The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1951
Page 7
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It came from a booth near the soda fountain. She stared hard and saw Lee Hildreth and a girl facing each other angrily over «oda glasses. Lee turned suddenly. Perhaps the movement gave Lee an oblique glance in some other mirror for he shrank back in the ;booth. Obviously he did not want (Elizabeth to see him. His companion got up quickly »nd cam* toward her. • "Miss Brownell?" ! She turned to face a pert-nosed i girl with earnest eyes and an im' presswe aura of exhuberant good health. "Yes?" "I'm Anne Harwooii. Perhaps you've heard Lee speak of me?" Elizabeth smiled. "In glowing term«." "Thanks. I wish you'd com* to our booth—Lee Is with me." "Are you sure I'd be welcome?" The girl flushed becomingly. "Frankly, no. But Lee doesn't know what's good for him—I do." Elizabeth took the pickage from Mr. Smathers and hesitated over her reply. The girl, sensing her reluctance, took her arm. "Please!" Lee stood up, glared at Anne and said, "Wham you have?" Elizabeth said, "Nothing, I have lo lake these capsules back." "Why didn't you send me for them?" he demanded. ' "I couldn't find you.* • * • •TTE looked guilty and annoyed •" and Anne cut in wilh, "I guess I'm responsible, Miss BrowneLL-1 phoned L«* to meet me h«r«. We're worried and we want your advice, don't we, Lee?" / "No. Anne, you've no right to drag Brownie into this." "I have every right." Anne Harwood's chin went up determinedly. "Miss Brownell isn't involved the way you are, Lee. She can give us impartial advic*. You're only complicating things." Lee groaned. "It's you who—" Anne interrupted him. "Listen. Miss Browneil. Lee didn't tell all lie knew at the inquest. In lact he lied." Elizabeth smiled. "I'm afraid that was pretty erident." "What do you mean?" Lee frowned across the table. "Just that you weren't at all convincing. I noticed it, so did Alistair, perhaps the other*." "Alistairl" She nodded. "H* told me he thought we'd all kept some evidence back and that you were the most obvious." "My sweet coujinl What a secretive soul he ill" he muttered then thumped tht Ubl* with his glass. -All right. But remember, Anne, I only kept (juiet becauM of you—you and your parents." "My parents still don't need to know about this." "Don't worry, Kiey'll find out. Listen, Brownie, I didn't really go lo bed upstairs tht night of Benson's murder. Instead I snejked out of the hou»«, took • short cut to Avondale and met Ann* Just ouLside town at a special place on Ihe river bank. It was a swell night if you'll recall." She nodded. "Yes, a beautiful moonlight night." "Right. Well Anne was supposed to be at some friend's house. Her parents thought »h* was. Mr. Harwocd doesn't exactly approve of me because he had a row with my ovtc »m« lumber tracU." Lee was frowning, drawing ii|a OB UM Ubl* top and «taiinj it It unseeingly. "When I left Anne, I took the same short cut back to Black Fir«. It goes through th* woods and comet out opposite the upper dam. M y ou watch your footing you can eroM th* dam quit* willy." • He taughed luddenly. "You ought lo see Unk skip acrosj in pursuit of one of thos* motha of his! He'i at lure-footed at a Rocky Mountain goat but with a butterfly net in one hand and a mason jar in the other. He looks as if Ihe whit* coala wer* on- hit trail!" ELIZABETH couldn't smile. T,,« reference waa too close to Aaron Rifg'i insinuation a few minutea ago. Ann* H a r w o o d frowned and looked up at the Naval Observatory clock. "Get on with it. Lee." "Okay, sweetheart Anyway, Brownie, as I was almost through the woods a man on the opposite side—the Black Firs side—started to cross over. Heading (or Avondale apparently, that's th« only place the path leads to. He was a tall fellow with a black fedora pulled low on his head and a dark overcoat." Lee paused, ran his hand across his mouth. "There was something familiar ibout that coatl" Elizabeth wanted to say, "Because it was Alistair's," but didn't. "I didn't stop in time," Lee continued. "He saw me, turned and disappeared into the trees. They just swallowed him upl Believe me. when I crossed over I didn't waste rime looking for him. I don't scare easy but thert was something ominous about the guy." "He was probably the murderer, "Yeah, not much doubt." "Couldn't you see hit face? Identity anything about him?" "All I can honestly say Is that he had i prominent chin and was clean-shaven. The hat shadowed the upper part of his he*." He frowned In concentration. "You can see why I didn't blab all this at the inquest, can't you? I'd have had to explnln about meeting Anne in the wood« and of court* aome- on« would hav* told her par«nls " (T. B« Your Geneva Kitchen Planned by Kitchen Experts Why put up wich u old ouimodfd kilchrn when it'« <o easy Io o»-n < imarc new GENEVA Kitchen plfntd jutt 11 you tvatil it. 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