The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FHIWUARY 27, 1947 BLYTHKVILMS (AKK.) COURiKR NEWS New Tax Boosts Price of Whiskey Increase Averages Considerably Higher Than 56-Ccnr Levy I.cvyini; of additiomil taxes on liquor by the rtilii Genera! Assembly in .session in Little Rock hus l>rnu;:H prico increases for Ihe consumer inuc.-h greater than the taxes added, a survey here and in other jgi tif the slule has disclosed. Wi increases on all types of liq- uoi- now are in force here wilh fifths "f n eullnn np 15 cents; pinls un 10 cents, and half pints up five cents, according lo 'a survey of Ihe city's "e-lail liquor outlets. Similar surveys made by the United Press i-i oilier of the liin;er Arkansas cities disclosed that the added Sii cents per Dillon tux on liquor had broupht price increases of as; much as 28 or-nts for n fifth or a Mullen, or more than double the amount of the increased tax. Stores here and throughout the stale were closed over the weekend ui permit agents of ihc State Revenue D'nartment lo take an inventory of stocks in the hands of retailers and collect (he tax on liquor which already h;ul passed through Ihe hands <jf the wholesalers, where the iiixrs sire regularly collected. Prices sampled in Litlle Rock, Hoi SnriiiRt;. Fort Smith, lilytheville and I'mc BlufI also showed an increase of us much as ;*n c-">ts for nin'~ which normally should be np 5 and '.v rents under Ihe new tax. Home Kxceptoins Found One exception to the general in- Ti' was a tondnney to reduce the retail price of high-grade bonded Ilijiiors. The ]irice was unchanged in some Ft. Smith stores, down 20 cents in Hot Springs and down is cents in several Little Rock and Pine Bluff nit/res. One Little Rock dealer, however, ^cd the price on bonded liquor BSPnt-s. from an old price of 57.37 u fifth u> a new price of $7.65. Another Little Hock dealer quoted ,1 la-cent, reduction from SI.31 to S7.22. The medium and low-priced blended fpirils were i;p in Little Rock from 2:i lo 28 cents n fifth and 15 cents a pint. One dealer quoted an eight- cent increase on hair-pints in the low-priced field. At leant one Little Rock dealer rmrstioncd held to the old prices plus the tax. In Hot Springs, prices were up 25 I cents a fiflh and 10 and 15 c»nls pint on medium and low-priced blends. The price of mcciiuin-gradc blend; in Fort Smith was up 10 cents Ol both th? filth and pint, and np 25 cents a fifth and 10 cents a pi-it on the low-priced blend. The highest Increase in Pine BluP was 28 cents a fifth from $4-10 tt $4.38 a fifth and 20 cents a pint fn.m, to 52.75 on the medium- pnccd product. Some Pine Blull stores quoted lower prices on bonded liquors, but others were up a 1 - mncli as 10 cents a fifth. She's Ail for Texas T-E X Nancy mival, eighth-cruder at I'ampa, Texas, strikes n |X).se ol M-omier- .c in the Union— is i! lo President Trumun, is not admuieu. ve the President divide the territory .so that TM-I; would still be the Nation's latest slule. INEA'TelephoUu ment before o giant map of Titxns, largest stat if Alaska, about which she wrote She would like lo hav Jobless, Friendless, and Frozen, Girl Clings to Pup as Best Friend i BY WAItKEN W. SCHWEO \ (United Press Staff Correspondent! ATL'ANTA, Ga.. Feb. 27. (UP) — JcWess and friendless except loi 1 A little -brown puppy. Ruth Strickland sal down at a roadside intersection lo rest. Horns later when police found Hie unconscious and nearly frozen 25-year-old Jacksonville, Fin., girl. :hc faithful pup was still standing ;uard at the side of his stricken nistress. The slory o f dlspair and despoil-'Philadelphia. Pa., from retirement lU'ncy came tn light after the at- nu d named him temponirv bhhim tractive young woman had been " f "•" "' —'•• • aiken to a liospilal for emergency treatment. 