The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1951
Page 8
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Truman's 'New Broom Planning In Final Stage Hta ProMcutor Set For Key Rol« In President's Program WASHINGTON. Deo. 15. (ff) _ President Truman,- who said nine month* ago his administration was made up of honorable men, puts the finishing touches to R new broom program of sweeping out officials who have betrayed his trust. Announcement of the detailed program was expected by today •Ittioufh there may b« some delay. Whenever it comes, It appeared certain that strapping Federal Judge Thomas F. Murphy of New York, famed as the prosecutor of Alger Hiss and as a police rackets buster, would be offered a key role. The generously mustached Murphy had an unpubllclzed appointment with Mr. Truman yesterday but a snowstorm prevented hU flying here. The latest unofficial word was that he would see the President today or Monday. In New York, Murphy said a report that he had agreed to serve on an anti-corruption commission was "a million miles from the truth." He would not comment on when he would see Mr. Truman. Indications are multiplying that. barring a last minute change, the President's program will take the form of setting up an Independent body with power to Investigate and perhaps to prosecute. One of Its Jobs definitely will be to clear the names of government officials— Mr. Truman says they torm the great majority—who nre honest and who tend to their Jobs. Obituaries Arktmtat Ntwt Brief* 900 in State To Get Draft Call in February •)• TIIK ASSOCIATED PHKSS LITTLE ROCK—A bout 900 Arkaiwans will be called up by the draft board In February to fill the largest state quota since last March, Selective Service headquarters has announced MaJ. Carl . Wells, manpower chief, said yesterday the order for 626 draftees was based on the number of older men classified 3 t 1-A and 1-A-o who had been examined by Oct. 31, 1951. Quotas will be sent U> local boards early next week, he nnld. Murder Charged TEXARKANA—TWO white men have been charged with the murder In the death ol a 70-year-old Negro woman, Miller County Sheriff W. E. Davis said here yesterday. Emma Williams, 70, was found dead at her home here Wednesday. Davis said the had been beaten to death. - — ————— Rubber Controls Are Relaxed N«w York Tim*$ Says Sharp Increases in Production Caused It (ARK.) COURIER THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS SATURDAY, DBC8 Riggins Services To Be Tomorrow Service* for Lannie Edward Rlg- «ta«. who died at his home here :«ii« week, -will bo conducted at 3:30 P.m. tomorrow In the First Christian Church by the Rev. James W Rainwater. Burial will be In Elmwood Cemetery with Masonic rites »t the iraw. . Pallbearer, will be Scott Alley Ira Walters. Russell Oaskln, Dee .•-Wade. Fred Boyett, Jr., and Don Bagley. Honorary pallbearers will be Joe Miller, Will Ca'udill, Eddie Ford Dr; I. R. Johnson, M. T. Moon' John Foster, Clalr. Miller and R C Bruer. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. • • * RitM Held for Infant Graveside rite« for Larry Edgar Hopper, Infant «on of Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Hopper of Rt. 2, Blythe- Tille, were conducted at 2 p.m. today at Maple Grove Cemetery by to* Rev. Bill Edmlnston, pastor ot Armorel Baptist Church. The child died shortly after birth yesterday at Walls Hospital Cobb Funeral Home U In charge Wesley Is Named LITTLE ROCK—Oov. McMath hai appointed Lavon Watson of Wesley to the board of trustees for the Huntsville, Ark., vocational school, replacing A. C. Mowcry Jr., of Huntsville, who resigned. Terminal to Incorporate LITTLE ROCK—Camdcn Terminals Inc., of Camden filed articles «jf incorporators are George E. Bowers, Arthur Rhodes and J. E. mughan, all of Camden. Students Get First Aid NASHVILLE—Abou t 30 students received first aid when a school bus overturned in a ditch after colliding with an automobile near here yesterday. Morley Loses Dispute LITTLE ROCK-A Port Smith Construction Company has won In a tax dispute with State Revenue