The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 5
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t WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 20, 10-17 Lawmakers Dig Into Slate Funds COURIER NEWS Russians Veto This Atomic Project Unencumbered Cash Balances Dwindle, APEC Report Shows MTTLE HOCK. Pel). 2C.--UI1PU- cumbeied cash babinccs of $38 033,-12« existed in the various slat- funds on Ji mo 30. Jfltli, bul supple, mental iiDiiropriuiious bv tlio l.eHs- latnrc through February 18 have f bleed these by nearly one-third, * Arkansas I'uljlU: Expenditure' niK'il reported today. Tlie suppleincnUil iipprai>rla|,un'; signed into law tolnl $12,580,U«u This does not include £4.<1oo,000 a! federal funds appropriated for hij'h- ways, the Council said. In addition. Niilutitutc appropriations priivicUng largely for new salary scales have reduced tile Slate's surplus by $1,527,230, the Ci>uil»<l pointed nut. Tlie Council distributed its report state-wide this week as an aid in k'Kislntive studies »n S (ate govern- inent Onaiiului}. W«LMI Garrying- accounts of state government expenditures Tor the period 1940-!D4(i. the report showed Iliat slate government spent $55 M3 ''0'! in its ojierations in the fiscal y'e-i- 1945-4Q as nguinsl S50,343,-I74 for the 1933-40^ i ' C '"" 1 "' U S36 ' r " 6 ' 7H '» German Asks Release of Herr Eisler BERLIN, pet,. 20. (UP)- The mediate release of Gerhard Eisler, nllPBCd communist agent bein" held in the United States, was de! •Handed today by Paul Merker, one the leaders of Germany's com- im- Socialist Unity miinist-dominated Party. Writing in the Communist newspaper .Neucs Deutschlaml, Merker said Tcactionary pawers" had influenced the American State Department to cancel Eislcr's visa for Germany. "Eisler has become the victim of an imti-Bolshevistic . campaign ol a reactionary clique which is try••is ~o iis« sued activities to further their own political aims" Merker said, "it is ridiculous and foolish to name Eisler as the true bent! of tlie American Commun-st party nnd an agent O f the Ko- inmtern." per cent O f the PROJECT: Premiere showing of "The Beginning or the END," M-G-M's clinnialiymioii of mil- devciopmenl of tho atomic bomb. PLACE: A Washington. IX C., Ihealer. PHKSKNT• Pro.nh," mv.i^. Rlias i Si nmonK lhcm Lord Invcrclnipcl right. Uritish ambassador and unidenlilled friend. Itussbn Ambassador Nikolai V. Novikov nnd his wife, for whom empty seals al lefl were reserved, j ,_Z ..... _j"._^ No Crime Wave in Resort Area, Chief Says, Just Usual Thing MIAMI BEACH, pi a ., p c b. 25 — (OPJ — Mitimi Beach police were plncccl on n seven-dny work «'eck today m an effort to protect rich Whiter visitors from gunmen who realized $180.000 in three during strikes over Ui c weekend. Police Chief Albert Simpson cancelled all time off for department, members and appealed to rich wo- n-.pii tourists to leave their gems at home when they go to ..ambling casinos or night clubs. Ttie veteran police officer warned that the bandits are spotting their vlclims in the lush supper clubs and casinos. Although, admitting lliat robberies had i,it a seasonal peak, 'impson declined to term tlie 'jewel and safe thefts a crime wave. Instead lie characterized the series of holdups as the high mark of thc annual drive of the crooks for "get- a'.vny" money. 