The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1952
Page 3
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Plans-Estimates . f.n A OR o NO ojiuci Phone LOANS He . ISr . 12r 9 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. iiiiLlne and inttrliMi: Minimum chArc* I lime prr line 1 tinui per line per <iay ,..,,,. S llmti pet line per day - , v.i.B. B ,i, r p,, pl?no m,,!,,,. and rp . j Units prr Hn« p^r ily Jr : pMr. Call 207] tlay*. 70.SO nlfihln. A 2ft it 12 tiniri JIM hn» pf r day !»• , _ ^ "Sml'litr"^^ •.o.dVta i h, lln" ! 'MoVilltfi Haul ing A<1 ozrlcrrd for <hr<-f or si* tunri anrl 1 , , Hopped bpfore rxiitrAilon will he ' CJr " f ' rt V ' !UI tru''** S^fr 1>-i>fri(lHi>i<> .hiigfd for the mimbrr nf Untri Hi* *<1 : J*P«»<;nrfd help 'A W Brrkham. 1U tppnn-d and arijimimrm of till nurtc. i %WM nos *" Phonf ' 8923. 7 p pk as JlU fl ;V'pV C ^,Ts""i^ ^"'Hl* I ,>"««»«•« ^0^^™ Wv- thV'ilT mi,l!t h7"rfJmp"n!e!l *v r,O? I IC * O'STIEWS STUDIO. 115 « ^JMN the Mr in- Mote *n» r All lliiT nil I hf Inrotrf ft I < ikc Watch and Jewelry Repair - urT ffs rfo rrfprl »»j art. Apartment for Rent 3 room fnrnis.lir<l fipt roupic otilr. 1?> E Ash. 7 i) s>V. 12 Rfd^oiiftble, Phone 4140. 7ft pk II Nice. MUM] rurnl^hrd. prtvatp r\pt,, drslmblf for one or two pr-nolr. IS 12 W. Ash St.. jih- F.fiTS. 7.7 pic 14 I! i ;«r i'Si^'S^F^T^ "PAT o'BRYANT Mnin A Second S room fui-nt5hed ftpt. Prlv>\tp hfilli „ , '. ' r/.MI>l lot n-»tT lurnlfltta. Ph. .-!«.-! w< E- ,,,,"' '"'"ni'' or Mni-i t),r ^!L!!. l !!:.'!_^:__ 7 1^ i ^NSrS S,:",!r. For Sale, Misc. ?2 1IOI>I),S ANY Cl'.V TII,L SRPTKMUKR 15. «!„« ,(„,„ p,,.,,,,,,,, rc in, 3 rm. furnished npt. Ph. Rpt Pit 2,T13 I "• '''•^•* 'It i p' i 3li?r ',ij £« r» pk IS "'«• z - r(>s OII P "'I'MK-r'"''.'.!'.' jl RS R'B- «.!« Del,1X5 Ilcpcater ,:', 3 ,j 3 room iln/urnlshpd np.irlmrrH with lights and waier. Bedroom wllli ktlcli- *n and living room privileges, rh ?61fl. 1 S |i» 12 odern, rr.i*oti- n, rh 2P03 7 5 p'K 12 Vurn. duplex apt , »hle. Couple. 1.504 H«s 3 room fmnlfbpd nparlinenl Ph t>16. 7 2 pk in 3 rm. unfum, apt. Nr^ly dcrorAIPrf. *lfc. hot water hentet.'Ph.'^32?i. 821 clc 721 3 room unfurnished RYmrlme-nt C!o«e to. Phnne 2A9S. Q;3 c k tt Ifodern a room fur. Apt Pli 2,".tl?l 01 *»* s 3;U ck tf ...... ««. .... ..... 11325 .MONTGOMERY WARD s West Main Blythevlll- Ar>: 7 (1 ck 11 ___ UprlRht plnno, »100. fl chirk 7,fl pk Modem apt.. 3 room* nnd hath nfw- If -lecorfttfo. ^oort Mm!tme, gus equln- *lint. Ph. .3373. T. Rlmon. »|21 cX tf Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms H up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 room apt. on. Heiirn street close to BChool. screened in bncfcporrh. built-in cabinet*. Nffwtr decorntccl Hot *a!er. Ph. 25.i2 or 2.141, 6 26 c* tf .Aufo Supplies and Services txm't endanger your rumllr with fVllll tlre»_DUT LRJ! TIK1M . CHAPMAN SSHVIOK STATION *«ta and DlTlslon Phone ISM »r 5ervrc«s and alteration. Phone 78 pk 1C _ E. R. Alley— air rondlllonlnc i.-rrYlT- untlrin Sen-Ice. Ph. 2-173. 