The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1951
Page 13
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RID AT, UEVJEMEER 14, 1M1 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PA8B OUR BOARDING HOUSE — wirii Major HoopU THESE TvOO ESyrriM^ VJER6 AND O36 SAID: WA6,fUAT LAW 1 f 6SM "lOo flrrw LAST rtisUT? CTW6R KEPL16O WA-sxrr wo LADV, THAT WAS W//-, •'"'''%%? ^ ^ 30KS WOOLO AM IEOS DECK. TUeACT WOOLDSO 1&&T..LWI.ESS IHK HOUSE K -PROOF RENT A CAMERA Flash, Box or Movie Cameras Are Available to You at BARNEY'S DRUG STORE M9C West Main ' Phone 3647 FOR SALE C*aer*U cnUert*, 12 Inch to 4S Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken nooses, pump houses, (en ant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. C»U •* for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT co. , : Phone Ml SICK? Gall bladder, (u [Mini, head pains, nerves, ton stomach? Try VITAL TONE ^ It may help to remove (he cause. Hundreds have found relief with VITAL TONE. OWENS DRUG STORE Main and Railroad Know How Fast You Drive? Gel a Speedometer Check-up at T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 f. Main OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS irVKXKED! UXJtC ATTHB Pteoee* HAND ME A LAUGH/ HOW HAROAN'WHAT LOJO HOURS VOO HAD TO WORK--WHY, H= THEV LEFT THAT MUCH TO CUT OFP A SHAFT THESE DAYS TH6TOWM WOULP EKJW US GETTHsJ' PAY FOR. IT FIFTY CAUCUS or «*s JOIN NOW/ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads UEfZ£-$: MY ALUMINUM "You had a big red wart on your nose last year, Santa! Did you have it operated on? PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beit PritM Kirby Drug Stores FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land flOMf CitAMEt AsitUi*2 10 M SEf FT TODAY/ Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. • EMEMl $ ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS AIR TAXI 12Vie Per Mile | Anywhere — Any Time| PHONE: Ernest Halsel] Kitten in the Woods cmttHT itn Y NEA JWYlCt. INC XXII E spent the following morning in some horticultural pursuits in the strange tropical world he had single-handedly created. Elizabeth was grateful' for that. Knowing that cyanide was responsible for the kitten's death had lowered an invisible curtain between Ollie and herself. She would not be able to face him normally for days to come. Yet she could be mistaken, Bill had pointed out grudgingly. The cyanide could have been purchased in Burlington. It could have been stolen from Ollie's supply. Everyone knew he used it for killing the moths for his collection. Elizabeth sighed and watched the steady relentless rain. She did not look forward to going out in it but she would have to. Dr. Appleby had forgotten to bring out medicine and the Avondale • Pharmacy did not make deliveries. S There was nothing lo do but hike jjpto town. Ollie's limousine had i«l^eloped mysterious internal ail- ;m*nts that were beyond his cura- . live powers. In any case she coulc not have brought herself to ask i him to drive her. | She donned slicker and rubbers : and went downstairs. ; Aaron Riggs' black sedan stood 'under the porle cochert. He emerged from Ihe conservatory alone, mopping his face. When he saw Elizabeth he thrust his handkerchief in his breast pockcl almost guiltily. He summoned up one of his glacial smiles. "I suppose those plants require a hot moist heat but it's really suffocating. Most unriealthyl" Hf SUDpcd into his balmacaan 'and stood on the steps taking in great breaths of air. Suddenly h< noticed her raincoat. "Going in to town?" "I was hoping you'd offer me i ride." She explained about the medi cine and he opened th* car doo By KathleeB Briggc with a sort of stilted flourish. "It vould be a pleasure, my dear." Aaron Riggs drove with mad- lening conservatism. Elizabeth was sure she could have' walked aster. H almoF! seemed deliberate. "I worry a great deal about Ollle nd Emily. Mostlj Emily." "She certainly isn't well, 1 ' Elizabeth agreed. • 'I wasn't referring lo her state of health." "No?" "No. I mean ollle." His voice .ook on a confiding tone. "For her to be left alone with Olli« so much. He's far from normal. As nurse you've surely observed that?" TTARPING on the same old ij - theme, she thought. What was behind his constant disparaging references to Ollie's mentality? "But is there such a thing as perfectly normal person?" Riggs laughed. "Now don't be literal, my dear. Of course I've heard that there's only a hairline difference between the sane »nc insane. But Ollie rtrays further from the mean than most of us. 1 "Isn't