The Bee from Danville, Virginia on February 8, 1951 · Page 25
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 25

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1951
Page 25
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Spiders have a highly developed \nervotts system, according to the Encyclopedia' Brittanica. TONITE--FRIDAY N1TE Better Pictures At Crescent Textile Import Controls Asked The Bee: Danville/ Va., Thursday, February 3, 1951 LAST TIMES TODAY VICTIM Of ATTACK/ COLOR CARTOON--MUSICAL Their Newest Fun Film! DEAN MARTIN ; JERRY LEWIS In "At War With The Army" STARTS SATURDAY RANGOON -- (£J -- Burmese weavers want the importation · of textiles'to be controlled, charging unrestricted importation is' a threat to the hand loom weaving industry. The Burmese government decontrolled textile imports- last Aiigust to stockpile cloth, fearing a cloth famine in the event of war. A weavers' union now complains Burmese products have become unmarketable since they cannot compete with foreign textiles. ' Royal Syrup \ wtt yiw in* way fttpUwa-Wt* fcrtatht CAPITOL STARTS SUNDAY --^--"·«············ DAN FOR 4 HILARIOUS DAYS 'How was I to k n o w - » T he Admiral Was A I*d ZAIS.Y . . . f ^ , EDMOMD OBRIEN · WANDA HENDftfX Ot- V S A V UNDERWRITERS' LABORATORIES CLASS C LABEL FOR ONE-HOUR FIRE PROTECTION * An Weal Safe foe Hofee* md Small Offices ACE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 520 MAIN STREET PHONE 5276 WDVA "Danville's Friendly Station" 1250 or 125 ON THE DIAL MUTUAL NETWORK S0«t Wtttt Day 1MO W»«» Nitfet TODAY AFTttKNOON S:0i Pools. News; WDVA Jamboree 5:00 Straight Arrow; Sky King EV USING 6:00 Weather; News; Sports 8 :'25 Sanuu j Kaye: Guy Lombardo 7:00 Pulton Lewis: Song* of Cheer 7:30 Cisco Kid: Personality lims 8:30D. S. /irmy: Dorsey: BUI Henry 9:00 Crossroads; Reporter Roundup 10:00 News: V Monroe: Mystery 10:301250 Club; News; Sports; 125O 11:55 News; Sign Off TOMORROW M O R N I N G 6:OOV-O Farm Hour; Farm Newscast 7:00 Musical Clock; Tirade Post 7:30 Devotions; Breatfast Reporter 8:00 Top of Morning; EL Bints 9:00 News: Roundu j; Rev. Bradley 10:OOJ Sherrln: Coffee; Dr Barber 11-.00 Meet Band; Round Town; Newm 11:30 Queen For A Day A F T K K N O O N 12:00 Weather: News; Market; Ross 12:30 Local News; King Cole Caper* 1:00 P Raraiond; Glen Thompson 1:30 Whirl With Earl; New« Television Is Developer Of Own Talent Reba TasselJ Becomes A Star Br C. E. BUTTERFIE1LD Eastern Standard Time WBTM DIAL 1330 or 133 "Danville's FIKS7 Station" ESTABLISHED 1»S» American Broadcasting Company »«·· Witt* Day 1600 Watt* Night TODAY AFTKKNOON 3.-30HaimibaJ Cobb; 3:45 Talk Back 4:00 Bandstand; 4:45 Relay Quiz 5:00 Big John; 5:30 Bottler Call* EVENING 8:00 Shei. Fields:'6:15 lilt rime 8:20 Wise Quiz; 6:25 A. P. News 8 30 FranlEle Carle; 6 ;45 Sportscast 6:56 A P.'News; /-.00 Musical Award 7:13 G. Lombardo: Remember When 7:45 5To r Uones; 8:00 screen Guild 9:00 Amateurs: Montgomery: Defense 10.-30 Serenade; News; 11:15 Sports 11:30 Danca Music; 12:00 Sign Oil TOMORROW MOKNlNti 6:25 Morning Pickup; 7:00 New* 7:05 Charlie Holmes: J:45 News 8:00 Agronsky; Fellow Next Door 8:30 Devotions; 8:4i Helptui Hint* 9:00 Breakfast Club: iO:00 True Story 10:25 Betty Crocker. Freddy Martin 11:00 Modern Romance: This Day AFTKKNOON 12:00 Ladles Be Seated; Local New* 12:30 Club Matinee: Clyde Moody t.-OOBaukage; 1:15 Nancy Craig 130 Holmes Hayloft; Frances Scully then moved to NBC about three years ago. Its masters of ceremonies have included Bob Hawk, Phil Baker, Garry Moore, Eddie Cantor and the lategt, Jack Paar. jent is Reba Tassell, 23-year-old j mother who is to give another I sample of her qualifications in the A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board, which specializes in human relations problems, is back on the MBS ntwork after a six months absence. It is scheduled next Sunday at 1 p. m., but thereafter the program will be moved 1,0 8:30; a half -hour later than ths former series . . . Vicki Eerie, aged 5, and her