The Bee from Danville, Virginia on February 16, 1925 · Page 3
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 3

Danville, Virginia
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Monday, February 16, 1925
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THE BEE, DANVILLE, VA., MONDAY. FEBRUARY 16, 1925. THREE jLD.sno.nnrs RfflMPSSS IBEIJ BANVBJI Will Be Buried This Afternoon In Greensboro--Local Attaches Going o The mortal remains of A D Shelton, general superintendent of the Danville Division, Southern Railway, passed through this city on Sunday afternoon en route to Greensboro, X C . his home where the funeral will be held at half past three o'clock this afternoon from Presbyterian Church of the Covenant It is expected that a noteworthy outpouring of-railway men will he in attendance. Fairfax Harrison, president of the railway company and seveial other projninent officials will pay tribute to him by their personal attendance at the obsequies Mr. Harrison passed through Danville on Tram Xo 33 at five o'clock this morning. Probably as many is seventy-five local attaches of the railroad here will be in Greensboro this afternoon The remains arrived promptly on schedule Sunday afternoon from Richmond on the regular passenger tram arriving here at 1 25 A special car carried Mrs Shelton and members of her family Arriving at the station the remains were conveyed to a. waiting special tram of two da coaches and two Pullmans, the locomotive be- in£* craped with black The honor of p.lotmjr the train, carry-ng the super- T.t»ndeit on his 'ast earthlj journey \as asvgned to Engine \Vilev Wright The train left five minutes after the Richmond train had arrived A la'-ge g-ather'pg of ra'lway men was on n ind at the station to me«c the remains and several officials boaidr-d the spe- ·- a! and w e n t to C-reensboro Thf n u m b e r included Geneva' Maiager R E Simpsor. W C HuOsop. Mr ShPl- -on s successor Sydnor DeButts su- permtendert of the Atlanta an£ Yad- kir railvvav and L H D j k e cnief of the clerical force at the Danville headquarter Mr Shelion s dea^h was not unex- p°cted HP had been ir serious con- di* on fcr some UTIP and on y a few davs ago H was* necessary to remove h'Ti from his home at Greensboro to R i c h m o n d for hosp-tal treatment He ·ias granted indefinite leave of ab- f e "ice at that and a'ter taking treat- T"nt i n Rscnmond went urFlor da in, th* hone that the climate would be b^nenc'al to him Despit^ his gradual decline he n e v e r lost hope and orlv ten days ago w h e n a group of D a n v i l l r off'cials w e n t to Green=boro to call on him he expressed the belie, t h d t he w o u l d g«t well Mr Shelton was 52 vears of ase and tor thirty- f- "ht vears\\as in the service of the Southern His first association w i t h the carrier oompani was as a boy in L . n c h b u r g w h e r e he becajne a tele- ?rapn messenger H«= w a s ^uccessive- v promoted to the post of asent des- oatcher chief dispatcher trainmaster s u p e r i n t e n d e n t and general superin t e r d e n t his astn^iat on witti the Dan- v lie d i v i s i o n cov pr ng."per od of tvven- f - f i v e v e a r s H s res-etr.ce in Dan- V ' H P was limited to ihree vears most o: his time being: snent in Greensooro Few men more popular arronf; the r,ii wav men ard he won an e n v i a b l e r e p u t a t - o n bv his probity and .ntegrity *rd roi his capacity of making fj £.nd; GREEXSBORO X C Feb 16 -Funeral serv ces tor A D Shelton z«-nera' superintendent of the northern district Southern Railway who died Saturdav a f t e r n o o n in a Richmond h o s r ' t d w e r e conducted from · local c h u r c h todav w i t h h gh om- cials of the i a i l w a in attendan. e Ime'-ment «as made in Green rim cemeterv w i t h full Masonic honors Dr. J. A. Scott, of Statesville, Dies B\ The Associated Press). STATESVILLE. N C Feb 16 -Dr J A Scott 72 years old widely k n o w n Presbvtenan minister and 'ormer presidtnt of Statesville Female Oollece. now k n o w n as Mitchell Colle^e "died at his home here last night of" paialvsis He was stricken a services will be conducted from the Harmony Presbjterian church Tuesday morning Dr Scott was a native of \ irginia ind a giaduate of Washington and Z^ee university He served as pastor of vaiious churches in Virginia