The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1947
Page 9
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PAGE SIXTEEN t, < -—,.'..... •——..-. Chinese Warfare Is Communist Armies Claim Advances on Two Major Fronts SHANGHAI, Feb. 27. — (UP) — Communist nrnilcs \\ere reported lulling cut n furious offensive Spainst the Nationalist capitals of two wkiely separated China provinces tatft.y. Thcv hit in the clli'ec- tlon of Ktrin, cnpital of the Man- ehuriFii piwlneo of Klrin. to svn- clirenbc with UiHr continued as- Mililts on Tslnnn' In shnnglun<> pfo- \ilice "The rfidlo suiiion at Ycnnn, OontmnnLst capital, jubibnily proclaimed that ".seven Nationalist divisions were annihilated" in the Tfinan area by Rui. troops. 'The unpree-.'dcmed vlclory 1" Shantung province has thoroughly shitt'ercti the plan of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to) uiist the Communists from the province," Veuon radio faicl. While it claimed its victory would "bring about the rjravest ci>nse- • quinces to the Generalissimo's ai'- mles." oliicluls i,, Nakln» scoffed ;il the reports. Had 50,000 Na'.lanaltsts been wiped out in S!i:intuni; province, they said, "there svmi] ( ] be no more tot- tie for Shantung." Even so, Ycnaii insisted Red forces had captured Sinttii and Lniwu. 75 and 53 miles southeast oj Tdnan. reports rpnclilim Naking also indicated the Tsiiuin situation was serious. Martial law was said to have been declared as force? closed in from three sides. Shantung province lies LleUrcn Sliimzhal n nd Pcipini?. But there were signs the Tslnnn battle would bs overshadowed by the new rouortcti Red offensive in Mnchurln, far to the North. Chinese dispatches from Changchun said 100.000 Reds already were operating South O f Ihe Simpiri River, with another 30,000 to 40,000 up on the river's North bunk where the ice was meltnir;. < ARK -> COURIER NEWS Looking Down on His Troops Something new'In army inspections was tried by CiO. l(. W. Broedlow, commander ol Task Force Irrost, on winter miincuvers near Camp M.Coy. Wis. ilu's pi.-luiwi hovcnny in a helicopter while lie checks up on adi'niK-in;! reconnaissance ski patrol. Green Bay. Wis., appointed its mayor as official luster a ( toatlK sold by the city's w elm re store. Read Courier News Want Ads in Traced to Salt Lake Vane SALT LAKE CITY (UP)—The Waialc-h Fault, geological phenomenon aloiiR the eastern ecijje "1 Salt L:ke Valley, has 11 world reputation lor beiny one ot the ;nosl dangerous earthquake breeders there are. But, according to Dr. Ifyniin Schneider, veteran professor of geology at the University of Utah, the Wasat:h 'Fault has now ap- parenily settled douii and gives no more signs of c.iusing trouble.-. There was 11 time ' when the Fault raised havoc on a herculean scale. Mny'oc a was 200 . years iigo. MA>'OC it was 1,000. Schneider's not sure. But some lime, not too long a|jo the way geologists banter lime aioimri, the Fault slipped drastically. S=nrps—rough edges of rock —si ill visible and not carried away' by erosion show that there was !i vertical displacement on that slip tc; !'".'(, all v.ithln a lev;; ; too b-ul for Utah." Schneider added, "since most of the heavily populated areas I / u le S tntc arc rlulil aloiH! the Fault." "Ho.vever, we're not. in what we active seismic region" THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, I1H7 c:ill an "Oh, can't we circle the field awhile? This lovely man and I are just beginning to know each other!" said. 'I'lin'. v/.l-,- II.;.- l;i-:t luicwil inov mcnt iiltiiir; UK F::uli. As a result j ol it and .ither earlier sii[:paRe.j. i Ilii' Wi'.'iat-.'h ia!ii;i. v.-.>s formed. { Some peak:; in ihc riinue tower more thrui n.:oi feel .