The Leaf-Chronicle from Clarksville, Tennessee on January 8, 1993 · 5
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The Leaf-Chronicle from Clarksville, Tennessee · 5

Clarksville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1993
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Friday, January 8, 1993 The Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksvllle, Term. PagA5 APSU deceives Federal MatthGirainit II i r f M J ; -A i -. '" ' - - - - - Staff Photo By Lm Elder Paul Lund, a Fort Campbell soldier, holds his 4-year-old daughter Crystal Starr during a break from searching for his wife, Susan Lund. She was reported missing after disappearing Christmas Eve while en route to a grocery store. Husband Vows To Continue Search For Missing Wife By LEE ELDER Of The Leaf-Chronicle Staff Two weeks after she vanished Christmas Eve, Susan Lund's husband said he's determined to continue searching for his pregnant wife, even though Clarksville Police have abandoned an active search. Paul Lund, a specialist serving at Fort Campbell, said Thursday he's taken leave to continue the hunt for his '25-year-old wife,-who never returned after a trip to the grocery store. Even after he returns to duty next week, Lund said he will keep looking for his wife. Police say Mrs. Lund has been spotted frequently in Hopkinsville, Ky., but Lund said he's not totally convinced of the police account of his wife's fate. "In a way you want to believe that's her," Lund said. "In another way, it's hard to believe that she's, so close to Clarksville. It's hard to believe that would happen to her this close to home." Police remain convinced that Mrs. Lund is alive and well and living in Hopkinsville, according to Sgt. Billy Poor. "We still have her on the active missing persons list and she's active on the computer," Poor said. "We just don't have an active search party out searching for her, but we have, leads. She was seen in -Hopkinsville the week after Christmas by several people. - "We feel pretty confident the lady is somewhere by her own choice." Both grandmothers are taking care of the three children at their 1 77 Harrier Court apartment while Lund continues his search. He is passing ouTfliers with his wife's picture and description. "If you sit around, it seems like you're not doing anything but waiting, and that's hard for the whole, family. We try to keep occupied." Four-year-old Crystal Starr sits on the couch in her father's lap. She interrupts Lund, points at a picture of Susan Lund and says proudly, "That's my mama." " Lund said his children are hold-., ing up well despite the ordeal. .And in spite of what the family has been through, Lund said he feels no bitterness toward his wife. . "There 're not going to be any questions asked," Lund said. "If she wants to talk to us about it, she can talk to us. When she comes home, she's going to be hugged and kissed by the whole family." : Austin Peay State University will receive a federal grant to help improve the teaching of mathematics in local middle schools. The Title II grant for $29,000 is from the Dwight D, Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Program, and will fund a program titled , "Enhancing the Teaching of Problem Solving and Geometry Project director is Dr. Thomas Hamel, professor of mathematics. "The main goal is to enhance the teaching of mathematics in area middle schools," Hamel said. "We particularly want to provide middle school mathematics teachers with teaching methods and teaching materials to assist them in improv ing the attitudes and skills their students have about mathematics in general and problem solving in particular." Torrential Rains Kill 14 In Mexico TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) Torrential rains caused flooding in hillside slums on the outskirts of this border city Thursday, forcing hun-. dreds of people from their homes. " At least 14 deaths were blamed on the weather. Eleven people were reported drowned, including four children, though some of their bodies remained missing, said Juan M. Ojeda Pico, spokesman for the municipal police department. Two men died after receiving electric shocks from power outlets in their flooded apartments, he . said. The death of a baby with bronchitis was blamed on the cold weather. Dozens were believed injured. Ricardo Ramirez said his parents were swept away and drowned as they tried to cross a flooded street. "I couldn't hold onto my father any longer," Ramirez told KNBC-TVV'I held onto my mother as hard as I could ... the current was so hard I couldn't hold onto her." More than 600 people were evacuated to shelters because of mudslides, overflow of the Tijuana River and flooding caused by poor drainage anil sewer systems. - Some people fled hillside shacks that were washed away by the torrent. Others left' behind houses or apartments filled with several feet ofwater. - Rain continued throughout the day and another storm was expected to hit the area before midnight, according to the U.S. National Weather Service in Los Angeles. "The main goal is to enhance the teaching