be"ore convng here Farewell Reception For De Martino BT Th* Associated Pr«»g) ROME, Feb 16 --The Italo-Ameri- «an association gave a farewell recep- ion last evening in honor of Giacomo De Martino newly appointed ambas- ,Pdo"r to the United States, who has Decided to sail for his post from Naple=. Wednesday. Ambassador Fletcher said he hoped S-gnol De Martino w o u l d enjoy his -o'ourn in America as much as the ,peaker appreciated his stay in Italy Tn replying the ambassador expressed idmiration for America which he said le was anxious to know intimately. Girl Will Quit Movies to Marry Her Rich Suitor By DOROTHY HERZOG (By ITniver*al Serriie) NEW YORK. Feb 16 -- ' W i l l you be my valentine straight through life?" Jules Forman wealthy New- York silk manufacturer begged Lucy Fox. movie a'ctress. a year ago to- dav "I'll be your fiance," beamed Lucj. "and if w» love each other as much as we do now one vea hence, I'll be your valentine through life " After which Lucv Fox entrained for Hollywood to make "the w:se virgin" for Elmer Harr 1 ^. and several pictures for William Fox; Jules burned up the wires and the trails romantic messages and wh,en Chr:stmas came around, Lucy received a beautifu' mink coat from him In the meantime. Cecil De Mille started casting for "The Golden Bed ' He wanted Lucy to plav the lead and s:ern a five vear contract with him But Luc\ just couldn't There was Jules in New York So she came home And now she announces their engagement Thev wul be married Apnl 14 and hone} moon to Paris Lucv a New York girl of 25 years crashed into oictures several years aero and has r!aved featured leads ever sn-ce After becoming Mrs Forman she vvll bid t^e movies eroodbve. w h i c h delights Jules M. H. Deyoung, Publisher, Is Dead (B*- The Associated Pres« SAN FRANCIISCO Feb 16 --M H Deyoung ore of the T a«t ·=urv r ivo'-g o* the d« n d n n e school ot persona' journalists in the United State* who a great nevsnaper from a thea- trica 1 ha"doill whic 51 he started on a borrowed ^ 2 0 gold piece in 1S65 died he-elast night He was 75 vears old Earlv last night he u n d e r w e n t an op- erafon for intestinal trouble Mr D^voung was a d rertor of The Associated Press for 25 vears He v.a~ the leading f.gure in the mid-winter j exposition in San Francisco in the ; n:r=t,ps He bu lr the first stee' frame building in the .vest the o'd Chronicle He rebuilt n after the San Francisco f ' r e cnlv- to a b a n d o n it for w h a t W*lliam R a n d o l p h H=?--st was recent'v pleased to terTt the most modern newspaper plant in th^ Un t- ed States Samuel T. Evans Died On Sunday Pamuel T Evans died at his home ·~n Lee Street at s^ven o clock on Sundav afternoon from a complira- non of diseases from w hich he had ^uffe'-^d for the last f've months He was 73 vears of ape and a na'ive of Ringeold h a v i n g - h v e d r t h i s city for about t h ' r t v v^ars Mr Evans was married to Mis« Lucv- w High who died f i v e vears ago He is survived bv three children George D Evans Mrc S O Banes and Mis Gillev Hol- Iv all of thi-- The funeral vvi'l be held this afternoon at half past three o clock from the home bj Rev J C Holland i n t e r m e n t to be in Mounta.n View cemetery o Frederic Upham Dies In South WEST PALM BEACH Fla Feh 16--The bodv of Frederick William Upham, former treasurer of the Republican National Committee, who died vesterdav at Palm Beach w i l l leave Tuesday night for Chicago where burial wi 1 ! be held probably Fridaj it was learned todaj from his w'dow Mrs Helen Upham widow., and Mr. and Mrs B E Sunny of Chicago, are among tho^e w ho are expected to accompany the bodv north Mr Upham who in addifon to his political activities was one of Chica go's leading industrialists came her" in November hoping to recover his health w h ' e h had been failing for several vears Stricken last Wednesday he rallied si g-htly until Saturdaj night w h e n a relapse came He was 64 years old At Mr Upham's side w h e n he died w ere his »vife. Mrs He^en Upham and his brother-in-law and sister Dr and Mrs Frank Everhard of Ripon Wis "JAZZ" KILLER IN COURT, ASKS DELAY Attorneys for Dorothy Ell'rgson 'jazz slayer" who killed her mother after an argument over dances, demanded a continuance w h e n she appeared in court m San Francisco Left is Alexander Mooslin. chief defense counsel Rignt is Judge Sjlves'er J McAttee. f o r the defense UNITED STATES NAVY TO TRY TO "TAKE" HAWAII BY ROBERT T. SMALI; (Copyright. 