The Bee from Danville, Virginia on November 30, 1923 · Page 17
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 17

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1923
Page 17
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TUB JJEE, DANVILLE, VA., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1923 SEVENTEEN Three Big Gridiron Upsets In The East Yesterday BARNEY GOOGLE and SPARK PLUG v Makes a Light Investment VJH-* DOM-T YOU C6ARN WOW To srecpf AM East Sees Brilliant Program of Gridiron fB-r The A««ocia.ted Pr*»O NE"W YORK. ICov. 30.--Three Upsets, one of which eliminated the previously undefeated West Virginia cloven from eastern championship cons.deration, featured the most brilliant Thanksgiving Day football program ever offered In the East. The upsets came in the 7 to 2 def^at of West Virginia by Washington Jefferson; the 20 to 3 trouncing of Pennsylvania State by Pittsburgh and in Le'high's 12 to 6 victory over Brown. Bordering on an upset was Pennsylvania's great stand against Gil Dobie's Cornel! eleven. Fourteen to seven Droved the final score of this contest, which left Cornell with its smallest score of the season and resulted In the narrowest victory registered over Pennsylvania by Cornell sines Dobie became coach of the lat"ter team The one eastern game that fulfilled general predictions was that at the Polo Grounds where Dartmouth triumphed 31 to 6 over Columbia. A fumble by Nardacci, who has been guilty of several such errors this season, paved the way to the Washington Jefferson win over West Virginia. The latter had gone undefeated for eight ·weeks, although tied by Penn State, and West Virginia rooters expected their team would be rated with Tale and Cornell as the best In the East. At Pittsburgh, the Panthers, playing their last game under Glenn Warner, developed the most surprising upset of the day. Penn State felt certain of victory hut found itself soundly outplayed in all departments of the game. Penn forced Cornell to play itg hardest throughout the full four periods at Philadelphia and had the Pennsy attack proved as study as its defense, Cornell's Ions string of triumphs might have been interrupted. It -was a Cornell fumble late in the game, recovered by McGraw of the Red and Whit", that paved the way to Pennsylvania's score. In the big intersectional game of the day, Vermont proved no match for Marquette, and the latter completes its second successive season without a defeat. William and Mary Defeats Richmond By 27 to 6 Score (By The Associated Press.) RICHMOND, VA-, -Cov. 29--Aroused to a pitch of offensive power hy zhe prospect of victory, the second In eleven years over their traditional nva e, the VT Uiam and Mary Indians came from behind with a rush in their gridiron struggle vnth the University of Richmond here today and trounced the Spiders decisively by a 27 to 6 score. The versatility and field 'sagacity of itatsu, Indian quarterback, in hurling passes and launching running plays stood out as the feature of a scrappy contest which furnished thr'Hs to seven thousand spectators in Jvlayo Island Park. Spectacular tvrtst- lag runs were contributed by Cain, hu-'.y Indian fullback. Alter an indecisive first quarter vrhen first "Will am and Mary threatened them, the Spiders drew first blood in the second period. From the Indians' sis jard line, a point reached b a pass from Miller to Gnggs In the final minute of the initial period, il. er executed another short throw tc Rucker who dived across for a touchdown, lllller missed goal. .. Awakening, the Williamsburg elevpn came back after kickoff and fed the score when a throw from ilatsu to Jordan netted 55 yards and the Spiders' goal line, llatsu sent his team into the lead by booting the goal by drop kick. Here the half ended. Tne visitors rang up a second tally in the third period and continued their irresistible offensive in the fourth bv crossing the local goal line twice in quick succession. Matsu added points after the second and third touchdowns but missed the fourth attempt- o GATORS DEFEAT CRIMSON T I D E fBj" The A«ocintrd Fre*%.) BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Nor. 23.