The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 12
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fAGE TWELVE Ex-Communis! Clears Lilienfhd! Stenographer Teils Investigators of Her Work at TVA WASHINGTON, P\?I>. 25. IUPJ— A former TWA stenographer testified yesterday that she was a Corilmunist Party member for two years but that David E. Lillemhal, then TVA chairman, was "in JU way Involved" with the party, Mrs. Muriel Borah Williams 01 AllSnta, Ga., said party activities "in no way involved policy-making officials In TVA (and) Hie charge that Mr. Lilienlhal tolerated thq Communist Party In TVA simply does not hold up." file testified b?forc the Semite Atomic Energy Committee which is considering I.ilicnthal's hotly-disputed nomination to be chairman ol the Atomic Energy Commission. Mrs. Williams told the committee she "regretted and deplored witn my whole heart and soul" that the "unwittingly" Involved Lillcnthal and other TVA policy makers In charges thai they winked at, Communist activities! Sen. Kenneth McKellar, D..Tenn., longtime politicnl foe of Lillcn- thal, has charged thai the former TVA chairman winked at party ac-, livitics of Mrs. Williams and other TVA employes. Mrs. Williams, who sairi she) joined the Communist Paitv in 1956 and quit it three years inter. said six or eight oilier TVA em- ployes In the Kncxville, Tenn., area were party members at the time. She declined to reveal thcu names, explaining that she Icarc-cl they would be "maligned' 'anrt that some of them had quit, the party, anyway. To Call IJIIcndial Acting Committee Chairman William F. Knowland, H., cal.. announced later that, the puUlic hearings probably would close today -.vHh Lilicnthal as the witness. Gordon R. Clapi), appointed Ulien- thal's successor as TVA chairman, also is scheduled to be heard. Mrs, Williams, a graduate of Sit. Holvcks College, said she Joined the Communist Party "in search of the answers to the nation's economic Ills." She explained her resignation by saying "I didn't find the answers." McKellar asked Mrs. Williams tl she, had been very active in party Vast Air Network to Use Pacific Bases as Stepping btones JLYTHEVILLE(AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, J'MCIiKUAKY 2G, KM7 War Map above shows trans-Pncific romcs involved in current complex negotiations among the Nnvy and Commerce Departments nnci the Civil Aeronautics Board. Conferees seek lo speed the overdue Western Pacific airways by rehabilitating military air bases and stations AmeHr Brlhsh, Canad.nn. Dutch anU Australian scheduled and non-scheduled airlines arc cage to send he r' ____ airliners across the Pacific uff nir.s. "Not as active as I think some people would like lo think, sir." she replied as the committee room broke into laughter. Questioned about Ihe subject discussed at Communist "cell 1 meetings, she said "Marxist phfl- psnphy" was the chief subject. Earlier, Mrs. Margaret II. Worrell, representing the Wonicns Patriotic Conference on National Defense, asked the committee to reject Llllcnlhnl as one to whom "the finger of suspicion count Copyright. 1947. NEA SERVICE, INC. XXIX *']VI 1KG and l had quiie a ' .niter he hud sobered up some at the hotel," Parker said. "lie told me he'd spoken lo you about going lo Reno, so's to gel (he divorce over with in a hurry, and said he intended to finance it. But of course that's nonsense. I'll pay for it. Bui if you think Jleno would be a good idea, you may as well get slnrted next week." . "I don't know, Parker," she snid. "Whatever you—" There wasn't 'anything to say, suddenly. : "You won't need to worry about :your folks. 