The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2G, 184' • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mi tiiftnuu] Chatea _ r , a . 1 time ycc line _" ..... '"* ]<£ - Uni«s per liu« per day " r«c 3 times per Hue per *lay"I"""l~ 5c U times per 11/ie yer day ..... 7c J'J times yer line per day ______ tic Motnh i»cr Hue ___________ ___! rjrjc Count five averago words to tlic line. Ad ordered for ttireo or fr!x times and stopped before expiration will !)•} charged for the jmiufcer or lines tlio ad aw- yearcd and. adjustment of 1>!11 made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted ty persons residing outside of Hie city must be accompanied liy cish, Rates inr.y be easily cojtijmteil from ihc afcuve table. Advertising order for Irregular luser- s takes tlic cue time rate. o responsibility will be taken for c than one incorrect insertion of auy For Sale Ilrivo linger for y<nir Iioruo. If 0. <'nmp).(-H. I'Jiime .(10 -- 2'Jlift OKScfi I'.'O Souih S.'1-njnl. lO^-cfc-lf Von'II enjoy foam clean Cut; oplioiplprj and ruir* with HIP new Kiiift FOJK;. Dfal'a Paint and Wallpaper Ktor* 1120-ck-ljl See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like om quality chicks, hatched right from selected (locks. Hardy, lust- growers. Low price L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. K Block So. of Depot Phone 493 Alfalfa »»jr. 2 mlUi wen on H»-» IK. Inquire at Uooro Bros. Btoro Leslie M_°_»re. H27-i>k-2l27 Hardy Dlakemore Blrtvu-berry nlnnlH. Marie IlaruiBa. 1110 CMckas; I'toiie. 37-10. llll-p For Sale For hay, corn, and eo»l by Iruck van Itrawk'y 2449. l|Ul-|ilk-3|- - \v!K>e!e<i fnriii Irftller. Kit™ jmrt • Milk,, a I,,,,,,,,,, of 2 Wllom A. I- „ .. _ Will-)' .Stniili. 2«ii J.;, K).. SIM-uk-ll! Ono II Knmiull Tratto-r Hill, conn.Mo ei]ui|'],,t>lil. Also Sit arr,s ,.f [ m ,l <„ Tom- *«'r> ' Si ' "' l ''° rrK *'""'"• M " • ! roa.l | k . 0 n,l hi>,,«,- s trlioo! Uu* nriil i.i.ii l'!oneer L-roiuxnl l&Llo mala, i-rail Only. maJe to tit your tables lireFervo finish. Order Ihetn .limmie K.Iwanls. 301 E Main I'ho.,0 2.187. ck-1127 li jwlm. K-Ofl A. »mi from F-t.. 2127 Raby Chicks. S9.35 per 100. Jin -o. 2!I|.ck' '. W a t e r heaters, bathtubs, A sinks, closets, lavatories, soil wipe & fittings, galv. & copper pipe & fittings. Orsburn's Plumbing "& Heating, ph. 875. 2-6-nk-2!) Tractor stalk cutlerfi. all Etcel .-on- stniction. niylhpvillc Maphino S>i«i) 21] .South SVcorul .Street. ^ll-ck-t^ :»nd IlTtikl'innrp plnnls; i \vRrdrolio trunk. 120S Tlnlly. Ph. 2019. _ AH coal heaters at cost. Good selection. Planters Hardware. 2-i-ck-ll~ I'.MNT — while iiriiiier nn'l house J)ftint. LtlnitPil slock. First roiue. lirfit ficrvi'JI rirealoiiB Store' _2U7 W. -Main. 2]12 ck-tl niorer.Ks AND CHAIN i>mvEs TltlKKK — .losl rccvivo*!—si-c HK.SP unlay—first coltie first sorvi'd Virr.- Kloiiu K((irc, 207 W. ^[ain 2|12-ck-tf TIHP.KI TIIIKR1 TI1IKSI Just roccivpd Sl7>'5 COO X ID. 700 X 1C. O'.O x 15. 700 x 15. 