The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1951
Page 11
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FRIDAY, 14, im (AUK.) cotranw NZWI PA'GE BLEVEK FARM NEWS AND DeltaPlantersPlead For Better, Earlier Mexican Contract All-America Favorite Rose Makes Ideal Christmas Gift MEMPHIS, Term., Dec. 14. «>)— nition's cotton planters can- plan successfully for the 1952 crop unless International agreements for migrant farm labor are completed earlier, a House Agriculture Subcommittee was told yesterday. ,' The subcommittee on migratory labor heard producers and their representatives from Arkansas and Mississippi urge immediate help in H.D. CLUB MEM OS by Mr*. Gertrude B. H oilman • {Rom« I*mcmstration Atent) , The home demonstration clubs have gone over the top in furnishing North Mississippi County's quota of small gifts to the Navy Hospital at, Millington, Tenn. North Mississippi County home demon jstratkm clubs were asked to contribute 100 gifts but they went over the top with 131 which were mailed ^rom the Red Cross office yesterday W The following clubs participate! in the project: Dogwood, Blackwater. Lone Oak, Shady Grove. Yarbro, Armorel, Fairview, Brown Boynton, and Lost Cane. ; - H. D. Chrtetnus Futy Last Wednesday the H. l5. Coun mproving what they called a "bad" abor situation. Other states were to heard from later in the one- day hearing. Former Arkansas Gov. Homer Adkins, the first witness, said the 951 crop was the most expensive ever produced. He blamed the lateness" of a migratory labor agreement with Mexico as one of :he biggest factors behind it, Adkins, now Arkansas director of :he'U. S. Employment Service, said i labor agreement is needed at [east hy early January if farmers are to plan for another 16 mil- Ion bale crop next year. J. C, Bairci Jr., and B. F. Smith, top officials of the Delta Council, followed Adkins on the stand, Both pleaded for earlier agreements. Baird also spoke out against what he called "many undesirable features" of the present program. He said the agreement is too one-sided in favor of the Mexican laborers, that the chnreg of $15 per man to pay the cost of subsistence and transportation from Mexico is too high, that not enough "local level" decision are made in agreements, that transfers should be made without charge to the employer. Rep. w. R. Poage (D-Texes) chairman of the subcommittee said his group wanted "to improve the labor situation, possibly by changes in laws." Rep. Harold Cooley (D-NC), chairman of the entire House Agriculture Committee, helped In the questioning of witnesses. The annual search for > Christmas gift that Is practical and yet desirable and that iji original but Inexpensive, can b« ended satisfactorily by writing "row plunts" at the head of. the Idea list. Few presents are more complimentary U> the receiver. Few presents give such listing enjoyment and ts continuous a reminder of 2 Missco Men Delegates to Cotton Meet MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Dec. 14—Arkansas cotton interests will be repre- nted by 15 stale unit delegates at e National Cotton Council's four«nth annual meeting in New Orans, La., Jan. 28-29. unit Chair- an L. T. Barrlnger announced re today.- The Council's 2«4-man Bellwide legation of state representatives selected by the nation's cotton rmers, ginners, warehousemen erchants, splnnerj and cottonseec ushers. Delegates from the Arkansas unit e: Producers: R. E. Short, Brlnlcley; C. Hardin. Grady; and L»w- nce C. Sloan, Strawberry. dinners: James R. Bush, Helena G. Black. Coming; and J. E eaford, Luxora. Warehousemen: E. F. Wade, Lite Rock; S. R. Nichols, Des Arc dn B. G .Wist, Blytheville. Crushers: F. E. Wilson .Tex. rkana; James Hicky, Forrest City nd F. H. Jarrell, Little Rock. -^Christmas i Oought has' 'ihen prove , Elected were: Mrs. Forrest Moore Lone Oafc, president; Mrs. Paul Abbott, Yarbro. Secretary; Mrs. Floyd Davis. Dogwood, reporter. During the social hour about 50 members exchanged gifts. Korean -Clothing Blackwater has reported sending Z2 pieces of clothing to the Koreans. This is ft project underway in the home demonstration clubs of North ^Mississippi County because of the urgent need in'that country for clothes and bedding. ' • Toy* A large amount of money will be spent on toys in the next few weeks tut smart Santas will purchase •those that give lasting enjoyment t and benefit to children. In the phristmas rush tco many toys are hastily or on Impulse and disappointing novelties. Toys that appeal to adults often hold only brief Interest for the child because he can do little with them. Many toys with eye appeal are poor Investments. Familiar example is the' big fancy doll with clothes that don't come off so that the child playing "mother" can't undress or dress her "baby," or even keep Its clothes clean. -The best investment is the toy suited to the child's age, interest .and play needs especially the ones that he can use in many ways and that is sturdy enough for long use The "do-with, many use" toys often are less expensive than novelties or elaborate items made to 1m- ' press adults. Simpler toys that have -stood the test of time generally !are good choices—blocks suited to young builders of different ages and durable enough to psus on to younger children; housekeeping utensils and equipment, often fo' ,le at dime stores; crayons, mod deling clay, paint and painting equipment such as easels and long ,h?"dled brushes. 