iierson drama. Al any rate, a couple of dnys b.:- uie "Two's Coni|],iny" was sehcii- iled lo open, announcement \ mule that il.s cmtain \votild noL -ise. The play had hccn called oil. And up ana 1 down Ilic "bis; slri".".' welll all sorts of rumors. I', v." r. whispered that, there had been iir-.i:i merest oil .sla;:e, and all that sir*. of thins; that there luitl IIUIMI JLV!- j uusics. Very well— the anllior of Ilic pi.iy j was one Jolin IMiten Hus;ell, Hi.- 1 leading Moman was Atln Dav:^, ini'i tiic producer was io have ton OL:. I Howard Schnchhe. Eehncblw p::;- I poni'd the oiwiiiii^ once .ind tin n 1 wrote to the Actors' Kqnity '.liai iu> i ha<l Ihro^n i:p his hair.b. Ik- i 1 .;;" , couldn't, i;el tin.- prodnciion miiH-r way. On Ihe night of the lina; ilr.s- | rrhearsal, lie reported. Miss U.i\-: ; didn't knov.- her lines. Less llun one month afl-.v tlr. 1 ]>lay was lo have opened, the playwright and llle leaaiiu; woman .1,, IK-areii in a small suburb uf Si-v: Vork and tujk onl a v.r.U:.:.. license. N'o wouiier (lie acf.v.-- ::. .; fromecl "nii|x'.-sil:lc" to the |iro:li:-- i'i'. Ihe IHUH- child was ir lo'.e v..:ii tlie author! Winch, in ilseif. might" l>r .1:1 ij, .1 lor a :lirce-ch.iiac;cr p'.ay. Ifu'. you ntver can lell jn..- v, ...r ; tucks imn.inei' will play i-r.ur , l]: .n:' or nt Hie box oilico. i'or yca;>. botli films :.::.\ ;• . atcis have coverid ii[], i:i ,'.-,r p".-.-:blc. Ihe married ..i ::, . ,.,many of Hie player:;. Tli.. i ii v '.\.is lhal rrcaler remaaU;- ,:• : \.Hurried lo ll-.c i.nmanir,! lii.-ii ;, George W. Barhamr Last' week !tfclb?r most came lo an agreement abcnt the chinch cr rather alxm 1 , our church. Since Joe and I married and I brought him into our Inmilv it seems that Mollicr has r-jveV really'made up her mind that Joe Is quite im to cur standing o, 1 rather Joe is somewhat out of our und^Joe. al-] ciicir woik. Neither ot us had "' trained vdc.?s but we could both sing fairly well if 1 could get starl- riyht. Yc.ii know it's all in gcl- !i:ij started. Joe always thoiiglit he was good on tenor nml while I never did sins; alto, I've been told by expoi-ls thsl-I have a wonderful alto voice. And il looks class socially. Though she ad-! like a pity for a person to have n ir. S i, .' S ,i- S , Provider and ; n CO d voice and not gel proper Mclhcr should know for she has training. spent most ol her time at our home. That's one reason why think she should be more lenient! a"reaf soiii "tra'clier so*I with him, but she rays one should : uct much out of it. Thi: ! Now 1 took voice about four I; years but it seems I did not have 1 dill not is teacher Lu almost ready to die for their tried ever so Hard to make a real churc.i if co called upon, and Joe : ! ; j g!l so , :rano out of llle bul wh( , n feels bout the same way about his , i Olnc to tliu hi-h places in the c i sont' my voice would sound kind As a result ol our chinch differ- i of breaky. Tlie teacher said if I cnces we hardly ever go to church.' ever c<"- over the breaking place 1 If we ca iv.ver decide which one would do ri;;lil well. 1 was telling ! shall yive. tip and join in with the joe about tliis but he made no [ other then we will become regular c"mn:;nt. ! church woikers, for as I have .said j before we wer? belli gocA wcrkeis! . . . I before 11 brought Jcc