4 mid 6 ply lire*. Also tlio f.iiiion.s ttmlclcil I.TOIIIII] srins in sines 500 x 17 and COO x 1G. SY> .k-livpr find inourtl. Firoslonp .Store 20fi \V. TRACTOK TIKKS — Tlic new tire Hint pulls, onl cleans, out u-enrs any oilier tractor tiro tjmdc. We mount anil lie- liver to fnrni. Fireslonn Slore. 207 W. "V. RADIOS — A- l.pautifnl s ,l fr tinn „[ miiililmition nn.l tnUs moilcl radios iion- in slooV. Xo aerial or urouTid needed. FireMonc Ptote. 207 \V, Mum. Outboard Motors for wort; or play. You get high quality performance at a greater savings with a Ward's Sea King. Motors certified and approved Ijy Outboard Uoating Club of America. Packed with post-war improvements for your greater pleasure. Immediate delivery. 5 horse-power, 116.50. 2-21-ck-28 £i* room liomc. ronvnnilil,. duplex S3 .000. :l-room liou^e onil l\vo lot^ $i 5nO. ^ lot'; 60 X 350'. $1.000. f!.irnL;e \vitli funr living rooms, ^rorery tusiness ^itii livniir rooms, on liiehwny. KEelds. kv ],«<:iLlnr. pimno 2:;fl. r,\«i(K-J)i-(- f . 212.1-Dk-27 House trailer -21 ft. KcrinlU completely Iiirmshril. eood condition. i!e seen nl ni7 Hronihvay l.elvvccn Hie lirrars oT in n.rjj. ,inil I p.m. "IIM-liIi-27 5-room residence witii bath, on Eas< Davis St. Price $3675. Immediate possession. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-19-ck-tl Wr_lnv^ (-xelimve listing on ll.'i, tyean- tiful 1 IS nrre fnrnl Incalod :i miles from ^-ood town in DnnVlin fountv Mo. On ronrrele lik-Uwny. Main no!,si> lin^ Jit-Jits, liol Aii'l fo?,I water. «i|h T».itti. l.arRO li.Trn. Rood tenant nonso. yonni; orchard. Good prodm-- live samlly loam soil vrndn'ceil Imte and .n.arler of eollon last year I'ric.o ?1 in per acre witli terms I,I;TIIKU OK.IV. KK.U.TV i-ii 51.1 HFliT IIOKK PFi ^r,OS Office \vifh Al.-irion Williams Ins. Accv. 2|j.-,.i,k-:i; I 1 t' Fannall Irnetor. 1 2'ro,v rnil : ,'nt-ir I 2-rovv miildlelinsler. I 2-ro\v iilar.ier. 1 disc. harrosv. 1 sei'tion li-irvo:,-. I'lione 2H3I. :!'3 (..:k-27 Seo (lie Ini-jre 3 coniparlnicnt ^ Norpe Frcozer rhesl. Holds ^ BSO Ibs. of food. In slock for immediate delivery. Planters Hardware Inc. 2-2.|-ck-U 1010 Chrvrolel ra>i over rneiTip dump Inirk. r;oo,T motor nrac tically new .-.olinol Inis route. , m ;\ „„,] ,.„„,„„,,.: cinl Int. In>,,rov«in.,,ls ntno.if tl.o Tl,,. il.ovo I.,-,,,, nrr ,„.]„,, , I, l'os<es>loji witli il 1. - S'l'liKLK MO. 1'liono 1'I2 Allis Clialinris ivilk slarler |i-)i|, unit '"l'".l" 'I. WC Alii, r'lii.llniTS \vitll o.tuipiiieiil. !• 12 r'ann^ll win, ,.„„!,,. '/';'"'• llfiny's IJurayi-. Across irojit Hlythl'v.lle ()i[ Mi|| 1|| ; ,Sev I'"- Cr ''- " "'by"',™ '"•'-" '"' :l ° r " lr " Sl •> k '"' 1 '" iru-ri-ii-e firm, ,| «.„„.« „„„!,, ,,„ „„. fcami' u; milling oiHittH'i- ,-o\ v tu yunr lici-,1 i.ii.l a i „ cosi n( „„!> :ill cents for vrrnt, killi-r. U-s.: l>r lle^s CVrTI.r' CHI'K KII.J.KH nn,l .v,,,, , ,•,/!, I ,„ ,,'« of dustniyinj; ,1,,, urnln. 1,' K unnruu- ieetl. Uund's l)rn K HKjre L'2 1 Wesl Main, I ..... lie f.117. 'ir,.cli.2S JlirilllY COWS five less milk Kill «IJ]lj-i jll [f,,. b.-lck* ,,t CKttl,. l,y ,|,,M. illk- whh Dr. lira* CATTl.t: OlU'li KM. I.Kit. Made in nrci>r<liinr« \vilh II"- latest forinnlii of 1 tie U. K. llu/f^'l ..I Unl.m.otosy. Wo,.,l'« Druic hlor,-. 221 We-t Muin, f,07. 