'It's customary at this time of year," Simpson said, "and apparently it's just that two or three stunts." .Meanwhile, one of the weekend victims. Songstress Sophie. Tucker, wns hopeful that thieves woul<i return $75,000 In platinum an ( | diamond Jewelry taken from the Beachcomber Night club safe atom: with $18,000 of (he ctub receipts. Miss Tucker pointed lo the numerous prison appearances .she hud made an c | expressed thc belief thai the three masked gunmen would "rttirn her genis when they found out who ownej them. The Beachcomber holdup was one or three occurring within a 2-i-lioiu period, in other strike*, thieves took S20.000 from a restaurant, .sale and nil. and about $75,000 worth "1'!!!.. tel(il>hc ""' s - "" y °''Ba'"fced gang pulling all the Sees-'Cotastrophe' Mr. Kent. und Mrs. H. D. Cornell of Tex., visiting friends here. . ., were away when burglars ransa their room of gems Sunday atter- Seasonal Slump Hits Industries Over Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Pel). 26 ' ui>1 — Industrial employment in Arkansas today was in its nsiiiil season slump, according to a report released here by Purlfciy Gill, director or the Employment Security Division. Ciill also said that unemployment .showed a marked inerensc since the, first of the year, but, he viewed optimistically the emplm-inent trend for the slate (inrlnn the next four months. Reports from li-S-D local offices scattered over the slate indicate that Arkiinsjis 1 Indus'.rlaltention pro- Brain Is cnnlimihiK, with many new plants set for ciperallon this year The report showed I hat claims filed by 7,!)00 persons last month totaled $323,700. and that readjustment Hltowanc-cs paid 23,«oo unemployed veterans during the same, period added up to $l,or>9.000. The ameihysl was tlioii[;ht to ho a marvelous sedative for the overwrought nerves of erotic lovers during the Middle Ages. noon. Thc February toll from robberies was estimated by police at nearly $3CO.OOO. And officials were pessimistic over prospects of recovering a stibstintln] part of lh c loot. Much of it has already been moved north, they said. In January one arrest solved ! the key figure Mar. 2 at tbe ded- nhout in robberies and resulted 111 I icatlon of the new $75000 lunli'-r the recovery of S50.000 of S9U.OOO I Grove Haptlst Church' nnd five- In cnsli, jewels and fur.s taken dur- bathroom parsonage in Peci'l Hlver in^ (he month. r.-....,.. Thn miu'ration or crooks here usually starts in December when the l?0-tlny racing season begins p.nd when the winter tourist trade Kets into full swing. But the crime rate . & A. Hearing ^dJQurned by CC Examiner '''nil-; KO"K, Ark.. 1'Vb. m '<•• ' Wilupcrs anil other imvtles int«Te<ted in le-openins; Die ,M| S ••»i:n runt Arkansas Kallmad for f-.-i.itioii-i |,;ul new hope today inn: -lie line would not be iibim- doned. following Die conclusion yes ternay ul hearings by (he liner Mule {'milii'c'ire Commission. It'" K.'iainlner J. |C. Lyle o. )V.'shiiii;Um adjuurned Ihe heurluK mdelnniely )„ initl-nriemoon yes- i ti'iiiay in compliance with a re- ' <!"<•« by the state for iiddiltoniil tune u> prepure tlielr ease iinnliist Uie iirep.isrd abjindotinient. l.yVi' baiii iiui ihe dale, time and place i <>! I in (her hearings will be set uv the rnmiuissioii. CJuirle.