huo" our fain-I Swallows fiy at a. speed of , ily. We were especially good in better than two miles a minute. ^ AUTHOR OF , Thz Husband Hun lerek GROVES the would lie his wife. Pron-jtlie KH tolerance, "aaclttss fm^ot his Victorian atlitiule c .i:!:c away witli a cnnlract." fa haul—and for Ucryl il nil came | .0 rosily." ^ i Ot course I'renliSa lind fell sorry i« i for her. llur acceptance, nllcrly "j [ without bitterness, of a situation liiat would have Tilted mo:;t jjrls itli envy, was so pathetic that he llrrvl lir- i-,l l.y HIT p.inl tanile love in the twentieth rental y style. It wasn't any lunger, "\Vo-.ild lie daro?" H was "IXt." lh:t Irene romenibercd. She wasn't nnilQ rearly to drop her pose r>f sv/ei-t piiujilirity. Slie insisted th;:t rrentiss ask her mother before lie demanded an answer from z or perhaps the new Waldorf—and have a quiet ceremony with just the family present. Wcuid I'rcn.llss' fallicr come on for il? She was glad she wasn't aolns lo have a motiicr-in-Iaw. She. sur>posed she'll he very Important socially iu Oakdale. Frc-ipiciitly rrentiss interrupted her plc-asant speculation with a renewal of his pica for an early wedding day. Invariably she cliidcd lire him gently with a, rtnestion of her own. "iVentiss. how can 1 promise that before you've even spoken to my parents?" |U-clf.l Iroi Hrr !iuxlir:n Ilir r::,iiit>- I\o\v en UN \\rni TIM: vsum cii,\rn-:it xxvi r j"<0 lt:e sltitlio Irene ;..•:;! u iu -*- r:i-:n!-< C'lylnrd. s :[ H:.: l:i: radii) r.-!-titles of 111" \Vbi-: liisl Pii3'1i-.< i^Keil IILT in un uili him ::l:e ha;l One. of Ilicse cclebritlrs-liolti; ;:s „ superior. She'd even likcil it | were moil— wan nut at nil im- j W [ lrn i> rrtlt j s3 ],-,i scomc ,] r , mti,, |ircs=cd with Irene lint rrentiss i j n ir .vr- cr her, :is tlioiigli he fnami .iliiln't like tiim anyway. Tho ulli<-i ; |;i :i ,, : ,, if in ltlc rrC i, 0: , ca ' ,,f Fl ,, :lcmit . ! f '" li for ii '' r ""'"' " l:l:L ' ! "' ' r: ' i;J '"" liLU r " r common ; naturally did her no barm in her • ' raiiipaicii to win Prcnliss. 'i ul:iv life. " and A I.I. cvcnlsir she wns Tim iisrontinn of 1 i.ctnure. , ilic crcai , HKNK i'iiiln'1 want Iiim lo ttiink !l; . ,.,...1,1 ( .| ln |,.. c wc , e .„,;.- i(1 [., in.n /"\NC!-: or twice I'rcutisa felt Ilko ^ s'.iyin" "Oil. tiaug year par. cuts!" but [cp.rcil lidiG wuiild mis- iintlerst-.r-.-l.' lie liked her filial at- littitlc. '( to your parents — Kocil to yc;iir IniEbaiitl." Why wasn't that as £cod an a\tom as tiic one a fmi who is gootl to Ids |, rPa;1 ,: C u,,,y! mother lie-in- KOOI] to his wife? lcil. Siicstilll E;iil I'c- didn't liko the itka ot .•i' did not seem lo nicr.a r. •• wanrnl In he. in his niiml. remote i 'relic's parcills Interfering with hia Iliing tn Ki. ami lln.t plta-'i-d I'.v;'- • fv.n.i as-.--oci:ili<<:i with imnn!aiie|' llnl;? - Ho v.-ns acciistnmcil lo hav- !)f course the conieilian v, : ,s i!,niiL'l.; ; .;. s::e likdl l:er poile.-lnl [ '"^ '"'s »v.-n way. Hot lie r.inliln't ir.airrefl but I'rclllis.-i eonhln't lam \Vhf-n they wcro rc.iily to rictt: illlind vermin It i-avc 1-cr di lilanio Ilicm. and luld himself lio own! liicm a vote of liMtiks for i:^ a daughter as sweet ad • D.nid B^iiEcu. for liuMnr. jicpjrlrri to have ur^'ed MH, • mn^t charmin."; stars ni;-. ; Wfdlock vvi!!i a sla;^e e;r., . : Very well — not to nuav a :--.