2;-,.i-k-2S -rooin JIL-U- Su|)erf]ame oil heater. I'liiirlo.i Hriglil. |.h. aititl. 2|2r, i>k-:i!l Oouuter ice /rrf-zer with Of) j;(il. hjirclt'ttrr, with t-o.iil .nix nuntn. 11. I.. 3 houses cheap. Call 2908. 1128-pk-2|23 New 4-room house in I'ride Addition. Pi-ice $2750. I!. C. Campbell, Realtor, 121) S. Second. 2-lS-ck-tl Have grist mill for sale. Now doing goud business. Set> me. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-18-ck-tl -My entire stork (if chin-chin uiant ri\h- luls nnil lunches. Claries (Mlionn. •l-roo ^teel nil barrel racks lllvlhef illc M'i- ^chinn Sliot,. ('all -.'823. I lllS-ek-'tf ."•-rooms with lialh. anil -l-ronm linnse or> .•filing lol. Jn eoiKl renail-. $r>.or>n. 'house, lot and half. S'J.500. lionse with hath. Close in ?-T 750. S2.1SO down lialanee monthly IKLVllK'Ill. Srooms w-illi half Ijath Wellnlor-ati :1 close to Main St. *2:!00 llnlf ,lo\v<\ balance $20 monthly -l-rooin house willi hath on Dou-an 5:i.-IOf». $1.200 tloivn , Ijalancn mont 1 ]. ly ivith C7» inloresl SO Ac-res smith of Dexter }ltt Well ilnjtroved. on gravel roail sood tions" two irooil liarns. All li'vel l.inil 5Ri ncre. E^tnall ilo\vn paymenl will liandlr; bnlnnce *^O 0 yearly. Can fit pors-s- siou lo March 10. Will sell nen- Irartor nnd nil eijnLpment. linds i-ico cfnv, with purcljaso of farm IInv-o other hnnse.s anU fnrin^ listc-d Jf yon arc in Hie market call f.l'THKIt OJ1AV. HKAhTi". i)h r >!3 IIKRT HOSK. I'll. 3;.03 Offict) *villi Marion Williams li:s A^cy. J'hn-:c 27al 2i2'i-pk-:l] I U.-0<1 K'elvinntor KeMKCrutor Pull chain ami key sockets, duplex receptacles a n il other liiiril-lo-get ifemp can be found at Charlie's Electric Shop, 110 So. First, phone 2903. 2-2G-el<-3-l ork. See at' Apl. 14, Air -'"•' !T,lin- «u,|in'< I'll Klion^^n^K^JVine Kl.' ;!2a-r,V-aie5 V,"""" •""•'li'.Urnn church B' ' 1 .1 _.'!. Totin ,. r ,.,, , Rrr"),')' rT.*ItVl'l R " r Trailed r'nmp "'''*''"* 25-pl- ?S We have one 44 Iracl and also one 120 acre tract located on Highway 61 about 3'/ 2 miles South of Y going fo Caruthersville, Mo. This is the veiy best type of soil and a desirable place for a iionie. These can be bought on easy terms. We also have several other places thai you can a;ct possession up to (be 10th of March. If you are still interested in a home, drop in the office and we will be glad to show you wnat we 1^ e. RULES LAND CO. Phone 3322 Office in Halo Bldg. across from Cily Hall Russell E. Rialcs R. M. Heck Hen D. Hamner 2G-pk-3-l Wonted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade AuU, Salvage, North Hiway (il. Phone 8785. 2-26-pk-S-2(5 OM |.h.,ii,, K raph _ _ Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'U come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy (il Phone 3785. 12-26-pk-2-£G Wanted Tree trimmer for frnll and shade Irces. £j'l>'i' I" -Mr. Diclrick. I'lionc 510 or • io '" s ' 2-- . , ,...t... "iiiifll. irlll. mny lie your rli.inrn. I'.irlic.ibrs free. .1. Wnllers. 321 So, Main. <Vu,ulon. Two neal yonnt Tnrii witli cle.-in liaMfs Imnfl, mid .^inliLtioi^ lo nssi*t snlo-i inanflKer ^itli mtinnnl eonrorn Karn- inps—Sr,fl in <SO |<er week See VUv inonil \Villi.