'Too many, too complicated or un sv.~iu!e toys may 'hinder rathe than help children learn to llv through play. (D-Mo), p. B. Dague (B-Pn), K. Bramlett (R-Callf), H. O. Lo R-SD), J. L. McMillen D-SC), "rank Smith (D-Mis.s), pat Sut- fD-Tenn) and Jamie Whitten D-Miss). 94,000 Broilers Placed in State Hatcheries and dealers placed 94,000 broiler chicks with producer. the northwest area during th week ending Dec. 8, according t ,he Arkansas Crop Reporting Serv ce. , This is an increase of one per cent over t the previous week. Of the total placements 647,00 chicks were hatched in the area anc 297,000 came from other states. Will Get Best Service If You Bring It to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrr«i«r-Hj»««Mtli Ul t Mill Fh he thoughtfulness of the donor. In the south, southwest and Pa- Ific coastal areas the plaat Itself i«y b« sent for immediate planting. n northern tones, gift certificates re furnished by nurserymen who automatically deliver the rose bush- at the proper planting time In prlng. While prices of different varieties may vary slightly the cream of the »S2 rose crop, the three new roses -hat won All-America honors, may « bought as a group for approximately seven, dollars. Such a gift would aUo provide variety since are hybrid teas, Fred Howard and. Helen Traubel, and one is floribunda, Vogue. Actually, there are 35 roses which have won the coveted All-America title since the competition began in IBM. These plants represent the best of 'each year's rose introductions and the list includes a wide range and choice of colors. The rose Is one of the few plants that may be raised in any part o the country and its blossoms, whe ther in the garden or on the table are first In popularity among mcs American gardeners. 1.) Further, there t» the New Testament teaching of love to one's enemies, a fulfillment, as Jesus said, if the noblest teaching of the saints and prophets who had prepared the way. There is much In all this of cause 'or reflection. It is only in our own Imes that any vital protest has iriseii against the doctrine and practice that might makes right, add of right by conquest. In the long history of mankind conquest has established sovere- gnty, regardless of any question of right, or aggression. Within this century, two world wars have been based upon that false notion of right byconruiest. Now, at last, the United Nations organization has repudiated that doctrine and is seeking to recog nize agression lor its inherent wrongfulness, and to deny sovereignty to the aggrcsor. The issue of Israel's .conquest of Canaan lies far in the past, but the Issue or conquest and destruc tion of enemies is a vital issue, perhaps the most vital of all issues today. Sunday School (Continued from Page 8) tlon ol religion. Against the gory scene of Israel destroying Its enemies Is th nobler conception of the later Hebrew saints and prophets of Israel through whom all the nations of the world \yere to be blest—a prophecy that in notable measure has come true. <See Isaiah 62, Psalm Hollywood (Continued' from Page - 6) . John Huston predicts an Oscar (or Humphrey Bogart'.s work in 'African Queen," Bogie, meanwhile, Is writing a magazine story titled, "John Huston, Man or Mon- tter?" Yvonne de Carlo, Is the latest film star ,(o have her ryes opened by a TV appearance. Playing 'another "Kelle of Ihc Brawl" saloon entertainer In Ill's "The Scarlet A n pel," Yvonne en trust 1 tl about her video appearance on the Donald O'Connor show ; "Everybody I meet says, 'r saw you on TV.' It's fantastic. I'm getting into it." ARK YOU KinniXG? The Greta Garbo- Cecil Ben ton romance is the third Hnre-up or the old flame. But now a London newspaper quotes Beaton as once haying snid: "She iCarbol would be a tryin: GENUINE PARTS and EXPERT SERVICE for your SUFF NO MORE RHEUMATISM, HEADACHES, WEAK KIDNEYS, ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMENTS, NEURITIS, DIZZY SPELLS, NERVOUSNESS, BLOATING, Colon Illustrations and FARM EQUIPMENT Ford Tractor* do well without much servicing but . . . like other machinery . . . they appreciate a little extra care. It pays to see us for a tractor checkup one* in a while. Then you'll jet full benefit of tbe performance for which the Ford Tractor is famous. The simple design of the Ford Tractor makes servicing or repairing easiec and more economical. We keep genuine Ford Tractor parts on hand and our ~- mechanics are specially trained on the Fold Tractor. Whether you need parti, service or supplies for your tractor or equipment... or are in the market for a new Ford Tractor or Dearborn Implements . . . phoiM us or drop in. • S&S TRACTOR Go. 112 N. Franklin Phont 8957 Blytheville «!