The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER FRIDAY,.DECEMBER 14, l«tt FARM HEWS AND REVIEW is the TIME for a 'Bet we en-Sea son* TUNE-UP Now 1* th« time to make sure you will not lose time and crops In the field next aeason. Have your tractor, combine and tools gone over by our company trained mechanics. Our mechanlcswant your equipment to operate •t top efficiency and to hold MASSEY- HARRIS your production cost to * minimum. We use genuine parls that are factory specified and'in- speclcd. This, keeps your equipment up to its original performance. Come In now! Be a satisfied customer with this "betwecn-ecason" tune- up service. 61 Implement Co, N. Highway 61 <J'NE PARTS Phone 2142 GUARANTEED SERVICE Plan Now to Control Your GRASS AND WEEDS with HO-HO APPLICATORS Tractor Drawn with Hand Spray Equipment We Feature All Equipment of the Latest Design, and the One and Only NCVHO Hardy Sales & Service 705 Clear Lake Ave. Blytheville Homeowners Get Break From New Income Tax. The new federal income tax, which began uklng a bigger bite out of your pay check Nov, 1. U giving the home owner a new break. Anyone now selling hifi house at a profit and using the entire proceeds of the deal for the purchase or another residence, enjoys an exemption from capital gains tax on the profit he, made on his old house? , This means If you bought a house, say 10 years ago lor $10,000, nnd sell today for $20.000, you do not have to give Uncte Sam 12.500 in capital gains tax out of your $10,000 profit. That Is, you don't have to pay H, if you use all the money In the purchase of another house to live In. Experienced observers expect this result In a big stimulation to he house market. * * * For example, Henry J, Davenport, resident of the Home Title Ouar- nty Co., of -New York, which oper- tes in the three states of- Con- ecticut, New Jersey and New York —nn area in which many thou- ands of titles change hands yearly —sees this new law freeing many imllles who hnvc been prevented rom buying new home. 1 ; because of he tax handicap involved, "Many families needing larger omes have found the capital gains ix an insurmountable obstacle," tr- Davenport says, "because incasing building costs and lower mrchastng power of the dollar ifivc offset whatever net profit was vnliable on tin older" The new law exempts any place f "principal residence" from thts enalty. It covers a houseboat, or ratler, or stock In a co-operntive- partment corporation, provided it s your principal residence. * • * A big leeway In time Is allowed, 'ou CEJI fiell your old house much as a year before or after you juy, and still get the exemption Any house sold after Dec. 31 Is unllfied for the exemption. This mbraces all houses sold this year. If you are having a new house lUllt, you are allowed IB months or applying your profit withoul ax. but you must occupy the newly-built house within 18 months after Belling your old house. The price In the sale or purchase under this exemption includes mortgage, trust deed or other indebtedness to which the .property may be subject, whether or not the purchaser assumes that indebtedness. If part of either property is used for business or trade, such as a store under an apartment, the exemption applies only to that proportion relating to residence. Any part of the profit not invested In a new plaice of residence naturally is subject to tax. If the house you paid $10,000 for Is aold for $20,000 and you buy a house for $15.Qtij£-*and $5 J 000 difference Is ibject to tux. However," you don't have to be occupying the house at the time of sale or purchase. If you rent either the old house or new house for a short time, but occupy each as your residence before the time limit expires, yonr are eligible for the exemption. Estate Boards cites the new provision u a victory In Us six yean of campaigning I n Washington. Alexander Summer, president of that organisation, sayc "th« Injustice of the old law wax spotlighted this year' as workers were forced to move from one city to another s a result of the mobilization pro;ram." One result of the new law will be o help home owners hurdle the estrlctions of Regulation X, which equlreA larger cash payment* for louses. On Missco Farms R. Short t» Not Short B. Short of Brinkley, vice Tree Planting Time Is Here, Expert Says MAGNOLIA, Dec. 14 — Tree Wanting time IK here says Laron 3. Golden,* instructor in agriculture it Southern State College here. During the next two or three months millions of pine seedlings will be lilted from their beds in nurseries and set out on thousands of acres of land. Farmers, sawmill and paper mill operators, and other landowners t be planting the forests of the future, putting into the ground a crop that grows more important very year. > Tree planting Is one of the new est kinds of farming here