-; o. \vine. ehainnan ol Ihe Arkansas Public Service (Join- mission, linked lor a continuance ol ihe hearini and dunned lliul, the piesnii owners ol the M. und A. WIT,, trylnji to fl -uttle tlie properly. Wuu 1 a:;ked llu 1 examiner lor lur- Ihi'l l line so that UHeie.sls nel- iiur. in "rood faith" could lake over I lie ro;ul. Kuppnrlinit wine i» his request were Ark s Atty. Gen. Guy K. Williams. cmiftre.ssmuii J. W.Trim- ble of HiMTyvillo, former fjovernoi Can iiailcy numernas shippers nlniiB Hie route of the 360-mllo line. Ci>m:r<'ssn-,an Trimble, who Hew down from \vashlui;lon to represent me c nllri> Arkansas <lclo;j,i- li<ir,. said lit- fell encouraged about Ihe re-o;:en!nn of the M. and A., whlrn bar. been lied up by n slrlko rlnee lust F.ill. "Our ser.llon is on I lie threshhold of :i pi'vlod of develoinnciit, nnd it is lo the interest ot the people Mint Die ioad resume operations," Trinibl; I old the examiner. elephunl lusk on I'ccord mensured 11 feet, five and one-hiilr lucliw. I'Vderal Works Agency, Public Jlulldlnu Administration, Oflleu of the Division Kniiliitcr, aiuo Fidelity Inilldliii;, KniHiiiH Oily «, Mo, Fell PAGE FIVJB 21, 1D-17. Bculcil hids, In IflpHcnlc, will be received ,n this olllcc until 2 p.m., Ufaicn 13, 1047 nnd then pub- Icly ouened, for furnishing the tim- erInLi, and iieriormhm the work for llnlshliiK second Moor offices ill the II. b. l\ O., CartilliMsvllle, Missouri la strict accordiince wllh tho sprcin- niitlona dated PH-UIV-5, J n ,i 3 l017 ' ""'I drawing (If uuy) men '. Uoncil therein- and the general conditions cliitcd Sept 15, 1942 »jm J^*. dcnduin therelu dated May 15, JJfj Bpcclflcntloii5 nnd other data may be liad at the office of the cujtodlan of tho biilJdl/ig pr the office 9 f thi division engineer, Ralph L. wirren Ulvlslon Eimlficcr. • W *" e 7 2j2i-25-26 /tott//tg fat Pfotlif* 66 Motor Oil f OF SATISFACTORY »RVICI liend Courier News AVunt Ads. This striking picture of Philip Murray, president ot thc CIO wa> taken os j, e warned Ihe Senate Labor Committee Ihol Ihe USi* ^Hie^ior^ceonoinic' catnstroplie" if Congress curbs power of unions . and the criminal colony, police said becomes infinitesimal after the rich visitors nnd the horses depart late in March; Bilbo to Be Key Figure At Dedication of Church FOPL.ABVfULE. Miss.. Peb 2(! i UP)—Mississippi's still unsealed Een. Theodore G. Bilbo will be mmm TBACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalizcrs Dnn't np,.rt lo p rt real rtlk-r from hc^.b « jour trouble n omstiiulion. In Ihia <•«!•, >-»iii- r t7 ,! Iroul.ln i., nnt In tho , r 1 ?"• "'"• '" "'» 0% ol your f«,,l i, :K K IHnitlo "u n Mock" you M oS"or i'nlra! ii* | ulTct" N'S'^t fScfeS ?£ «"«lv-y-Wp Jjnjr ,I, srs ,ivc ,,. we Thi, ,, c r ,,,; o r Nature , ojvn t,,^ fa t,vc |uli-ra to mi, bc t lcr h, kr,?,?" °" "f r' nl ""o '«Hcf Iron, in. IKe.-ilinn sn you ran frof rfaliy t-ofxl nt'ain Hoy Cartrr'., Pill, (o .|. lv . "UnlKv?™ 1 .?: lutotmal tract tor real n-lfcl f™ iS; EK1 tio n [ GIVE US THIS DAY . . . OUR DAILY »RE,\T> For brcnd the merchant labors long and late; For bread the sailor loses hearth and noine, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam, For bread arc weddings made rind sermons said; Of nil good things, the flrst and best is bread. —By Arthur Gulterman wlilch has !!i Sun- Cotltltj'. The ehur.-h, day School rooms, four pianos and seating space for 1,00.1 persons, was mentifcncd prominenlly in a Senate committee's hearing on clmrscs that Bilb) accepted cifts from war contractors. Thc entire 80th Congress h.-is been invited to the dedication ceremonies. but it WHS not known how many of the nation's lawmakers, would accept the invitation. Get Welcome Relief From Stomach Gas, Sour Food Taste Do you reel Wontctl nnrt miscrnbto »rter every inenl) ir su. hore Is how you m»y rill yaiiraolr of tills ,, m -o V B (JhlriS. Tliousiiiiilj havo found II tlio wny to bn well, clicorrul nnrt hii| W nguln Kveryllmo roort enters tho Btomxcli o yltjil i;n.