1 feel rather attached -to them, almost as though they i were my own. They'll go on.liv- ing here at Ihe farm. I intend lo deed it over lo them. And as for Sid's education—he told me Ihe 'other day he thought he'd like to go to Purdue—I'll pay for that, ; too." "You don't need lo look out for .them. I always did—before." . ; 'You and Mike are going to the ;wesl coast, I understand," Parker , continued coldly. "I'll put a check- i ing account in an Indianapolis :bmik and you can dra\v on it for -, all your expenses in Reno, and i \ I'm sure everything will work out i He had it all thought o::t Er.i ; arranged in his mind, she thought ;And Mike had told him she wa-= | definitely going to marry him. : Mike had taken a lot for granted. ; She wasn't quite sure she" wanted ! io rush right into marrying Mi!o» You had to think about things first And yet— "I want you lo know. Cassie that I wish you the best o! luck and all sorts of happiness." There was a long, painful =i jlence. broken only by the occa ' slonal snap ot a spark in the I fireplace. 1 "Well, cood luck, Cassie," he re- iterated. Tie crushed out his ciga- rel in an ash tray. "I'll take care ot the checking account. And I— I' suppose I won't be seeing you again." They stored al each other briefly Lind then Cnsse looked away. She was afraid she was going to cry. The strain of the evening, Ihe quarrel with I.cui—and now this scene with Parker was too much. '•The best of luck (o you, Parker," ?he said slimy. Siio got up, feet- ing stiff and awkward, and walked ptist him, oul of the long, cheerful room, into the hall and up the stairs, slowly, her legs feeling like ogs, too heavy lo inov*. * * * •A T I was siUl at the dressing table, creaming her face. She went through her nightly ritual in silent absorption. Cassic was too lirctl to do any- :)>ing. She went to her own tw'in bed and sat on the edge ot it while she look oft her'clothes Then she crept between Ihe sheets and closed her eyes. Long after Leni had turned out Hie lighls and the Hghl, regular sound of her breathing indicated she was nslecp, Cnssie lay awake, her dark eyes staring into the blackness. Parker couldn't sleep cither, lie was walking back and forth. She could hear (,'ie soft tread of his footsteps. She could creep out of bed without waking I.cni and go knock on his door. She could tell him—quickly—"I'm not sure want a divorce, Parker. It's goiiih lo scorn so strange—to be divorced — nc.-or lo see you to break — up tins life so complrfcly and star somi:;hing entirely new. I'n alra'il, Parker. I'm not No, she couldn't do that. Of cou: se not. Not w!i?n Parker ha been the one who fiact wanted divorce to begin with. Presently the foolsleps ccasc>. and the house was still and there was just herself lying awake in the duikness. H was almost dny- point." Knowland asked her if she did not believe in the "old -Anglo- Saxon doctrine that a man is innocent until proved miiUy." "Well, I should.' she .said, "but where there's smoke there's fire." Meanwhile, the editor t ,r ihc Kiiaxi'ilic Journal sain he considered "highly significant" the (allure of any TVA officials to protest a|j; the publication of a letter pmpoUrcl lo have been written by a 'I VA employe to a Communist Parly ofllcm!. iEht before sleep came, and v/iien ;lie awakened (lie sun UT.S sinning. For a moment she yaw the sun md w^5 aiyuro of nnlianpinejs .vithout reason, and then il :dl ?amc hack. She and Parker w>'rc loing to be divorced. Leni was in ove with Parker—and perhaps he was in love with ~..cni, too. And as for her—well, there was Mike—who had come back at last —whom she had loved for a long time. Or had it been only in her mind that she had loved him so long? The mind held on to things long after the heart had relinquished them, sometimes. ; 'fASSJE, you awake?" Alarm shufllcd in. "Urn hum." The bedroom clock said len. Cassic yawned. Her eyes fell puffy and her head ached n iitlle. Mama started picking up V.t-ni's clothes which were Hung all over lier side of the room. "That Lcni! She never gives n thought to nobody bnt herself. Told me she was \iscd to a maid -.