it just that he's absorbed in his hobbies?" "No. He's absent-minded to dangerous point. Ollie has done things and completely forgotten Ihem laterl There's no accounting for his actions. He's so lost In hi cloud-cuckoo land that * vital ac could b« Immediately forgotten by him while the discovery of * now species of moth or tropica plant would assume a world-shat lering importance In his mind!" They were rumbling over thi_ old wooden bridge. For a seconc the sound of loose planking ant swift-running water dulled th effect of his words. But when Ih car rolled onto the tarvia. thoi full significance hit her. She shlv ered slightly. Could Ollie real) be such a schizophrenic personalit that he would murder and dix milt It from hil mind? "You seem chilled, my dear." "It's just the dampness." "You understand about Ollie?" She sighed, anxious to put an id to the subject "I suppose psy- hiatrists have a name for him." He smiled, "I see you grasp my .eaning. Just a word of caution, ly dear—perhaps unnecessary- lease lock your door at night, ou're much too young and charming to have anything happen to ou." * • • 'HE turned to stare at him and saw an expression in his eyes. ot an expression that she had ver expected to see in the eyes of 'iaron Riggs, pillar of social con- •entionality. He was smiling fatuously. And iis eyes, which had always seemed flint-rock hard >nd speculative, ow seemed to burn with an inner epravity. He reached over and took her .and. Tie pressed it and his own was hot and moist and powerful. "You are cold, my dear. Now I have a delightful library in my iome and a log fire iust waiting or a match. I suggest you have ea with me before setting out upon j'our errand." He had been concentrating on ler; the car had wandered. Elizabeth emitted a soft gasp of fear and he spun the wheel in time to ivoid a tall pine which bordered he road. It gave her a chance to :hrust her hands firmly IB her pockets. "I'm sorry but I have to take some medicine back to Mrs. Steinhart." "Then let me drive you back to Black Firs." The road was a lonely one In this weather and she suspected that Aaron Riggs could be an ugly character when thwarted. "I've arranged to drive back with Dr. .Appleby." She left him in front of the pharmacy. He looked thoughtful. In a minute he'd know she was lying. If Or. Appleby had been calling at Black Firs he could brought the rilled prescription. 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Then you'll appreciate the quick, economical service hat you'll find at Wicker's Machine work of all kinds; et Wicker solver your ma- hine problem! if Welding Electric and acetylene Blacksmithing- j Mow point sharpening, etc. Winch Truck Service F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St. Phone 2192 HAVEH'niMB TO EXPLAIN- OOC, EXCEPT -> THAT ALl/MfNUM LUCE TO OUK IH MY COVNTKY IT* A C !>*TOM TO TIP THE WAITER... ~fTAU6UTIff TO AHVOUMCf way fo you WANT IT? NOW TELL ME THE TRUTH, HAZEL! WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS? ' WELL, I'D LOVE A NICE DRESS... BUT I •SUPPOSE WE REALLY NEED NEW KITCHEN DISHES! NOTHING DOING! [F YOU WANT A DRESS, I'LL G/VE YOU A DRESS! DARLINS-, HOW WONDERFUL! THEN CAN GIVE >W THE KITCHEN THE IDEA I CALAA DOWN FLJNfr? ARE MO-J I FEEDER. THAT ACCUS-IN& ME _ OF KILLING pv-'OKE Of= A KAM SCRIBE?/ FRUSTRATED PRIVATE EYE. AFTER ALL, I \\OULDNT SUSPECT TUE SUV WHO D ME. WOULD &ORRV I POPPED DON'T \JJDRRY OFF BUT THI& rV I'LL KEEP SLAVING AWAV CA'ER A HOT CLUE. DAT FOI&T BCOK ONI DETECTING WA* &TRICKLY FROM HUNOSR. LETS' PEBU& VOUCAM'TKEBP VOUR MAREIASE TO JAMer TDLLI5 SECRET AUV LOWSER, C*PrWU EASY! SHE L&T THE C.ST OUrA, THE 8AS TO THE MEXICAN Novelist Jan«t Held For Shooliig Amertcai !• Mexico VICTIM ONLY SCRATOKB j \S FM4TASTICI 1 DON'T KUOVU FROM ADM*< MUST K MOTHER CAPTMN E*,! . EH? MOD WHO'S JWOET TUUIS? LEMME 6€B THAT (JEWS CLI?PltJG.' MONTERREY. Dec. 12 — Janet Tullis, whose first novel, "Dehydrated," has been on the best seller list for two months, admitted that k was probrbly «he who »ho< Si mon Aired here early today. "It's all 50 confused . - . every thing went blank when Mr, Aired rushed at me juenacingly after refused to divorce my . . . my h'us- BE IT BARN OR CASTLE, TO IT RIDE,AN'HOPE A BRE TVIEYGOT INSIDE! YOU SAID IT, FOOZY. WE SURE WON'T LAST LOiS OUT IN THIS BLIZZARD/ WHA1CHA MEAN.GO AWAY? I DON'T CAR6 IF YOU ARE Busy; WE'RE DANG NEAR ...wr II- Y'DON'T LETUSIN.l'UL BUST YOUR FRONT DOOR INTO MATCHWOOD.' DON'T SET WX.ENT/ CLEANING PRESS!!: P&ST . WWW'S 25 CfcVrt 04

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