102 F Ml<- •°lirt. Blythtrllle. Ark '"" F ~ -"'*, Attention Cotton OJn Qn^rT- SpT., r psirmnB-We are ^"Ip'prd to paint, your tin* or anything vou hnve to be Eprnyrd. Ph. »5.n or M.ifill.i 22U ______ ,_ 7]7 pk «1 Nseil your radio TrpiMrerT'cnii" 7?ed *« ;<m- -8318. niMhled veteran repairs radios nl nomr. 313 N. 2nd, 7:3 pt 8 2 _ 5 ronrns o[ l\irnlfurr with rental of holl.«p nr will tell ne.parstelT. K« N GU, 81 7B pk 11 ator. Ph. 207s or 4410. _ 7 fl nk lA Ifl.W Frleldalre - e«rrTleiu" eoriclHlo'n Contnot Mrs, Trice. Apt 33A Chlrka- • . 81. Ph. 4136. Used refrig City Pish Mkt. A CSrocery «I2 South Frnnkltn We have Hi! sl/e Whl1<- Illver ralthh nuffnloe. tiarhecued pork, hsrlier.ued fryers and harhecurd rlhs. ptione r.717 73 pk 10 Cypri>« TlmbiT on 100 Arr<-n laud 'vpn miles norlh of nlK Lake Con- tnct II. f;. costncr. Mnnlln. Ark by July tlr^l (i IF, pit 7 i'i Save Money When You Buy — Sell _ Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON <t SON FURNITURE CO. 5V7 W. Ash ph. 2552 l-l ck if TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W, Walnut Plenty of Parking Space TIOKco > >. conditioning, coirunerclm and hnuschold rflrlseratloji service Maur- Ifi^t "a*!."' M "' rhr>n * B3! " <""•• J1 " "l?»t. J16 E. Maln.^ 625cktr RE F li IGGRATib N Jj/rri""* ,.""*'" on AU-CondlllonlriB. f£ fv"?," on " nd Appliance, Bill «V> V? * nd """' B ™ol» Phone r™!J-JS * ns "'". "II «<W« nROFT EFBKiKRATIO.V co 213 , nirr . h »J1 c* tf Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture =.i«^ .;; rf-s.' for npw - I will also buy your iiRATipjrca oltl f«'''"'I "re. Farmers term.^ '/2 down, oalnnce in (he fall Formerly Arnold & Gninea. ULY SAVINGS» 1949 FORD 51095 1949 Chevrolet $1195 1950 FORD $1195 1947 FORD $645 r<mi( In anil ,lrlvp IM, Til.lof : Trsl ft ynur«r.|f— yr.u'll ti'^r l^ nisi 1 nnl iiirkup. llc:ilrr, srrj '•"lor. , , r;)fr >"«'s I In- limr to Iracle fnr this lillck at riiillips. 1948 MERCURY $745 1950 FORD $945 Mi-miry "S" Srd.ui. .U- Irurlhc er.iv rnldr. 1 i|.il|)ii,-(l w i(|, nulln unit hcutrr. Illls tilark K-l I'lrkup will )» » »i"nry m: ,k|. r l,:r you. c r | ( , I'liilliiw M.ilnr C,,.—vuiir F.ircl Jr;itiT in Mlythcvllle. rr^^±; COME FIRST TO E?^r;:S> ta -'. 300BROADWAY 300 Broadway ontpany Phone 4453 YOUR BEST BUY! GLEANER SELF-PROPELLED COMBINE Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlylheville, Arknnsits __ 1'hoiit 2.'t71 For Rent 5 rrn, unfririi, ho-js hnt -a-alrr healer For Information — 3IS 2 rooms unri h*ll. Kr.inklin St. Notice Attention Marine n" 01 ' T q 7 k roasilnp nl Snfi S 79 pk u "S Hybrid corn In 55 days. Hard . S'.or.. hiitldlnK. 24xflO'. rortpioian'rj j rfni ricxl to JorOfin CtolhliiR Storp SU;.-k, f'h Steele. 19] or 20778 pk 15 , -jttm W Vlup Nr> Ictlli rn>r,. sl MU S R<,h,. rl I. ,„ , h(s CO , IIU) . 7.9 rk VJ Ph. 5298. 8:30 RRUSHKS 111. lo IMn p.m. '•< room ntrilMicd hosiit «nil l,»lh - ,,,H', " ,"" ! Vf ''"'" PO«iin-Hs «nil i:.-«lv «<., 0[ ,,«;\ couple onlv 512 s ,1 i P Lmt " !ll ' i M»'l""l. »» (Jlilrka- Hr«t SI. Phoiip 3MS. 