The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 1, 1947
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VOL. XUH—NO. Biythevllle Dally r Blythevule Courier _ _ THBDOMINMrr NEWSPAPKR OF NORTH^ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST =1™ ^ **^ * * ^ AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI _ BMTI1EVIM,B. AKKANSAS, SATURDAY, MARCH 1, I'M? THREE BLYTHEVILLf RESIDENTS DIE IN CRASH Belligerent Jews Bomb Club M • 4 • • m •• " British Fear Heavy Loss of Life in In Holy Land JERUSALEM, March 1. (U.P.)—Tlic Jewish underground sinking into the heart of a Jerusalem ".security zone, blew u)> a British Officers' club tccfav. and the casualty toll as searchers pried through the fii'-e-sweut wreckage was running high. An official announcement said Hie unconfirmed toll w as 10 dead and 15 wounded seriously. The dead included seven persons who had been sunbathing on the roof The announcement' said three "lerriorists" had been caught. It ' raid they drove up in n truck, and apparently were wearing military uniforms. Sir Alan Cunningham, British P, hig n commissioner, was expected to ' make a major statement of policy within the next 24 hours. Officials speculated on the possibility of imposition of statutory martial law. Cunningham summoned his executive council and high military authorities for urgent consultations. This correspondent reached the fcene soon after the terrific e*- piosion — apparently from a time bomb — shattered the Goldsmith Club for British army officers, a three-story building on King George Avenue. Cluh Reduced io Debris The demolished club R-OS a tangle of smouldering debris. Firemen were pouring water on the wreckage and emergency squads were, probing through It in search of bodies and possibly living victims, The blast shattered the calm of the Jewish Sabbath. The Holy City's best weather in months the "Security Zone B," one "of the four established by' the British in the city. The blast shattered windows for blocks around, and'slightly damaged British military police headquarters,-about 20 yards from the Goldunith Club. A British officer said he first heard small arms fire, followed by three small explosions which merged into one great blast which sent a towering column of smoke some 150 feet over the city. Troops cordoned off the Goldsmith club area, In the heart of the security compound in the area where most of the government's military and civilian olfices are situated. The first official inclination was to lay the blame on (he so-called Slern Gang. Missco Given $3500 Quota In Seal Sales Philip j. Deer, of Blythevllle. has been appointed chairman of the Mississippi County Easter Seals sale for the Arkansas Association for the Crippled by Mrs. Jack carncs, cf Cnmden, president. Coach John liF.rnhill of the University of Arkansas, FayeUeville, is state s eal chairman it was announced last \ieek. As county chairman Mr. Deer will direct the selling of the-Kaster Seals campaign which begins March 0 nnd ends April B, and the Lily Parade, which will be April 4 and 5. Goal for Mississippi county this year Is $3500. The state goal is $76,000. During 1948 the Arkansas Association for the Crippled provided instruction for 317 crippled children In hospitals nnd 65 home- biund children throughout the stale. The Association purchased artificial limbs and braces for crippled persons, provided transportation to and from crippled children clinics in the state and paid ^lor the treatment of eleven adults. • Money for this work Is derived solely from the sale of Easter Seals and the Lily Parade. U. S. Considers Funds for Greeks Failure to Provide , Financial Assistance Could Aid Communists WASHINGTON. March 1. (UP) — Congressional Republicans »mi Democrats alike started a move today to provide financial help needed to save Greece from an upheaval that might have dire repercussions for the Western democracies. Administration leaders estimated it would cost at least $250.000,000 this year to give Greece the urgently needed financial help which Britain, plagued by economic troubles of her own, can no longer afford. Mindful of warnings that an upheaval in Greece might loose a Communist sweep through .the Middle East, many 'congressmen said it was urgent that the money lie provided quickly so British occupation troops can continue to support the shaky Greek government. Some contended, however, that U. S. -re- .lief .commitments/already, were .too ' till-LTO --<-•'--.'