1925. by The Bee.) WASHINGTON, D C , Feb 12 -Because of the protests voiced m the Japanese press and the wide discussions w a^ch hive taken place in of- nc-al Circles the American naval maneuvers 01 the coming, us-. uallv carried out in a routine hum r"rurn sort of way, have attracted the are going to eonvov anil open the wa ror a Seet of transports supposed to carrj a landing force of m i n y 'hou- sands of marine* If th-^ navv h i d nothine but airplane* they do n"t know how they could ever land such a fighting force on "anen terntorv The problem beiore the n a v y i» the coming test is not onlv -to take Ha- vvau but to take it mjact as it w e r e attention of the entire w o r l d They | In other words the n a v v mus, rapture have caused inquiries to be made in the nava! base " P e a r l Harbor but the congress and :n the diplomatic not destroy it The idea is -hat .he co"T= a"d even the president of the | hostile fleet must use Pear' Haroor ^^ ^ ^ _,,,,.,_ United S*ates has found it expedient a^ its own base for f u r t h e r p o s s D i e | f o r e the state ml i ltary inquiry today « · _ * **·*·- «-i i _ i _ -- t ^ ^ .~ u ~. _ A *» U Vvrt f\ f \ Ct\r*T f l l . . . -*-, , j ·+ f 1 _1 T_ _ _ n f However, Most of Digging Now Believed Over (Continued From Page One ) him on the head as he was directing the work The fall, however contained no rock and Carmichael was not injured "The sun will not rise on me at Sand Cave Wednesday m o r n i n g " Charmichael predicted this morning Xo natural crevice _or cavern has been found, -Dr. W - D FunUhouser said - -- - · ' My first estimate of the time Flovd Cillms will be reached w h i c h was Tuesdav night still stands." he [ Good Morning Judge! J A f i v e and a h a l f hour vigil in the rain Sundav afternoon waa f r u i t f u l to Police O f f i c e r s Foster Harris and O T Cook They landed occupants of a housf on L berty Hill, w h i c h they had suspected of handling w h i s k y for some time and about which numerous complaints have been made according to them A f t e r waiting thiee ard a half hours li. the bushes m a rainfall. Uie officers saw two men and a woman ceme I trom the house and disappeai through the woods Another two hour wait and the tuo were coming back, the woman m front Before reaching 'the house, Officer- Harris says. the/ woman hid sornethi'.-ig w h i c h later proved to be whiskey in the bushes. When she got near tha officers sh= saw them and immediately w a v e d a warning to the two men One of the men dropped r half gallon of liquor, it is said Two of the trio seen with the wsisky were arrested They were Oscar Hamilton and his w i f e Lottie Hamilton This morning in the pilice court Hamilton was sentenced to serve sis months on the road and fined $100 and costs, also placed under a bond of $250 for his good behavior for a yeir His wife drew a fine of $50 and costs and a jail term of thirty days. Other cases disposed of this morning follow. William Jones. William Watkms Spencer Satterfield. gaming, fined $10 and costs Tom Clements, al colored gaming fined S5 and costs, J T Wiggs. improper brakes, fined S2 50 and costs. Fiank May violate Lajman aft fined 50 and rests and given a suspended term of thirty days. Cooper Haskms improper license tap, dismissed, William Stevens, colored, drive horse and buggy while intoxicated, fined $10 and "costs. T S Graybates, reckless driving, d smissed. Francis Watkins. disturbance dismissed. P H Swanson, drive an automobile w h i l e drunk, dismissed. Stokey Bray, abuse Mrs O AV Martin, continued, Georgie Bra and Bessie Bray create a disturbance, continued to refer to the planned operations o f , operations It w o u l d be no sort _of the Amei lean fleet as carrv ing no fetig- ' task perhaps for the ^ . o r thought vhich might cause offense or uneasiness to any friendly p o w e r The story or "plot of the maneuv- is eas'lv told The American fleet is going to'trv to "take" the Hawaiian Islands and is sail'ng out of San Francsco the 15th of April on that "warlike mission The islands are to be defended by the home garrisons of army and n a v y forces And believe it or nor