'it ,,l n' ! '**"" i™ cS 73 Two room hou ^ J bivlroom -xMh h.ith «n<l KUrli^n pilvllpyr-a. Ptinnft 37^4. Mrs C John- S"n. jM |, k 7 ,5 room home. Phone 3714 Mrs. c. Johnson. 6 30 p* 7 15 A rooin.i nnrt bath \ip5ti\1rA. »n tw per month CMS RiH5 6 IS If 3 room houM, Moflerti ronvfntem-^s. qulel location. I, G Thompson 621 N. FranXlln. ph. 2154. 537 L .)t it Pb. 2920. TV ^)c 14 512 KM^oy si. ) will liny or sell for you City I'roperty or Farms Geo. M. Realtor 120 \V. Jl.-iin. — Ph. (>%1 71 ck 21 Gm«]l Ixirplshecl roon n.'itable.*. drr-sscrt rrrr-rii. reftrtj- to cook Phono 29.'iO. ilu*hlon 612 pit "1:U Hoston ncrcu'tnl) ptjppir*. in t v 5ih 7;1 pk M Orocrry, flxtilrr. AlOrk. 4 rooms 2 l"l^. Srlllnft on rtrronm o( hinl hrnl'th 1104 Ho. 21«l. Rlyllirvlllp. Ark 7,7 pic R? Mrt. niul hurelnr |iroot MTPH. All nlwi nt trirltiry prlrp.,. v.-vult IMOrs. Frrtctit pMtl. Phone ^057. «'i n pk 7,l» FIEMF.nMA.V-S DRKAM 1-12 h ]>. motor, 1 trnllcr nntl hoftt with e-m.-is. Cnll rann or 60S8. 7,7 pk H For Safe, ReoJ Estate •nnl lot Rrst ]Di^t!on In town [o Instruction llano, accordion. I linpon ( Insurance Wanted io Buy I teach piano, accordion. Phone 3734 3Crap met»l Mr«. C. Johnson 6 30 pk 7 13 HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin. wire »nd til kind* of Modern ami oxi ra roomy, 'I room anrl b;iU> on pavet^street al 805 N. Franklin. This house is in tiptop condition inside and out. Extra )Hr«- e kitchen wild Jols of cabinets. I,urge lot. |l -"-,0 ensli. fl.J.02 total morthly Pi'.vnipiils. Vacant. iMove in tomorrow. iMoilcrn 5-room and bath on lai-jje corner lot on - - v,, c ,- raD nrc uonn Adams Street. Attic fan floor! ln !hc nia!lw ' nf 'he Estate n! \ j furnace, flisappearinjr 'stair *!"' rn " th >'' rtcccascrt. I will on .July "••-'.v, h«,. d woo«, '•noo": u -'- 1932 ' at the """" •"- «' '»>. Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection w. J. Pollard Aconcy Pl.inried Proteclion OL»HCOT BOTTl Btm.DtKO IM W Asli B1 4'« cfc tt ADMINISTRATOR'S SAI.F As ordered by the Probate Court - Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway * Monltrie Drive Phone 89fi2 4115 ck tf p», CASH (or jmir old npra« «nrt • Icmn for ,. » STDD7O. 115 W~t Ic.ln , ^"-•••'ii-^I^AflJ^llUUII ••- ---'irm- <I4 .1. U . ~ r furnace, flisamiearirur stair f!" 1 " 1 " 1 ^'' rtcccascrt. I will on .inly Vricnnt lot RC.« loriuion In town toi ,..,... u ., , ' ' , "«•, , Sl a "' 14. 1352. at the south door of the ni-lnhnnrhixxl k-rni-rry slore So. H. E " ''- 1 • « '< ' fi W 0 0 (i floOl'S COlinhoiive 1,, BK-thr-i illp >,V ' ""' " " U> "-- H ° " w " y ,"'.•,,» M j''n"'Kh(>ut. $1.800 rnMi, may- "•«. »«fcr .0,- ».. to Jto h.^ 1 ~TT»7;TK,' 0 T7o,""in;" ";"• ' - lcss - wi " hauille. *51 52 Ij1dtl '' r fc "' casl1 - lhc following per- ^;gSvr--^,>^ ii t c r n ^ w ™ ni ' s -=-- H,, U5 e Tra ,,. Wanted Good mort otflci- tnrrmTr"^ BlvthT rlllp Rartlo Supply. P.O. Doj 303. B!r- tliev llle, Ar K . Or pbonj «f.7. 7 9 ck U CiuiilViTlable ,1 linclroom house ;', hliH-kg from Main •Slrcot. This is in vcrv (food fonditidii. Can j^ive im_ Sfu or cull MAX I.OGAX, IlIiALTOK . I'M. 2034 7,'3 ck 1 1 Ph. G.'