.-. congressional develop- News Service Endangered In New Strike Threat it WASHINGTON, March 1. (UP) — Strike notices have been filed on behalf of some 159,003 telephone workers in almost 30 states, it was learned today. Similar notices have been filed on a nationwide basis for telephone long line workers who could tie up all long-distance telephone calls, news teletype printers and nationwide broadcasts If they struck. A Epokesinan for the National large. Other ments: LABOR—CIO leaders of the Allis- Chahners strike charged that the company had thrown up "the smoke screen of Communism" to hide nil "arrogant determination" not to bargain. Robert Buse nnd Harold Chris'^ffel, president and chairman respectively of Local 2-18, United Automobile Workers (CIO), made" the accusation before the House Labor Committee. BUDGET—Republican plans to cut income taxes by 20 per c-nt were again threatened. Republicans feared it might not be possible to cut President Truman's $37,530,000 000 budget as much as originally hoped because of additional reli-'f money which may be needed in the Greek crisis. PORTAL PAY-Democratic senators predicted that President Truman would veto legislation outlawing portal pay suits if it reaches him in the form passed by the House. The House passed a bill yesterday outlawing almost $6.000 000 000 in the portal pay suits. Trie House version also would strike out many safeguards in the wage-hour law. The Senate will consider u somewhat milder version next week. State Official Called In Liquor License Inquiry FORT SMITH, Ark., Mar. 1 (UP)-^arl Holman, foreman of t)te Sebastian County grand jury, salci today he hsd issued a sub- peiia to have State Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook testify March 8. Subpenas also were issued Hoi- ma,, said, for R. o. Anderson, head of the revenue department's beverage division; E. M. Jolley, former head of the investigating division; and three investigators, Odell Mns- scy, Ralph Gardner and Ouy Rus- Jolley resigned during the sessions last fall of the Joint House ina Senate Prc-Scssion Budget Circuit Judge J. Sam Wood told the grand Jury last Fcb 3 that re- pDrts were circulating of irregularities in connection with the issuance of liquor licenses,- and for . the jury to make a:i investigation i if one appeared to b2 necessary. Chats With Truman WASHINGTON, March 5 (W)— Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called on President Truman today lor "just a chat." White House Press Secretary Charles G. Ross said the Army chief of staff wanted to talk to Mr. Truman before the President leaves tomorrow on the lirst ol two trips that will keep him away from Washington most ot March. City Gets Rain, Sleet Death Sentence Looms for OPA Senate Committee Prepares Bill to Kill Federal Agency WASHINGTON, March 1 (UP) — >tA seemed destined today to pass out ol the natlonul scene ' June an. 