'Regaining consciousness at intervals, she told of coming to Atlan'.a several days ago in seam"] of a jcb. But none of the restaurants vhc-rc she went needed a waitress, she said. Using her last few dollars lo oiiy food, she had no money lo rent! i room: At night she slept, in rail orul stations. Coast Guard Pushes Aid To Leaky Ship Method ists Call Retired Bishop To Active Duty NASHVILLE, Tcmi., Peb 27 (Ut'l - The Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church today .-tili-d Bishop Earnest G. Htchiinlsnn "of o of the Wisconsin Area with headquarters at Madison. He will serve from Mar I 1917 to June. 1018. completing th» im- cxpn-ed term 01 Bishop Scbuyl T Garlh who was killed in a China l>lane crash recently. Richardson served Ifi veurs i- bishop of the Philadelphia Area u'-- fore his retirement in !S-M. Arkansas Congressman To Speak in Memphis L1T1-LE KOCK, Ark.. rVj. 2f. iDI't—Ctvisri'ssiisan Iliooks Hays ol Liitl<> IJock wll! arrive here toinor- row for 11 brief visit, en route to M:'inp'.iis. Congressman li.iys will go to Mennihis Sund.iy to participate, m a flty-widi- chuivh mission pro- Kriun. and will b.- bark at his desk in Washington on Tuesday. He made the trip souili to deliver a serios of lectures at the bap- tist Theological Seminary In New Orleans. PAGE FIV* LEGISLATURE C'oiitiinied (rain I' !IBI , ]. weight yesterday to come th'rouen with a major victory in defcathiij . The terminals were all right, she aid. You could keep warm. Ann by day. she - continued to search .'or work. During the quest for a jt>;> sJie met a Negro woman who gave her the puppy lor company. At last feeling that she would never secure employment, she decided to return home. Her oiiy companion, the small dog. accompanied her to the roadside where slie hoped lo hitch a ride Irom a passing southbound motorist. Weary, hungry and suffering I from the intense cold, she decided ! to sit dawn for a few moments I and rest. The brown pup was shiverin Kidney diseases rank high as a cause of dealh from intoritM disorders in the United states NEW YORK. Feb. 27. (UP)—Te Coast. Guard reported today that- •--•- — = -• anc.ther ship was standing bv Ihc' s cf his mistrcss when po- l.ann ton SS President Warfleld'" IHBIU whose caplain radioed his ship wi. 5 Icakini: badly in the stormy Atlantic and might have to be uban- doncd. The cutler Cherokee had been ordered lo Ihe position of the Warfield, ,-itout 70 iniJes east of Cap" HuUcras. lo join the SS Sinclair H. C., which was standing by the Coast Guard said. It was not known how many p e r- fons were aboard iht- Wariicld She formerly was operated as a com- fcineci passenger-freighter by the Baltimore Steam Packet Company ty was believed that she now is •-•iiliii(j under Hondmair registry. Greedy Landlord Pays Dearly for Rent Overcharge MIAMI BEACH. Fla.. Fcb 27 <UP.-Miami Beach landlord Lords Marcus-charged wilh a 1.200 per cent overcharge in one case aloiv; '"day u-as under sentence from U. ii. District Judge Robert Russell to one year in prison and a 31 000 fine tor rent ceilini; violations. Marcus, named on nine counts while on probation for a previous conviction, was accused of char---ii'.S a tenant $050 for a rental which had a S30 ceiling. ALL MY CUSTOMERS ASK FOR. THIS FLOUR! Cjy Print Sacks FOP Home Uses I TVilty housswives have found !h« The Magic Ulle,- s Gcsl lieu: lack is cxcolleM (o, Asking pot hoWerj. kitchen aprons, and many other hundy llt-ns. Cct Jsjck [odayl ft* MAGIC MIU&OQT found .Doctors at the hospital today said her feet might be frozen ana she was suffering Irom shock and exposure. But they said she would recover. On regaining consciousness lor the first time, she anxiously asked for the puppy. 'Nurses assured her the dog was well and being cared Tor at the DcKaib County jail. loo Late to Classify for Sale I5AHY CHICKJT ilroil-'i'i' Nl'oix.