airplanes are to be used in largp numbers both by the attacking and defending u n i t s Th s o u g h t t opl^ase General Mitchell anc! all the an advocates in ani out of congiess Neither the navv nor the armv w o u l d t h i n k of planning an airplanes just to sallv forth and shoot Pearl Harbor up The problem is to get it in usable conditon The cry- docks must not be damaged and all t h p other naval works must be man- The point stressed bv the navv in Pacific is that all of the present plans were made and announced three vears ago They are a part of a f o u r vear program la.d d o w n by the naval experts for the training of officers and men in the handling of ships and the working out of tactical uroblems After all is said and done navies are intended to be efficient fighting jna- -h'nes They are no pink tea ~ One of the principal witnesses be- is to be Everett Maddox, a member of one of the early rescue parties He just returned to Sand Cave afte./ a serious illness caused b his exertions and exposure in the cave Although an outsider, who did not know Floyd Collins, Maddox says he is ready to furnish the absolute proof of identification of the man in the Sand Cave rock vise as Floyd "Early Wednesday morning I went back to Floyd" Maddox save "That was before the shaft wa sstarted I could reach as far as his foot and I tried 1 to loosen him, but I could not Finally Floyd said "Kiss me good bve. I'm going ' "Then I noticed a gold-front upper tooth I went out and soon after the passageway caved in " This is the first absolute mark S.VLVATIOX ARMY ACTIVE. The Salvation Army workers held services on Sunday in the city jail w h e r e prayer service was conducted within the hearing- ot nio£t~ of 'the prisoners following which Adjutant Duerr preached a seimon In the afternoon the Girl Guard Troop assisted in meetings held at Hilltop Sanitarium Japan Comes To China's Defense (By The Auirttated Fr*M) EGE. Geneva, Feb 16 -- Japan again came forxvar* in support of China today when Delegate Sugimura of Japan, addressing the international opium conference denounced tho Finnish proposal to combie the question of the over production of opium m China with that of the illicit traffic in arrig After opposition had been voiced from England also. Finland withdrew the .resolution which suggested that the forthcoming international conference on fhe arms traffic should study the effect of unauthorized dealings in arms on the ooium problem The resolution m effect held that over-cultivation of the poppy plant in Chinavivas responsible for the civil strife, as it furnished the Chmess military leaders with the money w i t h which to buy arms. . -- , o Princess Loses Valuable Pearl (By The Associated Pre««.) PARIS, Feb. 16-- Princess Vlora, of Albania, nee He.len Kelly and formerly the wife of Frank J. Gould, lost a black pearl valued at 300,000 franca from a, ring last evening while dancing in a restaurant in the Montmarte. She was diming 1 with George Carpentier and the bobsleigh champion, Lamber. and discovered her loss upon returning to their table after after a dance Immediately the champions and nearby millionaires, dukes, marquises, counts, waiters and musicians went down on their hands and kees and hunted high and low but to no avail EFFIOBEXCT CfSHTCTE WILL BE ORGANIZED Organization of the "efficiency Institute" will be undertaken at Main. street Methodist Sunday school next Monday a special series of educational addresses togteher with study periods having been arranged for the entire work A corps of instructors ·will be here and special addresses will be made during the week by local Methodist pastors. The study, periods wll start soon after seven, o'clock each night and -will contiamB until about ten o'clock. ijidiimii d*ij · ** ..~~ * -- - - ,.,,.* i i r t p n t i f i r a t i o n that anv of the rescue sort of maneuvers in these d«. and Most «f th. xnaneuxer.^ th^ ,-t ^^^.