'A "death sentence" hill was dc- ig prepared In Ihe Senate Appropriations Committee, nnd chairman styles Bridges. N. 11., said he would seek u Semite vote on the measure early next week. Speeches in defense of OPA were being dratted by n handful ol administration stalwarts. They planned lo bombard their Republican colleagues with today's licitr- record cost-ol-living figures. But Maryland's Sen. Millard E. Tydings. member ot the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, told :i reporter lie dou'oted that any concerted drive will be made to keep OFIA alive. Tydings said the appropriations committee, of which he also is a member, was practically unanimous in deciding that the agency must go. "'Hie only real question was how much money to give it," Me said. The appropriations committee voted to allow OPA $17 r CO[),COO to yet by on until June 30, and conceded this meant 'the agency would "have to start folding up now." Only afcout S3.CCO,0:o of that amount can be used for operating expanses, they said. The rest will have to go to pay off terminal leave obligations and' meet liquidation costs. Meanwhile, appropriations committee members hoped the Senate Banking' Committee would come up soon with legislation to continue rent, sugar and rice controls—under other federal agencies. Swift MuJfle On Chinese Leadership BY WALTER LOGAN Unifcil Press Staff Corrasponilei>l NANKING.' Mar. i.-Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek today re- smed the premiership of inflntion- rkldon China! taking on the duties resigned by his bro'.her-ln-law T. V. Soong. In a swift shuffle of the nation's leadership, Soong stepped out ns president of Ihe executive Yuan— the premiership—after n stormy session with the legislative Yuan. The standing committee of the Kuomingtnng's central executive committee then appointed the generalissimo lo hold the premiership in addition to his chief post of President of Chinese Republic. Chiang formerly held the premiership, but turned it over to Soong in May, 1945. There were no changes announced in the cabinet. Highway Accident Victim Husband, Wife, Young Son Hied Instantly When Car Skids o I ruck on Missouri Highway Many Supporting - — V- --• MU8. J. l>, JIDSUANI) Fedesal Agents Seek to Link Ralph CaponeWith Sugar Deals CHICAGO, March 1. (U.P.)— Undercover federal apems arc shadowing n, e O i ( i or brother of tlio l:>te Scarl'iico Al Caponc to see if lie heads the nation's multi-million dollar • -- "-- ••*• ••- "w,*i,*j UAH- iKiiiiMi .•> nimtJ-iiHiiioil ciOJUU' black market .sugar racket, »' federal source disclosed today. flic snilrrp rovpnlprl fhnt fnriarnl.*. ' ^ The source revealed that fcd'e: agents have been trailing ex-< vict Ralph (Bottles) .Capons his henchmen for several ro in' an ot'tcinpt 'toi'obtafri "c~- sive evidence against him. The disclosure came a few .\fter U. S. Dist. Atty. J. . Albert •Wool's admission • that the Investigation of the black market thus far had "only scratched the surface." Forty-three persons, most, of the IsuspectcrtyOf playing only minor | roles ?n ihe illicit sugar ring, were indicted here this week. Ssorcs 01 federal agents are carrying on tne investigation in cities from California to -New Jersey. Additional indictments were expected to be returned here by the Federal Grand Jury hid over at Woll's request. "All information lead's us to believe Ralph CapDiic is the leader of thi s sugar racket nnd we hc[>a to get the evidence to prove it," the said. United Press informant Soong announced his resignation in a hostile legislative Yuan session, then strode from the chamber while members shouted abuse , , , ^,,,1. uu ,.*.w, IIU ;> at him, blaming i,im for the conn- moved in find took over the racK- urs inflation, in a 30-minutc speech the Harvard - educated "^Vc-'d like to get him," he said. Cai:one, now in his EO's, was an underling in his notorious brother's crime syndicate during the lush 19.9s. llc|)3i'tcd!y he still derives some prosit from the continued oper.ition of th e syndicate. Tho federal source said: 1—Chicago gangsters lirsl b=- ca:r,c inlcrrstcd in obtaining hard- .MI[{a- for wine and liquor interests. Then, realizing that enormous profits could be made, "they premier Warned the communists for most of China's economic trouble. Truman Plans Key Address In Waco, Tex. WASHINGTON, Mnr. 1.