--A muddy !ie2d that contained pools of watfr and an occasional drizzling "ra»n from a murk;, sky failed to de- pr ve 10.000 spectators of a thrilling fo^tha*! same h?re this afternoon ·nh^ri the University of Florida eleven "lirninaten the Crimson from th« University of Alabama from the Southern championsh;p race by the score of I S to 6. Displaying a stubborn defence in the first half wh?n Alabama scored after no less than five threats within the visitors" ten yard line, the 'Gaton" came back in the third quarter with the phenomenal punting of "Ark" Newton and the brilliant running of Edgar Jones to obtain a sale lead- Jones scored all points for Florida ·with a pair of touchdowns and a place kick from the 33 yard Sine, Captain Rob U9on. playing his final game at tackle. MerrJn. a 140 poun^ end and Goldstein :n c^jard featured 'T Florida with the cutjrc Florida line p3ay3ns: an excellent same. GilJls. AJa- star punier, cot away to a start Inst weakened In th« latter uart of the contest. -o- IHOA* STAXD ^ Us* a can brick for an Jron stand when 3ronlns. It will retain heat much longer than the asual open stand*. Term. Surprises South by Licking University of Ky. (By The Asdociatfd Pre*O LKXINGTOX, Ky., Nov. 29.--Tak- Ir.g advantage of the breaks of the game and the misplays of the University of Kentucky team, the TJni- vers ty of Tennessee Volunteers furnished the biggest surprise of the Southern footbal! season here today by defeating the "Wild Cats 18 to 0 on a gridiron that was dotted with pools of water and slippery from an eight-hour downpour. The Tennes- tee eleven scored all of its points in the last period. The "Wild cats outplayed the Volunteers by-a wide margin in the first three periods but aided by Kentucky fumbles and a game stand on their own three yard line in the third period in which they held the hardhitting: Blue and "White backs for downs, Tennessee, went into the fourth period on even terms with their opponents. After an exchange_pf punts early in the final period, riirwan of Kentucky tackled on his own 22-yard line, fumble and Harkness, Tennessee quarterback, scooped up the loose ball and sprinted across the Kentucky goal -ine for a touchdown Tennessee's attempt to make the extra point failed. v On the second play after the touch,down the Volunteers made another marker. Hatcher kicked off and the 'VTildca.ts allowed the ball to ro'-l to their cwn ^one-yard line where it was pv\ into play. Sauer's attempted punt was blocked by Tennessee line inan and Xehf full back, fell on the ball behind Kentucky's coat- line. Again the attempt to add the extra point failed- Tennessee's third touchdown came in the last few minutes i play. A desperate "Wildcat attempt to forward pass was intercepted by Holt. Volunteer end, on Kentucky's 24- yard line and on the next play Bone, halfback, took the ball on a crisscross, raced down the side line and across the Blue and "White soa." line. For the £hird time the attempt to add the point failed, and during the rest of the game the "Wildcats had the ban in Tennessee territory- The Volunteers, playinr good defensive football behind their big lead, kept the Cats away from the Gold and "White goal line The came ended with the ball in the "Wildcats possession on Tennessee's 23-yard ]:ne. On statistics alone, the "W:idcats should have won by a wide margin- Th«y made tea .first downs to Tennessee's three and made almost three 5 as many yards by Iine-p2ays and end-runs as their opponents. | Holt. Tennessee's captain, playing; his last fcame Jn a Gold and White! uniform, -^as tto? outstandini: star of : game. He not on'y recovered i three Kentucky fumbles. h«t repeat-, brcke up ihc "WJJd^als" «nd runs and off-lack?« plays before tJiey were well started, several tiroes Ihrowiisc; the runn«*r for a loss- Bone ftlaycd the bc«it gams for Ua* Volunteers' OOQ XBWS ODDITIES Soup eater in Danville, 111., has perfected system by which all noise is eliminated He eats in cubes Steeplejack who fell 165 feet and was uninjured apologized to boss "I'll never fall down on the job again," he promised. o East India pearl diver who recently won the championship of district, attributes success to non-refillable nose. Bedroom slippers with ground glass innersoles, displayed in novelty shops, are guaranteed to keep feet from going to sleep. Chicago scientist warns against setting hens on door knobs. "It's all rigL: to be an optimist," he says, "but you'll never ^et a house that way." Not to he outdone by the late ilr. Stemmetz, Magnus Johnson of Minnesota, has se tout to produce artificial thunder. A Metropolitan hotel is being erected m Blinktown, Fla., with shower baths in all four rooms. CAROLINA AND VIRGINIA BATTLE TO A SCORELESS TIE IN GUELLING GAME (By The Associated Press) CHAPEL HILL, N. 0., Nov. 29--With each team grimly resolved that its goal line should not be crossed, Carolina and University of Virginia battled here this afternoon to a scoreless tie in the 28th annual renewal of the Thanksgiving Day football game between the two institutions. So evenly matched were the elevens that the entire game was played in the middle 60 yards of the gridiron, neither team crossing the 