-]. Helen Galiejan. oi:r la.-co's most channini7 ]•. ..; di'.r. nnti his iie\vc.-t. li'.:.:j in^ man in the pir.!;;. "Tri:!sh! or N'ovcr." No ,.;:. to: 1 fnre just how ll-.e (h •.., t-ratcr took this arrm: . :. . unwataly hj made in- ',:. yo-.i my children" ::c.-t;r. •. i liul— it K) happens thai : .or Never" lia-J teen i;;: :, ; j to a very deem; tor: i . i :iess. Aixl aftfr tii,- •„,/.. nounceincnt ua:; i;-.;, li .,.. lH'w>p.l|^l.; ivintctl !>;-•, • , .. ; prrlly romai:ce- ll-e ]•;, . i ^ rather at the l;nx (iiL:.: ;, i ^oon renbliOd capaci'.y 1 All th: cm-ioit<; ones ,~.i.. , i:e! a peiMial view of ;::. ., ncwlywcus. ! I'ciMns ui-.i) hlci ..-.. : before —> ,. : ' :tmncd lo see n tlio 3i);i- ; : , make any dilfei-eiiie in :. o;i stajc. Clia'.lftii-.- i.\ ..;• llhey hn.-l '-thoiigiii ;:.;-, -. : on the stage lust a • • tically." ~" ! And so don't te y,::p:.--- jflnd producers trylr.c tj" f lui.i :-KC i:.::i mi., im.ii.t.:* t ^i:!-n iin^ i\en- II..INJ lu it.i.i- 'i|- ( | a'uj'nta.i'i To-- Instance i |; '\[i:^ a uau:;nicr as swcci as aorr|iliuK l'!:c hnsir llicy wnnlil he mid Irene thai ho weidil drive . v; ].,, v - ( .u;,; ni;sj:oi t ;-n ai~:-al of Ku'tii- i flcli e- need lu Mai! nihici'lul wiili il:ai in ills n-:.tls1rr m the parave v.-lnre i:— rtvei-;,v? S::c was ihiMliin.i iif i ^'"'^ woiilrtii't let him l:cep tier which *!:o h;,:l |Tf:n;scd l«i w> lev. his f;'t!ic-r kepi n cln^td car for his . :;,., ];; ;;u, ;: , L . ,.] ;0 in^.-...^.^ tu t, r ; tl ;' I'J^g to s-iy gfiod-nlslii. nor would a ride with Tommy. C'li ,'--i:ir' > ' use v.lien i:i N'cw York, and if I'e : p ; ..j;, .^ j>-vl. ,\-,'l sup-o 1 " rreii'- R ' lc ' ot ' l 'l:i Csnuc in. Irene was I'Ktitiss was ^illlv.•l!l!: Itn-u-a.-i-il ri!i:!il ^i t a chauffeur lo drive tliem . ii , ....... ,..,':. , ,.:,,.. ,,,', ,",.,, „... afraid Tommy tnkht ho. hover- j:ai;cii:rnt 1 slw lllM.irlil lie eiullil hint a ri^ill I;' [:n ahyil soever Hie n'i:'v.-d. ct:i:!d ^i t a ch.inffenr lo drive the:; oar to Lna:; Island he'd leave lii, n-n.:-;cr In the Rarajc anil lake Ilic ol l:^-r car. Irene kue'.v what liist mrrnl Wtirii a man iv.i:ils to Kive Ills un divide.) .Tjteiil inn to a i^irl—ai:'l "i.t ', Iifr I'.r-iar al a r<'. c prctali!r. hour— 1 -., KVv'il If the In:; she l::-i! :i ;:<'ot! nlU!;:.^ [ If she w;:nr.-d 'ruiiimy hael^. It wn- connirv hicliv.-jiy. only fnir ter tn-r lo tn alli'Slt tiilii I'ronliss l::id Fa Id somelhir.^ ot':cr m-M trst her lir.c tV.r nliiiiit sui'i'er nt a cliil) aril Ihon-.h hii:i. s.iie K-.uM tell Toinn:}. At lre:ic liad raid she'd love lo go rhe worst II rouM only hi 1 a matter o[' thought she'd hitler nnt. She c n;-.i b?:-::lii:; his lnrxlvciic.">. • sre he was ra;i-r to talk tu hrr. ::nci She v.ns iriitc i-n>-.v In h. r i .-lie 5nst n, cacer lo hear win: ah:iiil 'loi:.:::y even in repaid u. lie had to joy. I'rcllliss was I'icnlSs' J«l:nify "f liln V.-' ia;l Ii.-. v.-.:.: :ia:i e. silly lie'cl c.\. "'raid Tommy might ho hover',••::! her i,,a.t as tiionuli |II>,KI-I e i '"~ :it '0tit the iireiniscs. Me was ii.i' naly ;i:aa in tin; \.iivlij-; Tl.ora! r " cil " ll:0 ' nl 'hues! She would \->TJ i;;y ;.:;;r.:^r :if int'-re 1 -;Lnr- • ' lr ' vc tp 'ell him dial she was going <".-•:: i. i!ii. -.Mirlil. Ar. a m::i(:-r 11':! '" 111:irr . v I'i'ctHlas she didn't !:-.'