—(UP» —The White House said today that President Truman's address at Baylor University, Waco. Tex., on Thursday will be a "major sticech." Press Secretary Charles G. Ross described It. as "very important." He added that it would be from 23 to 25 mfnti'cs Ions nnd will be broadcast at 1 p.m. EST. The President will leave by nlaiic tomorrow at 8 a.m. EST for Kansas,city, Mo., on the first leg ot n!s trip to Mexico City. Included in the presidential party will be Ihe Mexican ambassador. The presidential party l s due at Kansas City's Fairfax airport in time for liuich at the Muehlebach Hotel. ?Toni Kansas City, the President will go to Grandvlew, Mo., to visit his 94-year-old mother, Mrs. Mar- Ifta Truman, who broke her hip in a fall recently. Mar. The mercury returner! to n low of ^ ^ ' . •••• iwi >"'^ itiiLiui.m 31 decrees during last nipht nc- and) L°,id °t, TC ' C1 '! 10I1C , WorMrs co '"» a » 1 «I by a "mixture o sleet M n '' s?£r• v ' r ~ *> r"- rf -« -- *• -S 5- ' H'^ock, official weather observer. | Dec. N. Y. Cotton open . 3475 . 3355 . 3151 . 2884 . 28GO lileh 3475 3358 3155 low close 3451 3-151 3332 3332 3137 3142 2857 2880 28U 2800 ., operated' with .stolen sugar ration stamps and counterfeit stnmpi. 3—With the stamps tho ring's men.hjrs eUained sugar Irom wholesalers and resold it to candy manufacturer.;. isakerics. rcstiui- rants and sugar -brokers. 4—Captmc,, In an especially good position to direct the ring's operations in view of his gangland contacts and financial backing. Ra!p!i, like liis brother Al. who died in Florida a month ago, served a prison term for income t;ix evasion. He was convicted In 1931 alter federal agents showed that he had deposited $1.871,C03 in a Cicero EitH: under his own and varlovis other name:;. Caponc had claimed he was only a S10D a week caslncr for his brother's syndicate. The government contended ho owed S3112;2 in taxes and penalties f °r the years 1926-28. He paid a S10.COJ fine and served 29 months In federal prison. N. Y. Stocks A T and T Amor Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gsr. Ele:tri; '.'.'... Gen Motors Montgomery Ward „- . •N Y Central 13 1-1 Int. Harvester 80 North Am Aviation 10 a-8 Republic Steel -xi RaMo 9 j-s So:ony Vacuum '... H 1-8 StvKtcbaker Die in Spa Fire Barn at Oaklawn Race Track Burns; Body is Recovered 1 HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Mil,-. 1 * up )— -Fire swept through one of the many rambling barns al Oaklawn Track early today burning to death at Icnst one groom and 11 horses, five of which were scheduled to run In today's races. Names of the horses were not Immediately nvnllaMc. The victim was Identified, as 21- Cross Drive Directors Seeking To Obtain N. Missco Quota in Single Day Seeking''SCO' from" 1 Ulythevlllc ind $4150 from Biiri-ouiullni; communities In North Mississippi County, Ihe American ucd Cross annual financial cnmjinlxii sot underway Mils morning with the llrsl contributions arriving at ciini])iilun liciuln.imitei.-i In Ihu Chamber ol Connuci'cD office In Of^y Hull. Efforts were centered on rnlslng thn limits In 11 single day. A total of $417,1)0 Imd been turned In to thn drive headquarters 'by noon touay representing Blytlie- vlllo contributions. Ol this, $;jiii) were advance donations wllii JiU.W coming In from Ward One tills morning. Contributions from outlying contributions Amounted lo $70 this morning with another $1203 repented ready ior remittance. Three outlying communities litiv; reached Ihelr quotas and one has exceeded Us goal. Dell led 100 pel cent contributions yesterday will Its $500 quota, and Manila, with C. W. 'Tlpton as drive leader there went "ove: " la's quotf , „.— reiwrtctf $703 on hand with more to come later. Lono Oak, under Eiby Hodge .also reached Its goal, sending In !00 • this morning, nnd Half Moon, with Mrs. O. H. Buck ,in charge of collections, turned in •t&t to exceed ILs quota by $14. K-iThlsonijds up tq"$lB07.00 of tlio $10.032 "sttuKhC throughout North Mississippi County and added''Con- tribution* were expected this al- lernoon as an effort Is being m»do to bring the drive as near completion as possible today. If necessary, It will be extended no longer than a week, according to drive leaders. i/mii wo uiive leauer mere i ""•ia UL-AUIU wiu 110*1 er the top" today. -Man!