20 yard line of its opponent during the sixty minutes of gruelling football. Virginia, resolved to score if possible, came very close to the objective in the second half when, within the distance of a drop kick from the goal post and directly in front of the goal. A pass by Thesmar, center for the Old Dominion eleven, however, went high over Arnold's head, who was playing back for the drop kick and the ball was recovered only after a heavy loss. Virginia lined up in front of the and Bonner starred. Other membeis "BUST" IX CITY SERIES George Grantham of thf Chicago Cubs finished the 1923 season the most talked about young inftelder in the National League Yet In the series with the "\vinte Sox his ragged playing co^t the Cubs all chance 1 ? for the city championship of Chicago. He was the "bust" "of the series, and his poor showing in that event may have a serious effect on his play 'of next season unless he pulls a courageous comeback. York college professor retired because he was "out with the world" expects to with a jazz band prettv who of tune catch on soon A California inventor is experimenting with peas -with flat bases and the sword-swallowers of the nation hope he makes good. --'--° Farmer in Idaho grows sweet with human features, but other- his crop appears to be po- cess. a. suc- Two discharged inmates of A asylumn debate tariff we suppose you'd call half-w its. problem, and it a battle of Arrest firasoline why the here of Georgia man who sold ior gin probably exp ains S ° mUCh better DEMPSEY KILLS A LARGE DEER IN NEW MEXICO ·j--- (By The Associated Press.) IAS VEGAS, X. M . Xo\. 29--The largest deer shot in this region ihi= season was killed today by Jack Dempsey. world's heavyweight champion. The animal was a seven point buck. weighing more than 300 pounds. Jack Burke, Dempsey's, sparring partner, also bagged a buck with nve points, which weighed clo=e to 200 pounds. Dempsey :s spending a week hunting in the mountains or" Xew Mexico, near this cuy, accompanied by four members of his training staff. ; O-- -- fTRfO FIXES DATE. goal post later on in the same half but at a greater distance and Thesmar repeated with another pass high in the air. The game was played on a field heavy because of a rain which fell intermittenly this morning. Shortly before noon the rain ceased but a. cold damp wind kept those in the stands shivering and when the game was half over it again commenced to rain The final period was played in a steady rain. Each team made six first downs. The greatest crowd ever assembled at Emerson Field witnessed the classic. Unofficial estimates at the close of the game fixed the attendance at 18,000 Seats had been provided for 14,000 but crowds lined the field on all sides ·who were unable to find seats. Virginia was well represented, an entire section of the grandstand being filled with Old Dominion supporters Arnold aiid ilaphis played stellar football for Virginia. These two men were in practically every play. Diffey, also played an excellent game for the Virginians. For Carolina, McDonald of both teams, however, played The game in top-notch style. . The Hne-up and summary Morris Dietrick Left Kncl Matthews Blackford Left Tackle Pomtiexter Hall Left Guard Mclver Thesmai Center Fordham Miller .Right Guard Hawfield Baldwin Right Tackle Epstein Darby Right End ilpDonald, Diffey Quarter Back Bonner Arnold Left Half Blanton Maphis Fdght Half Randolph TTilson Full Back 5 Summary: Referee Magoflin Qlich- igan), Umpire, Barry (Georgetown). Headlinesrnan -- Strupper (Georgia Tech), each. Time of periods 15 minute^ BUEXOS AIRES. Xov. 29--Luis Firpo has made it known that he sent a message today to Tex Rickard. axing May 3th as the dale on which he will meet Harry "UMj?. the American negro heavyweight iishter. in the United Slates. Flrpo declared he w-!]j receive S20",- 000 and forty per cent, of the eate receipts. Undefeated West Virginia Eleven " Loses to W. and J. (By The Associated Press.) MORGANTOWN, TV. Va , Nov. 29. --The mighty "West "Virginia Mountaineers today met their masters in their old enemy, the Presidents of Washington and Jefferson College, losing a hard fought game 7 to 2. The victorj of the visitors over the undefeated "West Virginia eleven came as a. distinct surprise as the Mountaineers had been picked as easy winners. Time and again "West Virginia threatened the "Washington and Jefferson goal but the Presidents' defense stiffened in the pinches and the Mountaineers were thrown back. Shortly after the first whistle sstf the team into action, Mardacci, Mountaineer halfback. ran 52 yards through a broken field. He was brought down by "West, the "Washington and Jefferson