^een aSle to recall, U ^ . . . ·* ^ » _ _ i A 1. . . f3rt __ t.mes w i t h o u t an adequate air f o r * e As a matter of fact the armv bitter- 1 complained in the last combined n a v y n e v e r has believed that the Pacific was barred to it The 1925 man- in and about the Panama , euvers are Canal that the navy ha-1 used praetH waters, so it for Judge Magee Ends Life With Bullet (Br The Associated Prrsn MINNEAPOLIS Minn Feb 16 -Federal Judge Franklin McGee. of Minneapolis was found dead yester- da in his chambeis at the federal building A bullet w o u n d was in his temple and a pistol w i t h one ex- loded cartridge was found by his side He was 65 vears old It is believed that ill health caused the ludge to take his life Judge McGee was admitted to the bar in Illinois when he was 21 years old without having attended a law school or college He was appointed to the federal bench In 1923 by President Harding cally notlrng tout soldiers who had been lyine "in the bush' w a i t i n g for the invad'ne marines and blue jackets had .ill the.r plans and purposes shot c o m p l e t e l j to piece" Th_s incident oush ag^in to satisfv those who feel the an is being shghtled bv the men behni fie n a v a l guns But in the coming maneuver* the heavj, work is to be done as usual by , the "battleships Theoret iall\ thev Tl j U d C L l v v o . L ^ * o , "" -- · -- , and the to understand w h e r e a threat can be construed or a single objection raised Regardless however of all comment, w h i c h f o r t u n a t e l y as the m a n ' o u v e t s appioach seems to have died d o w n the f o u r vear program is to be completed prec.selv as planned To abandon the maneuvers or to change them m an way would be to admit things the navy says n e v e r were in Us m i n d Reidsville (Special to Tne Be«-) REIDSVILLE X C Feb 16 -The regular monthly meeting of the W C T U has been postponed to Thursdav. February- 19 Bi'lie Beatrice Belts the little daughter o£ Mr and Mrs F C Belts is at her home on Fountain PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S EYES President Roosevelt wrote the fol- " in an issue of Outlook maga-* "Quite unknown to myself I was, ·while a bov, under a hopeless disadvantage in studying nature I was very near-sighted, so that the only things I could see were those I ran against or stumbled over "When I was about 12 I was allowed to take lessons In-taxidermy. It was this suirimer that I sot mv first sun and it puzzled me t j find that my companions seamed *o see things to shoot at which I could rot see at all "One day they read an advertisement in large letters on a distant bill-board, and then I realized that something was the matter, for not only was I unable to read the sign, but I could not even see the letters. "I spoke of this to my father, and eoon afterwards I got my first pair of spectaclee. which literally opened an entirely new world to me. I had no idea how beautiful the world was u n t i l I got those spectacles "The iccollectlons of this experience gives me keen sympathy 'vith those who are trying in our public schools and e'sewhere to remove the physical causes of deficiency In children who are often unjustly for being obstinate or unambitious, or mentally stupid." "Many parents are culpably negll- ~?nt of their children's, eyes" pavs Dr J D. Butler, "early attention to vhlch would very often obviate lite D N J o v n e r of Summerfield Route 1 w h i l e in Reidsville on Monday had the m i s f o i t u n e to lose a purse containing at least $150 The Home Builders class will hold its regular monthly Thui ·=- day night at 7 30 o'clock at the home of Mrs Avery Baker Claude Burton a student at Augusta Malitaij Academv, was operate! on at a Hospital m Staunton Va for appendic ns and is doing nicely. D A Hendrix has moved to his handsome new nme-ioom brick lesi- dence three miles south of town on the Greensboro road The Missionarv Society of Bethlehem church will meet with Miss Lottie Burton Satuiday afternoon, Fen- ruarj 14. at 2 30 o clock All members are requested to attend Mrs R E Gunn of Wentvvorth Route 1. found her two cows a profitable investment the past year During that period she sold 500 pounds of butter, used all necessary for her household, and gave away a considerable quantitj J F Ellington of Route 3. brought to this office a freak of a hen eg-g It is formed like and is a little larger than a peanut Mr Ellington BBSS the egg was laid by one o"f his prize hens which undoubtedly wanted to "show her stuff ' by giving the world something to talk about The Rotarv troop Boy Scouts, were guests of the local Rotary club at its meetting Tuesday at the Belvedere Jn the forenoon