-itnj. niencoo Hotel G-od io "•'»» P.m. -2l2S.nt.M7 Loc»l ft Long Dhtance Mortnj H«lp »< «mlpji«n«. Aflf- 2601 Qn i , >ni> Kin, BLYTHEVUXB <ARg.)' COURIER NKWS Services Genuine Ford Remanufacrured MOTORS 85 H. P. '105 «»•"•• 111.25 100 HP 120.75 Plus Federal Tax and Insinuation Completely Rebuilt...Not Overhauled New ports and renewed parts installed by factory trained mechanics make these motors like new! New pistons, rings and pins? Crankshaft reground on all bearing surfaces! Now rod and main bearings? For new motor smoothness, power and economy, genuine Ford Factory Rebuilt Motor! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fiflh-Blyth^nfc, Ark.-Te!. ,, M ^ 3 , 15 Bedroom, ou No. Oln77t^r~Sl8 lloiise or apartment. I'nmivlioil 01 nr,,isl,,,d. One ,,,il.i. H..,'p,, ,Ln, „„,- ly Uef>-re,u.,s. Write- ilo.v AIK! % ,-oiin,-r Auws. ZlL'S-fk-HI-l Loans l>r> VOIJ XKRD A LOAN! ,""T" L"'"' fi " i ""''- « "<•«• or ,,sea car. trnek ur tr;,clor. in Arkansn, ,, r .Missouri, se.- us. I.<j« rules. You'll like onr service. Also KIIA I.onns anil •1% 1-ijrm Loans. , im] i,,,|Lviilnal real estate loans, l,,,iteil Insurniiro At-eney over Gl.iml's Jewelry Store. ,,)„„,; "oilrooin. 1109 ClilckosawlM. ••!,. 387r , ou] -dose iji. i'hcrno 2101 ' 20 i,k.27 lllji-iioiii riot,, in. ].|,_ ; 15 ,3 oiLM^kTs for Hire rr:i r ,nr l,rc,ilil,ijt pin,,-. l)i.,ldl,,^~Miiw' fc'i! 1 " 1 ''-- ttl1 '<- 1', Wnl'ii": "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G W. fl'lain St. Phone 3fi47 "Postwar Service With A Smile!" Your Car Needs Servicing Now! Anything mechanical will wear . . . Your cax- is mechanical and will wear out before its time if you do not observe seasonal needs and lironer care. Trust your car in our handn and assure yourself of longer and better service. See The New Buick on Display IN OUR SHOWROOM! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BdICK—Service U - S - Tir « ' Mobilgas and OH WRECKER SERVICE Watnat & Broadway Telephone 553 — l»lr ill (,(.»• w»ktn. ..o C0l> ali| on «tia tell. i>Uk i,l lc k\i,<, ulr-ek-n l '. r¥ »ewini- Btnl nlu-traUoni tcu MrB. Dnlu I'njl,,. ;i|i) n. Si'cund. all pk-314 'Pb"LOAN you need R loan to rcpiilr or remodel? No down pay- mcnt, no mortgage, no red t«|ie. KHA ttpproved rale 6%. Ask for details. Max Lo«sn, Realtor, plione 2034. Lynch Ultljc., HlytheTitl*. 9-23-ck-tt stripping:. Have fuel by luiviiiK dooi's nnd win- ilows wcntlierst ripped. C. K. WijfKins, 512 N. lOlh. 1'lionu 22!).'). 12-,'11-pk-iM liiK liunti'i. Ki- i>i|ul|,i m -iH. W. Sec us for mi eslimnle !)e- fiire you have your tractor oviTlnniled.' \Ve spvciulixe i" steam cleaning and painting. IClcdric and acetylene welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hhviiy 111 South. Phone 2171. 2-J-ck-tf ilry ,ir flnlihnl, \VIIII« ia H. l.nk,-. l!lri.|ik-:!|f. Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Savo money by rcfinishiiig your own 'floors. Adds years of life and givey them new beauty. It's easy to do, too! MONTC.OMKIIY WARD & CO., .102 Main, Phone 5!