-1 coal strike and two a was s et at $7000 and I ll >e Supreme Court • ,', , •".i' ;• "••' v"-' ""•', wore .killed install m«ht whcii'tlioir car collided with a heavily-loaded U'uck low nnlQK_ south of Ncfyv 'Madrid, Mo., > '.* o'clock. .' ..•:"' V; ,• ( ", • -. The Husbands -were apparent!) >ii route home from Evansville, rr-i is officers reported today that their 'ar. was headed toward :Blythuvnlo when the frlple^tragedy struck. Mr. Husband, 26, wos'theXson of Dr. and Mrs, p. L: Husband, «th and Main, and Mrs. HusDand, 22 wns' the former. Miss'Betty: McMiillin•',' daughter 6f Mr..'nnd Mrs. w a McMullln, 6J2 West Main. : ' ; "" Missouri officers Investigatinn ,'iie accident ssld Ihat Mr. Husbuiid apparently, lost control ol his car and' skidded Intq'(he truck's path. Death ' came instantly to .the young coupU - nnd their .Infant son. Missouri Slate Patrolnmn'-O. c. Anderson said he had never, seen a. car as badly smashed as the Husbands'. ''• Coroner Conducts Inquest The truckman .carrying a load ot' lumber North to Illinois and was driven by Paul'Rametta of Marlon III. No arrests were made, officers reported, ,»nd ;a coroner's Innucsi which got'underway ln;New Madrid nt 19 o'clock this'morning, conducted by Nw Maitfld Cbiinly'co'r- oncr Leo Hedgepeth, termed thj ic- cldent unavoidable Dr Huscai'd and Mr McMullln attended th^ In quest George Smart, deputy sheriff ol New Madrid County, said the tiucK left the road in ii} effort to avoid the skidding cur but struck tha an, toraotyle in the center »s it -swerved sideways in. th« road; Bot^bin,cers said th^t while the suck w " pot '**' * l >1f * s w " und The Hu»band5' car wa« Lewis Breaks Silence on Strike UMW Boss Blames Owners and Officials For Not Negotiating WASHINGTON, March I. <UP) — John u Lewis has broken a Ihrcc- nionlh silence lo placq the burden for renewed soft coal negotiations on the Bovernment and tho mine owners. In n Idler to Sen. iHomcr Capo- hurt, H., ind., tho mine workers' boss snld ho had b«m reurty and willing to negotiate i\ new agreement since Dec. 7—the day he called' off last walkout. But, Lewis said, neither the- gov eminent, nor the coal operators have made any "overtures" and the s^urt of renewed negotiations " s^ur ixMuls solely upon" them. The Lewis letter was In answer to from serle.i of Capehart, written questions It came just 30 Big Contracts Let for Road Construction LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Alnr. 1.— ._ 'UP> — Contracts totaling almost year - olri Junior Ktndcll whose SW.OOO °n 12 road and bridge found In (he nf °J ecls '" as many counties today , ha<i been awarded, following the Stanley Weber, assistant general Fcl) ruary meeting of Ihe Stair. Commission, held here manager of the 51,500,000 racing Highway plant, snld he understood that five J't'&lordny. of the 11 that perished werc I The e xnc =t' figure wa s $1,713,003, slated to run on today's program nm! '""hides one Job In Pulaskl "- " ' County [or $31-1.873. The conlract went to the McGeorge Contrnctlng Co. of Pine Bluff, and wns for 11.0 He said their names would bo a\i '•. County [or $31-1.873'! The conlract nounccd lalcr. Firemen fighting Ihe lire s.ild they saw the carcasses of at least 11 horses and one goat mascot. Estel Hurscss, 52-year-old Negro groom for the George McFnrlaml stnbles of Ohio, listed four of . , . miles of grading, minor drainage ."tinctures and crushed stone base on the course of th days before (Tie next possible soft i days before —,.. was expected to net on Ihe , government's contempt of court case against Lewis and his United Mine Workers (AI- 1 !