father Milton, who couldn't guesting In the CBS-TV show be- of her chicken pox, have been rescheduled for February 17. Special for Friday: CBS 5:30 p. m. World Day of Prayer program, speaker Miss'Esther Park, .Ameri- of the CAPITOL NOW SHOWING , RUDYARD KIPLING'S greatest story on the screen! Actuary filmed jjunst tacKpounfls in lndi! jBig Town drama of "Dark Window" on CBS-TV at 9:30 tonight. ., , , . j ape Rebas expenences in television i c a n advisory hare been meteoric. Last November JYWCA in Ko'rea she had a walk-on in the Studio i __ One drama of "A Letter, to Cairo." i i i . , "~7 ~_ Director Worthing C. Miner, no- MdV US6 AfltS 10 | ting her even in this minor part, -!scheduled her for the role of in- jgeiiue in this program's "Track of ( t h e Cat" presented January. 15. It? was her first speaking part. Previous to this her only stage j experience had been acting in j stock at Philadelphia after two j years in the American Academy of j Dramatic Arts. Then she was mar- i ried. N ? ow with husband and two j daughters, aged 3 and I 1 ,2 years, she lives in the New York City suburb of Forest Hills, j Although she- has had movie of- ! i fers and tests, Reba feels that her j ! family comes first, with oti!y spare '' lrali a on his j time devoted to television. She's ! I a dark-eyed brunette, of a type I j that televises ideally. ' I 1 In tonight's Big Town she will i have a feature role with Pat Me! i Vey and Mary K. Wells. Both with much wider experience at acting. A third Studio One appearance is scheduled for February 26. Then Reba will have the feminine . lead in "The Strange Land." a war ! story. Buddy Rogers, once of the movies, gets a- new TV assignment nevt Tuesray nighi. He will become the regular MC in the Cavalcade of Bands, replacing Ted Sleele. In this program a dtiierent band is heard each week. Lately Rogers has been appearing in New York local radio and TV via the WOR units. His last network series was a daytime show on ABC ending a year ago. · - --*· · ^^ ^ «· · » m · «. B^ a i^f Control Termites SYDNEY--UP}~Ants could be used to control termites, says Dr. William Brown, an entomologist who is visiting Australia on a trav- elling fellowship from Harvard University. Dr. Brown said here that as far as he knows there is'no research being done on the possibility of using ants to control termites. Biologically, he said, ants are their main enemies. Dr. Brown is study- obscure groups of ants in Aus- fellovvship. WBTM-FM 98 en Your FM Dial 32.M* W*Hi Dsy and NI»ht "fn ths Mlddl* »f Your Dill" Liberty BroodcoiHng Syttcm TODAY AFTERNOON 4:00 Surprise Pkg.; Listening Recipe 5:00 Raymond Swing; Sports; Music EVENING 6:00 United Nations: 6:15 New* 6:20 Weather; 6:30 New« Comment 6:45 Liberty Scoreboard Headline* 7:15 Elmer Davis: Music You Want 9:00 Basketball; Okla. AM vs. Okia. 11:15 Dance Bands; 11:45 Sign Oit TOMORROW 9:00 Disc Jockey's Roundtable 10 :OO Hollywood Gossip Column 10:15 Around New York Town 10:30 Health; 11:00 Liberty Jamboree AFTERNOON 12:00 News; 13:15 Record Rack 12:25 Edwin C. Hill; Nancy Craig 1:45 News: 2:00 Great Days la Sports NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY · Evening 1:00--News lor 15 Min.--nbe-cbc Network Silent Hr.--*bc-mbs-e*3t Kiddies Hr. (rpt.)--abe-inbsor 6:15--Sports; Musto Time--nho Discussion Series--cba t;+5--Newscast by Three--nbo News Broadcast--c« 7:00--.New* Commentary--nba Baulah's Sketch--cbs News and Commentary--aba News Commentary--mbi 7:15--Music Time--nbc Jack Smith Show--cbs Eai3y Commentary--abe Dinner Date--mbs 7:30--News Broadcast--nb* ' Bob Crosby CJub--cbs Arm strong: of SBI--aba News Comment--mbs 7:45--One MarTi Family--nbe News Broadcast--cb* Evening Neirsreel--mbm 8:00--JUdrich Family--nbc FBI tn Peace War--cb« Screen Guild Drama--abo California Caravan--mbs 8:30--Father Knows Best--nb« Mr. Keen's Drama--cbs Rod Gun Club--mbs 8:55--X«w» Broadcast--mb» 9:00--Dragnet Drama--nbo Suspense Drama--cbs Amateur Show--abc Caribbaan Crossroad*--mb» fl:M--Counter Spy--nbe Th» Playhouse^cba Reporters Roundup--ml* 9:45--Xewi Commentary--ab« 10:00--Screen Director*--nba Ths Lineup--cba Time for Defense--abe Comment: Mystery--mba 10:30--Orchestra Show--cb» Comment Music--abo Orchestra Show--mba 11:00--Newi Variety--aOJ net* England has 15 lord mayors. DIAPER anil TEETHING RASH Emollient Cucicura Ointment soothe* irritation prosnptly. Stays on the skin. Used by many doctors, nurses. Tiy it! Buy at druggist. CUTICH1A Eleven Tobacco Growers Given Data On Disease Control BLACKSBURG. Vai, Feb. 8.