of mathematics in area middle schools. We particularly want to provide middle school mathematics teachers with teaching methods and teaching materials to assist them in improving the attitudes and skills their students have about mathematics in general and problem solving in particular." Dr. Thomas Hamel, mathematics professor Twenty middle school mathe- matics teachers from Montgomery and surrounding countis will be selected to participate in the program. Each participant will earn three semester hours of university credit. Five APSU minority undergraduate students also will be selected to participate. , The participants will meet three hours daily for-15 days during the summer semester. During the fall semester, the 20 teachers will share their information and insight in their own school systems by conducting in-service programs. According to Hamel, the summer course will focus on materials and teaching strategies that supports teaching solid geometry concepts, logical reasoning, problem-solving and fraction concepts. "Nationally, statewide and local-' ly, a re-emphasis has been placed on mathematics," he said. "(When applying for the grant) we considered where students' attitudes change towards math at the middle school level and planned to provide teachers with the materials and techniques to keep them interested in math longer." There is no charge for participating teachers, but the number of participants is limited. For more information or to apply for participation, call Hamel at 648-7814. IJU) I 5 Felinophile Faces Tough Choice DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My daughter, 28, is asthmatic. It runs in our family. She has three cats, and keeps one in her bed. She even takes one in the swimming pool. Cat hairs cling to just about everything, including the pool. Because of my daughter's love for cats, she is not aware of the problems. What can we do? -- Worried father. ANSWER: Felinophilic -don't look for that brand-new word in a dictionary - asthmatics face tough choices. Quite simply: If your, daughter's asthma worsens when she's home, the answer is to find a new home for her pets. " That's the easy out. Otherwise,-only draconian measures can serve to ward off her attacks. She 1; Dr. Paul Donohue should not let the pets into her bedroom, much less share the bed with one. The cats should be confined to uncarpeted areas and should be cleaned frequently with special allergen-removing soaps. A veterinarian can suggest soap options. The source of cats' allergens is - believed to be their saliva and - skin oils. Those materials, the theory goes, dry out to become i . ...ii i l ... '. " '' 1 ' -lU, . .!'.. !W "mm m.....w,....i.wvj t ... , . . f .n. - t .. , i" 1 :. ... .. -MVn - 1 r AP Photo Boy In College - Michael Kearney attends an anthropology class Wednesday at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Ala., where he majors in anthropology, The 8-year-old boy is a junior transfer student from Santa Rosa Junior College in California. His parents, Kevin and Cassidy Kearney, say they don't push their son academically, "We want him to be what he wants to be," Mrs. Kearney said. 7 - . ' suspended particulates in the atmosphere. For the asthmatic, it can be devastating. The special bath I mentioned above breaks , down the salivary and oil allergens before they escape. The vet can be helpful generally and might have reading material to share. I read recently of an asthmatic pet owner who vacuumed her dog right along with the carpeting. Cats, sensitive creatures that they are, might not sit still for that. . I write this item with a particular asthmatic friend in mind. His doctor insisted the family cat leave the premises. The family voted and the cat won. He stuffed the ballot box on a recount, and -the cat was eventually asked to leave. My friend's asthmar attacks are history. I've never owned a cat, but the suggestion of a feline enjoying a swim in a pool strains my credulity. Has anyone out there ever heard of such a thing? ; Community Calendar TODAY 1 0 a.m. to 3 p.m. A selection of used clothing for women and children will be available free for anyone who wants it at 900 Cumberland Drive through Saturday. For more information, call Faye Smalley at 648-8572. SATURDAY i 10 to 11:30 a.m. All in Stitches is the topic for Curiosity Corner for 4-- , and 5-year-olds at the Clarksville- Montgomery County Museum. Children will learn basic sewing skills. Cost is $3 for members and $3.50 for non-members. Reservations are required. Call 648-5780. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A selection of used clothing for women and children will be available free for anyone who wants it at 900 Cumberland Drive. For more information, call Faye Smalley at 648-8572. 10:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m. The Snowflake Special, a model train exhibit sponsored by The Trane Co., will run at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Museum. The " museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. " ' m O PL UUI i 0 : tit.". Fort Campbell Extended Campus WINTER 1993 Term II Schedule TERM DATES: 19 January and ends 13 March, 1993 REGISTRATION DATES Active Duty Military : 11 -12 January 0800 - 1800 Open to All : 13 -14 January, 0800 -1800 LATE REGISTRATION 15 January 0800- 1600 COURSE! COURSE TITLE - TJM DAY BIO 110 WA HUMAN HEALTHBIOLOGY 0800-1300 S BSL 110 SA ANATOMY I PHYSIOLOGY I 1649 - 2200 BSL 110 WB ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY I 0100-1800 s BSL 111 SA ANATOMY 8 PHYSIOLOGY II 1M5-220O TJT BSL 111 WB ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II 0800-1800 S BSL 212 SA MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY ' 1645 - 2200 TT BUSINESS ACC 202 5A PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II 1645-1915 MW BE 160 5A INTRO TO BUSINESS J 1645-191S TfT BE 267 5A INTRO TO BUSINESS LAW 1645-1915 Tff BE 282 5A PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING. 1645-1915 MW BE 283 SA PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 1200-1430 MW BE 287 5A SUPERVISORY MANAGEMENT 1645-1915' MW BNK 150 5A PRINCIPLES OF BANKING 1645-1915 MW ECO 202 5A PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS 11 MACRO 0800-1300 8 COLLEGE PREPARATION DRE 005 5A PRINCIPLES OF COLLEGE COMP 1645-1915 TT DRE 005 58 PRINCIPLES OF COLLEGE COMP ' " 1930 - 2200 TT ORE 011 5A ORIENTATION TO COLLEGE MATH 1930 - 2200 TT COMMUNICATIONS COM 181 5A BASIC PUBLIC SPEAKING 0845-1115 TT COM 181 5B BASIC PUBLIC SPEAKING 1645-1915 TT COM 252 SA INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS 1200-1430 TT COM. , 252 SB INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS 1645-1915 TT COMPUTERS . , . . , - CIS 100 5A INTRO TO COMPUTER APPLICATIONS ..... 1200-1430. . TT CIS 100 SB INTRO COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 1645-1915- -TT . CIS 100 5C INTRO TO COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 1930 - 2200 TT CIS 110 5A OPERATING SYSTEMS CONCEPTS .1645 - 2015 TT . (Cl mt 19 Jan -11 Fb.) CIS ' 120 5A PROGRAM DESIGN & DEVELOP 1645 - 2015 TT (CIM imM 16 Ftb. -11 March) ' HOURS 3 3 ENGLISH ENG ENG ENG ENG ENG ' ENG EDUCATION EDF . 101 101 5A SB 101 5C 102 SA 102 58 261 5A 101 SA FIRE SCIENCE FS 105 5A HEALTH PE i RECREATION HPR HPR HISTORY 124 5A 124 5B HIS 104 SA HIS 108 SA HIS IW-SA- HS 101 5A HS 103 5A HUMANITIES ART 100 - SA -- MUS 100 5 A ENG 261 SA LAW ENFORCEMENT J.EN 101 5A LEN 105 SA - LEN 208' 5A MATH MA 108 SA MA 109 5A MAH 070 5A MAH 151 5A " MA 123 . SA . OFFICE ADMINISTRATION BUS 118 5A POLITICAL SCIENCE PS 101 SA PSYCHOLOGY PSY -223 5A PSY 223 SB PT 110 5A PY .... 110 i SB SOCIOLOGY SOC 101 5A WRITING I WRITING I WRITING I WRITING II WRITING II SURVEY OF WESTERN LITERATURE TEACHERS IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS CHEMISTRY OF FIRE (Class mnU alternating MW & TT par Instructor's schedule) BEGINNING CONDITIONING (MEN) BEGINNING CONDITIONING (WOMEN) (Consult Instructor (or class schedule) HISTORY OF EUROPE THROUGH 1713 US HISTORY TO 186$ AJS HISTORY SINCE 1865 HUMAN SERVICES SURVEY THEORIESTECH IN HUMAN SERVICE INTRODUCTION TO ART INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC SURVEY OF WESTERN LITERATURE INTRO TO LAW ENFORCEMENT POLICE ADMINISTRATION JUVENILE DELINQUENCY INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA COLLEGE ALGEBRA ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA APPLIED MATHEMATICS ELEMENTARY CALCULUS ADV KEYBOARDINGWORD PROCESSING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 1200-1430 MJW 3 1645-1915 MW 3 1645-1915 TT 3 0845-1115 MW 3 1645-1915 TT 3 1200-1430 MW , 3 16451915 MW 3 1645-2200 TBA 3 TBA TBA 1 TBA TBA 1 1200-1430 MM 3 1645-1915 . f 0800-1030 8 0845.111$ - MW. 3 1200-1430 MW - 3 1200-1430 TT 3 1848-1811 .TT. 3 1645-1915 MW 3 1200-1430 MW 3 1645-1915 MW ' 3 1645 - 2200 f 3 1645-1915 TT 3 1645-1915 TT 3 1645-1915 TT J 1645-1915 TT 3 0845-1115 " TT 3 1200-1430 MW 3 1200-1430 TT 3 1200-1430 TT -.. 3 S . . ' 0845-1115 TT ,3 1645-1915 MW 3 1200-1430 MW J 1645-1915 TT 3 INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 1645-1915 MW Facts about HCC's Fort Campbell Extended Campus HCC schedules four Ekweek leans ayjataliffltibelLStudents recek ttiesame tredit 35 those attending a t6-week dass a&JJCC'iilTain campus. In-State tuition is $30 per semester hour. Students may qualify for financiai assistance and should contact the office for more ; ; ' information. Military students may qualify for 75 tuition assistance through the U.S. Army. Students may request a MOS evaluation and SOCAD contract after completing one three-hour course. HCC grants up to 30 hours credit for CLEP general examinations. IN-STATE TUITION AVAILABLE TO: I Ask .about our Special Classes for the Active Duty Military Retired Military Milltary! UnJ avta,lab'e ? reuest Military Family Members . - through the Educat,on Division. Reserve Guard Members & Residents , . HCC 8 Fort Campbell of Montgomery, Robertson & Stewart Extended Campus . . " Counties in Tennessee. " Located in Building 244 at Ohio & Chaffee . - Call 4313777 or 798-7418 HCC ia an equal opportunity institution.

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