the roop membeis visited the various places of business operated by Rotarlans and w e r e shown the msed workings of the same following w h i c h they assembled for luncheon with the club No business DR, J. 1. BUTLER, Optometrist long annoyances and possibly i n l u r y to physical health " If you have headaches, blurring, dizziness, neuralgia, spots before the eyes, crossed ees. winking, n«rvoi.8 spells, burning and smarting ot the eyes, or brain affections, causinj not only positive Inury to the sight, but untold suff»rlng Call immediately Consultation free from 9 to 1 and 2 to 6 o'clock Southern Amusement Building, 551 Main street. of importance transacted at the meeting Tuesday One, ,,, - m e m b e r of the club. A en t X Turner was pres- WEDDIXG MCEXSES ISSUED Wedding licenses have been issued by the clerk of the corporation court over the week-end to the following. Dewey Spence'v Strader, Reidsvule, and Chanev Lillian C9mer, Mad'son, N C Benjamin P Cheek and Evelyn H Ledbetter, Greensboro. Edwin A Hall, Chatham and Nellie P. Wmn, Danville George B Smith and Lena Wairen, Danville Robert D Jacks, Schoolfield and "Wilho Clara Hinton, Danville Robert P. App e and Ada F M ' n 01, Altamaha.vv N C John B Howerton High Point and Bertha D Slayton, Danville GIVEN CHANCE TO LEAVE Philip B o w m a n , held as a d r u g addict has been given h's liberty and an o p p o r t u n l i y to leave the city H* wa* t a k e n into custody at 'ho V i r - g-nia Hote: bv the nollco a f t e r .1 oa 1 had been sent for him j Today in Washington ] Senate and House meet at noon House a i r c i a f t committee continues hearings o- Emergencv officers retirement bill has right of way in Senate Would Prevent Obscene Plays (B^ Tho Associated P'PSS ) WASHINGTON Feb 1 6 -- C h a r g - ^ng that plays "so obscene and indecent m plot and language as to shock the moral sense of the community" have recently been staged in Washington theatres Representative Dallinger. Republican, Massachuseets today introduced a resolution asking the District of Columbia commissioners w hat steps had been taken to prevent improper productions "This winter, Mr Dallinger said. "Washington has been selected as the most fitting place for the debut om. manj salacious plays some of w h i c h were reeking with profanity and obscenity " He said a censorship board similar to one f u n c t i o n i n g in Boston should be established here to supervise theatres remove any lingering doubt about the identity of the man in the cave Shortly before noon the miners started removing large,, stAne ,fr,QTO, the rooj of Collins tomb Dr W, D Funkhouser said that no blasting would use the "plug and feathers" method This means to drill holes in the rock and nut in spreading w edges to break it out R E Lambie state mine inspector of West Virginia explored the shaft and lateial this m o r n i n g with John Henryetta a fireman under H T Carmichael. and praised it as a perfect piece of engmeering expertly done under extremely d i f f i c u l t and dangerous ciicumstances Mr Lambie was sent by the governor of West Virginia to render whatever aid he could o MORE GUARDS STATIOIXED o · (By The Associated Fre») CAVE CITT. Ky . Additional soldiers were assigned to guard duty around the Sand Cave area this morning This is the first time that the guard has been increased since official reports were issued that rescue workers had f o u n d fissures and laterals extending from the side of the shaft being sunk to biing Collins from his trap BROTHER OpES TO SHAFT WE LIKE TO SERVE People who are known to want everything exactly right right--just so--who are ultra particular about, everything they buy. These people appreciate Galeski Qualiyt, and are not satisfied with less. . Gateskl £ Optical Co. Manufacturing; and Dispensing Opticians 520 MAIN STREET KODAK HEADQUARTERS · · · · · · · » · · « · · · · · · ! !