/). ' f iMcanwhllb, It wa; disclosed, the government hn.i prepared a series of allernmlvn plans to avert a strike of 400,000 Isoft coal -miners threatened by Lbwis for midnight, March 31. : 'An official said the plans, all of which depend on tho high court's decision, Include returning .the mines to private ownership and a formal government Invitation to the miners sud the operators to get together for now contract talks. Capehart made public the ex- General Assembly werc in adjournment today for the week-end, the Senate yesterday showed the pres- -iltijlllg ill .»t;DOll'll lllllll IUL.U ttllcl- • —-*.-™. u.iu v**u aiawrlj), — IV115S '_ noon and voting to resume law- ™BSy McMullln nnd Miss Juanila Other counties and the low-bid- horses as missing. He Identified <!ln B contractors: them as Paclple, Sly Manner, Jack Lee County. D. p. Jones con- Morley nnd No Gales. Burgess said ''ruction Co. of Little Kock. $179»e wns asleep In the barn and wa?; 240; Critlendcn. A. C. Campbell awakened by the Intense heat. He .Co. of Shrcvcport s La S14551' escaped unharmed. Hempslcad, A. c.'Campbell 'GO.', ^lie^track was builtjn 1905 by the ' S147.5G1 (conditional); Nevada, S. M. Dixon Co. of .Warren. $07,030; Crawford, S. E. Evan s Con.slruc- lion Co. of Ft. Smllli, $102.021; White, w. D Jeffrey Construction Co. of Ft. Smith. $138,010; Pope, Hen M. Hogan and Co. of Little ttock, 512(5,829; yell, McGeorge Contracting Co. of Pine - Bluff, $209.340; Greene, D. F. Jones Construction Co. of Little Hnck. $148.34<i; Potnsett, Arkansas Construction Co. of Joncsboro. S13G.289; and Pcriy-Pulnskl, Ben M. Hogan Cool LIUIe Rock, $68,798. late Peter C:lla of St. Ixjuis, and operated until 1010. H was closed for 15 years from 191!) (o 1931 at which time it wns opened by a^ree- ri i . . . ... J ;>•*"*- e- ment. Pnrlmntucl betting was legalized by the Arkansas Legislature I" 1935. 'Hie track continued to op- crate until it was closed because of the war. The track now Is operated by Col la's son. John Cella of St. Loul 7 who is general manager and trustee' of the Cclla Estate nnd president of Oaklawn Jockey Club. The estate also operates a tra"'c at Port Erie. Ontario. Leftists and Rightists Stage Battle in Korea EEOUL. Korea, March 1. (UFJ — At least 1 0 persons were killed ano nine injured today in fighting between Leftists and Itlghtlsts throughout Korea on the 28th an- I'M ersa , ry .° f '^ c countr y's auortive oti, . •_ ., 0 ^ ^ yoke no i 78 attempt" to throw 41) 1-8 of Imperial Japan. 98 131 60 V; Girl Kills Self Standatd of N J Packard U S Steel 665-8 7 73 ;<-* NCRFCLK, Va., March I. <UP) — Police today classed as suicide the death of a 15-yenr-old girl who pulled a pistol from her purse and shot herself as .she was being taken to police headquarters on a charge of drunkenness. •Police s.ild the girl, Annie Man Ship's Engine Explodes; Three Killed; 7 Injured NEW ORLEANS. March I. (UPJ —Shipping officials today investigated the cause of a Diesel engine explosion aboarc! the motor ship Ben -Proemmlng that killed three persons and injured seven last night during a trial nm down tlto Mississippi River. The explosion wrecked Ihe engine room and buckled deck plates, but Ihe main force of the blast went straight upward, preventing more extensive damage. The ship did not spring a leak nnd was towed safely to a repsar berth by live tugs that were sent to tlifl scene 18 miles from New Orleans. Weather ARKANSAS— cloudy, occasional rain, except snow flurries extreme „ ..,..„ „,,*, 5 ti 'i ^miii.- Mi,u: -.iuu, U.MJCIH M!o,v iJurncs CNtremc Wilson of Riverdale, shot hcrselt North; continued cold today. Par:In the chest n s she stepped from ly cloudy to cloudy nnd contin-icd a patrol wagon at the South Nor-1 cold tonl B ht and Sunday '" folk police station. . I SI10W flu , TlC5 No i-thcast. with few r wn« caniel about 75 yards before Rametta could truck th *y reported 1 Bmmetta w * re hi ' #illd but none was change of letters as he demanded a Senate investigation to .llnd out •why the union, the mine owners nnd the government have failed to get together for a new contract. Assemblymen Adjourn Over Weekend f • Ll'ITLE ROOK, Mnr. 1. (UP)— "~ ^ "*BH'?