-W--Meetings are being held in Virginia flue-cured tobacco areas to acquaint growers with the latest information on disease control. S. B. Fenne, tobacco disease specialist at Virginia Tech, said the meetings are being staged just as the farmers are getting plant beds, ready for another growing season. At each meeting, Fenne said he is advising farmers to spray their plant beds for blue mold. There are more than 600 life insurance companies in the United States. HEADACHE EASED IN FEW MINUTES contains earerully se- ingredient* tt»t WOTfc tog«ttier to give quick relief trom Neuralgia, i5c. 30c , ^ sla label -- »void excessive -uae. THE FOREST CLUB Danville'i Only Night Club Featuring CLYDE MOODY AND HIS BAND Monday Through Thursday No Cover or Minimum Out Sp«c7a/ty WESTERN STEAKS--CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD DINNERS Phone 252% 214 Miles South On Route 29 not only brings fast UP congestion in enml tubes. Musterole 1 th^Wf, * , musi ?5- d ' p s r ~ « w the bother of making ons. J wt ra«v it on cbeac, throat and back. WFMY-TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE THURSDAY, FEB. t 10:00 Test Pattern 1:30 Garry Moore Show (CBS) 2:30 First Hundred Years (CBS* S:45 Johnny Johnston Show CBS) 3:00 Kate Smith Show fNBO 3:15 Bride and Groom CBS» 3:30 Betty Crocker Show (CBS 4:00 Homemakers Exchange (CBS 4:30 Musical Mardi Oras (Studio LP 5:50 Howdy Doodr, NBC 6:00 Film Short 6:15 John Conte Little Show 6:30 Faye. Emerson Show 6:45 Weather Forecasts 6:50 Piedmont Edition (Studio) 7:00 The Lone Ranger- (ABC) 7:30 News, CBS ; 7:45 Stork Club (CBS) 8:00 Groucho Marx Show (NBO 8:30 Stop the Music (ABO 8:00 Alan Youag Shorw CBS 9:30 To Be Announced 10:00 Truth or Consequences CBS 10:30 Airflyte Theatre (CBS 1.1:00 Broadway Open House (NBC1 (S 12:00 News in Brief; Sixn OH CO I For Fullest Enfoymenf of Thes« Programs See and Hear Them on NATIONAL TV A New Star for Perl or mane* · ITHE TELEVISION GENTEBl |/Womack Eleclrtc Supply C6.S ; -«««fi=£«5!S^^ DANGER NUMBER; - HooB MAKING MONEY United States coins or* made in Hiree places: at the mints in Philadelphia, Denver end Son Francisco. H you want to make money at home, start charging the family for every slice of SUNBEAM BREAD they eot! TILED IN BOND STRAIGHT BOURBON P R O O F Also . . . LATEST NEWS Take Ic or Leave It, an old-timer as radio quizzes go, signs oft" .NBC -March 4 w i t h . t h e conclusion of the | sponsor's contract. This program, ' which brought the S64 question' started on CBS April 21, 1940 STARTS TODAY OPEN 11:00 TODAY ROY ROGERS PENNY EDWARDS - GORDON JONES ... IQY lUCIIFT · JUl New Series "Flying Disc From Mars JUNDAY; JOHN WAYNE in -HELL, TOWN" - Plus 'TOUGH ASSIGNIMFKIT" 4O P1MT RIALTO TODAY FRl-SAT. 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES! JOHN HOWABfi- JOAN MXOH PLUS--2--COLOR CARTOONS--2 EXTRA ENTERTAINMENT THURSDAY FRIDAY N1TES 8:45 EVERYBODY PLAYS IT'S FUN 10 WINNERS 2 JACKPOTS $15.00 $90.00 BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY IIIUIVJU/MI OK rrviuj LUCKY Charter Oak S T R A I G H T B O U R B O N W H I S K Y CONTINENTAL DISTILLING CORPORATION. PHtLA.. PA. CHOOLflEL ^Mjty* 3 "^ NOW SHOWING ______ P L U S J / E S T E R N THRILLS! Jf«mxa t », f ocJc* *-j«luc^'" ELLISON HAYDEN MARCH OF TIME ·nd SATURIJAY--ONE DAY ON'IA'! WALT DISNBV'S ADVKNTIJXEII OF "1CHBO.D AND MR. TOAD"--COf.OR BY TECHNICOLOR! ALSO; WESTERN "SHERIFF OF WICHITA" with ROCKY

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