-ib'jve sea! level; O.vCC fee! i.ojne. the floor ol i S.lli L-ik.i Vr.lVy. j / l"ll Dirt a.nt'O l-Vct Occp 'Wells d.iileci in |j-. ( - valley .'ihoiv tiiat hi some Hate* the "iiil" dirt —earth thai VMS iUiffcd in from ihc mountains and covered the h:isio bedrock--Is til least. 2.000 fee! deep. "This means," Schneider said, "thai the loinl f,lipi).i;:e of [he Fault V.T.S around 8.UDO teet over] the yanrs it v/.is extremely active.'' 1 The BcoUii-ist ruid anothe.- s!ip like Ihc lnt,t or.! 1 , v.'ilh movements i 01 15 to B.l frf:t vr;; it-ally, would be extieincly d!in;-i.'K>ll:-;. "If we iiad aim! her, it would be "In California, an earth slippage ' aloiiK "lo 'j'oimgcr' fnults occurs ' almost every day. These show Hint stresses arc building up constantly. .Sometimes they cause a major dis- turoaace— like the 130B San -Fi-an- cis;i> tpiake, when Hie earth' slip- lied along a fault horizontally for ivs much as 21 feet." I The liiit really noticeable cailli- quake to originate in Utah was an March 12,1934, when the Haussl Valley Fault in Box Elder county, north of Great Salt Lake, slipped as much as 13 inches. "Sllill" Currency Heaver skins were legalized currency In Canada about two crnluilcs ago. A good pelt would lunehase any of the following items: Two gallons of rum. 2',-i gnl-i Ions of molusses. 14 pounds of pork, or 30 pounds of flour. xxx CASSIE sill, up and swung her feet to the iloov and reached for lier rob'.v "You may as v.'ell know it ncv.', Mama," she s.-,M biisi-Jy. "P.;:-Jcer and I arc going to call it quits." "Parker and you—you don't mean you're coin' to" get a di- yoree?" Mama dropped Lcni's evening slippers raid they clattered on the hare floor. Hcv faded eyes watered as she stared at Cassie. "Certainly a riivorce." "Why Cassie Fletcher! Your Pa and I have stuck together for— let's see—29 years come June. A divorce! You ought to be ashamed of. yourself. So that's what you were doin' with Mike. And 1'ark- . er's such o good man, and he's got a job he likes n'-V.- and is do:n' so well again, and now you—" ' "Let's not talk about it. Mama. V Let's not go over the whole Ihing i and rehash it. Everything's been settled and that's all there is to U, He was the one that wanled jr. It wasn't my idea. You don't b'-g somebody to keep on being married to you when they want to gc- rid of you!" Cassie said fiercely. She flew into the bathroom and turned on the sho\\ cr full blast. Mama was still there when sho came out. "That Leni!" Mama said. "She's the one that causes all the trouble for everybody. I could see this was cainin' and it's a wonder you didn't too! I.eni's crazy about Parker and die's always playin' up to him. She's so selfish—always has to have her own way about things. I never could do a thing' with her when she was little even." "Lei's "ot talk about Lcni;" :sja began • - brush her hair. Papa gel this farm. It'll be all your own. And Sirl—Sid will net lo go to Purdue it he wants lo."' "Why don't you mid Parker wait a while? lie thought so ir.uch o: you when you got married, Cassie. 1 can't figure, out why—" "There's no use thinking about that. Everything's all settled," Cassie said sharply. t * t ELL, do you mean Parker's just going to give the turm lo Papa and me?" They'd never owned anything. Even in t| )c house on Carson street they'd always been a month or two behind in the rent until Cassie had slarlcd earning money and running things. "Yes, it'll be all yours." Cassie opened the door and started out. "Did Lcni and Parker go ridiiii- as they planned?" "Nope. Parker said he'd changed his mind about stayin 1 . He drove off to Indianapolis. Leni's catiif brcal.iast. Sid and your Pa went down by tlie river." It was a relief pot to have to face .T'arker, Cassie thought as she v.'c-it downstairs. Leni looked up lazily from the funny paper she was rending as she :-ipp«f her coffee. Cassie sat down and poured herself some fruit juice. Her hand shook a little. She'd felt so pood right after the shower, but iiow suddenly the room swung around in crazy circles. "Oh good heavens! ' sho thought, "I'm eo - m a to bc sick," Leni was looking nt her Leni's blue-eyed stare blurred and receded. Mama always cried over everything. When Cassio opened her eyes, j\!;i! was crying ' — —o" ^t-.i^n j.i'r iiair. ot in _£arfcers going >-. r.