^**yui ^nere ancl"at- Although both houses of the 56th ^"dcd the; University of -'Arkansas " • — at Fnyettflvlllc, graduating'from Arkansas Stats College at Jonesboro fife ,«nd I ljured The tfutj bodies were wheduled to be returned to Blythevllle thl, afternoon, ' No funeral arrange monta have been made as yet. pend "IB notification of Mrs F L Hui- bnnd, who fc en route homa from Florida C6bb Funeral Home Is In charge Married In IMS Mr nnd Mrs J B Husband were married in Tbnopah, Nov, Jan '0 1945 At that time Mr Husband' was a corporal and "aerial gunner in the Arrnjr Air Forces' at. Lemore Field, Calif; 7 Following: hi a discharge from; the Army after two and a half years service, they made their honje/'here. 1 •' T; ' ' ' * _ Mrs. Husband was graduated from Blytheville'High' School and was employed dt tho -Army Air Field here, previous to her;'marriage Mr. Husband also.wai graduated r °™ h ?. I"?'' school-here and-at- ov Mr. Husband, is • survived by his LjuintLi; yL-hiciuay siiuwcu inc prcs- -.u«v*»iiu"« ouivivcu oy ills sure of the remaining few week 1 , by P arer "S »pd Mrs.. Husband, leaves slaying In session until lato after- D^J] a ™rits and two sisters,'Miss McMullln, morning. The House, nftcr hogging tho spotlight most of the week, adjourned ( nt 1 p.m. yesterday until 2 o'clock I Monday afternoon. | The Upper Chamber took another step yesterday designed to speed. up action. It approved n siiggc.i-| lion to remove all House and Senate bills from committees and place them directly upon the calendar. If given House approval, the measure would cancel committee h?ar- ings for the remainder of the session. The education ot teachers In Arkansas was a top Hem In yesterday's Senate proceedings, with the upper chamber approving and sending lo Gov. Ben Laney n measure setting up scholarships for tsnch- ers to attend Summer school. Included In the qualifications for eligibility is a stipulation that the teachers must have less than 60 hours of college credits. There is also a clause setting 12 semester hours as the minimum for Arkansas teachers as of July 1, 1948. with the standard to be gradually raised to 60 hours In 1951. On a 21 to 8 vote, the Senate approved Garland County Rep. James Campbell's measure setting up n State Legislative Council and Bureau of Research In Arkansas. Funeral Rjfes Sunday For Mrs. L. N. Boyd Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, a o'clock at Cobb Funeral Home chapel for Mrs. L. M. Boyd, who died Thursday at her home on Rose Street. The Rev. p. H. Jernlgan, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, and the Rev. Mr. Neblett of Steele, will of- Pa .™' Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. Daring Civilian Fliers Rescue Crew of B-29 FOR TRIOHARDSON, Alaska March 1. (UP)—Fourteen crewmen of a B-29 which crashed while searching for a missing superfort- ress were rescued 1from the snowy wastelands near Bristol Bay by three daring civilian pilots, the Alaska Air Command announced today. I" the second dramatis Arctic rescue within a week of stranded B-29 airmen, the 14., Army men were snatched from a barren, Ice and ^now-choked flatland between Anchorage and pilllngham, Alaska, by three cMlahs each Ilj'iiig nis own tiny plane. All of the rescued fliers were Drought to safety last night. Seven were hospitalized. The nature ol their injuries was not disclosed. The B-29 crashed yesterday near •Naknek, Alaska, on the rim of icy Bristol Bay while seeking another B-29 which hadf been massing s:*ce Monday with 13 • crewmen aQoara. Henry's Market Purchased by Blythevil.l.e Men R. W. Becker today took over management -of Henry's Grocerr and Market, 309 North 6th, whlck hi and A. R. Wetenkamp purchased late last week from A. E. Henry --.... ..... 41 i_ w ,ii V i, ui oiceic, win 01- Mr, Becker.plans-to add another Delate. Burial will be at Memorial butcher and » clerk to his person. Mr. Henry plans to organize wholesale business soon.

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