in Ark- nnsas. It Is also one of th« fastest growing. The increasing popularity of tree (arming Is due to wider understanding of two fact*. One fact Is that although many crops may pay more cash more quickly thin trees, few pay more In proportion to the amount of work needed to grow and harvest them. The other fact It that pine trees properly planted and tfrotectec from fire, will reach useful size no in a matter of a generation or so but in hardly more than a decade The tree planter plants his crop not merely for harvest by future generations, Important though such a purpose might be, but also fo his own benefit and In order t make the best possible use of every acre of his land. president of Uie American Farm Bureau, was quoted at th« Chicago convention this week a« laying, "we should recogniz* that In our eon- ct with Communism our greatest apon li not our military poten- 1; It Is our dedication to the achlngs of Christ." He was not, snort In that state- ent. I have always been Impress- by the underlying religions cur- nt and spirit of their dealing In tfonal Farm Bureau Federation nventions. I wish and hope that her national organisations were religious and consclentioui. Real es'ale speculators ara excluded from the- benefits, because a third purchase takes Into account the profits on the second purchase, the house must be used for residence, and short-term (six- months) capital gains are still taxed at 50 per cent. The exemption applies to only one sale or ex- [changp per year, except when new residence Is involuntarily converted, such as through condemnation. Personal property, furniture, radio, or any other appurtenance which Is not considered a fixture, is not Included In the calculation. The National Awiocintion of Real Iowa Farms Get DP'j From West Europe DBS MOINES, la., (#)— Two Ger man displaced brothers and the families have been reunited on ac Joining Iow» farms near McClel land. The German brothers art Ott and Christfrled Nawrocki. The were sponsored by St. John's Evan gellcal and Reformed Church ] Council Bluffs. Christfrled Nawrocki, J4, »n his family arrived In New Yor ecently from the Schlesweig-Ho tein region In the British Zone , Jermany. He said he was one i 100 DP's on the. ship. He .wld things had been "vei o.ngh" in Germany. "I was xmab a get work for the laat thr cears." he related. "If It had n been for relief organization, I fe what might have happened. V, cooked, ate, lived and slept in com 12 by la feet. It wa* i pleasant." last M yeari." A U. 8. D. A. survey of American food hablU laat summer said n part "things most often deficient In southern dieu are calcium, and vitamins A and C. I« your diet promoting your good health? Thai* Good National Farm Bureau officials mounced at the convention this eek that Arkansaa leads all other Ates this year In increased men>- rshlp. Arkansas signed 8,239 new embers to reach a total of 49.019. understand that Mississippi ounty has about 4,200 members. H, C. Knappenberger, county resident, Hays Sullivan, of Burette and D. V. Maloch of Osceola attending entlon. the Chicago con- Know What Yra Are Doing Some disagree, but more ento- ologi^U arc saying, "know what ou are doing when you poison cot- m for Insect control." N.P. Jones, ederal entomologist with the Ex- enslon Service, said at the insect ontrol conference in Memphis ast week, "poison cotton basis of urveys showing nee'd, because or- antc insecticides may cause a build p on Insects not easily control- ble." (He was referring to red aiders and boll worms.) Dr. Aryant from Alabama was more specific In saying "stay out of ie fields unless you have Insects fight." I believ* Mississippi tells their armers to poison twice early for hrip controls then poison only when necessary for other Insects. products. "Thrugh promotion effort the Industry nas acnieved numerous successes in carrying cotton's story to :he public," Mr. Young said. "The Council delegates will have the responsibility fo strengthening and expanding our programs m promo* tion and public relations," ! ~ Approximately 600 Industry members from every section of the Cotton Belt are expected to attend the meeting. The Council last met in New Orleans in 1940. * I'm Getting Ktidr We are accumulating a vast aup- .ily. of color Insect slides. They will be available to your vocational agriculture and veteran Instructors and all others who wiH help you understand insect relations, their larm and control measures. You can see them In the county agent's office any time you like. Cotton Council To Hold Meeting Annual Conference Set for Jan. 28-29 In New Orleans MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 14. (Spe clal>— Program planning and pol Icy determination affecting everj segment of the cotton industry wil occupy a high place on the agenda of the National