! ^!ic i:'rcil a me-:i ri'al .ii;.;i]i lvn "'- ^ivnllss around when ske Ti-n-:ny am! v.culd Ii! ir In ; ;v . j, n, did it. .•i fri-.nd-liip wiiii Iiim. i|,,..v i.]..,.;;! lie-ides, she was In a fover ot il.•:•: n't have t' fnrdiivia- In (-....-or if rirali^ lli!ja-:!-.l her l.-;i impatience lo tell linvyl about It, lily;r In ifacil a lancii-lr.iveie.'! nnv.n: hi;y l : .r i=i:htei filer-.' J She. wouldn't wait rinlil morning. vi.-lird. fVi-:i ss rhr ".it ! « - A " " lo u 'J" rs ' s '' n cl ' rlt • nt I"» v ''iB ' llcryl siidtlonly b.-'cnme liio out- slaaiiiiij; meinhrr nf Itio family i welled up afresh and sho wanted ,. v ^^ c . , n ^.. l ,... , '. ; ',:.,,.',•'""! , M .!|i [.,-,.',,';' ll ',,''.,' 1 . c ;,",' " In re; • ,.t hi n l'rc:ili:f lM!l h.-i-ri j-.-r.!i'i:s tin- n-:v. he hail r-.i'i'l l:-r l:.:vl .11.1] i:u: Iltn. 1 rntei laialii:; TiHiiri.y. e.\[:ia];ic(! lie had to y.iy. sl;r vetoed Ilic snnier chili. Tiu-y fi'iiiiil a driver fur Ilic C:iv lord lliiiniiFine. Vr. t'!:iyiiii-d I re- f-rrcil to travel loag dlflanrrs lij ri.iin, and he wa^ now In Da!,<!;•. kvrs^^^^^ ;';;:-, '''rnt'o^;,-'"":^^^;,-;! ^'»- ^ ^ v™»» ^wiiKrr*^ ^^•^ *"> rri-:ili:-5 inlk-.l and Innc- was a touch or ahsentmlndciines ' ' ' o '3 II-JI.IM1..C..V I ^,.,u,,.^. ,.., t .. ,. ...... Mt. ""-> '•" --..., ,,,,,. '" '' Cr lflnC - K Wa:i "° » OVCll >' I0 ]'.-cf.ttsj'h!ikc!l fltoiif liliV-was a' tnt he always look' his' clianncur i • s ;'; ; |;l " !ll ; nl a lol j , ll ." ss ,'.".! . lhc ' " tno lo ""'" wi(!l ll(:r klsFCS ' Aml ', "'•<>" f<>\ a11 ":c «•<>' l° litiy Fhc'd kilt..-.-! since ciii.iiiluKJ.l lie praetlcallv livid at tluir hou.-c. S'::c CM-C-.'ivt! f^riyl wi'iihl ninrrj lii:n some il:iy. (Hi yc?. 11,-ijl »as m love with lilin I'reiillft liellev this : vvllh him. As rrcnilis heir; Irene Into the w.;y. Ih.iiik Kooilnvss 1'ivniif? : j:i>t at the moment Iicr nnliclraiion = »'id lo he n.avricd vl B hi away.! ,,f breaking her hi,; news lo llcryl io . she i:ior:-lit of Hie nlslu i:ery! . u would save the qnc^timis ot many i was more cnsrossins than compll- had driven lioinc . In this . snr;,n:;c.l. r.nd s;icculal!vc triemls., men::!. ' . . . limousine Her sister had been In" 1-nilhcr to escape them vho'il liav.-] Sho dl.l lint i:eny rrcnllsa tell £0 ccrtjtii' her slory liiat niyht. llrryl <vas"'in huo with toincouc '• 1'rcnllM kst no time in ma k I n; . {'»* ^"t away for It or simply ' • - •- - Invited no one at nil. What a nuisance family frieti:l3 were. They oxiiacted to s'liarc every event ol to forcso a churcli wcdilms, liiilcta ] caress. She took It with sliy acquiescence. Satisfied—or was It dis- dl-la't lulicie Ti . ha': love to her. Irene's little flutter of i::irnl about It pretense was completely submerged yet—hut ho would, lieryl always in Ills amorous embrace. He kissed satisfied?— he let Iicr go. As she ilrow herself up from hl» arms fho out lo the street sot what she wanted. l;er eagerly and dccl.ired he waai y««r "''• " | ami caught a glimpse ot a familiar Irc;i3 sigl-.tJ with this rcLiiaik. going to many ber. Irene did not Perhaps It would be twst to en. I "Sure by the gale. U wa* Tommy! "She went with me to the studio'remind him that he bad cot aokciijago » sulto of rooua at a hotel—| (To Bo Co»tl»ued>

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