<lrlc Jilk-c must. How normiuly to b»nk-ui> ccrtnln rood imrtlck-a: olso tbe food inny fcnncnl. Hour food, nclu luill- Bcslton nntl UBS frcnwiitly criMso a mor- 1)1.1. touchy, (rolflll. |H'Ovl»h. ML-rvuvln caiulltlon. loss ofnnpctllo, undurwclirbt rtsllcss Kk'0|i, vcrnkncM. To Rot rrnl relliil yon' Incrcnne tho now ol thta vllnl i:nstrlc Juice Mctll- cal mitliorltlm, In huluiwnilonl Inborn- lory testa nn humnn stonmclw. luivo by positive proof shown tlml SSM Tonic Is timn/lii|.|y clfcctlto 111 IncrriiMhig i), B Ilow when It Is too llltlo or ncunly duu to a non-orKnnlc Btomnch illjturlmnco. This Is dun to Dm KHS Tonic formula TOllMB "iSml'kn'S 1 : 0 "" *"" I>0lCI " " C "' '.11 V M" '' illollkl "" L ''OUcr.Blcop licltcr 1 col boiler, n-orjt Letter, piny liottcr Avoid inmiihliu; yoursult with overdoses of todii nnd other nlkiillzrr.i to counteract uns ami hlontlni; when what "m! <n '[. carly " cctl '" ass ' ronl ' : to »cli> ho" 1 ' 1 '' I)p "' t ' u '"'. tl J '"" thc tioit'of E'JL"S! 1:1 P' h "ttlM aolil. Clet n liottlii'af £2§ 2. on G < Tm " y««r <lrUB sluro totlny. 333 Tonli: help., Ilullil sturdy Hcnllli MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR W th spring on thc way thc whole family will wanl to woT?*ff. ge her on this season's garden and flower beds. It's lip,e"iow"o get those hot boxes started with your favorites So Hurry over o Hubbard-.s for all the tools a,r] accessories neccs^ry to make tins the most successful year yet! Vim will find a complete nssnrl- mcnl of Ferry garden seeds bnlh in bldli and pacliaRc at lluh- banl's. \Vc also have, plrnly rf \'iR(iro lo make them grow. HUBBARD Hatdwoit • Electrical Supplies ZU MAIN STREET MO.. ,„„ BLYTHEVIU'E, ARKANSAS Harness • Farm Supplies EAGLE STAMPS Limp In op On// Safety and Service You won't know (he old car nftcr our motor ntul service experts hnvc wnrkcil on il. \Vc spLclali/o in scrvici' — unit Jmyc Hie luicsl postwar repair equipment. For "service with u dirfcrcnrii" — try us out tui your next service Job. ** tires, a now IwUcrv <iinl ii changci of spnr'k plugs will nuikc! your car it" old Hclf again! \\'o jiiivo Llicm wal Lino; for ynu in our iiccoHsory muiit. ™ • Shipment of Hooters Just In! See Us For Expert Repairs! Our cxuort BG rvieo IK holler . , . ni( .r, ,-cnRon.iblo thru, niosl Placo., you fnko y<ull . c , u , Ncxl UmC( t) . y ()m . Hiipcri,,,. « u ,. vic c , in «l save money »„ ropni,- |,ili s l(K)1 Sales — NASH — Service SHELTON MOtOR COMPANY 121 W. A,h Prompt Service! Announcement We have purchased outright Complete Facilities of the HOLLY MOTOR COMPANY Located on Highway 61, Sreele, Mo. Where We Will Operate Our WILLYS JEEP SALES & SERVICE We sire Di-oiid to announce Hint wo have acquirctl tlio location and complete facilities of thc Holly Motor Company of Stcolo, Missouri. We have complctcti nr- raujrcmcnls to conduct llio business affairs of our WTIJ.YS JREP SALES AND SERVICE in this now location. Wn cordially invite all patrons of the Nolly Motor Oomiumy to visit us, with the assurance I hat you will continue to receive tiie same efficient service in tlio future that has been yours in the past . . . and of course, we arc likewise cauer to make NEW friends. Service will be continued, as usual, at the Dixieland Service Station. DIXIELAND SERVICE Ellis Poolt, Proprietor

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