- New York and it spoiled her! She makes me sick, Cas.sic. You Know yourself she msvci' picked up her clothes before she ever went lo New York and got those liigh and mighty icieas.' 1 "Yes, T romembov," Cassic said absently. "It's because she was always spoiled so. Wn all spoiled her when she was small because she was so culc." Mama gi'inlcd and puffed, as she leaned to pic!; \i|, (lie underwear and hose half under the lied. "Jf I was- you, Cassic—'course it's nnnc of my business—I'd put my foot down about the way she runs after Parker. It's a disgrace. Aitor all.- Cassie—" Mania's voice \vhlr.9d on and on. "Oh, for goodness sake, Mnma, let's don't talk about Lcni!" Classic said abruptly. She h:ul wauled to just lie there in the warm bed and think—now thr.t it was morning. Nif;ht lime was a bad time for tlii'ikiMg. In daylight it was pasicr to be pr.-tctical and face realities. "And Cassie, I'm sine I don't, hold with you coming home with Mike—like you did yesterday. H don'I look right, and I'll bet Parker didn't fancy it neither!" <To He Continued) Held in Bondage SAN DIEGO, Feb. JC. (UP)—An attorney and lii s wife were charged today with keeping a 57-ycar-oHl Negro woman in slavery for neatly 30 years i\l their home In swanky Coronado. Cal. William A. Murphy, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, snid the couple, Alfred Westly Injjalls, C4, und Mis. Mini Elizabeth In-\ Kails, G2, were arrested at tluir; home inst night. I "You never have any fights or play hookey or have any fun with us—didn't your parents ever teach you rMit from wrens;?" " PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guiininleed Best ['rices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes T2 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fil ;it Sta(« Line 1'lnme lilythcvilli: 7M • "IMA RAINSTORM, YOU CANT DRIVE," H.CHAT1LLO.N, CCNrKMRYTO COMMON BELIEF, -SX/SSISrONADIET MADE UP CHIEFLY OF AND THE LIKE,..AND IVHICH FORM ONLY A SMALL PART OF THEIR DIET". RESEARCH EXPERIMENTS OF UEKS OTTER FAR.Vv, TESTS MADE ATGHIO STATS. FAIR SHOWED THAT /WEN DRIVERS l?£ACr FASTER-THAU WOAIEN DraVEES. copfl. IMT ar Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice Y FURNITURE II. 1 ! l>::is{ Main Phone 2301! Levels and Lines Surveying IWAG UN!C KAIOl DITCH US ^ Wrrj. R. Overtoil — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write H(>.\ SI, Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! WiM, THADU K0f{ I.ATH MODELS t ut immciiiale delivery— JSnind new 1— I'osilJiic 2 — I 'online Convertible Keil:uielles Coupe 1—11) Hi I'i.vmoulh 2 Door 1—1!>I<; Plymouth :1 Passenger Coupe or call, we will Iry to Iradc with you. 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HE'S BUKISO HIWSEtF HEEE- TOC BUSN TO ) RAISE THE \\ON6S FOR. PANltOG OFF THE DF&TS HE INHERITED WIT HV UEHI.Ih; THK.IMKV & c* AH.EY OOP Look Son ABOTAGE? V/HO'O WAMTA HOLD UP A LOAD OF ICE? tt. WHEN THE ICE IS FOR NAPOLEON ANYTHING'S BRIDGED AV/,1 STILL ^ HE NOT \ THINK IT \ i WAS JUST / b, $ 5 SLICK GETII^CUT 'LACES,UNCLE . WE AIMT LEAV1N ALOME TO Cornered and Trapped RY BOO'LS AND HGK~RUDDfKs" FRED BAKMA1N THEH«A t ?<3UiAE^:s FRoYlF rO'^VE M AND CC^,AC£—BUT / rlCGSXEO ' l|VU»-v«:i Hutldville ' ViOVJ 8V iC-:r>v.os". 1HW<i R16MT '. WO liTHV-MVOVi'D 1'LV. TE-V TIO 'S'LVV- VOCK. Rt-iO "VHT j! . vou'iv VINO tOO BUS't'5'i OUT tMLTCt \M TW WOODS '. ;: V' 1-

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