>l. 2-I3-ck-(t >.x|«-r Morn relmlr work, ('nil for -Mr. .Meyer, nl llnlilianl Ibrdwnro. -We speciali/e in fruit free spray materials. Ask us whiit and when to use. Planlcrs Hardware Co., Inc., 120 W. Main, phone 515. l-;U-ck-tf Oil Stoves cicnncd ft repaired. Work Kiiiiranteed. Ph. ,r-wc]rr Htfi Dislinr.Umi Thp town of Scnl, Wynnilol county, Ohio, Is now Uio ycourrv|>li- Icnl cfcnior of the luil-roUuil slicot slri]) capncity of the steel In- clustiy nr th" United Stntcs. PAGE; How Is Your jsenl Car! Will It do the job you want It to do for you? If not, come in today and pick out one of these late model cars. They are ready to give you many miles of service. 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chrysler 2-door Sedan 1941 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1941 Ponriac Sedan 1940 Oldsmobilo Sedan 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1942 Chrysler 2-door Sedan 1942 Studebakor Club Coupe 1942 Ford Tudor 1941 Buick Sedan 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Dodge Panel Truck 1941 Chevrolet cab over engine truck and 24-ft. Nabers Round Nose Trailer. ' r <£•"•'''Wisl Many of these cars have radios, heaters, defrosters, ana road lights. LOY EICH CHEY We Never Close . . . Solos Department Open Until 8 p.m. 30! W. WALNUT ST, PHONE 578 Save Money ToOny, Any STOP AND SWAP EIillKHT IIUFHiMAN'B •101 E. Mnln Phone ISO You Must He !l,i]ipj or No Ilcul Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone -IDl nnd your onlcr will bo on ll's wny In record time. Our Floral ArrnnKcnicnls tell n complete stoiy FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anywhere I fit. 491 Mrs. J. AI. (.Muc) Williams, owner Glcncoe HIilj, SWIFT'S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Meal 43% Soybean Meal We We/come Your Business One Sack or Truck Load Swift & Company OH Mill So Highway 61 BlytheviMc, Ark. I DON EDWARDS "Till- Triii-wrlter Man" KOVA1., SMITH. COKONA nn,l KKMINOTON PORTABLE UO N. 8KCOND ST. (Every Trnnsnctlou MUST UK SATISFACTORY) TODAY IMPORTANT! 8nv«l your I>r<-Kfiil r:ir Kxpitrl Mei'liiinteil Scrvlci- Altlllld- Oil :LJI,| l.ul.rlc.lllls Yes, we wash iin'tl KIVUMI; nirs loo! Molur.sV We. hiivo i»-iv intitDm Overluilil or ri-linllil Ihi-in 'J'Jrl.-s inn) Titlit'i' (Hi, Yt's, We pninl Curs Tmit Itepalr antl KellnUli all lit,il|cs Chnrci! Ilatli-rles T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. MainS*. Phone 2407 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS - F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY /TfM.S: No Money Down Cool-Alrc Attic Fnns Sim-Beau Automatic OH W'li'r Heaters Norgo Klpolrlo U 0 t Water Heaters Sliern-ln Williams Paints Sheffield Field "Fencing Roulil's Water Pumps Motlcrn Water Softeners Guibcrson Kitchen Sinks 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK IIS AHOUT FARMBR'S TERMS WITH ANNUAL PAYMENTS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main I TELL vou 1 WOMT Tl LF.T YOU PUT THAf /Tl on YOUR.., , — ~(K I IF I CAM BE COLO. I DON'T see WHY THAT CANT BY MERRTITj BLOSSEf FOUR OF THEM IM CEDAR. CLOStr I

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