Commt'isloner Dean Morley. PulHski circuit Judge Guy Amsler ruled yesterday that purchasers of materials for highway construction do not have to pay Arkansas use tax. The decision was on » suit by the E. E. Barber firm against Morley. Capitol to Be Lighted LITTLE ROCVK-T he State Capitol Christmas decorations will be Ilghled today at the conclusion of the.Little Rock-North Little Rock annual Christmas parade. * The parade, consisting O f 32 floats picturing lite of je.,,,, Christ, is sponsorc-a by religious education directors of Greater Little Rook at 3:45 p.m. and end at the Capitol. Bauxite Plant Halted BAUXITE— Construction at the strike-bound 55 million dollar Aluminum Company ot America PDA Says He'll Prosecute Wanger For Assault on Hollywood Agent . BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec 18. (AP)_The District Attorney •ays he will prosecute Movie Producer Walter Wanger for felonious assault, despite, any. efforts that may be made to prevent him being tried for shooting the agent of his •ctrew wife, Joan Bennett. Prosecutor S. Ernest Roll, taking cognizance of reports -that the agent Jennings Lang, might decline to actively prosecute Wanger 1s- mied this statement: "If the police sign a complaint and Chief Clinton Anderson says he will, this office will prosecute the case regardless of the desires ol the participants." Roll said the complaint may be filed today. Attorney Warned attorney. Oliver Schwab, that his client would be moved to the Los Angeles General Hospital nrlson ward It the district attorney's depT prcvcntcd rr °<" talking to An appointment was agreed upon afterward. Roll added, for the deputies to visit Long today in his hospital room, to take an otticlnl statement from him. Lang, shot In the groin, was pro- eressmg satisfactorily in a hospital He underwent surgery Thursday "Ight, a few hours after he was shot while he talked to Miss Bennett In a parking lot. Lang. 33-year-old representative ol Music Corporation of America assigned to West Coast television tal ' Dec. 15. W _ He . . controls were an- S?i ye8t{rda 5' "y 'he National t ™ 0 " Auth ""ty. the New r,,h T me " sald totia y '" » dispatch from Washington The newspaper quotes (lie au- horlty as saying ti lat sbarp In- 'h ?T S i, the Production of syn- hetle rubber over the last 18 Tbl'e " lade the move pos ~ Afjer Jan. 1, ,i le authority said, emulations limiting the production >< tires and other rubber goods * Bbollshcd-althoufrh four najor restrictions remain In effect nesc were described as. Maintenance of a given ratio between natural and synthetic rub>• consumption. ° R "^ butyj Whedo rubber, continue to be allocated be- hPM 6 "i S J he ° nly t>lpe o f <*"- xnected^ M^ SU|)ply ls " ot xpected to satisfy demand. 3. Both CiR-i and GR-S (general purpose synthetic rubber) will C on- Unue under Inventory control to prevent any aggravated del It was many years before the lovely corol, "Silent Night, Holy Night, come into ,ls own. Roving choral groups carried it to other ports of Austria. No! until 1842, rwenty.four veorj ' i4» birth, was it printed. irveor* after Illustrated by Walt Scott . "* ," <hoir ° «» '"»«iol Cnurch of Berlin »ng ft before Emperor Frederick William IV. He immediately ordered it to be placed first in all religious Cfcriitmas program*. « in will Revenue Bureau Soys Most Tax Delinquencies Are in New York \VARMYM/T.'rj^\k» TT._ - •» . "Silent Ni .img all ovtr word. H kot be** by the mamicol and by HH great voice of Modem Sclwmow- Heink. Ana M rk* lirHe Alpine (own of Obemdorf a ttotv* honor* Father Mohr and From Gruber for their great g'rft l« Christendom. .h M lnv « ntor y o» both these thetlc rubbers and continues the day inventory limitation oji na- 60 tural rubber. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page 1) lot avoid through righting," he snirt In accepting the restrictions advocated by the United Nations com- mnnd, you would merely accept n continuation of limits on your rnill- !ary capiibilltles wliich exist today a* • result of U.N. commnnd military operations. "Not Al a Victor" We are not talking as a victor over tho vanquished. We tiro talk- ng military realities on which this armistice must be bnscd," Turner continued. Negotiators appeared deadlocked »th on plans for policing an arin- stlee and exchanging prisoners of war, despite earlier Indications that :ompromlse solutions of both thorny >roWems might be near. The two subcommittees will meet again Sunday at 11 n.m. (8 p.m. Blylnevllle time Saturday) in Pan- munjom. "Back at (he Slarl" Rcnr Admiral R. E. Llbby said lie subcommittees 'on prisoner ex. hange are right back where they tarted. "The net gain was zero. We are iflclc on Page One, Paragraph One. This Is where we came In. No nro- ress at all." he said. Llbby said the Hcds merely relt- ratcrt their demand thnt Ilia UN Hies okeh their plan for a bulk xchange of prisoners before turn- ig over a list of the. prisoners ney hold. U.N. negotiators, on the oilier and. Insisted that dale on prlson- rs nnd prison camps be discolsed us the lirst order of business. In rejecting the communist's Int- st program for supervising an arm- lice, u.N. subcommittee delegate-! aid they would listen to any nro- osal which might lead to scttlc- ncnt of the I9-dny deadlock. Manj questions Answered Turner said Communist delegates nsvvered many questions posed Prl- ay by the U.N. Allies and "those nswers that were clear simply ac- cnluated differences exist bo- veen both sides." Turner said he told (lie Commu- WASHINGTON, Dec. 15. <,,,-.u e Internal Revenue Bureau reported (oday that about, 2-1 per cent of tho ?ral,G14,S97 It has outstanding In delinquent taxes Is In New York Slate. The delinquency largest In history. figure is the The report revised downward by Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton July Oct 4175 4140 4080 3602 Open High LOW Close 4200 4175 4120 3840 4158 4133 4078 3800 4157 4120 3935 N. O. Cotton approximately 11 millions a previous announcement of delinquencies totaling $632,363.000. The change, the Bureau said, resulted from an error in transmission. The ne«- report, issued as of Oct 31, listed Q07.200 demands on delinquent taxpayers throughout the country. It showed delinquencies of $505,413,655 in income taxes, $89,8S5.321 in withheld payroll taxes and $26345,721 in other federal taxes. The bureau said that, although the present delinquency Is at a record high, the rate o( increase was not alarming. The figures of delinquencies Issued by the bureau included: Districts; number of delinquents, total tax delinquencies, Income tax payroll tax, other taxes. Arkansas— 3,116; 1,360,961- 1178017; 122,004; 60.000. 2st Missouri—11,724; 6,931 6006,138,326; 051,058; 142,218. 8th Missouri—4,095- 2,310 153- i- 850,904; 286,249; 133,000. ' ' Mar May July Oct Open High Low Close 4165 4201 4150 41E8 .... 4136 4170 4129 4153 .... 4075 4115 4075 4100 .... 3799 3848 379S 3823j Negro Deaths Soybeans Jan Men May July High 307 304 ',4 303 H 302 Low 305 K 30214 30114 301 11:30 305 »i 30415 303 li 302 New York Stocks ons. Wanger Moved Out Winger yesterday moved out ban ui baggage, from the 5140,000 Hom' Hills residence of Miss Dennett fter he was released on 55,000 bnil While Miss Bennett visited a •lend. Wanger drove to their home adcd n steamer trunk, several suitcases and two overcoats into his car anti snld lie wns moving to an apartment. He declined to make any •.-tatc- on his marital status'or tin- possibility of a divorce. He talked to both his children am- hugged llicni. He was e concerned about stcplinnie. 7 who "us a virus infcctioi "Where Christ and Christians Meet CHURCH OF CHRIST OUR CROWDS DEMAND TWO SERVICES SUNDAYI Scrmoni Mornlng—"Whai We Owe the People of Blylheville" Evening—"Givinff Heed" KLCN 1J:15-12:30 Daily Everybody We!com« Early Service 8:45 Song Leader— James Thompson Second Service 10:50 Song Leader— W. T. Shetton CHURCH OF CHRIST Main at Highway 61 A T nnd T Amer Tobncco Aimcondn Copper . Beth steel Chrysler ...'.'.'.'. Coca-Cola Gen Electric ... '. . '.'. '.. Oen Motors . ....'. i. Montgomery Wnrci N Y Centrnl Int. Hurvcster J. C. Pemiey Republic Steel Hndlo ." ." Socony Vnciiiun . '".'