·*·! (B} The Aitioclated . CAVE CITV, K Feb 16 Homer Collins brother of Floyd Collins. trapped in Sand Cave near here at 10 30 this morning broke by the military cuard on d u t v and almost succeeded at the cave in i caching and going down the shaft w h e n a rumor reached him that Flovd waa being brought up the shaft EPIDEMIC OP PIXK1.YE (Br The Associated Prr«») L.TNCHBURG Va . Feb 16 --An epidemic of pink eve v v h K h has persisted for several weeks, i esulted to- da in closing Virginia Episcopal School here for txvo weeks Seventy boys were lepor'ed to be atfected by the epidemic when they w e n t home Only two or thiee iturtoms remained at the school this a f t e r n o o n out of 1=50 APPROVE AMEDMENT (By ThA \psoclaied Fre** WASHINGTON. Feb 16--The Senate Interstate Commerce committee today approved a proposed a m e n d - ment to the Interstate Commerce Act which would make the initial carrier responsible to the shippt-r for losses in tiansit -o-NOMINATION* APPROVED (Bv The AnsocUted PFCRS.) WASHINGTON, Feb 1 6 -- T h e nomination of William E H u m p h - e y to be a member of the Federal Trade Commission was approved today bv the S e n a t e i n t f i s ' a t e c o m m ^ i c e commls- «ion APPROPRIATION APPROVED 16 --An ap- Th WASHINGTON Fob p r o p r i a t i o n of $1 000 000 for t h e Louisiana a n d To\ti I n t e l c o a s t a l w a t e r way f r o m n e n r New Orleans to G g l - veston Bay Tox was n p p r o v o d t o d a v in Srnatf oommerc^ commit teo POINTS OtTT DIFFIOlJI/nES (By The Associated Freud) CAVE CITY. Kv , Feb 16 --One of the greatest difficulties confronting exper'enced engineers in the Sand Cave rescue shaft to determine close- lv the direition from the shaft where Floyd Collins lies imprisoned, is being solved Shouts between Sand Cave t u n n e l and the shaft form the chief guide for the engineers because it has been impossible to plot very accurately the corkscrew turns in Sand Cave and the estimates of distance between Flowd and the cave- In plug in his t u n r e l varv The other gredt difflcultv. and danger, too is the instability of the almost liquid moid encountered at 55 feet In digging the sloping lateral tunnel, the m u d t was too soft to support the big limestone boulders encountered and m a n y coveins occured before the roof and walls were braced securely Looking t o w a r d Sand Cove's mouth up the little ravine, facing almost orth, the shaft is a b o u t 15 feet in front of the cave Almost in the raid- die of the intervening spac is the 70 foot drill hole which indicated a nine foot cavern at that depth * The 45 degree slopping lateral now being opened toward this covern slants slightly to the northwest, but itself twists somewhat, because the engineers decided to go a r o u n d the largest boulders instead of removing- them Today's first official b u l l e t i n said that the lateral had been pushen 12 feet toward the cavern and Collins POG TEAM REVOKES NOME (By The An»ioriitpd Pn« ) NOME. Alaska. S u n d a v Feb 15 -Ed Rohn -and hi*, ('oss a r m r c 1 nt noon todav in a b l i z z a i d with d i p h t h e r i a a n t i - t o x i n Crossing N o i t o n Sound two of his dogs fell i n t o ,1 fissuip of the ice DEED RECORDED A deed lecordftd In the clPrk'8 office of the Corporation court convov.s f i o m Kathleen S Gardnei to F.innlo C H o w a r d , 50 feet on Chestnut Mreet iteration $6 500 Lady Shoppers Help the old man reduce expenses. Leave the auto at home and ride the street cars. Our cars are clean and comfortable, and you don't have the parking nuisance. Danville Traction Power Co. and ^. G. Holland, Pies. Jag. L Pritchett, Vice-Fret, Chas. C. Johnson, Gen. Mgr. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · * · * · · « B 3 The Pattern That Is Teaching Women How to Sew Is Now On Sale In Our Store Tou will be glad to know that we are now carrying Ladles' Home Journal Pr.t- t e r n g_-the popular patterns that are '- lustrated in America's Leading Womei Magazine, The Ladies 1 Home Journal A Teacher in Itself The "Minerva Guide" which is furnished onlv with Ladies' Home Journal Patterns teaches everything one needs to know about sewing It shows ou how to ·ut out vour dress to save material, what seam to baste first, what edge to SPW next how to ma,ke tailor-made button holes, etc Details of construction are illustrated bv pictures Besides teaching you how to sew, Ladies' Home Journal Patterns offer suggrestionf for selecting materials and combining colors The styles are authentic and every pattern is guaranteed to fit perfect to one-sixteenth of an inch. Only Ladies' Home Journal Patterns Have the ''Minerva Guide/' EFIRD'S DEPT. STORE

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