Cotton Council's fourteenth annual meeting at New Orleans, Jan. 28-29, Harold A. Young, Council president, said here today. The record number of problems facing colon tend to make the New Orleans sessions among the most important since the Council was established, the cotton leader declared. "During this crucial period In American history, the industry must reach solutions not only to its own problems, but must also determine how it can be of greatest service to the nation," Mr. Young said. "The Industry leaders attending the Council meeting will be called upon to develop plans for further- ng programs in the fields of pro- luctjon and' marketing efficiency. itlllzatlon research, sales promo- .lon, and expansion of foreign markets. They likewise will be faced with the need for combating to the best of their abilities the spread of socialism In the United States." During the three days prior to the neettng, Council program comimt- :ees will meet in New Orleans to mild 1952 recommendations for action by the full delegate member- best buys in used tractors That'. Not Bait Miss Butonne Jaggers, your lensioh secretary here for more ;han tight years, has married anc is now Mrs. Edward Jacks. She has served you, both country and town [olkg. conscientiously and efficiently, so I am surft'you wish her happiness and success the same as I Mrs. Jacks will be back to work In the county agent's office after Christmas. FARMALL 14 TRACTOR with Cultivator Middlebuster Planter Only $ 275 It's Tour Health I can't' forget the guy who Raid 'Why screen my house against flie and mosquitoes—they don't eat much food anyway?" In spite-of him and similar people, most rural people have learned a lot about health and sanitation and ai a result Aubrey Gates told us last week in extension Conference "life expectancy in America, has Increased from 48 up to 68 years In the ship of the organization. Mr. Young said the convention | would study carefully the outlook! for farm machinery, labor, fertilizer, insecticides and other supplies required tor the production of the 1952 crop. "Attention likewise will be given to cotton research accomplishments during the past year and to needs during the period ahead,", the I Council president.stated. V . I "We are aware that for cotton to meet the threats olfts competition, we must move as rapidly as possible toward greater efficiency in production and higher quality, of product." Sales promotion programs for 1952 also will be mapped by the delegates. Currently the Council maintains campaigns in support of cotton wearing apparel and household products, a number of industrial cottons, and cottonseed food CHOOSE FROM A BIG SELECTION OF FARMALL H & M TRACTORS AND USED EQUIPMENT!! • JOHN DEERE "A" Tractor with 4-row cultivator, planter and middiebusters.. .rice & cane tires. Rebuilt and guaranteed. • One Oliver "80" in fine shape, • One rebuilt Ford Tractor. • One Allis-Chalmers "WC" Tractor with cultivators & middlebuster. .'.in good mechanical condition. Save Now At Delta Implements, Inc. 31 2 So. 2nd Blytheville RIGHT ,} / IN YOUR STOCKING Were you one of the many happy people who collected a Christmas Club check (his year? If so, we know you'll he glad to pass the good word around. If you rlidn'f get a check then plan now for next Christmas. . .slop in and join our Club today t <5fcFIRST NATIONAL BANR BLYTHEVILLE Ginners And Planters have your Cotton Planting Seed Machine Delinted Ceresan M Liquid Treated* • Air Cleaned • Screened & Air Graded BAGS MACHINE SEWED Act Now! PROMPT SERVICE — UP-TO-DATE FACILITIES. Add to your profits by early germination; elimination of faulty seeds; no damping off or wilt; no planter choke-ups; earlier maturity; increases final yield of lint cotton pw sert. * N.w "Slurry Method" Blytheville Delinting Corp. Highway 61 So. BlythevilU, Ark Phorm 2860-2976 TRACTOR STEAM CLEAN, PAINT, TUNE UP That's right^-AlL f FOR S3I.M! Tour ir»c- tor will ffet a thorough steam cleaning, an expert paint job...AND this IB-point tune-up •pccfal! To make an appointment or to .get • ny other information, fail "Mutt" Kodgers at 6863. Now, check the list below and set. what a complete tune-up job (plus the steam cleaning and paint job) you get for your money: • Check eoraprenie<a • Clean * re»p spark Drain and flush transmission • Adjust fan and genera- t*r belt* Clean and pack front wheels • Clieck Ignition wiring • Check B>ajmeU (regap* jMlnta) • Steam Clean • Paint Job • Tune Up Check an cooling systems engirt* • Adjust ratre tappets • Adjust carburetor • • Serrio* atr cleaner • Lubricate tractor Readjust wheel widths Change oU ' Yo« get ALL 3 free with an overhaul job amounting to S280 or more! Here's a real bonus to yom !f your tractor needs orer- hamllng! Limited Tim* Onlyt

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