*"' 10 '' II Master COACH ' FOlV SAl'.lf S J_ f '",;„!,'{''',' For Rent Taken Up Wanted to Rent LOOK HOW LOVELY! Yes, a piece of this man-clous lablew.ire is yours with every premium package of liclicious Mother's Oals, America's most popular cereal! Tamous for ils 8«>wih and energy, vitality and stamina benefits ... so niit-tasly, not and creamy, Mother's Oals was voicd "best-lasting cereal" by Americans in a national breakfast poll,"bcsl for you," too! Get (his big, double-benefit today— Mother's Oats for your family, dishes for you'. *•*•/'! Oo«i w.'rt Aluminum Vlar* Now AvdkAlt, Tc«f Mother's Oats (PRIMIUM PACKACI) a OATS* CMI"H* W yen r. With 75 voles needed for pas.suse, I lie ccnnv. was 13 lo |'j on a Claiiu' nnii 1'ish Commission iip|m>i>ilamn of W2,(co. and 07 tn Id on a SW,- fOO Mini lor the inllltaiy ili'int-.-:- niont. Hie vote came on'an minu-i inis roll call ihut resulted In ap-l IM'ovnl of a $J7,001) suiiiiienion'ail oijlircin-iiiilon for the school liui::li pniniiiin In Atknnsus. I Tlu- ecoiuuny (jroiiji was liead.'d [>>' U'l> llearuill Hn B on of tifU.i.s- llan Cuiiniy and Rej). W. V. Ue> tor ol Pulaskl County, white H"'i. Russell nobeils o ! Faulkner Cojin-i l >' Pin up a sllfj armimenl In bf- hall o! ;]„. commission, "ooon ill tor [ be voiinn, liagoii Indicated that I"' "ouli! t -nll up the oinniDu.s ineasin-i' lor rct'onsltleruilon within IInee days. nsl IIKA tjiin:-rvlsinn yesterday the economy ri'i'd lo t!io |)as.sii|je of 'SI pinu]iii:illoii inousuivs to- liilliii; move Ih^ii S5.0:0,OU'J, ill- tlioiiiili homed drtule spraiiK nl> in in:,. ];ortlon nf the discussion. ltt'i>: l(:ij;on i.'lcried ID Hep. DICK WrlHhl as "th,. wlilrlin« dervlsli liMm t'lark Connly," alter writ-til had c.llm-d .slroiiK tipi.'oslllon lo lini:<in\ million to consider 2« bnd- Kel lilll.s at one lime. Wrlj-iit |m»|j- L ' ;l l " his I eel. and confronted HiiKim with :i sluiklnu [Intlt'i- vvitti a warning in "kecj) my name i.ut ol Ihih." Hie In Hie H.-niiic, ivvu of l;llls <n llio .se.ssl.m defrat. One. by Hen went i..! .v . . •I. M. Hiiiitli uf Kcjim, would Ihe slulr all Ule biviikusc Iron, OUliuvn nu-cirai-k ill Hot .3|H'lnns. ll'c. athn, willli-n by Hen. |.;. j. llutlcr ol V ,ii rest oily, would ] m ve 1'laird Aikimsas Kli-clrlf Ci.-Opcr- utive under direct, supervision ol the Stale, Public Service Commission. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creqmiilsion relieves nromntlv hn.. trSi' f PS i ^'"i 10 "'« 3 S the ™ i J° ''F' 1 ' tooscu rvnd exiiel Po «i,ti, dm »i h egl1 , 1 ' '""' old n ««ro lo soothe mid heal raw, tender Inflamed bronchial mucous mem- £ r °™». Tell your druggist to sell ySu a bottlo of Oreonuils on with the iin- oulekl'v d ',', 18 ' yo ! 1 , must '"« "ho way't S?i, y nllnys tl10 w^ <"• J'ou ire toltnvo your jnoncy back. CREOMULSION forCouehj.ChestColds, Bronchitis * Tired Kidneys Often Bring —~ Sieepiess Nights Doctor, gar rour \\tmm eaetela |( ^M WooJ *nil keep you healthy: When th*, i£t llre.l and don't i~^rk H«|it In the iutUr >"•'>)'l-conhtltiiw'loJEVtSpnhhV^nwSSt'"' ur sen nljr iwi, aM5 \vi (h smirtlni .ndbuJSSl umtUniH iiluwi thei-Ha iwrirthlni with your ;l<lneyo or Mulder. Don't uilseoiminonnnil lore valuable, real! WlicJj disorderof Mdn«y function Poisonous mnllrr lo remain In your ta,3 It ' ' , loss pep per/.-- r ••., r«». "parade-perfect" \ FREE-FLARE SHORT COATS for over-anil wear. Effective color-contrast on bright wools. Sizes 9-l«j, 10-20, 38--I4. 19.75 IONG-JACKET SUITS will, fiitccl-amnll waists, cuffed .sleeves. SHni skirts, liny slits. All- wools. 9-15, 10-20, 3844. 2475 NEW CUTAWAY SUITS assume dipping, flnr- ing hack fullness. Slim skirls wilh saucy slits. All- vools. 9-15 anil 10-20. 29.75 ClAiSIC BOY COATS look- '.-finally well with ilrcsscs «ml snils. Clean-cut lines. 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