.'.' Studnhakcr Standard of N J .. '. '.'. Texas Coj p Sears ' \[' u s stcei .'"!!"!!"'. Sou. Pnc. . 150 3-8 . 60 3-4 . 51 . 50 1-1 . 69 1-4 . 101 1-4 . 57 1-4 . 51 C9 3-8 18 5-8 Carrie Campbell Dies; Rifes r<i Be Tomorrow Services fnr Carrie Campbell, 45 who died Wednesday night at her home on Elm Street, will be conducted nt 1 p.m. tomorrow at cas- ton Funeral Home Chupel by Rev J, M. Knowles. Burial will be t n Mt. Zion Cemetery. Survivors include two sons, Joseph Martin and Edward H' Campbell, both of Blythevllle; and two sisters, Mamfe Thurman Blythevllle and Delia We ems Memphis. WEATHER (Continued from Page H northwest storm warnings were hoisted from Long Island Sound 34 3-4 to Cape Hatteros. N, C., including You dtserve an Alley Oop-sLtt kick It you haven't •terted thop- Pto« Tei. In any case, you'll «t more ot a kick out of shop- wxr by ivolrijnr late crowd- Tox Charges Filed on Carroll KANSAS CITY. Dec. 15. CAP) — A federal grand jury yesterday returned two indictments against Gambler James J. Carroll charging he failed to file income tax returns on betting payments totaling nearly $2,000,000. Carroll, of St. Louis, was known for years as a betting commissioner. There were reports in July. 1950 he had quit his betting and odds making activities. Doctor Says Uonuneua rrom Page 1 lot apt to rust or stain after wash"8 KIND OF TOYS The toy must be strong to withstand much abuse as they are frequently knocked off tables and thrown around. Finally, the toy nust be adaptable for use in dif- .erent age groups. What is encouraging about this development is that .the perfectly normal activity of playing with toys .-an also be useful for many of :nese unfortnnate youngsters as a means of muscle training. If the therapist in charge of the training of the cerebral palsied :hild selects the certain toys which he thinks will be helpful It is understood that local toy dealers an supply them. 63 1-4 •10 5-8 23 1-2 31 1-2 33 71 7-8 55 5-8 55 7-B 39 1-4 59 3-4 nlsls their six-point proposal con- Inliied no major concessions. "We pointed out that we would not be responsive to their past nml Hie Chesapeaks and Delaware Bays. Transportation Stalled City after city in the storm belt, reported transportation bottlenecks. Traffic was snarled in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, New York, Newark, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee find ninny other Midwest and northeastern cities. Air travel was at a near standstill and trains nnd buses were de- In.vcd. In Chicago, where a swirling fall of snow throughout the day piled up to 11 inches, more than fmployers Can Give Up to $40 Christmas Bonus as a 'Starter' WASHINGTON, DC:. 15. (tf)_ Smployers who want to start glv- ng a Christmas bonus to salaried vorkers may do so, but only up to The salary stabilization board which has jurisdiction over pay of people on salaries, has ruled bonuses may be "cash or in kind " They may be paid irrespective of whether it was the company's practice to do so in previous years The wage Stabilization Board which controls wages, ruled similarly last month. IIUL uu- icspunsivc to their past nnd ' •m.nuo, m\n^ LM.UI present line of reasonlns AS a «• I OD ' n " e m 8'>ts were cancelled. At '"» T g ot a long IccUife on P til"! New York ' s LaOuardia Field, 61 Turner said nights were cancelled even before 'lie snowstorm hit the metropolis. There were huge snow drifts in the prairie lands. Hundreds of roads were blocked. Th= drifts were not so bis In the cities but the snow and ice covered streets and highways caused a major traffic prob- tudc," Turner suld. U.N. spokesmen siiy the Red proposal fails to include: 1. Behind.thc-llncs acrinl inspection. 2 A ban on airfield construction 3. A single armistice commls^io-i with control over ouseri-er (cams' from ncutrnl nations. . j 4 Allowances for replacement of! ., . "7^71 war material. i Mane Wilson Married 5. Authorization fnr nh-nr, ~,. RAM-TV! HAr»n*n. ,-.~l:r teams to travel over principal lines ol communication. 