!57. 1 iRrsr CiiAhnian mooteT ^ 1 fmnll Dooms nm; .^ootor 1 Whl7?pr motor bike UsPd noi-cr Mirt Ii 1nrt mon-crs. Ai.-n no^-flr ni^-j rrs for rent WESTIIROOK MACHIN-R SHOP 117 rk 21 See or call JOHNNY MARR Heallor H2 So. 2nd. I'hone 4[ 11 Residence Phone 259B s; 10 ck tr Real ESTATE Farms—City Property IAMBLIN SALES CO. Knows How to Service Your Car or Truck FOR SUMMER DRIVING Treal you, ,-,-ir or (ruck ;is I lie worlhwtiilp investment il j s Trust u,.-ii inid, 0| . ca| . (ln i y lo experts who Umv thp ;, n - S'vt-rs lu tlic iiroblem of summer. R-jliI t,(!«- _ lulirii-alion. lire inspcrliun. ;1 >v ; ,sh ;imi wax inh. an cniiine Inne-iip, ,-t check "f tlte cni)lin<> sy.slem these .services nre e.\ ( )crtl ? h;iiiflleri id Chamblin's. 2 beilrtmm modern liotiic LOANS ,M'r,"V" lf '"''"'P'l hi choice residential •»!17ckirj,listri,:t. K.n.ii.ped with Ve- K , -«-»-»«. netiiin iiinds. attic f,-, n f.o-jiNopie Gill Aoencv ••nlntl on spacious lot. Can be IN^'RAXTF financed. „, ll^'-txAlNLh Pro or call Glellcne "" MAX I.OOA.V, RKAI.TOK ' I Lynch Bldsf. I'll. 203 I 7 ^ ck 11 Drive In This Week! * 2 Big Lots >t CHAMBLIN SALES CO * Your Friendly * Ask •r D»oUr ( NOTICE OF {'.RANTING OF ' UQUOII J'KHAIIT Notice i.s hereby <>lveil that the DciwttintMil ot Alcoholic Bevernze Control has Issued a pcmut No 214 on.«, 4^»-«- , uto . i^srv^i^r^^r'c P,,M,m ime^ted mar ser ihl, I "H"",^ "^T ," 1 """".rT "" K™ 1 ^.."!.. 701 .*'""' «ik«.S««" Br M ,lw;,y. UMheviUe. A'rk 111 Bl.vltieville. Arkntisns. Siile subject lo i-uiifirmiitiuii by tlie courl. Frank c. Uoiwlas, 215 \Vest Walnut Slreet. Blytheville. 72-8 Ttii.s jn-iiujL ixsupd on tiie i (Joy of July ias2. IIIH! expires on the 30 day o[ June. 1953. Luther Welch Poslcr, Permittee 7-2-9 Land Fnr Snip m :^,;^i' t """ ir "-" Kiiilns l.iinil Co. ^ nmiii noti^r nnil curler H.^Od s?f>n '•"Vij »:,rt ns , Kionll, Al«o c^rr lo•«<•'! .« Hir,»<l«r», ,nil Ash Pli.inr : p.i.v P n,,,, , ! -i^ C Ahrnhoin S .W ck If ' rtwnn ii"oj • nncl 17 rk in riff .'latlon ln,..,t,, ( ~ n l nllr!: norlh or nmnrll. 7 1 px 8 A HViS. S8.000 UUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks • CONDITIONED RIGHT • PRICED RIGHT • SOLD RIGHT 19SO CHBVROLKT '/i-Ton deluxe nb Pitkup rruck . . . with very low mileage 19.J9 STUDKBAKKK 1 !/ 2 -Ton MVB Truck J with motor overhauled . . . and it's priced lo sell' 19-16 CHKVHOI.KT !M-T, m Stt'H Tru,k will, S Halson 1 rans. 825x2fl front tires, 900x20 rear' 1918 KOttl) K-TO,, Pi , kllp Tnich w|Jh , i( $ hoaler and defroster . . . if, a bar K «i n .... 695 IBM CHKVROI.KT 1 fc-Ton SWB Truck with ?OC W>OA ... see Sullivan-Nelson for this bargain VW 1950 CHKVROMiT fc. T . del. cnh I'k,,. Trk. * 1AOC --. and it looks like a new (me . . . only .. IUZ5 ? " T<m 1>kp - Trk - wilh molor °- r s a moneysaver at this price KASY C;,WAC PAr.MKNT PLAN Remember, jo, cm «lw«.T S mike . roo <i dc«l it SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 Bi r U»ed Car Lot •• W«l««t Street" Wolnut j the National Geographic Society.'* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores O.K. Barber Shop! Air-CondiHoned Television 8tt IT) cool comfrtrl jinn w»trh leloTlston while our '" '"'" ""' r ""' " Jlmmj JIAII. The only ll"'!» In Hlytheiille Hitfer- Injr ynu br»lh. Try HI SPECIAL Worch Repair 2 Weeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted ONLY $2.50 All Work Guaranteed 305 S. 201 li SI reel iifrly ;,i(|, Tlnimpso Cmlll Jrisrli-rs O.K. Barber Shop i Nffxf Oonr To Planlfrs Hardw»r« KILL JOHNSON GRASS wilh Snilhim Chlnrale. !)9K ,,„„. Fine Irealfd for rtrj mppllc.tion. $12.50 per 100 llw. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TII.E CO. Hiw»j 61. stale Line— PKr,ne »4U We Give Eatfe Stamps I'i'atilil'til Xevv Rn'ck |1ii|ils>x hfTi'iii,,','i' hA ^f '" "' thl ' ""' " ; ^'" n ^"^ rn ^ r .^X ' "' rh. olhr, MnV h». 1 l» ra> . bedroom IV ?' '"" k " rho " • <1 "< 1 I»TS^ Ille I'er " , ••••."^"'''- >•'" rirepl,rr. fr-n-i, ,n v,,,o, >-.- r -.r;^ ! ,r nnol r^ r r:; n ,^ appoint- Kemp \ViM-nliuni Koallnr Pr CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slrrs up lo .tR in. ("omi Rated Metal (^ulverls Sires up tn SI In. A. H. WEBB ArlomMIr I-'toort (lalr^ Conrrrtc f. Mrlsl Sc|itto Tanks Srwcr Tile "rst I'rlcrt \Vr Dr-liver fi| at slale Line Thonf 7M HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, $49.95, $59.95 I'ry olif -J4 liniir« In innr own liomc without nbliti lion ])!,] In.M. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. ATTENTION GINNERS! We "nil, ni c ,nrt ,»,,; rf nil » nd „„,„„, brlshe ,. »"ri h.« A romplrle ,(ork .f ,»],„. <.,!,„», ,,,„„, ,,,. ^ H I »n4 pip,. Al,.. > rompkt* lire of kc.rin,, („, , omr , im WE have the personnel and equipment to meet your alnnino. "" Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 ^VE MEET ALL PRICES ~^ WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or TrucMoad! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam SI reel Hlylhtville For A Clean Used Car Or Truck Your Best Bet 1$ Horner-Wilson On Easr Main T \if f\ *lillfafflJ8H8Bft^>^iKii i • i •M<-.«^.. ,.. I Yf y ««—- ^aBHMlHii^^Swfe^^J^-- OO 7e 9 Wilh surRiin Koclifl po»«r. tills "SS" Otrlsn.obilp lias Hy- rtramalir Ilrivf. r^rlin. heater. nracltrallr new lirrs. <;lcam- Inj dark blue finish. 'SO (JMC A "i-Ton loni whcclhasr. firktip wilh new tires. To *rt Ihis (ruck Is tn huy It: Come lo Hnrncr-Wilson. J950 2 -Door A lovply H;),) .n-j,. OMs h"c wild rarti,,. hcatrr, whitu lldcwall lirw. City driven, the o»-nrr\« name (5 yours on re- flitcsl, Tl'l' 4-Tnn Firluip |, M (-loan as a nrw one: Has rle- I..M- cah. nr,, li rrs . ltorncr . Hiljnn Irattej right: 'IR (JMC $095 M> inuranf^f ihf rondillon nl Ihte 2-Ton L\VB Track! Has w h<y). »VIIh ne?r „„„ trltini scarce, now'j the lime '« buy. »750 now on lhf s iw-Ton ] "fid food (ires, (tv* hi, y i HORNER-WlLSON EAST— 3H^i5SSB-j-^ MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — G.MC Trucks 1'hon* 20S« TIsort Car T.cH -. phone <1M

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