&o. Adda. Luck of Energy, Vital. Sty. SUepleaa Night*, Underweight. Iirltable. Bad Complexion. Bad Breath. Frequent Rising nt Night, New Life HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUFFERED from these complaints? Rrgardless of what you have tried In the past, or how Jont you have put up with these ailments, you can now hope for relief with HOi'E MINERAL TABLETS. In just a few days, you will see the wule, BLACK AS NIGHT begin to leave your body and you will feel the relief and wondrous change. MOTHER NATURE HAS BLENDED traces of FIFTEEN different minerals in HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. Wtien zches and pains get you down, perhaps your body Is trying to tell you It needs these ml HP Hope Mineral will get down to the root and will start your Lazy orrans working again. It wil brinr back powers you thoujhi you had lost. Free Your Body HOPE MINERAL will enrich your blood, give you pep and energy, and will help your body drive out poisonous wastel The warm red glow of health will be in your,checks. and your eye: will sparkle again, HOPE MINERAL is not liki ather products thai give yon a large dose of ALCOHOL just t rive you a temporary lift. These Minerals are not man mad minerals. Hope Mineral 1 token from the earth from Na tnre'« Work Shop. It contain only Natural minerals, n dopea, no oils, and is not babl forming. TAKE N'OTE OF YOUK ELIMINATION a f«w day after using HOPE MINERAI When the btzck waste begins t leAve your body, do not becom alarmed—the minerals are do Inf their work. When your or fan* are free of waste and im purities, yon will begin to fee relief. Then be thankful yo have finally found HOPE MIN ERAL. Nature Cures DOCTORS WILL TEL YOU, It takes God and Natnr to do the real and final carin More and more, they turn nature for healing. They use natural mold growth to mak penicillin, they have found lha raw onions will kill bacUri These and hundred* of «th ROCK LIKE IMPACTION IN. DESCENDING COLON ABNORMAL COLON, Beware of this toi Itton which may lead to complication!. RECTUM NORMAL COLON. Minerals will help fete the muscles ot your colon flnn and health] examples prove that Nature Provides All we have to do in use what she offers WHEN YOU ARE DEATHLY TIRED have no ambition, nervnus, irritabli have no ap[>ctite and can't sleep at nigh TAKE HOPE MINERAL. When yo have no color and you feel and look ol before your time and life seerm to hav no Interest for you, your body may be craving these minerals. Guaranteed Go to your drug store today and get hottJc of Hope Mineral Tablets—use and If you are not MIRACULOUSL satisfied, we will refund your money. This may be the best Investment of your life:. ompanlon, continuously sighing • ind full of tragic regrets; she Is iuperstltious, suspicious and does not know the meaning of friend- ihlp. She's incapable of lovej " * • * Ul's out to turn Mona Freeman nlo a cheesecake Item. She'll be aggcd "The New Girl." , . . Popularity note: There \vns a 34 per cent press turnout for Dinah Shore's TV debut. Frank Sinatra got a mere 14 per cent. * • * Ethel Ban-ymore denies that she's mnde arrangements to have icr memoirs published posthumously. She's still working on the oook nnrt says that she will turn it over to n publisher the minute 't l» completed. * • * The flood o f religious movies continues. NUN- Warner's is ready t* film "The Miracle of Portugal." Press agents at Fox are gulping. They asked Hildegarde Neff, Europe's No. 1 dramatic actress, to pose for cheesecake shots. Garbo- likc Hlldegardc was in a bathing suit before you could say Botsj von Fur.stcnberg. Paul Muni, facing the cameraj or the first time m many years In A Bottle of Milk" in Rome, IK tiling pals he'!' return to Holly- vood to resume hU career. He's nally licked his fear complex about remembering lines. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm fiesl Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 21 a Walnut Phone 2381 PRICE 11.50 KIRBY DRUG STORES Heavy Litters at Birth Big, Heavy Litters at Weaning Low-Cost Gains Your, grain is worth a lot as a pork-building ration. However, good as it is, it commonly lacks a number of ingredients needed for rapid, low-cost gains. Purina Concentrates help supply needed minerals, vitamins and supply Variety of protein necessary for economical gains. We nre authorized to mix Purina Concentrates with your grain according to approved Purina Formulas fo help you get better results than with grain alone. Shoot for top results. 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Save 20% 15 $39.50 Innerspring Mattress $0450 This sturdy 180-coil mattress is now cut-priced during Dane Fergus' sale! .... '24 Save on Furniture Save on Gifts at . DANE FERGUS CO.-Osceola

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