6. Specific authorization (or urn (cams (o check all entry such ns airports. SANTA BARBARA. Calif., Dec. 15. W)—Shapely Marie Wilson and television producer Robert Fallen were married here last night and or | today were honcymq.miun 'at Car- 'nicl. further up the co.iit. = YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE SUNDAY & MONDAY Continuous Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. Hollywood Continued from Page 4 —wow!" , They had been oifered Jobs as designers on the movie lots, the sisters volunteered. But they had decided it would get them all frustrated and that they had better stick to whipping up fancy duds for the off-screen hours of movie she-, bas. "We marie some sexy gowns for! the 'Quo Vadis 1 premiere" Ann i said. "Spectacles, who needs spectacles?" shrugged Sari. "The burning or Rome is fine, but the boys woulii rather see Ava Gardner's bare! back." • • * Short Takes: Twciity-slx-year old Charlie Chaplin silent movies have been sold to television. . . . Jane Wyinan has a new flame, local attorney Judd Downing. . . . Danny Kaye and Gene Kelly will do a blackface routine In MGM's musical version of "Buck Finn." . . Jimmy Ellison will do the title role in the "Buffalo Bill" TV series EDSON Continued from Page 4 manager's monthly club bill It Had «o,Be Dutch Treat When he realized that night tha't he was accepting a favor from a company .doing business with the 'entagon, the Colonel was forced o ask for an Individual bill, pay t in cash and get a receipt. It took about an hour for the club waiter o separate what the Colonel had eaicn and drunk from the intake Your Car Will Get Best Service If You Bring It to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chnrsler-Plrnaitii n«tir 121 E Miln Phan. 2122 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Siilurdny 'Trigger Trail 1 wilh Roil Cameron (xtfotmcr now thrill.. )OU »ilh • IK»- >nd po»trful role! ,^ SPENCER TRACY tHE PEOPLE iGAINSTfHARA Z"~*P«T -OlflftA iONH O'BRIEN -LYNN-HODIAK Saturday Owl Show "SKID ROW" with an Ali-S(ar Cast Sun.-Mon.-Tues. THE GROOM •« «8fH EBTX ^rf^ttrs (fMA WVlA Warner News & Shorts NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Saturday 'Rodeo King of the Senorito" Rex Allen Sal. Owl Show 'THE SNAKE PIT Olivia De Havilland Sunday & Monday "CATTLE DRIVE" .Joe McOea Tuesday "Teresa" John Erickson Patricia Collinger of^ others, and prepare * aeparat* rf"»'n "V e r Sam t with taxlca bs, now. ni» °,,i Cer ha P pens 'o rtde any hX,^ V contrac t<»"* reprcsen- atlie, he Is supposed to figure out and"' Cellt "' hat h ' S 5hare " In the Navy they have a slight'>• relaxed rule about procurement ?,m i accepting dlnne « lunches. It says that an officer can £"£,'. • ny , ktod 0/ "'"tatamwt own B £V' e rePayS "-0"' 0' "Is own pocket^some time later to the same company representative The renn H ? "'^ bee " a ««le m™e refined In such matters. The unfortunate thing about the strict rubs for officers is that when they are out of town the maximum expenses they get back is nine doN ^d'h ? y , That havdly pa >' s for • g^od hotel roam. In some casw the situation has become downright idiotic. A procurement officer and a former ?r.-• ternity brother who represents a defense contractor here are next door neighbors and good friends erS.^ th 6 n 7,. rules ha w Srae Into effect the officer has had to Instruct his wife to stop borrowing eggs from the wife of the contrac. tors representative for fear of being hauled before a congressional committee. Commodes I Complete ORSBURN'S SUPPLY _ Plumbing- Heoting . Jobbers I SPECIALIZING IN «pai» u/o.J 1 "18-30 W. Moin St. Phone 3208J . 8LVTHEVIUE, ARK. MOX Phone 4621 Show Start] Weekdays 7:00 Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a DoubJe Feature •Saturday Double Feature Yukon —I'lus— JOMNHV M*K BROW* Also Cartoon Kalman with Robin" Serial Saturday Owl Show Starts 11:30 'm 'Cody of Pony Express" Also Cartoon Sur^ay & Monday RIOGRANDC starring MM MTrC- MAUREEN HUM MCTU« —I'ilis— 'CUBAN FIREBALL" Also Latest News Cartoon * Southland News

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