~ . hat you an(1 j lhfll _j OuB wringing her hands. Lcni 'had -\ newspaper and was fanning her with it. She was lying on the divan in the living room. "I don't know wim's the matter with me. I—guess I've beer, son :>f upset—my nerves or— soinc- "Are you sure that's if.'" J.,eni said shortly. There v,';iu a queer look on her face. "Alnvbo you think if you go to pieces unri have a urrvou:; breal^Juwn, Parivcr'U come rumiinj; home to you!" «LKN[! H uw can "you say such mvful (huiirs in your own sister 1 .' I'm going lo tell Papa on you." "JIt'll never rcmc bade lo you!" Leni cried. "Never! You won't ever ; ; e( him back! And I want you lo know (hat ymi'rc only getting what's due you!" "What's due mvV" Cassie pushed Ihe drcadnil i«,:.,ibiliiy which had possessed her only a moment before, nut <,f !,(<! mini! and fastened her attention on what Lcni was saying. "For wlnil you did to me!" I.nni mocked. "ii.mic-mb.'L- the night Lon and I were elopinp? lleiue'm- ber it? How you stopped it all .o neatly? I'd have bc-.-n married to Lon. I'd have IV.-L-U Mrs. Lon Cavendish right this minute! Only I woiiirin'l !>,! here. I'd be in New York—with him." "Ullt Leni—dial's all so ]on<' ago, and you were just a kid in high And thcrc'd have bteil an;:iaicnt." "They wnuldn'i have had it nn- nulled! Ho i,.UI n,c !h~y wouldn't. He told r,ie over ;,nd over he wished we'd pnic abend. After he was married to HKH j t was x late." "Slop it, I.eui. Slop it Ihh min- utc," Mamn eri.-d. 'f.-m'l. you sec, Lassie don't !Yc:l well!'' Leni started lo F;IV To;iict|,i n ^ more, but Sid rare' baimin"' in ho bacic wr.y and they could hoar him coining nlan;; the hallway. C| " JI ;; ;r . what's the matter with "Slio fairtcrl. Thai's all " Mnma said. "Xow Sid~y 0 u didn't wipe your feet. ]{,>;,..- many limes do I have lo Ml you!'' ^ J^cni slumped out nlu i jrama nnd »id went too. Mama to get a cup 01 coffee l,ii' C:;>sie, "I'm soing lo l),',ve a bahy" Cnssic thought, 'j'hc ficki-ning i'0'.ui/.-t'.nii ;p.ndc the room start spinning ag,:in. (To r>c Continued) Fresh Stock Guaranteed lit-st Prices iCirby Drug Stores WAS CASEY JONES ONLY A CHARACTF.R OF FICTION IS BELIEVED TO HAVE THE SOLE RE,v\AINII\'G Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE I 13 UilHl Main Phone 230 Levels emd Lines Surveying I)i{A(; MNK I'Alt.M DITCIIKS W i. R.. Overt-cm — County Sui'veyor Serving This Areo 30 Years or Write I5(ix ,si, Ijuseliincl, Ark. Yes, V/e Have New Cars You Car? Get Yours Today! \VIM, Tit A 1>K [<'{)[{ I,ATK »101)KI,S We have on display I'm- innni-iliafe delivery—Itrand new 1—1'onliiif S Convc'i-lible Coupo 2 —!'online 8 Kecianctlcs 1 —l!M(i I'lynioulli 2 Door 1— ('.){(> t'lymoulli r. I'assenift-r Coupe Conn- lu „,- ra n, we will try fu Irade with you. Uaii OUR KASY I'AVJIENT I'LAN BUO AITO SALES Phrmc 2037 Cor. I'Vimkliit and iMain St. ^ ^3^- FOR SALE Concrete Cutvcrt THe Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy (il at Stale Lino Phone Klylhcville 7M Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 10S North Second DIAL 2311 for Complete Protection CHAS. 1UTTNKK AII6HT.BB1-ON I S' TO f?.<SA'\-'£:& TODAY (.-' .f/' ,,/. IFTKERF WERE MO SUCH THIN&S AS ' (ta^^i^: MOS-3}CJsr&fS/ THESE INSECTS DEFEATED ^^- ~ A FRENCH ATTEA\PnD BUILD THE CANAL a^^ ' IN THE. I9TH CEMTURY. '.ANSWEH: No—he was an engineer on the Illinois Central Railroad. NEXT: Do iiiiccn urcs rule the Iilve? 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