star, within the shadow of the goal post and the Presidents took the ball on down. Twice again in this period "West Virginia threatened but the Presidents fought hard and prevented a score. "Washington and Jefferson scored in the second quarter after Mardacci fumbled on the V.'est Virginia 10- yard line and the Presidents recovered. The visitors launched a line assault and Amos scored. Captain We:derqu!s-t kicked the goal. Flay in the third period was. for! the inopt part, in "Washington and [ Jefferson territory but the Moun- penalties kept them away from the goal line. In the last "West Virginia registered two points on a safety. The play was on the Washington and Jefferson two-yard line and rather than punt from behind the goal line, Carlit downed the ball. CROSSCOUNTRY RUN SATURDAY »jr Thf Assoclnted Pre»n) BALTIMORE. Nov. 29--The annual South Atlantic A. A- U. cross country championship will take place J Saturday. December 15 at Druid Hiil Park, here, it ·was announced today The distance run \%as set at six miles All the state colleges have agreed to enter teams in the race and many of the runners in today's ten mile marathon ha-, e expressed their intention of entering the e\ent. The South Atlantic district comprises Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and the District of Columbia. AH registered A. A. U. athletes are eligible. TOUGH JOB FOR SISI/ER One of the first statements credited to Manager George Sisler of the Browns was his intention to start an intensive educational campaign with the players the moment they reported in the spring A knowledge of the rules and inbide baseball were to be considered. Sisler may find that a tougher job than landing the Browns in the first division. FLORIDA LICKS ALABAMA, 16-6 (By The Associated FfWM.) BIRMINGHAM, Ala., No». If*-* Art Newton's toe and Alabama"* attempt to play straight footbafl defeated the Crimson Tide and .llral» nated Alabama from the Southern In* tercolleglate championship today. The score was 16 to 6. Across a soggy, muddy fl«ld, Florida's alligators, Icd^ by N«wtoa and Middlehauff, piled up a eomfor- table lead soon after the third quarter opened following Alabama'* · t» 0 lead at the end of the first half. In the second half Florida showed a complete reversal of form and rammed the Crimsons back at sv steady pace. TOBIJf STAR BUNTEB Bunting Is fast becoming 1 a lout art In the opinion of no less an authority than the famous Hugrhey Jennlnga. Johnny Tobln of the St. Louis Browns Is one of the few great hunters still doing business. Mobln can bunt down the first or third baae line or pull a fast dragr -with equal cleverness. Tobln's great speed, hi* ability to bunt and penchant fop crossing up the opposition by hitting one hard, makes him one of the moot feared batters In the American League. 'CHIROPRACTIC The Science that makes people Well and Happy. Why not investigate and become hftaltbj and happy? E. J. BINKLEY, Palmer Graduate. Chiropractor. Office Southern Amusement Bid* Hours 9-12; 2-5; 7-8. ConTOltCtln Absolutely FEEE. Phone ZOtl. Other hours by appointment. Phone 1 5 2 3 A. J. CASH DRY CLEAXIXG AIVD DYE WORKS. Men's Suits, $1.00. Ladles' Suits, $1.2ft- "LET CASH DO IT." 1 6 2 S BUY YOUR FURNITURE AT THE DANVILLE AUCTION HOUSE We buy, Sell and Exchange, 216 Cragfaead St. Phone M4»W Say Merry Christmas with Your Photograph and Let us Make It For You Now PEOPLES STUDIO, DANVILLE, VA. CHIROPRACTIC AND NATUROPATHY "THE DRUGLESS ROUTE TO HEAI/Tfi." Drs. Oakes and Tewell Chiropractors and Naturopatha Best Equipped Offices in the South. X-ray Equipment-Lady Attendant--Consultation Free. Graduates of the National School of Naturopathy, Riley School Of Chiropractic and National College of Chiropractic. Danrlllc Hours (Fourth Floor, Masonic Temple)--9 a. m, to 8 p. dally; Sunday 3 to 5 p. m. Phone 2472. Chatham Hours (Collie Bldg.)--2 to 7 p. m.. Mondays, and Fridays. Phone 136. XOTRE DAME \\T3JL y PL.AY CKXTKE XEXT YEAR (By The Associated rr«-««. ST. LOUIS. Xov 2S--Coach Rock-, ne. of Xotre Dame announced here ! this afternoon that the South Bend i aggregation would not play Ceiitr'* in in the Grand Park stadium. Chicago. October 2x 19C4. as iroiv?ed. as he had arranged for a game with Princeton for that dat". The None JDairie coach added that he adiiscd Centre of this several da.« ago. but t h n t so Tar h" has heard nothing further from talncers -svt?re too anxious and offside I the Praying Colonel?. ALCOHOL GAS, OIL, ACCESSORIES. TRUCK TIRE CO. N. UNION STREET. bacXfle3d. wfajite Captain Rajnsey of the "Wildcat*!, also pJayJag- Ins last ool3«giat« came, and SanflTs. 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